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Meet Chooey!

Chooey the Chow / Retriever Mix

Chooey the Chow arrivesChristmas came early to the Hoboken411 family of canines, as we adopted an adorable 3 month old Chow Chow / Flat-Coated Retriever mix named Chooey. And no, it didn’t have anything to do with the singing and dancing street character in Hoboken who goes by the same (phonetically sounding) name.

Chooey was born to a feral dog, and was rescued after she was about three or four weeks old. They were brought into quarantine, and up to spec medically a month after rescue. But after another month “on the market,” no one wanted this cute black dog, and she was on the execution list. We stepped in and saved her life the day before she was to be put down.

And did you know that black dogs in particular are often the last dogs to be adopted at a shelter – if even at all? Check out The Black Pearls of the Dog World to learn more about that phenomenon.

Our Chooey is black as night – and very hard to photograph! Out of the hundreds I’ve taken – the one seen below was the best (she has a tough time sitting still as you can imagine for a happy, energetic puppy!)

We plan on crating her for much of her first year – or until “mistakes” are a thing of the past. She’s improving by the day – and gets along with other dogs perfectly. Next step is to slowly acclimate her to humans (which are the worst breed on the planet if you didn’t figure that out already!)

And Chooey sends Christmas wishes to everyone!

Chooey Hoboken411

Hoboken October Dog of the Month: Lefty

Lefty finds a home in Hoboken & wins “Best in Show” at Pet Parade!

The October 2011 Hoboken Dog of the Month is: Lefty!

Uptown resident Ian Wilson adopted Lefty, who was a stray that was found in West Virginia earlier this summer. He was only about a month old when rescued, and was so thin he almost didn’t make it!

Then Sheryl’s Den in West Milford, NJ rescued him from the kill shelter and nursed him back to a healthy 9 pounds. His mix is believed to be Beagle & Border Collie with a hint of Husky as well. Ian has only had Lucky in Hoboken for about a week!

And to cap off a wonderful rescue story – Lefty won “Best in Show” at yesterday’s Annual Hoboken Pet Parade. Kudos all around!

Hoboken Dog of the Month: Eva


[A new series on Hoboken411 today called "Hoboken Dog of the Month"...]

Eva, A German Shepard Service Dog

Had the pleasure of meeting Eva and her handler Beatrice the other day at the Elysian Park dog run uptown.

Eva is a Service Dog “in training” for her owner, who is hard of hearing. She’s about a year and a half old. Service dogs for the deaf are trained to perform special tasks for their owners, including – but not limited to: Fire rescue (which involves dragging the owner out of the building), opening the door, answering the phone – and more.

Only about six months into her training (with over a year left), Eva is a very mild mannered dog – who Beatrice is slowing getting acclimated to other dogs in the neighborhood (she loved Oscar!) So far, she’s doing great with her training – but still needs practice with the fire alarms, which are very hard on the dogs ears – and their ability to focus. Eva is coached twice a week by her trainer – along with daily exercises that her owner must practice.

Read more about Service Dogs for the hard of hearing here and also see what Cesar Milan has to say about Hearing Dogs here.

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