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Kimberly Glatt Makes Her Case

10/7/2009 Update:

“Bring leadership & integrity back to Hoboken”

Former Municipal Judge Kimberly Glatt formally announced her candidacy to a group of onlookers and supporters last night at her campaign headquarters at 536 Washington Street.

A modest crowd of approximately 50 people gathered to witness potential history in the making. Glatt provided pre-speech treats, such as pizza, hot dogs, cake and beverages for attendees, plus balloon sculptures for the kids. Notably absent were any high-profile political figures (other than former Business Administrator Dick England and some city hall employees).

Kim’s speech was brief and to the point, however, music from the nearby It’s Greek to Me restaurant made it a bit difficult to hear the under-powered speaker podium at the start. Additionally, Washington Street traffic & buses, plus kids running around popping balloons while she spoke, gave the new found politician some rookie lessons for next time. See her full press release here, plus video below.


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Cammarano Updates – 6/4/2009


Endorsements and Announcements

Or you could call this thread “Cammarano Endorsements Roll In, Part II….”

Three brand new endorsements for Peter Cammarano, along with an update regarding his position on Police Layoffs.

We’ll start off with this meeting taking place this morning at 11am…


Senator Codey to Endorse Cammarano

Senate President and former Governor Richard Codey will visit the Marion Towers senior citizen building in Hoboken this morning to endorse Peter Cammarano for Mayor. Event takes place at 400 First Street at 11:00am.

“Peter is a rising star in the State Democratic Party and an outstanding young leader,” said Senator Codey. “He’s intelligent, thoughtful and exactly the kind of person we need in government today. I know he’ll be an excellent mayor and I urge all of my friends in Hoboken to support him on Tuesday.”

Cammarano said he is honored to receive Codey’s endorsement and called the former governor, “a real champion for taxpayers, senior citizens, families and all New Jersey residents.”

See more endorsements, and Peter’s police announcement after the jump…

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Money can’t buy you…

5/13/2009 Update:

Hoboken Election Recap

So much for fusion. Polarization is alive, well, and seen in the numbers from yesterday’s election.

When Beth Mason put her slate together she thought she was putting the best of Old Hoboken voting blocs together with her New Hoboken values. It turns out neither Hoboken was convinced. Meanwhile, Peter Cammarano was busy selling himself, while possibly selling his own ticket short. Cammarano was the top vote getter, but only one member of his slate appears to be heading to the runoff. Even though Mason is out of the running by over a thousand votes, two members of her slate unofficially secured enough support to be on the runoff ballot. Dawn Zimmer heads to the Runoff Election on June 9th in a close second place finish with her entire ticket coming with her for the ride.


Cammarano on top, Alicea comes along

Following an absentee ballot count last night, Cammarano received 3755 votes and Angel Alicea appears to be unofficially heading for a runoff (provisional ballots may come into play) but with only 2534 votes. Vinny Addeo (2624 votes) and Raul Morales II (2576) came in ahead of Alicea despite Mason’s 3rd place finish in the Mayoral vote (2541). As Cammarano surged ahead, he left behind allies Michael Novak and Frances Rhodes-Kearns, who each failed to make the next round as many old school voters chose names they knew from the Mason team instead.

Zimmer and Team hold support together

Meanwhile, some voters for Mason appeared to choose from Zimmer’s slate, as Carol Marsh (3719 votes) and Ravi Bhalla (3698) received more than Zimmer’s 3671 vote tally. David Mello’s 3361 votes are good enough to get him into the runoff, as was Zimmer’s strategy going with an all newcomer team. The question now: is it enough to push the Zimmer ticket to victory on June 9?

Shades of 2005, but still different

Addeo and Morales could decide to go it alone for the runoff or join with Alicea on a new slate in opposition to the Zimmer team. Regardless of that decision the race will once again be see by many as “Old Hoboken” (Cammarano by default, Alicea, Addeo and Morales II) vs. “Newcomers” (The Zimmer Team). Though history isn’t kind to newcomers in this situation, the fact that Cammarano and Zimmer were only 74 votes apart makes things more interesting. At this point in 2005 Dave Roberts was over 800 votes ahead of Carol Marsh heading into a runoff with thousands of Old Hoboken votes cast for Frank Raia and Mike Russo just waiting to be picked off by the better funded Roberts.

So that brings us to THE MONEY

The next few days will be spent by the Cammarano and Zimmer campaigns furiously trying to nail down support and contributions to gain the ultimate prize. While Zimmer and Marsh may be looking to cash in some chits with Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and other friends in Jersey City, Cammarano will be tapping his politically connected law firm’s statewide network of influence and cash to attempt to gain support. The fact that Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy won his race outright means the HCDO has time and money to spend in Hoboken. But will they, and if they do, who will that work out best for? Cammarano or Zimmer?

