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Hertz on Demand exempt from street cleaning

Hertz on Demand skates on street sweeper in Hoboken (every week!)

For YEARS, we’ve all seen the street sweeper in Hoboken go around the Hertz on Demand cars which are peppered all over the city. I still am trying to figure out “who got paid off” for this racket of a deal.

$100 a month for reserved parking on the street, AND exemption from the $50 street cleaning tickets each week. Do the math. Garages cost $300 a month, and a ticket every week would be around $200 a month. They’re UP $400 a month net! What a bargain! Where can I sign up?

Hertz on Demand cars get pass from Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy


Electric Cars in Hoboken: How?

Chevy Volt a major dud, even for short trips!

Wow, what a “vlop” this Chevy Volt turned out to be!

Eric Bolling from Fox News ran out of electric juice inside the Lincoln Tunnel – twice – while “testing” this dismal failure of an “eco-friendly” car.

I wonder if that Hoboken resident who was considering this car has changed his mind!

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Hoboken Layoffs Lead to Lawsuits

Hoboken411 Exclusive: Did Zimmer commit perjury?

On January 3rd of this year, more taxpayer money was spent on legal fees when the Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer testified for several hours in the case of William Campbell v. The City of Hoboken. Campbell alleges that Zimmer fired him to make way for her political water boys guns, Dan Bryan and Juan Melli.

Hoboken411 has received a copy of Hoboken Mayor Stawn Zimmer’s testimony and it appears the Mayor may have committed perjury.

For a former photographer, Zimmer seemed very uncomfortable being on camera. Perhaps Zimmer is only comfortable when she is behind the camera waving a rubber duck and saying “smile.” Zimmer also appeared to be suffering from amnesia repeatedly answering “I don’t recall,” “I don’t know,” and “I don’t remember.” Maybe this is why we’ve never hear a word about her the specific plan to cut property taxes 25% that she promised during her run for office?

Zimmer claims ignorance; Documents suggest otherwise

The possibility of perjury takes place when Zimmer is unable to recall who was behind the illegal Political Action Committee (PAC) named Move Hoboken Ahead that funded her city council candidates’ campaigns in May 2011. Mayor Zimmer claims that she did not know who was behind the PAC (begins at 3:30:28 in the video above). There are several damning pieces of evidence that suggest that the Mayor may very well have been lying through her teeth.

First and foremost, the Chairman of Move Hoboken Ahead is Andrew Moss. The same Andrew Moss who is the treasurer for Zimmer’s personal campaign account Zimmer for Mayor. The was pointed out several times during the city council campaigns and one candidate even filed a complaint against Zimmer for her use of this illegal PAC.

In addition, Zimmer hosted a fundraiser for the PAC and City Council candidates in her own home on March 17, 2011. In fact, Zimmer sent out a blast email to supporters asking them to attend the fundraiser at her home. In the email, Zimmer suggests that donors contribute $250 towards her teams “city wide effort.” Soon after, Move Hoboken Ahead sent out several city wide mailers which had pictures of Zimmer and her signature and feature the same green and yellow colors as Zimmer’s Mayoral campaign mailers.

Last but not least, Hoboken’s worst man Stan Grossbard is listed on Move Hoboken Ahead’s ELEC reports for contributing $650 to pay for the event! Is everyone supposed to believe the Mayor hosted a fundraiser at her home that her husband paid for, but 8 months later doesn’t recall who is behind the illegal PAC?

The truth is Zimmer just doesn’t want you to know she and her husband are behind it.

Zimmer has a long history of being able to twist the truth and get away with it. To date, she has even got away with stonewalling the investigation into Dan Bryan’s and Juan Melli’s political activities while being compensated by the taxpayers. But this time it appears Zimmer went too far in trying to cover up how her administration uses taxpayers’ money for political purposes.

Hoboken411 wonders if Campbell’s attorney Catherine Elston will not only call the Mayor out on her false testimony when the Mayor appears in court again on February 9th but also ask for her to be charged with perjury.

What are the odds the Mayor settles the lawsuit and gives Campbell his job back before that can happen?

More on this case and how it may have led to the resignation of Business Administrator Arch Liston later this week…

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Hertz on Demand

Hertz on Demand is the new name for Connect by Hertz

Hertz Corportation must not have been too thrilled with the low-adoption rate for the Connect Cars – so they changed the name to Hertz on Demand hoping for better results.

Browse all previous Hertz Connect stories on Hoboken411 – in the new Hertz on Demand Category.

Hoboken Police and Fire Blotter: 5/6/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: May 6, 2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Friday, May 6, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 1:35am (5/7/2011): Fire Drill!
    Fire Department dispatched to 356 1st Street. What do you think is the deal?
    1:42am: Congrats to “Stacey” who emailed in – “burnt food?” YOU ARE CORRECT!!
  • 1:00am (5/7/2011): Trio of vandals
    7th & Clinton – three dudes walking around damaging vehicle for no good reason.
  • 12:45am (5/7/2011): Fallen…
    300 Adams – 3rd Floor – Elderly resident “fallen and can’t get up.” Hope they’re alright!

More updates to come!

Hoboken411 Flashback: 2010

[Reminiscing Hoboken411's Five Year Anniversary...]

Hoboken in 2010 – so close, yet so far away

Despite being only 107 days away from last year – 2010 was another busy year for Hoboken news! You’d be surprised by how much you’ve already forgotten!

Trivia: Did you know that Hoboken411 has covered nearly 300 new business openings, and over 150 doomed shops since 2006?

Top Hoboken411 Headlines in 2010

Hands down, the biggest story of the year was the big December Blizzard which threw Hoboken on it’s heels. The city administration dropped the ball big time, and that’s the price you pay when you vote amateurs into office. See awesome blizzard photos & videos here.

NJ Governor Chris Christie paid Hoboken a visit – but many think it was more political stunt, than real progress.

Hoboken had big waterfront news too – when Sinatra Drive collapsed (despite Mayor Zimmer knowing about the pending danger). We had reason to celebrate once Pier C Park finally opened, but Debbie Downer quickly stepped in when the suicide jumper ruined the Pier C high.

Other non-political top stories included a fire on Park Ave. that ruined some old row houses, more pitbull attacks, and unusual tidbits like Jenn Sterger’s X-Rated encounter with Brett Favre (even though she never lived in Hoboken), and the wacky Russian Spies that actually lived in Hoboken, and now have semi-celebrity careers.

Hoboken Political News in 2010 an embarrassment for residents

Unfortunately – politics in Hoboken didn’t provide us with rainbows, unicorns and pots of gold – but rather some fairly unpleasant news to report.

Like the ongoing bloated property taxes in the Mile Square – and even worse, Mayor Dawn Zimmer comparing taxes to the Holocaust. Sick, really!

The Municipal Garage Debacle was an utter waste of time for everyone involved, and a enormous squandered opportunity for Hoboken.

Oh, yeah – Peter Cammarano pled guilty and began serving his time, now resigned Public Safety Director Angel Alicea was called a “Double Dipper,” and we had Zimmer appoint Municipal Board member Nancy Pincus who loves using Nazi hate imagery to get the attention she sorely lacked in her life.

Police Audit debates, as well as Police Layoffs – along with Angelo Andriani getting in more trouble marred the HPD’s image just a bit.

Rounding out noteworthy political stories in 2010 were:

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