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259 First Street Action

New building taking shape at 259 First Street in Hoboken

259 First Street Hoboken NJ Real EstateFor a few blocks along First Street in Hoboken, it doesn’t always look promising – mainly due to the fact that this area gets crushed during any major rainfall or hurricane. It’s knocked out quite a few shops, including community food staples like Filippo’s Pizza. But that doesn’t keep people from trying, as a totally brand new building was erected at 259 First Street (and stretching all the way across the block to Newark Street.

Supposedly, the ground floor retail section already has a tenant, and is expected to be a new restaurant.

The rest of the building apparently includes a handful of condos (3) and the rest is to be “office space.” That’s one trend that seems to be growing in town – is small offices for rent. I suppose entrepreneurs find Hoboken attractive, especially with it’s easy commute to and from Manhattan.

Stay tuned!

Description: Mixed-use building
Address: 259 First St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: N/A
Online: N/A

List It Realty

List It Realty – Hoboken, NJ – 50 Harrison Street

List It Realty, LLC is a relatively new Real Estate Broker in Hoboken that is continuing the trend that you don’t need a $300k a year corner retail spot to help connect property buyers and sellers anymore.

Like AVENUE Residential, which also follows the “small office in the back of Hoboken” Realtor model – Broker Nicholas Luberto, Jr. seems to be making a pretty decent splash here in town. We see more and more of his signs going up by the week.

List It Realty Hoboken NJ For Sale

How far will the “tiny” broker model go in Hoboken?

Do you think this new model is threatening the “big wigs” of Hudson County Real Estate like Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, or Halstead Property?

Or are these agents/brokers just sick of giving half their commission away to someone else – and would rather have a small brokerage in order to have the opportunity to take more of the sale?

Perhaps this also gives them leverage in lowering their commission rates in order to lure customers who want the exposure without having the headaches of selling FSBO?

Nicholas says: “Our strong commitment to work ethic, marketing strategies and expertise provides a full range of services all under one roof, which makes our agency stand above.”

Good to know that other agencies have terrible work ethic, shitty marketing plans, and total lack of expertise… Go check out List It Realty’s website for more ground-breaking information.

List It Realty Hoboken NJ For rent

Description: Realtor
Address: 50 Harrison Street, Suite 203D, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)942-9922
Email: NLuberto@ListItNJ.com
Online: listitnj.com

The Continental

The Continental – 715 Grand Street – Hoboken, NJ

Well – Grand Street between 7th and 8th has reached a mini-milestone as of late. The building that replaced the knocked-down Mike’s Unfinished Furniture at 715 Grand, is nearing completion of the exterior – and has a name: The Continental.

The Continental apartment Hoboken NJ Grand Street

What is The Continental Hoboken billing itself as?

“A boutique, high-end condominium building conveniently located within a quiet neighborhood in midtown Hoboken. Amid parks and schools, The Continental features generously sized two, three and rare four bedroom residences ranging in size from 1,327 sq ft up to 2,778 sq ft. What truly distinguishes The Continental from all else on the market is that each of its fourteen units has been uniquely designed with meticulous care for varied tastes. Discerning buyers with specific spatial and layout needs will appreciate the specialness of each unit. Some layouts provide 17’ ceilings, mezzanines and duplexes.

Others feature unusually large private terraces that range from 700 to 1,000 sq. ft. High-end finishes are elegant and very modern. The Continental, available for residency in the fall of 2014, will also provide its own parking garage.”

The Continental Hoboken NJ Condo

If you want “in” at The Continental – they’re going FAST!

Of the 14 two, three and four bedroom units at The Continental Hoboken, nine have been spoken for, and five remain for sale as of last month.

What’s left are just a few two and three bedroom models ranging from $1.0 million to $1.4 million in price, and between 1300 and 1900 square feet. All six models with outdoor spaces are under contract. Sorry!

I can only imagine what the four bedroom 2700 sq. ft. models with outdoor patios sold for. Had to be closer to $3 million!

Plus – the parking spots are offered at “only” $40,000 each.

