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Found Chihuahua in Hoboken

Charlie the Chihuahua happy one year later in new Hoboken home

Back in August 2013, we posted this “found Chihuahua” article – and are now at the anniversary to share what has been a very happy year for Hoboken resident Stefanie.

“Samantha had found him on a Friday, and I met her on Sunday in the park – and after taking one look at him – I fell in love! That Monday she was vaccinated and micro-chipped, then fixed the week after.

At first I was so sad someone would leave him, then I realized he was the greatest gift ever. He was only eight months old at the time, and have kept in touch with Sam throughout the year, sending fun photos of Charlie in cute outfits, on vacation with us, etc.

Her kindness for rescuing the dog was the best thing that ever happened to us! Thanks again, Sam!”

Isn’t it great that dogs bring so much joy into our lives?

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Bully Project Adoption Event

Cornerstone Pets hosts Bully Project Adoption Event August 10th

Looking to meet some adoptable puppies?

Then visit Cornerstone Pets (9th & Washington) on Sunday from 12pm to 3pm when the kind folks at the Bully Project will be there with Beatrix, Winnie, Eliza and Waldorf.

All four beautiful pups are 3-5 months old and looking forward to meeting new friends and hopefully some potential adopters!

Wow – “Waldorf” (the black & white puppy pictured below) has amazing blue eyes. Bet he’d be a great addition to any family with or without dogs. Looks friendly as heck!

Bully Project Dog Adoption Event Cornerstone Pets Hoboken NJ

Found Dog reunited with owner!

Update: Found Weimeraner reunited with owner in Hoboken

That was fast! The person who was missing their Weimeraner saw the post on Hoboken411 and was reunited with their dog today! Success!

Found Dog {Weimeraner} Please help locate owner(s)


Found Dog Hoboken NJVery strange “found dog” incident – a purebred too! You’d think there would be an “APB” out for a dog like this – but nothing as of yet!

A young Weimeraner was found on Washington around First Street in Hoboken on July 21st. No collar or microchip, and so far no leads on an owner.

But the dog looks very well cared for (just under a year old).

Contact Cornerstone Pets at 201-653-4644 or info@cornerstonepets.com if you have any information.

Dog hate!

Dog hate morphing into graffiti vandalism in Hoboken!

Wow this stretch of First Street downtown is really “going all in” when it comes to how clear they’re making their dog hate known.

They’ve lowered themselves to defacing the sidewalks with messages for dog owners. While I do see their logic (because no one looks up anymore since they’re on their phones), it’s still pretty much vandalism.

Maybe when they pass and come back in another life – perhaps they’ll be reincarnated as a pooch!

sidewalk graffiti curb your dog hate hoboken NJ

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Pet Emporium

Fish Emporium becomes Pet Emporium in Hoboken

While there definitely was a niche to be filled by having a fish store in Hoboken, apparently it wasn’t enough to “float” Fish Emporium. They’ve now expanded to include food and toys for more traditional pets like dogs and cats, hence the new name Pet Emporium.

Most certainly not the selection that other pet stores in Hoboken have like Cornerstone Pets or Beowoof – but will cater to the lazy folks with Hoboken Four Block Radius Syndrome, who are too weak to get “almost all the way to Washington Street.”

Fish Emporium now Pet Emporium in Hoboken NJ

Description: A fish (and pet) store. Fishes, food, tanks, accessories, mental encouragement, nets, filters, and so on…
Address: 254 6th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-6073

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Cat-astrophe in Hoboken?

Cat milling around Hoboken – missing or not?

Hoboken411 reader Jackie was wondering about this cat she’s been seeing in her neighborhood for a while.

“I have been seeing this cat in the pictures attached for a few weeks now on 2nd between Park and Willow. By the fur, I can tell that he/she has been on the street for the past few weeks, but is much much too friendly to be an original stray. The cat won’t go farther than the block, but meows and rolls over for you to pet it, acting how a house cat is. I’m not sure if someone purposely left it there or what but would like either way to help it find a home or its owner so I took some pictures this weekend.”

Back in the day when I was growing up – plenty of neighbors had “indoor/outdoor cats.” They’d go out when they wanted – and came back whenever they pleased (sometimes with a “gift” like a dead bird.)

Are indoor/outdoor cats possible in a pedestrian pinball city like Hoboken? Or is this fella just a missing cat, or purposely abandoned?

Regardless – if you’re interested in adopting a cat – check out Companion Animal Placement, which is a great resource.

cat wandering streets of Hoboken NJ