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Board of Ed Meeting – 7/14/2009


“Goal Setting” session starts at 6pm; Regular meeting at 7pm.

Hoboken Board of Education Meeting tonight

LOCATION: Board Meeting Room; 1115 Clinton Street


  1. Goal Setting Session
  2. Appoint Interim Superintendent,
  3. Professional Service Contract Awards/Appointments through RFQ’s.
  4. Extension of 2008/2009 Professional Service Contracts.
  5. Renewal of contract exempt from public bidding [N.J.S.A. 18A: 18A:5a(19)].
  6. Personnel: appointments, transfers, postings, committee realignments, leave of absence, termination, resignation, retirements, suspensions, negotiations, retirement withdrawal request, reduction in force, increment withholding, and dismissal of staff personnel.
  7. Possible closed session discussion on potential litigation, negotiations, HSEA and Administrators, and personnel matters.
  8. Fiscal reports, school reports, fire drill reports, Board Committee reports.
  9. Possible discussion and/or action on the future of the school district’s facilities.
  10. Claims, regular and workers compensation.
  11. Approval of payroll.
  12. Procurement of goods and services through Cooperative Pricing Agreement.
  13. Grant funded salaries.
  14. Professional development workshops.
  15. Special Education tuition contracts – 2009/2010 – sending and receiving.
  16. Acceptance of Federal ARRA funds – SIA, Part A.
  17. Apply for Discretion Grant Funds – Reading First.

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