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St. Mary Advocates Thrift Shop

St. Mary Advocates Thrift Shop

St. Mary Advocates Thrift Shop over at 6th & Garden used to be called “St. Mary Hospital Auxiliary.” They also used to be associated with the (former) St. Mary’s Hospital, but since they’ve become a for-profit pillaging machine known as CarePoint Hoboken University Medical Center – the thrift shop had to completely sever their ties and change their name.

The store remains a charity organization, with proceeds going to health-care and family efforts like nursing scholarships, the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps., and the Jubilee Center.

st. Mary Advocates Thrift shop

Description: Thrift store – accepts clothing donations.
Address: 536 Garden St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201)653-8191

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Khashawn Decker Scholarship

Khashawn Decker needs your help in Hoboken

Khawshawn Decker is a 16 year old Hoboken resident, who is a sophomore at Hudson Catholic High School. He’s looking for a little help to achieve his dream of becoming a Division One athletic scholarship recipient!

khashawn decker scholarship Hoboken NJ

Khashawn is a respectable student / athlete!

Here’s what he has to say about himself on and off the field:

As a student, I have:

  • A 2.75 grade point average, which I’m working diligently to improve and try to bring above a 3.0 by the end of this school year.
  • An excellent record of attendance, behavior and involvement in various extracurricular activities. In addition to participating in athletics in all three scholastic seasons, these activities include serving as a student ambassador selected by the school administration during a recent visit by the Archbishop.
  • Done extensive community service work in and around Hudson Catholic and spent many hours there voluntarily helping out the school community. Over the last two summers and during various breaks, I worked with administration, staff and building personnel to make considerable improvements to the facilities and campus.
  • Served as a host for the “Hawk For a Day” program for eighth grade students who are considering Hudson Catholic as their high school choice.

And as an athlete, I have:

  • Been a leading member of the varsity football team since my freshman year, accumulated over 1,000 total all – purpose yards and 11 touchdowns which were scored five different ways (via rushing, receiving, kick return, punt return and interception return) and helped the team reach the state playoffs both years.
  • Won multiple individual and team championships as a member of the track and field program who competes in sprint events (55 meter, 100 meter, 200 meter and 4 X 200 meter) and participated in the prestigious NJ State Interscholastic Athletic Association Meet of Champions both years and qualified for nationals in the 100 meter dash as a freshman.
  • Also been involved in many athletic opportunities outside of Hudson Catholic, including competing in events and winning various honors or receiving high ratings at National Underclassmen Combine (NUC) programs, a Football University (FBU) camp, a Nike SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction & Quickness) showcase, NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Sectional / Regional Championships and multiple Rutgers University Football camps.

Here’s a link to a story from when I was chosen by Rutgers University, based off an essay I submitted in a competition, to participate in a flag football game for victims of Hurricane Sandy as part of their 2013 spring game.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and helping me participate in a highly prestigious organization that will only help me become a better student and athlete and provide me with many otherwise unattainable and unforgettable opportunities to enhance my academic and athletic skills. Hopefully, this opportunity will help me attract the attention and interest of college coaches.

Reform politicians in Hoboken notably absent

Well, it seems that only one person has donated to his fundraiser – “reform” politician Peter Cunningham. You’d think that if one of the allies of the “mayor” would care enough to help Khashawn meet his goal, that others would happily follow.

But Cunningham stands alone – as “mayor” Zimmer, and council members Ravi Bhalla, Jen Giattino, Dave Mello and Jim Doyle haven’t yet joined the 5th Ward Councilman in their support of Khashawn. Too bad, because it seems they’re having a falling out I guess. Money does have a strange effect on friends.

So if Khashawn can’t rely on the help from his local politicians – maybe you guys can help him reach his goal?


918 Willow Fundraiser – 2/26

Hoboken Fire Relief – 918 Willow Fundraiser at Elks on Feb. 26th

You may recall, at the beginning of this year, a fire broke out at 918 Willow Ave., home to 15 residents as well as D’s Soul Full Cafe. While the fire didn’t level the building, it rendered it temporarily uninhabitable until the necessary repairs could be made. This has caused some hardship for those tenants, who may be displaced until the beginning of this summer.

918 Willow Ave Fire Fundraiser Hoboken NJ

As a result, a fundraiser is being held over at the Hoboken Elks Lodge No. 74 this Thursday, February 26th from 7pm to 11pm.

“Suggested” donation for this event is $50 (but you can “pay what you can afford”) and will provide you with full open bar (call in sick on Friday), as well as live music from: Allison StrongKaryn KühlThe FaveDave CalamoneriLas Vandelays and Debby Schwartz.

Food from Dark Side of the Moo, as well.

We interviewed Stephen Bailey, the owner of D’s Soul Full Cafe with Hoboken Internet Radio last week, and here is what he had to say:

Enjoy helping those down on hard times!

Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Sweaters meetup at Mills Tavern in Hoboken

Well, it’s true. People still get a kick out of these annual “Ugly Sweaters” holiday parties that take place every year. I guess the novelty has not worn off yet (thanks in part to the “social media” attention whoring aspect of it).

But one such party is taking place over at Mills Tavern (125 Washington St.) tomorrow night, Thursday, December 18th from 7pm to 10pm, courtesy of the Hoboken Social Sandbox. Host Alexis Walling says:

“Break out the ugly sweater, wear it proudly and join us for a Holiday Happy Hour at Mills Tavern! Cost is $20 per person – PLUS you need to bring a pair of warm socks to donate to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. The cost includes food and your first drink (of many).”

Ugly Sweater Party Hoboken NJ

Teens for Jeans

Teens for Jeans donation bin in Hoboken NJ

Have any jeans you don’t want anymore? Well, instead of throwing them out, or taking them to the Salvation Army in Jersey City – Hoboken High School’s Dimitri Rodriguez is taking part in the Teens for Jeans campaign:

“I’m currently running a community service project at my school called Teens for Jeans. Over a million young people experience homelessness in the United States every year and one of the most requested items that young people in homeless shelters ask for is a pair of jeans. There is a bin in the lobby of City Hall and is running until February 13, 2015. We only accept jeans of any size and color. I would great appreciate it so the word can get out around Hoboken.”

Teens for Jeans Hoboken NJ

Mile Square Theatre fundraiser

Mile Square Theatre also seeks supporters on Giving Tuesday

This week, non-profits all over America are reaching out to their supporters to fund their work. Like TRUE Mentors – Hoboken’s Mile Square Theatre is also reaching their hands out on this Tuesday “charity” day.

Mile Square Theatre Hoboken NJ Giving Tuesday

Mile Square Theatre Participates in GIVING TUESDAY!

“Tuesday, December 2, is GIVING TUESDAY, and it’s a day for you to get into the holiday giving spirit by contributing to your favorite charity. Only half of our operating income comes from ticket sales. We literally cannot keep the doors open without the sustained support of people like you. Help us bring you our 2015 season in our new home at the Artisan! Your generous donations help MST in many ways:

  • $50 will purchase a few cans of paint for our scenic artists to paint our beautiful sets
  • $100 will pay for the fabric to make a period dress for a Shakespeare production
  • $500 will buy one Source Four lamp for our lighting grid
  • $1,000 will pay for a scenic designer to design a set
  • $2,500 will purchase the rights for a play
  • $5,000 will cover a show contract for an Equity actor

Will you consider a gift to support the high-quality work we do?

Click here to make a contribution today! Choose “GENERAL FUND” to give to our annual appeal. If you’re not comfortable paying online, you can mail an old-fashioned check to: Mile Square Theatre, 1408 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

Your generosity is very important. Now is the time to step onstage and to support the artists who bring our programs to life. Please consider making a gift today.

Thanks for your support,

Chris O’Connor
MST Founder and Artistic Director