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Why does street paint wear out?

Water Color? Why does street paint wear out in Hoboken?

Shoddy bike lane and street paint in Hoboken NJThis HAS to be part of the planned obsolescence model. All “street paint” in Hoboken NJ wears out practically in front of your eyes! Especially Bike Lanes!

Recently – they “repainted” the bike lanes along Adams Street (as well as others).

Something is wrong, isn’t it?

I know the laws of friction, etc. – but the “bike lane” paint they spread on this street not so long ago, wore away faster than Dawn Zimmer’s Mayoral Campaign Promises. And they’ve now been “repainted.” I wonder if the NJ Lottery will be inspired to make a “road marking $50,000 Payday” scratch off?

Regardless – these special “highway supply” companies… I used to deal with many transportation and traffic modeling companies in my past job. Most of these guys were engineers, logical men. But how shoddy products even made it into the “mainstream government” is saddening.

I wanted to say “ridiculous,” but I know that even reputable companies would take higher profits over “honor.” It’s a sign of the times and a mode of “survival,” and quite frankly – the way things are until more people wake up.

To all property owners in Hoboken: You love paying top-price for stuff that wears out constantly? What other shoddy services are you getting for your five-figure “payment” to live in this cushy town?

Hoboken NJ road paint wears out fast

HPU Hypocrisy of the Day – 7/21/2014

Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy of the Day – July 21, 2014

Continuing the “HPU Hypocrisy of the Day” category….

Hoboken resident Evan Michael is becoming a regular contributor! Thanks! Here’s a typical shot. Doesn’t even matter where it is. The ONLY pertinent information needed is visible:

  1. It’s a city vehicle
  2. Parked illegally by a red curb

Like I said before. This hypocrisy will continue up to and until someone gets hurt or killed because of their disregard for why the “law” was implemented (safety reasons).

HPU Hypocrisy red curb

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St. Ann’s Biblical Upgrade!

St. Ann’s Biblical Upgrade in Hoboken, NJ

Speaking of St. Ann’s Church – did you know that one of their “biblical” statues recently went through a significant renovation / upgrade?

St. Ann's Hoboken NJ Bliblical Upgrade

That’s right – just in time for the St. Ann’s Feast – this gorgeous statue got renovated because it was essentially falling apart.

Now all the beer-swilling patrons will get to see a clear rendition of what this really meant!

St. Ann's Church Statue Before After Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Parking Warnings

Parking Warnings instead of boots – to become law

Here’s a note from NJ State Legislator Carmelo Garcia. Sounds like they used Hoboken411 as a source (“fill city coffers,” “draconian policies,” ring a bell, don’t they?)

Automatic Booting Policy Ceases in Hoboken

Change comes after Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia called on City “Officials” to end this unfair practice

Carmelo Garcia Parking Boot Legislation Hoboken NJHoboken—Assemblyman Carmelo G. Garcia (D-Hudson) calls the change in Hoboken’s booting policy a good first step. Instead of immediately booting a vehicle parked illegally, the Hoboken Parking Utility is giving drivers a ticket and a written notice stating they have 72 hours to move their car or face booting or towing. While this doesn’t eliminate the use of wheel clamps or boots, it does give the motorist more time to fix the problem. “An automatic boot is not only unfair it can leave a motorists stranded and gives them no time to correct the problem,” said Garcia. “This is a more humane way of dealing with motorists who park illegally, at least temporarily while my legislation addressing this issue works its way through the legislature.”

Legislation sponsored by Assemblymen Garcia, Declan O’Scanlon Jr. (R- Red Bank), and Michael Patrick Carroll (R- Morris Plains) prohibits municipalities from implementing ordinances that permit the booting of vehicles with no outstanding warrants. This bill will clear up any grey area in the current state statute. “For far too long motorists, even those with no outstanding warrants against their vehicle, were getting booted due to Hoboken’s draconian policy,” said Garcia. “This practice appears to be an attempt to fill city coffers. And booting a car doesn’t open up a space for another vehicle. This legislation will protect drivers and put a roadblock in the way of any town that attempts to authorize overly aggressive booting policies.”

Hoboken Parking Warnings – We’ll see how long this lasts

7/14/2014 Update:

Well – at least a handful of “examples” have been presented by the HPU recently – how they’re apparently giving a select “grace period” before booting and towing takes place. Hoboken Parking Warnings. Right-e-o!

A few of these warning notices were placed on cars near ShopRite this past weekend – IN ADDITION TO parking summonses (i.e., pickpocketing).

“Notice - This vehicle is illegally parked in a permit zone. If this matter is not resolved within 72 hours, this vehicle will be subject to booting and/or towing.”

My take on this matter? This is political showmanship. They’ll “be nice” for a brief period of time (to get some spineless douchebag intern at the local paper to publish “positive headlines” that show how “relaxed” Hoboken has become…) and then revert back to their evil ways in no time at all. It’s how it works around here. “Govern for headlines…”

Hoboken Parking Warning Notice 72 Hours

Bike Nuisances in Hoboken

Other forms of bike nuisances prevalent in Hoboken

Last week we mentioned a few of the annoying bike nuisances in Hoboken. Such as over-zealous Lance Armstrong wannabe’s blocking the roads for drivers, to oblivious wrong way bicyclists.

But there are others we ought to point out…

“Mr. completely disconnected from reality”

Take a look at this guy. His offenses are absurd:

  • Riding on the sidewalk
  • Listening to music via earphones
  • AND TEXTING with his head down while in motion.

Guess nothing in the world is more important than this guy here. Nada.

bike nuisance in Hoboken texting and riding

Motorbikes are next!

Not sure if this “minibike” was battery or gas-powered – but just like those motorized delivery bikes that zoom around town – I can sense this cowboy-hat, day-bag wearing guy in a tense situation soon.

I don’t know – what would be an excuse that makes this justified? An injury? “He’s too busy to walk?”

I can bet if this keeps up, the stroller contingent will let him have it!

Motor Bike Nuisances in Hoboken NJ 14th Street

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Bike Sharing Over?

Is Bike Sharing Over in Hoboken?

Bike Sharing over in HobokenI don’t know. You come up with a cockamamie idea like “social bikes” out of the blue – and you can catch some people off guard. “Happy Shiny” folks will glom on to this new “eco-idea” in the beginning before putting any real contemplation or long-term thought into it (both the creators of such companies, and the groupies that initially support them).

But then as the “reality” of the circumstance makes an appearance (it always does), is this what happens? Abandonment?

And as reported recently in the Wall Street Journal – these “pie in the sky” bike sharing initiatives are hitting “speed bumps.” It looks like the “feel good” idea of sharing bikes and “reducing carbon footprints” (another “invented” phrase to persuade mentally enslaved morons ) didn’t “pair well” with actually paying for it.

I feel that part of the problem here with these stupid bike initiatives – is that pretty much every single one of them depends on government involvement and re-direction of public funds. And it’s my guess, when push comes to shove, “bike sharing” doesn’t have much pull in the political circles these days. Not for long at least.

Which is why – if this social bike concept is to be taken seriously – let’s see how it does ON ITS OWN with no involvement or meddling from public agencies.

Is bike sharing over in Hoboken NJ