Hopefully all the mercury is gone from the lot across the street. Good luck future residents of this block!

Description: Residential condominium with terraces and garage parking.
Address: 715 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)420-7393
Email: continentalhoboken@gmail.com​
Online: continentalhoboken.com

8-10-12 Paterson Avenue

Dangling carrot: 8-10-12 Paterson Avenue in Hoboken, NJ

Wow, for at least the last six or seven years, all sorts of “dangling carrots” have been tossed around in regards to the Southwest portion of Hoboken. From new residents getting promised parks “any day now,” back in 2007, and still to this day in 2014 – with a property owner touting this “approved” project at 8-10-12 Paterson Avenue.

This is the site of the doomed J&D Provisions deli.

A developer (with an apparently already approved building design) is touting these three existing lots “directly across” from “the already approved family-friendly Hoboken Park.” This building would have space for 12 “luxury” condos ranging from 1100 to 2200 sq. ft.

8-10-12 Paterson Hoboken NJ

Problem with “family friendly park” is that it’s all just “talk”

No parks in Hoboken NJ all talkSee, for starters, I know people can be “hopeful” that a park will be built, but the land has not been paid for yet. And money has not been allocated to even build the (less than) one-acre “park.” So at this point with no “shovels in the ground,” it’s still just a parking lot.

Furthermore – even if it DOES get built in this decade, it is slated to be the equivalent of a pedestrian plaza where area workers *might* have lunch at on nice days. You can barely house a hot dog vendor in a space that small. Would any parents risk crossing the highway to have their toddler play on a tiny patch of grass soaked with dog urine? Can you possibly even “make a day” of eating a hot dog and playing horseshoes?

And what about those two properties that refuse to move? How hilarious is that? Boy, those two ugly abodes would get an instant landscaping upgrade!

Lastly – even though they’re about to start replacing old wooden sewers under the adjacent street – that is barely scratching the surface of any real flood mitigation that is required in that area. If the planets aligned perfectly – you’d still end up paying $25 million for a patch of grass no different than the joke of a park uptown in the Shoprite parking lot.

Translation: Don’t hold your breath. At least not under “Mayor” Don Zimmer’s administration.

More Hoboken Condos on the way

Hoboken condos squeezed in at 2nd & Harrison

A bunch of people were curious as to what is being squeezed into the (not occupied by SkyClub) corner of 2nd & Harrison Streets. Yep, easy one: More Hoboken condos!

So the details are as follows:

A six-story residential building, along with more ground-level retail space to fill (wonder if “Prime Time” convenience stores will put yet another store to sell artificially-flavored beverages in plastic bottles.)

In addition to the 18 units being built, there will be 16 parking spaces to (barely) absorb the added population to this neighborhood.

Wonder how this little plot of land wasn’t included in the original SkyClub plan. My guess would be that the owner didn’t want to sell his plot – and held out for better opportunity.

Hoboken Condos 2nd Harrison Street

Hoboken is Automated Garage Central!

Automated Garages in Hoboken taking off

Prominent local developer Bijou Properties is building several notable projects right now in Hoboken – including the super-advanced 1415 Park Place uptown, and 900 Monroe over on the west side.

Bijou Properties 1415 Park Place Automated Garage Unitronics

Some Hoboken buildings are more than just “compartments”

But what is setting these projects apart from the rest of the “standard cookie cutter” buildings in the area is the careful thought and planning which Bijou puts into them. Many “sustainable” features like LEED-certification, natural-gas powered common electricity (i.e., a “cogeneration plant”), and some of the largest automated parking garages in the country.

1415 Park Place is getting a nearly 400-spot automated garage that is touted to be able to retrieve cars in 60 to 90 seconds. A smaller 135 spot (also) automated garage is going into the building at 900 Monroe. At 1415 Park Place, over 180 spots will be available to the public for both daily and monthly parking. Price TBD when they open.

For those of you who don’t know what happens within these robotic garages – here’s a rendered video depiction of Unitronics automated garage in West Hollywood: