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Bully Project Adoption Event

Cornerstone Pets hosts Bully Project Adoption Event August 10th

Looking to meet some adoptable puppies?

Then visit Cornerstone Pets (9th & Washington) on Sunday from 12pm to 3pm when the kind folks at the Bully Project will be there with Beatrix, Winnie, Eliza and Waldorf.

All four beautiful pups are 3-5 months old and looking forward to meeting new friends and hopefully some potential adopters!

Wow – “Waldorf” (the black & white puppy pictured below) has amazing blue eyes. Bet he’d be a great addition to any family with or without dogs. Looks friendly as heck!

Bully Project Dog Adoption Event Cornerstone Pets Hoboken NJ

Dog Adoption Event – Feb. 22nd

A Pathway to Hope dog adoption event at Jersey City Unleashed

Interested in adopting a dog in need of a loving home? Then clear some time off your calendar tomorrow from 12pm to 3pm, and head over to Jersey City Unleashed – for a dog adoption event hosted by A Pathway to Hope.

There will be many adoptable dogs available, including these three: Arnie the American Bulldog, Gyver the husky/collie mix and Peekaboo the Pekingese!

Dog Adoption Event Jersey City Unleashed A Pathway to Hope Hoboken NJ

Adopt a dog – get a month of free daycare!

The event, besides just adopting a great dog, will include microchipping and a free month of daycare from Jersey City Unleashed for those who apply and adopt the dogs they meet on Saturday! They are also offering boarding and daycare discounts for those who stop by and may not be looking to adopt.

The Vet-administered microchipping does require a $25 donation to A Pathway to Hope. And for city dogs, they all should be microchipped as it truly is their best chance at getting their way back home should they become lost or run away!

Jersey City Unleashed is steps away from Hoboken at 619 Marin Boulevard.

See more at www.apathwaytohope.org and www.jerseycityunleashed.com

Awesome hound puppies for adoption

Hound Puppies available for adoption in Hoboken

Hound puppies shephard for adoption in Hoboken NJMany local residents know that top Hoboken dog-walker Helen is big advocate for “rescue” dogs. She often travels far away to save dogs ready for execution. She has saved countless dogs, and brought joy to many families in the Hudson County area. You want to see some crazy beautiful hound puppies? Well, not exactly 100% hound puppies, but…

Now up for adoption are two incredibly cute “Hound – Shepherd” mixes (which don’t have names as of yet.) One boy and one girl, about 15 weeks old.

I got a chance to play with these cuties last week, and they were filled with energy, and had boundless love and excitement.

They’ve already been fixed, have all their shots and are ready for a new loving homes as soon as anyone is ready!

To contact Helen and learn more about these gorgeous pooches – give her a call at (201)936-9901 – and be prepared for an improved life!

PS – It was very difficult to capture the “perfect” shot of these lovely dogs, so rather than choose one picture, here is a photo gallery of my attempts to capture them properly. You might be able to “animate” them in your own mind.

Thanks again, Helen for the work you do for the doggie world!

Hoboken dog adoption: Theo

Hoboken Dog Adoption: Theo the Dutch Shepherd mix

Hoboken “friend of dogs” Jamie is back with super awesome looking dog today named “Theo.”

Hoboken dog adoption theo dutch shepherd

Theo the Dutch Shepherd mix – small and housetrained

Theo is an 8 month old dutch shepherd mix with a gorgeous brindle coat. He was pulled from a local kill shelter here in northern NJ. Theo has had a blast during his time at Hoboken Unleashed. He plays well with all the dogs there and is quite submissive. At a recent adoption event, Theo was the first pup to lay down and just hang out. He has a bit of energy when you first meet him, but he quickly settles down and just loves any attention and affection. We think Theo is house-trained as he keeps his kennel very clean at Unleashed. He is on the smaller side for a shepherd mix and would make a great running companion, as well as a couch buddy.

More details here: petfinder.com/petdetail/25130111

Bonus: Husky / Lab / Pitbull Puppies!

We also have 3 puppies from a recent litter that are still looking for their forever homes. Togo, Winter and Aspen (not pictured) are 4 months old, nearly house-trained and little love bugs. They are husky/lab/pitbull mixes.

For more information on Theo, the puppies, or any Pathway to Hope dogs, please email us at pathwaytohope@yahoo.com. or visit us online at www.apathwaytohope.org to fill out an application.

Hoboken dog adoption winter togo

Pups saved and now need a home!

Four dogs saved from kill-shelter want to be adopted in Hoboken!

We’re back with another A Pathway to Hope doggie adoption plea. They have quite a few dogs up for adoption. Are you ready to bring a pup into your home before the holidays?

These four pups were pulled from a high kill shelter around the same time. All pups are fully vetted, up to date on vaccinations and ready for their forever homes! They all are in foster with other dogs or in doggie daycare and are doing just great.

Which one will be your next best friend?


Jenny is an adorable 7 month old lab/pit mix.

She is a medium energy girl and loves to snuggle.

She gets along great with other dogs, is house-trained and does not make a peep in her crate!

Jenny is currently in foster at Hoboken Unleashed and has a blast playing in the runs with the other dogs. Jenny weighs about 30-35lbs now and should be medium sized.

More: petfinder.com/petdetail/24409356


Ronnie and her sister Pumpkin (below) are unique looking girls.

We’re not sure what mix they are, your guess is as good as ours!

They have soft, fluffy brindle fur, longer pointy noses and are on the small side.

Ronnie has one blue eye and one brown eye. She is nearly house-trained and does great with her foster siblings.

She’s a petite girl and has small paws so we think she’ll be the perfect size for an apartment! We think she is about 6-7 months old.

More: petfinder.com/petdetail/24409286


Pumpkin’s mix is unknown, but we do know she is super cute and friendly!

Pumpkin has energy to burn and would love an active home where she can be kept busy.

She loves to play with other dogs, is a social butterfly and is nearly house-trained.

She is in foster with another dog and loves to play, play, play!

We think Pumpkin is about 6-7 months old and will be on the smaller side, weighing about 20-25lbs now.

More: petfinder.com/petdetail/24468919


Cheyenne (“Chey”) is a 6-7 month old hound mix.

This girl loves to play with her toys!

She is in foster with other dogs and gets along great with everyone.

She happily sleeps through the night in her crate and is well on her way to being house-trained.

Cheyenne bonds quickly with her humans and will make a great addition to any family.

More: petfinder.com/petdetail/24409344

For more information on these pups or any Pathway to Hope dogs, please email us at pathwaytohope@yahoo.com or visit us online at www.apathwaytohope.org to fill out an application.

Thank you! And enjoy your holiday!

Lovable foster dog needs new home

Can you find a home for Tyrant the dog in Hoboken?

“I have a new foster dog from Liberty, named Tyrant. He was living with a family for 7 years, they got him as a puppy but moved to a new home with no yard that didn’t allow dogs… so off to the shelter he was dumped. As you can imagine he got very depressed and stopped eating. He is awesome to say the least but I could use some help getting him out there because he is 7 years old… besides that… he’s amazing. Trained, loves to cuddle, low energy. Likes to sleep but is also up for a hike or some dog park time. He loves other dogs and children. Not a fan of cats. I’ve heard him bark 3 times… always at a cat. His bark is comical… kinda like a squeak toy!

Also… he is stunning in person. brown coat and green eyes.”

Call Laura at 973-573-1315 if you’re interested in Tyrant and would like to arrange a meeting.