The biggest winner: Voter Apathy

With all the talk about tax hikes and “change”, only 10,614 people voted in this election. That’s less than half the number of registered voters in town, and less than both the 2005 first ballot and runoff elections.

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Patricia Waiters: Council Candidate

5/5/2009 Update:

Patricia Waiters’ son Jay sent this email out, indicating that his mom has some updated web links to share with you all!

Online and all fine!

patricia-waiters-hoboken-for-city-council“Hello Family:

As you should all know by now, my mom is running for Council in Hoboken. We finally have a site up and running so check it out when you get a chance.

We need all the support we can get, help us spread the word and publicize to anyone in the area you may know.”

Main Website- www.patriciawaiters.com
Myspace- www.myspace.com/patriciawaiters

[Hoboken411 Note: These entries are here so you can discuss THIS candidate's qualifications and read press releases posted by THIS candidate in the comment section. See this post if you want to know where you can talk about other candidates. Posts off-topic will be removed.]

Independent Council Candidate Patricia Waiters

Website: patriciawaitersforcouncil.com (doesn’t seem to work)
Phone: 201-538-6457
Candidates Email: info@patriciawaitersforcouncil.com
Campaign Managers Email: n/a
Campaign Headquarters: PO Box 3456, Hoboken, NJ 07030

CANDIDATES: If you’d like to update or confirm information above, add a single photo or other image, please email Hoboken411. Post your press releases, or discuss issues with readers in the comment section below (registration is required).

READERS: As mentioned above, reserve comments for related questions, concerns, rants or raves FOR THIS CANDIDATE ONLY. Any smear or cross-pollination type comments will be removed without explanation. There are posts for other candidates.

More Candidate Videos!

5/5/2009 Update:

TV on the internet – what a concept!

More TV spots to spot, and two independents go YouTube on us

There is only ONE MORE WEEK (seven days for the laymen) until election day. With the clock counting down to the opening of the polls it’s time to update you on the latest candidate videos and commercials since we our last check on Tax Day. We begin with a video from independent City Council candidate Tim Occhipinti:

Next, Mayoral candidate Beth Mason has a new spot with a wide spectrum of Hobokenites declaring their support:

Did you see anybody you know? The Mason Team talks Open Space and Recreation and Ryn Melberg tells you why she thinks Hoboken should hire her, plus previous videos and comments AFTER THE JUMP!

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Mayoral Endorsements

5/4/2009 Update:
Have received some letters so far, but with the server upgrade (and site down time) that took place this weekend – I’m extending the deadline a couple days to be fair. Some are the responses are very interesting since these endorsements are for Mayoral candidates exclusively. Amazing what is (and isn’t) said when you need to speak about the merits of individuals alone.

You have a couple days to send your letters in.


Submit your letter!

With all the nasty comments and personal attacks taking place during the 2009 Hoboken Municipal Election campaigns – it’s time to take a look at WHY Hoboken residents are supporting their chosen candidate – without the smear – and nothing but facts.


Introducing the Smear-Free Zone!

Whether you support major MAYORAL candidates Cammarano, Mason or Zimmer – or independents Melberg, Orsini or Vincent – we want to know WHY. This endorsement will be for MAYOR only – and not council members or choice of slates.

In other words – why this person is best qualified to be Mayor of Hoboken.


  1. Email Hoboken411 with your letter by the end of Sunday, May 3, 2009.
  2. The topic is “Why I’m supporting this person for MAYOR.”
  3. You must be a registered user before today with a comment published on 411 already. No new users!
  4. It helps if you provide your full name (will not be published) – but it is not necessary. However, preference will go towards those that are up front about who they are.
  5. No negative comparisons towards other candidates allowed.
  6. Reference the following in your letter:
    • Your candidate’s qualifications
    • Your candidate’s experience
    • Your candidate’s accomplishments as an elected official (if applicable)
    • Your candidate’s accomplishments as a civilian (before or during tenure, and when – if applicable)
  7. Additionally, how you feel your candidate will improve the city of Hoboken – and not just empty campaign promises like past Mayors.
  8. Finally, a closing paragraph as a message to other Hoboken voters – summarizing why your candidate is the best choice.
  9. Keeping the letters to 1,000 words or less

Unless there is overwhelming response, each candidate will be the subject of two positive letters published. If there are no responses showing support for that candidate – I’ll indicate as such.