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Thanksgiving Exodus from Hoboken

The biggest travel day of the year

Holidays like Thanksgiving may be great – catching up with family and enjoying a nice dinner while appreciating what you have in life.

However, like many good things there’s always a downside, and that’s that everyone is schlepping around simultaneously to get where they’re going. Hopefully you’re one of the smart ones and have planned accordingly to make your trip a stress-free one!

Now that there may be some wintry weather in the area – be sure to factor that in!

My Thanksgiving plans are:

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Thanksgiving exodus Hoboken NJ nyc snow

Hoboken Travel Tips for Thanksgiving

Here’s a few tidbits to consider as we begin the holiday weekend countdown:

  • Working today? Traveling today? If your travel plans haven’t been set in stone – think about the following. If you’re about to go to work, maybe you should call in sick and avoid the mass-transit mayhem that takes place between 12pm and 6pm today (really peaks around 3pm). All the major transit hubs (bus, rail) will be chaotic. If you’re stuck at work all day – perhaps staying put till later tonight (or grabbing a drink at a local Hoboken pub?) might help you avoid the mess. Otherwise – you knew what to expect, so hope you have patience!
  • Leaving Hoboken? LOCK UP!! If you’re heading out of town – even if just for a few days, be sure you’ve properly secured your apartments. And especially those with ground-floor or basement apartments (that weren’t already trashed), ensure your windows are locked, and air conditioners should have been removed by now (criminals love kicking them in for easy access). Last thing you want to find out when you return is that you’ve been victimized by a burglar.
  • Staying in Hoboken? Regardless of the “holiday weekend,” you should still be vigilant where you park. The HPU is always looking for ways to steal. Heck, they need something to be thankful for as well (your ignorance). The Hoboken parking racket that Fox 5 News exposed will continue as long as you enable it.

Anyone traveling to the north or west should buy these for their SUV!

Be safe & sound everyone!

Cork Salts

Gourmet Salts now available at Cork Wine in Hoboken

cork salts Hoboken NJCool to see Cork Wines uptown diversify their product offerings. Recently added to their repertoire is “Cork Salts.”

They feature The Meadow brand of artisan salts, who started out in Portland, Oregon back in 2006, and expanded over to Hudson Street in NYC four years ago.

Cork features a variety of gourmet salts from The Meadow, which are infused with flavor (such as black truffle) and have a variety of uses (on meats, veggies, even on sweets like cookies and chocolate!)

Whether for yourself – or as a great holiday gift – having a nice selection of specialty salts in Hoboken is a nice option to have while out shopping this season. And remember – you should only consume genuine SEA salt, not that ordinary “table salt!”

Cork Wines is located at 1450 Washington Street. (201)942-9964.

Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Weather

Holiday Travel Weather – What does it mean?

Here we go… one of the biggest holiday travel days of the year (Thanksgiving), and there’s a potential for some “slippery” weather.

Forecasters are suggesting that our area may be impacted by snowy, icy, slushy conditions this Wednesday. While the Hoboken area seems to be near that proverbial “rain/snow line,” and we might not get anything except cold rain – should you be concerned?

Thanksgiving snow threat hoboken NJ nyc tri state area

Odds for mishaps increased due to volume

Regardless of the weather, the main phenomenon here is the power in numbers. Once the volume of drivers reaches these infrastructure-clogging levels, the number of really bad drivers increases – therefore increasing your odds with encountering them.

Any kind of inclement weather just amplifies the problem.

Which is why smart travelers always find a way to either avoid the mad rush – or stay put entirely until an off time.

Will bad weather impact your travel this year?

Thanksgiving Hero

Be a Thanksgiving Hero this year!

We already gave you an option to “take a load” off this Thanksgiving by getting your otherwise time-consuming task of cooking a giant meal catered by places like Anthony David’s.

But what if you’re one of the guests of honors instead? You cannot show up empty-handed!

The best option for you would be to pick up one of the many decorative holiday candy arrangements over at Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe over at 2nd & Jefferson Streets. “Horns of Plenty” and other festive baskets can be had for a very fair price, and with a much better taste than other options.

They also have other winter-themed items like white-chocolate snowmen, and even chocolate cookie jars filled with buttery cookies! No matter what you pick – you will be a Thanksgiving hero to everyone, not just the kids!

If you want to guarantee your choices – you can always call and place a dedicated order over the phone too: (201)795-1800.

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Hoboken Movie Lineup: 11/21/2014

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesHunger Games is definitely the “Star Wars” of this generation when it comes to “box office” returns. The books, the movies, the marketing, the hype. Heck, even we watched the Blu-rays at home just to see what it was all about. A bit depressing to say the least (very little in terms of “humor.”)

But what was supposed to be a trilogy, seems to have been split apart here, or am I wrong. The “Mockingjay” is now two parts?

Do you think they did that PURELY for financial reasons? To milk this money cow to the fullest? Or is the story so sophisticated that one final act wasn’t enough? Or the movie would be too long for the short attention spans of their target demographic?

Anyway, interesting side-note, that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman offed himself near the end of filming part 2, and they’re apparently digitally creating the parts he wasn’t breathing enough to film alive.

Part 2 is expected in theaters a year from now. A good sign that maybe the entire world won’t collapse until at least after then.

Hoboken Movie Clips: Hunger Games Mockingjay

(Current Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times in Hoboken, NJ below.)

Easy Thanksgiving

Easy Thanksgiving in Hoboken with Anthony David’s

Cooking is a whole lot of fun. But sometimes holidays such as Thanksgiving add considerable stress, especially if you have a house of screaming maniacs to contend with. That’s when ordering an entire dinner, including turkeys, side dishes, desserts and finger food might make for an easy Thanksgiving for you and your family.

One such place in Hoboken is offering to do all the dirty work for you (at a cost of course), and that’s Anthony David’s at 10th & Bloomfield.

Click here for menu – and call AD’s at (201)222-8399 to find out more or place your order. You can also order online at anthonydavids.com.

Easy Thanksgiving dinner with anthony davids hoboken NJ catering