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City Challenge Race

Just a few weeks left to sign up for City Challenge Race

In case you missed it – the first-of-it’s-kind City Challenge Race Obstacle Course is coming up on Saturday, October 5th.

Here’s a promo video to get you pumped to challenge your own physical strength and endurance. Cost to register now is $65, but goes up to $75 on September 14th, so sign up here now to save the $10 bucks.

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Want to play hoops this winter?

ABL Men’s Winter Basketball League in Hoboken, NJ

When I announced the American Ballplayers League this morning – forgot to let you all know about their inaugural basketball league that starts this weekend!

Basketball season in Hoboken starts January 14th

Looking to stay fit this winter? The ABL Men’s Winter Basketball Season kicks off January 14th! Full teams or Individual Players looking to get in the game can register at www.joinABL.com.

There will be 8 regular season games plus playoffs, and all games are played at gyms in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Throughout the season, the ABL website will feature game stats, standings, news, video, photos and more. Plus, you can download the league app for in-depth team management.

Questions about the league can be directed to jross@joinABL.com and you can visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/joinABL.

American Ballplayers League (ABL)

Hoboken’s i9 Sports acquired by American Ballplayers League

Over the past eight years, i9 Sports has positioned itself as Northern New Jersey’s premier adult recreational sports league. As a niche provider of fun and competitive leagues, i9 membership has grown to over 1,500 players, former athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Teams actively participate in four sports offered during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

In order to meet and enhance player experience and league growth, i9 Sports has entered the 2013 year with a rebranding and acquisition by the American Ballplayers League (ABL).

“The new ABL league represents an investment in technology infrastructure and player focus that our athletes deserve,” states ABL commissioner Jason Ross.

The ABL just launched a state-of-the-art website (www.joinABL.com) that takes the league to a whole new level – sort of an “ESPN for amateur athletes.” Full teams and individual players can sign up to play in a variety of sports.

Below are some of the features for players and teams participating in the new ABL:

  • Box scores, game stats and standings
  • Premier venues throughout Hudson, Bergen and Passaic counties
  • Professional league management and high-level customer service
  • League officials at each game
  • Free Agent Board
  • News feed and Social Media
  • Game videos and photos
  • Smartphone App for in-depth Team Management
  • Championships & Tournaments
  • End-of-Year Awards Party

In 2013, they are organizing leagues in four sports: Flag Football, Softball, Basketball and Soccer.

You can register a team at www.joinABL.com, and check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/joinABL. Questions about a league? Email the commissioner at jross@joinABL.com.

“Jersey” Girls

[Introducing Your life back on track - an article series from Jessica Kasevich of JK Therapy...]

What’s underneath your jersey?

By Jessica Kasevich

Football session in Hoboken fills the streets with men and women showing their team spirit’s by wearing their jerseys.

Fans of the Giants, Jets and non-local teams find their way to their favorite Hoboken bars to support their teams.

Men for the most part see this as an opportunity to bond with their male friends. They drink beer, cheer their team on and sometimes even cry over the games events. Women too venture out for various reasons. Some women cheer their team on as loyal fans.

Some look at this as an opportunity to pick up a man, changing their status from single to coupled.

Women may go to the bars with their boyfriends to claim their status as girlfriends warding off predators. Many couples are fans spending quality time together, emotionally reconnecting after a hectic week. Other women are not fans and accommodate their significant others request to accompany them to the game. There are many different reasons for women to be at the bars for the game.

What does their presence really mean?

What are women’s real reasons for watching football?

Many times women who are true football fans have grown up watching football. They continue this pastime into adulthood. They are not concerned with the dating scene. They may meet their future husband at the bar but are not actively looking for partners. They are there to fulfill their passion for the game.

What do you women fans think of other women who look at the bar scene as a way to meet men while you are trying to enjoy the game?

Some single woman look at football season as a way to meet men at bars. These women usually have well made up faces, carry a designer purse, dresses in jeans, high heels and wear their team of choice foot ball jersey under false pretenses. They really don’t like football. They use the jersey as a commonality to strike up a conversation. (If they replaced the jersey with a shirt it would be a typical Saturday night outfit in Hoboken).

They are well aware of the difficulty of dating in Hoboken, as the ratio of women to men is about four to one. If they go to a bar during a football game the concentration of men is greater, a good strategic move for finding a mate.

Are these single women giving up their identity to find a man, becoming fans for the season? Does it come down to the fear of being alone?

Is it really their fear of taking the time to sit with themselves and learn about who they really are outside of a relationship, “the good the bad and the ugly.” This can also be said for men who are in serial relationships. If people never realize who they are, and what they need in a relationship to make them happy, they will continue to mold themselves into what their partner wants them to be, hence becoming a “Jersey” Girl. One will continue to jump from relationship to relationship, learning what they do not like through negative experiences instead of positive self-reflection.

Claiming your man?

Some women go to the bars to claim their man. “I don’t want another woman talking to my boyfriend.”

These women believe their presence will ward off other women. Maybe the girlfriend’s presence will deter interaction for that day, but what about the other days? If there if fear in the relationship that either partner will seek companionship elsewhere it is imperative to start to rebuild trust together, or to move on and build a trusting relationship with another. Without trust the relationship is filled with anxiety: “Where did he/ she go?” “Who is calling her/him at this hour?” We all deserve to have healthy relationships.

Some women who are not fans go because their boyfriends have asked. They do not mind sacrificing a Sunday afternoon to make their partner happy, because they are emotionally rewarded from the selfless gesture. Stay at home moms can relate to these feelings of happiness they gain from sacrificing for the better of their families. These examples of the give and take in a relationship are healthy. For example, a man may need to miss next week’s game to attend an important event for his significant other. Finding the balance between staying involved in your own activities and spending time together as a couple, even if it involves engaging in activities that may not be to your liking, is imperative to maintain a healthy relationship.

During this football season it is important to ask ourselves why we as women are in the bars: Are we looking for a partner, are we truly fans, are we supporting our significant others or staking our claim? Are we meeting our own needs as single women? Are we waiting for someone to meet them? Are our needs being met in our current relationship?

Ask yourself, underneath that jersey, who are you really and what do you want in a relationship?

Hoboken Kickball League

Hoboken Kickball League Fall Registration

In case you’re idle and want some mindless surrogate activities to fill your time – you might want to consider signing up to the Hoboken Kickball League – which is currently enrolling members and teams for the Fall 2012 season.

Fall and spring seasons last between seven and eight weeks not including “playoffs.”

For what it’s worth, they play at Washington Park in Union City (you know – because Hoboken has no real park space), but it’s a very short drive and you can even walk – by taking the elevator by the 9th Street Light Rail Station.

Go ahead – kick some balls.

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Eli Manning digs Madison Bar

NY Giants QB Eli Manning enjoys Hoboken’s Madison Bar

On an afternoon stroll with Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar today – I spotted superstar NY Giants Quarterback Eli Manning, along with his wife Abby and daughter Ava heading over to Madison Bar & Grill at 14th & Washington Street for a casual bite to eat.

If you lived in the Hudson Tea Building like Eli, which uptown restaurant would you consider your favorite?