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Hertz on Demand formerly Connect by Hertz for Hoboken NJ

Hertz on Demand

Hertz on Demand is the new name for Connect by Hertz Hertz Corportation must not have been too thrilled with the low-adoption rate for the Connect Cars – so they changed the name to...

Hoboken Paving in 2010

Hoboken411 Flashback: 2010

[Reminiscing Hoboken411’s Five Year Anniversary…] Hoboken in 2010 – so close, yet so far away Despite being only 107 days away from last year – 2010 was another busy year for Hoboken news! You’d...

Where is this zip car sign in Hoboken NJ solution

Where is this ZipCar sign?

3/25/2011: [Continuing the original Hoboken411 photo series: Where is this?…] Rare Hoboken Zip Car sign – where is this? Well all know Hoboken is snuggling up with Hertz on Demand Connect Cars for some...