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Maxwell Place Rumblings

So – what’s happening at Maxwell Place in Hoboken?

Maxwell Place retail rumors in Hoboken NJ La IslaThe third phase of Maxwell Place uptown is pretty much done. Sidewalks and roads open, and the last bits and pieces of the building are being wrapped up. But what about the street-level retail? All that open space ripe for the taking!

We recently discovered that Bright Horizons Family Solutions was expanding their kiddie care center. But what else? Buzz on the street at the moment is:

  • La Isla will be opening a second more upscale Cuban Restaurant. Heard from a reliable source. If accurate, this will be a huge score for uptown residents, as the culinary choices are narrow.
  • A Doctor’s office will be opening next door to the current leasing center. Unsure of the area of practice – but my gut is betting on something related to parenting or OB-GYN? Just a guess, though.
  • And lastly – and purely a “street rumor,” but a friend of mine said a construction worker told them another Starbucks is going in. While two Starbucks practically next to each other is next to impossible (except in NYC), the idea of Starbucks MOVING to a bigger location doesn’t seem unreasonable. The current space is way over-crowded (especially with the double-stroller SUV’s blocking everyone!) We’ll see if that pans out…

What do you think is “much needed” in this area?

Maxwell Place Retail News Hoboken NJ La Isla

Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Open House: March 9th 1-3pm

Featured Hoboken Open House Event for Sunday, March 9th

In the market? Below are some featured Hoboken Open House events you can add to you calendar this weekend.

Hoboken Open Houses Sunday March 9 2014

636 5th Street – “Ariel Square”

Open House: Sunday, March 9, 2014 from 1pm to 3pm

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to move right in to this pristine and bright, 750 sq ft, 1 bedroom condo in an incredibly well-maintained elevator building “Ariel Square” with indoor deeded parking.
This highly desirable unit defines comfortable elegance with beautiful crown moldings, 9-foot ceilings and bamboo floors throughout. The spacious, bright and airy layout feels much larger than the square footage and boasts a generous living room, recessed lighting and balcony with full sliding glass doors overlooking a common courtyard with BBQ.

Large bedroom with California-style ample closet space and open kitchen with Caesar stone breakfast bar, glass tile backsplash and stainless steel GE appliances, including dishwasher.

All the amenities you desire include a large capacity washer and dryer in unit, central air & heat, full service gym, keyless entry and state of the art camera intercom system. Close to light rail, shopping, parks and NYC bus.

For more information or to schedule a private appointment, contact Judith Marciano at 201.736.5165 or Cynthia Samaris at 201.344.5828, licensed NJ Realtors at Empire Realty Group in Hoboken.

PRICE: $410,000
LINK: 636 5th Street – Unit 306

If you’re a Realtor or FSBO and want your open house listed? Email Hoboken411.

Hoboken NJ

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Iconic Fashion Lounge: Doomed

Iconic Fashion Lounge in Hoboken Doomed {2011-2014}

Less than two and a half years at 509 Washington Street, ladies clothing and accessory store Iconic Fashion Lounge is doomed.

Iconic Fashion Lounge Hoboken NJ Doomed 2014 509 Washington Street for rent

Why was it unsustainable? What could survive next?

For starters, it’s obvious that “social networking” couldn’t help Iconic Fashion Lounge. I guess when everything in the world is absolutely “fabulous,” things tend to get watered down tremendously losing any sort of uniqueness.

Next, take a look at the Realtor listing for this place (and try not to spit your coffee on the screen:)

“Prime Washington Street storefront location. Spacious approximately 1350 sq ft storefront space, with office space plus basement storage and backyard available ASAP! Perfect for clothing store, hair & nail salon, children’s classes or any other retail. Owner is asking $5750 per month for rent plus 2 months security deposit for a 3 year lease. Broker’s fee is 1.5 months to be paid by tenant.

Sky High Rents on Washington Street in Hoboken NJYou’re down $8625 (gone forever) right out of the gate.

Then another $11,500 is tied up for the security deposit. That’s over $20,000 CASH right from the get go.

Yeah, I know retail markup is really high – usually around 300%, but with sales, theft and so on – you’d be lucky to net 200% overall. So how much do you need to sell before you make a profit (including rent, utilities, overhead?) You probably need to take in about $15,000 in sales to break even. And that’s with NO employees. So let’s say they sold $1000 of stuff per day. Net profit (gross income) would be around $90k annually – and that’s before all the rest of the people take your money. Tough being a small business owner, right?

What do you do during slow months or weeks of agonizing mismanagement of the city by the Mayor?

This is why Hoboken nail salons and hair-cutting places can survive longer. Much lower over-head.

509 Washington Street Hoboken NJ retail space for rent

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Hoboken NJ

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More Hoboken Waterfront Towers Coming?

Superior Court Judge: Monarch Approved in Hoboken; Planning Board #FAIL

Well, there you have it. Today, NJ Superior Court Judge Nesle Rodriguez gave the green light for the Monarch Project to commence on the uptown Hoboken waterfront. The Judge approved the application from Ironstate Development, citing that the Zimmer-appointed Hoboken Planning board did not hold the meeting they promised prior to a given deadline. In other words, “Hoboken dropped the ball.”

Who knows – maybe there are some Zimmer diary entries for this whole debacle as well. But we’ll probably have to wait eight months for the Mayor to write ‘em up.

Enjoy the development Hoboken!

Monarch Project Approved in Hoboken NJ

Click to see original Monarch Updates…

Hoboken NJ

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North End redevelopment in Hoboken

Zimmer: Christie starved Hoboken of Sandy relief over Rockefeller development

Take a look at this story at MSNBC – where Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer alleges she was bullied by the Chris Christie administration into supporting the Rockefeller project uptown. Remember, almost a year ago we said that the “redevelopment study” was fishy – (3 blocks approved for only Rockefeller – everyone else “denied”).

True or not – it just shows you how horrid the state of “politics” is in this state and country.

However, some other questions begging to be answered here:

  • Why did Zimmer wait so long to take action on this? Do we want a Mayor that doesn’t move until the timing is “politically strategic?” What else is she not coming forward with?
  • Can her “diary” truly be used as legitimate “evidence?” I mean anyone can creatively make one up at any time. No way to prove that it was written when it was. Seems contrived.

Either way – “the cat is out of the bag,” and the political theater continues in New Jersey. Wonder how many heads will roll?

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Hoboken NJ

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Diamond Gymnastics

Diamond Gymnastics coming to old Grand Bakery spot

This new “kids gym” moving into the old Grand Bakery location at 8th & Willow finally has a name: Diamond Gymnastics.

Diamond Gymnastics Hoboken NJ

2nd Diamond Gymnastics location in New Jersey

Diamond Gymnastics already has 14,000 sq. ft. location in East Hanover, NJ. All sorts of kiddie activity to get them off their lazy Xbox playing butts! I think it’s cool that the kids get to bounce around on trampolines and uneven bars. But not sure if the Hoboken spot will have the rock climbing wall as well (it’s considerably smaller.)

“The staff at Diamond Gymnastics believes that everyone can improve their coordination, body awareness and overall fitness level by participating in gymnastics. The beginner as well as the advanced gymnast will have the opportunity to grow athletically, gain self-confidence and have fun in a safe environment.”

The location will have various summer camps, and is available to book parties. This place should be a huge hit in Hoboken.

Diamond Gymnastics Interior Hoboken NJ

Description: Gymnastics facility for kids.
Address: 8th & Willow
Phone: TBD but call their East Hanover location for info (973)560-0414
Email: DGym37@aol.com
Online: diamondgymnastics.com

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Hoboken NJ

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