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Lost and Found Dogs!

Lost and Found dogs in Hoboken & Jersey City

Boy – a bunch of dogs getting displaced as of late. I wonder how this can happen?

Anyway – here’s the most urgent one, considering the size of the pooch:

Have you seen Tucker the Shih Tzu?

Tucker was lost TODAY near 12th & Garden Streets. Small pooch around 12 pounds. No collar.

The owners are desperate to find him, and have a big reward if found. Call (646)228-3469 if found!

Tucker Lost Shih Tzu Hoboken NJ

Where is Abby the Husky?

And Abby the Husky was lost in nearby Jersey City (in the Van Vorst Park area). Call Melissa at (917)882-5970 if you know about this pointy-eared pooch.

Abby lost husky jersey city NJ

Is this dog yours?

I received this email a couple days ago, unfortunately – they were about as descriptive as you’d expect in today’s “OMG SMS TXT GNR8SHN,” so I don’t have much for you other than these two photos I animated, and a phone number of “their mom” (201)589-3158.

If you know this dog, or their owner(s) give them a shout.

found dog Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Movie Lineup: 12/19/2014

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesSomething for the kids opening this weekend in Hoboken: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, starting Ben Stiller and a host of other “A-list” actors (including the now dead Robin Williams).

You already know what the movie “franchise” is about, and even though it got “mixed” reviews from so-called critics – it’s barely over an hour and a half long, so you won’t be gone from reality too long.

But still, our advice is wait until it’s free, and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. And who knows what this “Sony Hack” blockbuster will be on Christmas Day. Does North Korea have anything to do with it? Is it “real” or is it Memorex?

Hoboken Movie Trailer: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

(Current Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times in Hoboken, NJ below.)

Buzzed Driving?

Bogus “Buzzed driving is drunk driving” fear campaign!

While out Christmas shopping all over the state of NJ this month – we’ve noticed a TON of these “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” announcement signs everywhere.

Are you the one that soaks it all up and just follows the herd? Or do you question really what is behind this mass marketed mental programming?

buzzed driving is drunk driving NOT hoboken New Jersey DUI BAC

What alcohol “law” is there when you have arbitrary punishments?

The NJ Attorney General’s office says:

“In New Jersey, a person is guilty of drunk driving if he/she operates a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater. BAC refers to the amount of alcohol in your blood. Although the law refers to a 0.08 percent BAC, you can be convicted of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor even when your BAC is below 0.08 percent.”

Read that sentence again. “Although the LAW refers to (one thing) you can be convicted (arbitrarily despite a documented law)….”

So what exactly can you be convicted for? A psuedo law? Because someone “thought” you were bad?

Meanwhile, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission takes a somewhat different stance regarding DUI: “The ONLY scientific way to determine whether a driver is under the influence is through blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Your BAC can be tested with a simple Breathalyzer test. In New Jersey, a person with a BAC of 0.08% or greater who operates a motor vehicle or a boat is considered to be driving under the influence (DUI).”

So what is it? (And look at the Chinese menu of fines and penalties they’ve snuck in there for “violating” these laws).

The “law” is as simple as the mood a cop is in that day

Well, DWI Defense Attorneys Villani & DeLuca out of Point Pleasant, NJ say this: “Under the Limit Can Still Result in DWI! It is important to address a common misconception. A BAC of less than 0.08% does not mean you will always avoid a DWI charge. Police can decide you are intoxicated based on the “totality” of the circumstances, including your performance in the field sobriety tests, your speech, other behavior and your driving conduct. If you have any amount of alcohol in your system and it can be shown that the alcohol influenced your driving abilities, you can still be charged with DWI.”

You see that? What is the point of having a “law” with “scientific” measurements – if all it takes is some cop with a bad attitude to fuck with you?

What about people who are just bad drivers all the time? Or have bad coordination? Or a speech impediment? Even a sip of wine could crush them with thousands in fines!

And more importantly – if they’re going all-out with the “buzz” surrounding alcohol, maybe it’s time to amend the laws to make drinking, TEXTING and driving at the same time mandatory 10 year jail sentences. I bet most of the drunk driving accidents these days involved cell phone usage too.

Regardless – it will always be true that it’s best not to screw around regardless of how capable you think you are. Just never drink and drive!

Readers’ Circle Book Group 2015

Hoboken Readers Circle Book Group 2015 Schedule

Another year, and books are still here! One of my “predictions” for the future is that as technology invades more facets of our lives, a growing number of people will try to distance themselves from it (while many others fall further into the abyss). The Readers Circle Book Group is a great place to discover new books, and even discuss them with others who are (quite literally) “on the same page” as you!

And for those that love reading, but happen to enjoy the “convenience” of an electronic book reader – would be happy that Amazon has bolstered their line of Kindle readers. The latest models are the Kindle Voyage (highest quality yet) and the color reader/tablet combo Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Heck, they even make a kids version of the Kindle. Order yours today to guarantee Christmas delivery.

With the “technology” out of the way – here’s a great list of books for the Readers’ Circle the first half of next year.

The Readers’ Circle is a community event open to all book lovers. Bring a friend or make one. All you need do is read the book and come to the meeting. The group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm in All Saints, 701 Washington Street, in Hoboken. Free coffee and cake is served. For more information, you can send a digital communication to readerscircle123@aol.com.

reading is fundamental

Hoboken Readers Circle 2015 Lineup

Which of these six books for the first half of 2015 are you interested in? (click to read more about each book):

Enjoy them words everyone!

Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Sweaters meetup at Mills Tavern in Hoboken

Well, it’s true. People still get a kick out of these annual “Ugly Sweaters” holiday parties that take place every year. I guess the novelty has not worn off yet (thanks in part to the “social media” attention whoring aspect of it).

But one such party is taking place over at Mills Tavern (125 Washington St.) tomorrow night, Thursday, December 18th from 7pm to 10pm, courtesy of the Hoboken Social Sandbox. Host Alexis Walling says:

“Break out the ugly sweater, wear it proudly and join us for a Holiday Happy Hour at Mills Tavern! Cost is $20 per person – PLUS you need to bring a pair of warm socks to donate to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. The cost includes food and your first drink (of many).”

Ugly Sweater Party Hoboken NJ

Teens for Jeans

Teens for Jeans donation bin in Hoboken NJ

Have any jeans you don’t want anymore? Well, instead of throwing them out, or taking them to the Salvation Army in Jersey City – Hoboken High School’s Dimitri Rodriguez is taking part in the Teens for Jeans campaign:

“I’m currently running a community service project at my school called Teens for Jeans. Over a million young people experience homelessness in the United States every year and one of the most requested items that young people in homeless shelters ask for is a pair of jeans. There is a bin in the lobby of City Hall and is running until February 13, 2015. We only accept jeans of any size and color. I would great appreciate it so the word can get out around Hoboken.”

Teens for Jeans Hoboken NJ