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Cat-astrophe in Hoboken?

Cat milling around Hoboken – missing or not?

Hoboken411 reader Jackie was wondering about this cat she’s been seeing in her neighborhood for a while.

“I have been seeing this cat in the pictures attached for a few weeks now on 2nd between Park and Willow. By the fur, I can tell that he/she has been on the street for the past few weeks, but is much much too friendly to be an original stray. The cat won’t go farther than the block, but meows and rolls over for you to pet it, acting how a house cat is. I’m not sure if someone purposely left it there or what but would like either way to help it find a home or its owner so I took some pictures this weekend.”

Back in the day when I was growing up – plenty of neighbors had “indoor/outdoor cats.” They’d go out when they wanted – and came back whenever they pleased (sometimes with a “gift” like a dead bird.)

Are indoor/outdoor cats possible in a pedestrian pinball city like Hoboken? Or is this fella just a missing cat, or purposely abandoned?

Regardless – if you’re interested in adopting a cat – check out Companion Animal Placement, which is a great resource.

cat wandering streets of Hoboken NJ

Hoboken NJ

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Dog Walking Packs

Hoboken Dog Walking Packs – 2014 Edition

Jeez Louise. Seems like not a week goes by where I don’t receive an email about some “problem” with one particular dog walker in town.

9 times out of 10, it’s “too many dogs at once.”

I’ve said in the past – that dogs are indeed “pack” animals, and have no issue with it. To think your four-legged friend is “special” and needs to be walked individually is just nonsensical.

I saw this lady the other day, and all dogs seemed well behaved and in control. If I had to pick only ONE thing that MIGHT be a bit wrong is, that when she yelled “HEEL” to one of the dogs who might have been pulling, it may have confused other dogs who didn’t do anything wrong. That’s about the only thing I could find a flaw in.

Other than that – the dogs seemed happy to be out and about. So there.

Dog Walking Packs Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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Doggie Doubles

Hoboken mirror images – Doggie Double Take

Most dog pictures (even our own) are typically a dime-a-dozen. But this photo of (411 featured rescue) Norton and his friend over at Stevens Park earlier this winter made me smile. The dogs are kind of stuck in a stare – with the poor guy confused by his almost body-double pal.

“Hey, you looking at… you?” (famous line from Taxi Driver re-mixed).

Does your dog have a look-alike in Hoboken? (other than the common breeds, i.e., labs)

Dog mirror image in Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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Dog Adoption Event – Feb. 22nd

A Pathway to Hope dog adoption event at Jersey City Unleashed

Interested in adopting a dog in need of a loving home? Then clear some time off your calendar tomorrow from 12pm to 3pm, and head over to Jersey City Unleashed – for a dog adoption event hosted by A Pathway to Hope.

There will be many adoptable dogs available, including these three: Arnie the American Bulldog, Gyver the husky/collie mix and Peekaboo the Pekingese!

Dog Adoption Event Jersey City Unleashed A Pathway to Hope Hoboken NJ

Adopt a dog – get a month of free daycare!

The event, besides just adopting a great dog, will include microchipping and a free month of daycare from Jersey City Unleashed for those who apply and adopt the dogs they meet on Saturday! They are also offering boarding and daycare discounts for those who stop by and may not be looking to adopt.

The Vet-administered microchipping does require a $25 donation to A Pathway to Hope. And for city dogs, they all should be microchipped as it truly is their best chance at getting their way back home should they become lost or run away!

Jersey City Unleashed is steps away from Hoboken at 619 Marin Boulevard.

See more at www.apathwaytohope.org and www.jerseycityunleashed.com

Hoboken NJ

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K9dergarten – Petserv

K9dergarten open (part time) in Hoboken

Took long enough, but K9dergarten, the doggie day care drop off location on 14th Street uptown finally open, I noticed.

They have split hours for now: Monday through Friday from 7am-10am and 5pm-8pm. And weekends from 12pm-5pm.

I still believe dogs shouldn’t live in apartments unless they have a full-time owner to take care of them. Just not right.

Hoboken K9dergarten

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Hoboken NJ

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Norton makes Super Bowl XLVIII prediction

Hoboken Dog Norton calls Super Bowl XLVIII

Some say the groundhog determines how much winter is left – others say Hoboken pooch Norton (FKA “Paulie”) can call who will win the Super Bowl.

Down at the Hoboken Huddle – with the changing colors in the roman numerals, it was apparent that Seattle’s colors were making the poor dog “nervous and antsy.” He was calm and at ease when Denver’s colors appeared. Then, in an almost miraculous event – he “marked” the wooden display “42-24.”

So there you have it. Norton says Denver will win in a blowout 42-24 (he later added that two Seattle TD’s would come in the 4th Quarter as the game was already in the bag.)

Who knows. We’ll inevitably see the final score on Drudge at some point.

Hoboken dog norton predicts Super Bowl XLVIII score Denver wins 42 to 24 over Seattle

(This post was for amusement only. No guarantees expressed or implied. Your wagers are at your own risk.)

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Hoboken NJ

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