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K9dergarten – Doomed

K9dergarten abandons Hoboken – focuses on Jersey City

The doggy day-care shop K9dergarten (which just opened this year up on 14th Street) didn’t make it to the end of 2014 successfully. They abruptly closed shop.

The place recently underwent change of ownership, and they decided it was best to eliminate the Hoboken location, and focus on building their “HQ” up in Jersey City. This location was primarily a pickup / dropoff “satellite,” which was probably a pain in the neck with all the potholes in Hoboken – which must have cost them thousands in suspension repairs for their vehicles. Smart move.

Good Luck in neighboring JC, K9!

k9dergarten Hoboken NJ location closed

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Lost and Found Dogs!

Lost and Found dogs in Hoboken & Jersey City

Boy – a bunch of dogs getting displaced as of late. I wonder how this can happen?

Anyway – here’s the most urgent one, considering the size of the pooch:

Have you seen Tucker the Shih Tzu?

12/21/2014 Update: Tucker was found! “He was picked up by a woman who works in Hoboken and lives in Philadelphia, PA. She brought him home on Friday afternoon, took good care of him and tracked us down via his microchip this morning. We picked him up in PA today and are all home and so happy to be together! Many thanks to you for posting about him when he was lost!”

Tucker was lost TODAY near 12th & Garden Streets. Small pooch around 12 pounds. No collar.

The owners are desperate to find him, and have a big reward if found. Call (646)228-3469 if found!

Tucker Lost Shih Tzu Hoboken NJ

Where is Abby the Husky?

And Abby the Husky was lost in nearby Jersey City (in the Van Vorst Park area). Call Melissa at (917)882-5970 if you know about this pointy-eared pooch.

Abby lost husky jersey city NJ

Is this dog yours?

I received this email a couple days ago, unfortunately – they were about as descriptive as you’d expect in today’s “OMG SMS TXT GNR8SHN,” so I don’t have much for you other than these two photos I animated, and a phone number of “their mom” (201)589-3158.

If you know this dog, or their owner(s) give them a shout.

found dog Hoboken NJ

Lost & Hurt Cat

Lost & Hurt Cat in Hoboken – is it yours?

Far more important than a bottom of the totem-pole election in Hoboken, is this poor, injured kitty cat spotted in midtown earlier today. We gotta get this cat some help!

“The hurt cat was hiding underneath a car on the east side of 8th & Washington Streets, got spooked and limped across Washington. The cat ended up under a car in front of Bagels on the Hudson and I called the police. The cat accepted food from the folks at the bagel shop and the consensus seemed to be that it was a lost house cat.

If the cat belongs to you or you have any information please contact the Hoboken Police Dept and they will tell you where they sent the cat. I believe the Animal Control shelter they use is in Newark.”

Oh boy, animal control shelter in Newark might as well be synonymous with General Tso’s chicken… so you better get crackin’ if you want to give kitty a fighting chance!

Lost and hurt cat Hoboken NJ

Lost Dog: Bunny

Have you seen Bunny?

A shy female Pit Bull mix named Bunny went missing last night from the area of 9th Street & Washington Street.

Apparently there were “sightings” of a similar dog near Ruth’s Chris Steak House over in Weehawken, New Jersey.

She’s a smaller size mix, and will likely run if someone abruptly approaches, but she is friendly (not the big, bad Pit Bull most people think of).

Call (973)219-9631 if you or someone you know has seen her. Thanks!

lost dog hoboken nj Bunny pit bull mix female

Adorable Hoboken Kittens!

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption!

A couple weeks ago, long time resident Vinnie Amato saved a tiny little grey kitten off the streets (it surely would have perished). He’s known for saving various “feral” cats and finding them good homes..

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption 1

Look how cute this thing is!

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption 2

He actually found another orange tabby cat shortly thereafter as well. They seem like good pals already!

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption 3

Kittens well-cared for – and ready to find a new home

Along with the help of Patty Durmgoole from Hoboken CAP (Companion Animal Placement) – they’ve cared for these furry creatures and they’re now ready for adoption.

You can call Patty at (201)424-5697 to find out how.

Note you have to go through an application process (they screen to make sure the cat finds a safe, stable home with capable owners).

Here are some more photos to melt your heart:

Dog needs home

Dog needs home – why no photo?

Spotted this odd sign near Moran’s bar at 5th & Garden the other day. The otherwise well-designed sign (with good color and contrast) said “Dog Needs Home,” but just displays a cartoon silhouette of what appears to be a canine creature.

What in God’s name is wrong with showing a real photo of the dog?

Oh, I get it. If you read deeper into the brief text on the sign, the last word is: Pitbull.

It’s apparent that 99% of the people out there have negative feelings about pitbull dogs (especially after the big, bad “news” shares horror stories). But despite their bad reputation, pitbull dogs are not automatically bad animals – if raised properly. In fact, each and every dog breed has the capability to bite, injure or even kill you. Even the smallest of dogs. But pitbull dogs are the ones that get the bad rap.

Perhaps this guy didn’t have a good photo printer, or it was cheaper to get a 2 color flier made at the printer – who knows. But it sure is funny nonetheless. I can imagine some dim-witted moron from Hoboken showing up to see the dog (not reading the actual text) and acting astonished that “This dog looks nothing like the picture!”

You want a dog in your home? Give this guy a call at (201)780-6776. Perhaps you’ll find a mate for life.

Dog needs Home Union City Hoboken NJ ambiguous

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