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Harrison Flats Hoboken NJ Condo Real Estate 0

Harrison Flats

Hoboken Condo “Factory:” Harrison Flats Hoboken is fairly well known for what are called “cookie cutter condos,” which far outnumber any phenomenal apartment buildings. You know, max density, cheap materials, corner-cutting. Another new building...

925 Hudson Street Bedroom Hoboken NJ 0

$5 Million Real Estate?

Elite Real Estate in Hoboken Hoboken is filled with hard-working people who choose to hang their coats here, along with the ups and downs this city has to offer. Many are transient renters who...

Jefferson Trust Hoboken NJ Penthouse 2A Floorplan 11

Will it Sell? Jefferson Trust Penthouse

11/12/2010: [The Hoboken411 “Will it Sell?” Real Estate analyst / realist / comedian is back with another installment today! This time taking a crack at the Jefferson Trust Bank Penthouse on First Street in...