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More Hoboken Condos on the way

Hoboken condos squeezed in at 2nd & Harrison

A bunch of people were curious as to what is being squeezed into the (not occupied by SkyClub) corner of 2nd & Harrison Streets. Yep, easy one: More Hoboken condos!

So the details are as follows:

A six-story residential building, along with more ground-level retail space to fill (wonder if “Prime Time” convenience stores will put yet another store to sell artificially-flavored beverages in plastic bottles.)

In addition to the 18 units being built, there will be 16 parking spaces to (barely) absorb the added population to this neighborhood.

Wonder how this little plot of land wasn’t included in the original SkyClub plan. My guess would be that the owner didn’t want to sell his plot – and held out for better opportunity.

Hoboken Condos 2nd Harrison Street

Hoboken is Automated Garage Central!

Automated Garages in Hoboken taking off

Prominent local developer Bijou Properties is building several notable projects right now in Hoboken – including the super-advanced 1415 Park Place uptown, and 900 Monroe over on the west side.

Bijou Properties 1415 Park Place Automated Garage Unitronics

Some Hoboken buildings are more than just “compartments”

But what is setting these projects apart from the rest of the “standard cookie cutter” buildings in the area is the careful thought and planning which Bijou puts into them. Many “sustainable” features like LEED-certification, natural-gas powered common electricity (i.e., a “cogeneration plant”), and some of the largest automated parking garages in the country.

1415 Park Place is getting a nearly 400-spot automated garage that is touted to be able to retrieve cars in 60 to 90 seconds. A smaller 135 spot (also) automated garage is going into the building at 900 Monroe. At 1415 Park Place, over 180 spots will be available to the public for both daily and monthly parking. Price TBD when they open.

For those of you who don’t know what happens within these robotic garages – here’s a rendered video depiction of Unitronics automated garage in West Hollywood:

FSBO or Realtor?

Rare FSBO spotting in Hoboken

You’d think with the economy “tightening” that more and more people would try to sell their homes themselves. But the FSBO spottings are far and few between in Hoboken.

Here’s one we saw the other day at 1218 Washington Street, unit 8C. You interested? Email 1218Washington@gmail.com for more info.

FSBO Hoboken NJ 1218 Washington Street

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What next for 722 Hudson Street?

What would work at 722 Hudson Street in Hoboken?

As we told you shortly ago – Craft Physical Therapy moved out of their long-time location at 722 Hudson Street to a spacious loft-style space uptown. What kind of business do you think would work at this now-empty location?

It’d be a perfect fit for a dentist – but one already took some prime Real Estate on Washington St.

Wait! I know what would work! A “mental health” office that specializes in social media ills – wow. That place would be swimming in dollars!

722 Hudson Street Hoboken NJ for rent

Where is this Seabright?

Do you know where this Hoboken Seabright sign is?

Another Hoboken where is this? entry today!

This quiz not only requires that you “look up” and around, but you actually have to read!

Do you know this “Seabright” sign is?

Where is this seabright sign in Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Bowling Alley & More

No bowling alley for Hoboken; NW area will remain a shit hole

Hoboken denies bowling alleyLast night, to a packed room – the Zoning Board denied a local developer the go ahead on what would have been the most exciting “progress” Hoboken has seen in a very long time. A mixed used project, complete with bowling alley, performance venue, various athletics facilities, residential living, some open space – and most importantly: some LIFE injected into the otherwise dreary NW area of the city.

Even better – a group of the smartest business owners were behind it (the chaps who run the wildly successful Pilsener Haus & Biergarten).

Peter Cunningham is mostly responsible for this travesty. They offered ZERO logical reasons why the application (which costs $80,000 to apply for) was denied. I say logical because they did offer bullshit reasons that made no sense – especially when there was no public opposition.

So now – instead of a vibrant project (which was overwhelmingly supported by the entire community, including the Fund for a Better Waterfront AND the Quality of Life Coalition), the developer has no other choice than to proceed with what IS approved: Industrial tenants.

Can’t blame a business owner wanting to make a profit, right? That’s the purpose! But when smart business owners start leaving Hoboken for better cities, and we just end up with chain stores – you can thank our lovely “Mayor.”

The board has the “power” to reverse their decision and approve this project right NOW. But what they’ve done instead is let that area remain without a pulse – a dangerous place at night, with more car burglaries by the week. I wonder how those jerkoff board members will feel when rapes and stabbings start trending higher in that area?

“Moving Hoboken Ahead,” my ass.

Zimmer and Cunningham prevent bowling alley in Hoboken NJ

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