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Fleet Week New York 2015

Air Force Thunderbirds buzz Hoboken, NJ

Here was the scene earlier today when a formation of Air Force Thunderbirds buzzed the Hoboken skyline over the Hudson River. Military might at it’s finest!

Fleet Week New York 2015

Yesterday began the 2015 edition of Fleet Week New York.

Fleet Week 2015 Hoboken NJ

A handful of people braved the “brisk” air that swept in (to remind people it’s not bikini weather just yet.)

Didn’t catch any “flyovers” yet this year. Wondering if they’re “cutting” back those lavish displays that only last a few seconds anyway.

Cold start to Fleet Week New York 2015 from Hoboken NJ

But what happened to Fleet Week anyway?

I don’t know about you – but I think Fleet Week has become corrupted to a degree!

  • “Selfies with a Sailor” – What? The U.S. Military even acknowledging “Selfies?” What a joke.
  • USO Bike Build – The USO along with volunteers will build bikes for service members to ride around in. They risk their lives on the battlefield, and you give them bikes? No respect!
  • NYC Tattoo Music Festival – The Navy Band Northeast will play there. The only thing missing are beards and skinny jeans. You’ll have to wait ’till next year for those.

Anyway – if you want to catch the fancy jets – head over to the waterfront on Monday around 11am to see them fly over. I love the smell of jet fuel on Mondays!

Fleet Week cloudy skies Hoboken NJ

The Internship

The Internship was a mighty fine movie!

Man – this is one absolutely certain “negative” I can attribute to the “interwebs” we call the “internet.”

You’ve probably seen (or heard of) the movie The Internship, right? Well, now that we’re headed into Memorial Day Weekend – this is a great flick to pick up for some casual “down time” if you have not had the opportunity to see it.

Before we begin – take a trip down (your own) memory lane and (honestly) examine how you formed your “opinion” of the movie “The Internship.”

Did you enjoy the InternshipDid you:

  1. Watch the trailer?
  2. Read reviews?
  3. Analyze critic response?
  4. Ask what others thought? Your friends? Social media?
  5. “Compared” it to other movies?

Let that settle for a moment – then read on….

The Internship movie was good

How do you shape your opinion? Or decision to partake?

I’ll rewind for a minute here to put this whole post into perspective.

We watched this movie – and enjoyed it very much.

We never saw a trailer.

Didn’t read reviews.

Only knew that we enjoyed the actors on screen previously, and thought the subject matter was interesting enough for us. That is IT.

And when you see the “judgmental” opinions of people who expect this or that – it makes you cringe. And by golly – these are the same assholes that want “equality” and “fairness!” Do you not realize the hypocrisy amongst us?

Sure, Wedding Crashers was a classic – but you need to put things into perspective. Different subject matter, different time, and so on.

I don’t watch movies as much as you might believe – but I do look at the reviews every week for the purpose of this regular post. And the condescending tone you get from some of these “reviewers” is interesting. Who the hell are these people? I mean what kind of “reaction” is this??

“Vaughn and Wilson take an incredibly formulaic and improbable setup and make it somewhat enjoyable.”


“The comedic magic that Wilson and Vaughn brought to the screen when paired up in the 2005 hit “Wedding Crashers” seems to have dwindled. Their interactions are still fun to watch, just not as funny.”

Those are pussified copouts!

Perhaps the “LOL’s” were different and more frequent in their other movies. So what. Who measures “laughs per square minute?” An overall “body of work” should not be scrutinized via “metrics.”

The pace of the movie may be different. You ever think of that? Because of the subject matter, maybe there are less “opportunities” for “comedy?”

Wedding Crashers was an entirely different premise from The Internship. How can you even compare it apples to apples?

Yet everyone felt the comparison was equal. We disagree. It was a fine piece of movie-making. No greater or lesser than previous works. This is a prime example why you should form your own opinions about pretty much everything on planet Earth – via your OWN experience.

Hoboken Movie Lineup: Memorial Day Weekend

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesOh Lord.

“Remakes” of both Poltergeist AND Mad Max. Well, I won’t even get into Mad Max – you can read what the real deal is here.

Poltergeist looks like a lame reincarnation of the original… so…

Tomorrowland looks at least a little bit interesting (due to the technological advancements…)

My favorite review so far is simple “A rare blockbuster which runs off of ideas rather than pure adrenaline.”

Enjoy at your own risk!

Hoboken Movie Trailer: Tomorrowland

(Current Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times in Hoboken, NJ below.)

K9 Nanni

K9 Nanni – Full-service pet center and dog walks

Did you know about K9 Nanni? This North Arlington, NJ based dog care service has been in business for almost 10 years, and definitely has some action in Hoboken.

“K9 Nanni, a full-service pet center located in North Arlington on Porete Avenue, is the brainchild of Linda Solana who believes pets need 3 things to be healthy and happy: exercise, discipline, and love. All three are offered here at K9 Nanni whether boarding your dog for a length of time, just for the day or training classes for new pet owners.

Our pet center has 12,000 square feet of fenced in outdoor space and 3,500 square of indoor space. We offer a variety of care for your dogs – whether it is day care, boarding, walking, in-home pet sitting, puppy etiquette classes.”

K9 Nanni Dog Walker Hoboken NJ

K9 Nanni Rates

I checked out their rates – and they seem like “market rates,” although they definitely favor homes with more than one dog.

For walks it’s $15 (and only $6 for each additional dog). Additional rates apply for off-peak hours.

“Play Dates” are like “day care” and range from $32-$40 depending on the day. Discounts for bulk purchases.

And overnight boarding is available for $60 per dog.

They also offer training packages for your troubled pooch.

About Linda Solana

Linda Solana K9 Nanni dog walkerHere’s more about the owner Linda Solana – whom I’m sure you’ve seen walking around town with her trademark bandana.

She started with walking dogs during her lunch break when she worked as an HR Manager at a web hosting company in Jersey City to creating a successful play-date group in Hoboken – Linda knew her #1 passion was to offer the best kind of care and love for dogs and owners. She saw how her dogs benefited from the “dates”, so decided to follow her dreams, leave the corporate world and open a full-service pet care center with her husband Tashon. Their children Bo and Keyanna also work with them here at the center (it’s a full family affair!)

Being a proud dog owner herself – Linda mentored under her own dog’s trainer and realized she had a gift for communicating and teaching dogs. Since then, she has been actively working with many pet owners and dogs on basic and behavioral training. She offers one on one training as well as group both at the center and at your home.

Linda herself is a proud mama to her 4 dogs – 3 rescued Pitbulls (Empress, Duchess, and Fari) and 1 Shih Tzu (Lily).

She is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, American Red Cross First Aid Certified, and a graduate of the New York School of Grooming.

When Linda is not running around with our dogs – she is secretly binge watching Modern Family and taking notes after Cesar Milan!”

A tired dog is a happy dog K9 Nanni

Description: Full Service care for dogs.
Address: 81 Porete Avenue, North Arlington, New Jersey 07031
Phone: (201)998-WOOF (9663)
Email: k9nanni@gmail.com
Online: k9nanni.comFacebook

Jersey City Challenge Race 2015

Men’s Fitness Jersey City Challenge Race 2015

Did you partake in this past weekend’s Jersey City Challenge Race? Urban people now love these kinds of events – thanks to “easy” modern lifestyles, and lack of any real work necessary to sustain your life living in a city.

Jersey City Challenge Race 2015

Obstacle Course raises fund for charities

Jersey City was taken over by athletes of all fitness levels and diverse backgrounds, families and friends for the 2015 Men’s Fitness Jersey City Challenge Race this past Saturday, May 16th at Exchange Place.

The City Challenge Obstacle Course Race has a mission to inspire everyone to live a fit and healthy lifestyle while having fun and still giving back to the local community. They are the first urban, CLEAN race! This year, for Jersey City, they partnered with Men’s Fitness Magazine to bring more exciting activities and obstacles to participants.

They had a total of 1,904 challengers where everyone enjoyed conquering obstacles and challenging themselves. Challengers completed an urban obstacle course that included jumping over NYPD cop cars, taxi cabs, climbing cargo nets, rope climbing, sand bags carries, and so much more!

Men’s Fitness Jersey City Challenge Race partnered with Wounded Warrior Project and Jersey City Youth Foundation to raise funds and awareness during the event and successfully raised $3,255.00 which was donated to both of the organization.

To find out when the next race will be, check out the website www.citychallengerace.com.

Hoboken Movie Lineup: 5/15/2015

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesLord-Almighty – a God-awful flick is consuming Hoboken cinemaphile’s space this weekend with the showings of Pitch Perfect 2 – a horrific flick.

Look at how bad they synopsis is: “Surprise hit Pitch Perfect gets sequelized in this Universal Pictures production once again scripted by Kay Cannon.” That says a lot (in saying not much at all).

Anyway – after I watched the trailer – I determined that this movie is “targeted” at those dumb-asses that watch reality competition shows (and that numbers in the tens of millions).

God help us all.

And why “pitch” an unhealthy individual as the hero? WTF has our world come to?

Hoboken Movie Trailer: Pitch Perfect 2

(Current Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times in Hoboken, NJ below.)