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E.T. at Pier A Park

Hoboken Movies Under the Stars: 7/30/2014

The 2014 Movies Under the Stars event is usually held weekly on Wednesday nights at Pier A Park.

Here’s what’s scheduled for tonight’s Movies Under the Stars: An old-school classic – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Weather looks perfect for tonight as well! What a great summer so far!

See the full schedule of movies here.

ET Extra Terrestrial Pier A movies under the stars Hoboken NJ July 30 2014 9pm

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Car Sharing done right

Zip Car sharing is the way to go in Hoboken

Recently, the Zip Car sharing program added some more cars here in Hoboken, at the uptown parking garage at 15th & Bloomfield Streets.

I believe that this is the ONLY way car sharing should be done – in private parking garages. As you know, the Hertz 24/7 car sharing rental program just takes away street parking from residents (and they don’t get ticketed for street cleaning either!)

Why our city had to go in and meddle with the already difficult parking situation in town still gets me. Their pie in the sky dream that 1000′s of residents would give up their vehicles to buy into the transportation collective obviously did not work out too well.

Any of you planning a day trip in the near future should keep this in mind when you make your car rental decisions.

Zip Car Sharing Hoboken NJ

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Quality of Street Festivals

NJ Street Festivals vary widely!

Hoboken Arts and Music Street FestivalIf you’ve been around here long enough, the twice annual Hoboken Arts & Music Street Festivals may tend to become “been there, done that” material.

And certainly compared to the diverse festivals that happen often in NYC, they might leave a bit to be desired.

However – after attending the NJ Festival of Ballooning last weekend – it is evident that one can get a little spoiled, because afterward, we had a renewed level of respect for our local street festival.

We had never been to the NJ Festival of Ballooning before and wanted to check it out.

Not reading too much into it – we assumed it’d be along the same lines as the Hoboken festival, but only bigger and with eye-catching hot air balloons to be mesmerized by.

Well, while Hoboken has TONS of original arts and crafts from area vendors and craftspeople, we were quite let down at the balloon festival. Most vendor tents were pitching commercial items. Car insurance, mattresses, hot tubs, automobiles, artificially-flavored beverages, etc. While there was a sprinkling of “collectibles” including balloon-themed t-shirts, some jewelry, etc. – it severely paled in comparison to the Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals.

It appeared that folks pretty much came out exclusively to see the balloon ascensions – and to wait on line forever for fried oreos, french fries and chicken fingers.

But the balloon spectacle was impressive, and you were able to walk around with your $7 cans of beer which was nice – but that’s about all the “high points” (pun intended) about this festival (other than it was very well organized).

So long live the Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals – and get out and support the local artisans this fall!

The art of Pawel Kuczynski

Brilliant art from Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski may not be a “local” artist – but he is one of those rare, special people who’s art should be appreciated across the world. Brilliant, thought-provoking pieces that are a byproduct of our times. Not for those who are “victims,” however. Wouldn’t make sense to those people…

One of my favorites (called “Disable”) is perfect for anyone who drives in circles around a parking lot to find the “closest spot,” or those who spend 30 or 60 minutes “working out” at a gym, only to spend the rest of their time dormant on the couch “catching up with the DVR.”

You can buy his photos (with or without frame, canvas, etc.) at Pictorem for a very reasonable price. See a few more noteworthy ones after the jump.

Disable Pawel Kuczynski

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Hudson Restaurant Week 2014 (Summer)

Hudson Restaurant Week 2014 {Summer Edition}

Hudson Restaurant Week continues it’s 10th year this summer. The promotion officially runs from July 28th through August 8th, and has over 40 restaurants in Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Edgewater and Bayonne.

New to the list from Hoboken is the Hoboken Gourmet Company.

Hudson Restaurant Week 2014 Hoboken NJ

Hudson Restaurant Week features 17 Hoboken choices

All participating Hoboken venues:

To see the participating restaurants and associated menus visit: www.hudsonrestaurantweek.com

Follow them on social media as well: Twitter – @HudsonRestWk and on Facebook – Facebook.com/HudsonRW

Hoboken Movie Lineup: 7/25/2014

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesJeez Louise! Another “remake” of a production done countless times in the past! Holy crap, does “originality” no longer capture the imagination of the masses?

Hercules opens tonight, and is billed as a “revisionist take on the classic myth…” What? “Revisionist?” Isn’t that what they’re doing to our ENTIRE PRINTED HISTORY OF THE WORLD? They no longer have shame in anything anymore it seems.

Anyway – this “flick” has not really been reviewed, which typically means it’s horrible across the board (with the exception of professionally produced special effects). Yet 96% of the movie-going morons “want to see” this movie.

I do have to admit, that Dwayne Johnson is a likable, charismatic character in all his movies. He seems like a pretty good guy too, so I’m not bashing him whatsoever. He’s just another pawn in the game. My bet is that this movie will be on the shelves at your local Target store before the summer is over. What’s that, like nine weeks? At the very least, it will certainly be at the checkout “impulse buy” racks before Black Friday.

As a side note- we recently received a Blu-Ray copy of Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson, which we’ll watch one of these days when we have free time. Home movies on a sweet flat panel are just as good as dropping $50 or more on a night out at the “theater.”

Hoboken Movie Trailer: Hercules

(Current Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times in Hoboken, NJ below.)