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Corner store by Onieal’s

8 years later – Corner store by Onieal’s still vacant

Amazing. That PRIME corner store at 4th & Park across the street from Onieal’s is still vacant. What is the landlord thinking? Who lets an exceptional retail space like this remain unoccupied?

Imagine the possibilities? With all those parents and kids in Church Square Park seven days a week – this place would be a gold mine, even with excessive rent!

And apparently – it’s been like this for much longer than just 10 years (although there was “hope” back then), but rather almost 30 years vacant!

Corner Store 4th Park Hoboken still vacant

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Hoboken Deconstruction

Delicate work involved with Hoboken Deconstruction

Row houses (or brownstones) have always fascinated me. With such small lot sizes, it’s clear that interior space is much more important than a larger yard outside. How else could you cram 60,000 people into a square mile or so?

Imagine if Hoboken was laid out like much of the suburbs in the NYC tri-state area? If every “lot” was a modest one acre in size, we’d have less than 800 homes in Hoboken. Compared with around 20,000 or more!

Anyway – it’s amazing when one of the “row houses” is demolished – all without destroying adjacent properties. One such building getting knocked down this winter near 5th & Grand Streets, next to Dom’s Bakery. Wonder if they ever make some cool discoveries when they do this? Like buried treasure or finding Jimmy Hoffa.

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 1

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 4

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Arroyo – For Rent

So you want to start a liquor store? Arroyo for rent in Hoboken

Arroyo Liquors was one of those places that you’d have to do a double-take to be sure it was open or doomed. But now, it appears that the store is for rent.

The space is 1100 square feet – with 800 additional sq. ft. of storage. While you can “rent” the space, you’d have to BUY the liquor license to run it. Liquor stores all seem to have no problem turning a profit in town – maybe these guys were just tired of it. I’d suspect that dealing with drunks all the time (without a bouncer to help you out) is a royal pain.

Have tons of money burning a hole in your pocket? Call 201-238-5033 to find out how you can take a crack at running your own liquor store!.

Arroyo liquor store hoboken nj for rent license

Description: Retail Liquor Store For Rent
Address: 260 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-3500
Telephone: (201) 659-5787

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Hoboken density on the rise

Hoboken Density Alert: Fields Development Group Uptown

If I didn’t mention that this photo was taken in Hoboken, NJ – what would your first guess be? Chernobyl? Or one of the ghost cities in China? Anyway – just a minor update to the Hoboken Density Watch file.

Fields Development Group has been working on what appears to be a fairly standard residential building at the corner of 12th & Jefferson. Not sure what the name is yet – but it will likely be complete in 2015.

As most of you know, Hoboken is getting more populated by the day. We’re creeping up on 60,000 residents. How much do you think the infrastructure can handle?

Fields Development apartment construction Hoboken NJ

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What next for 506 Jefferson?

What next for old Diana’s spot at 506 Jefferson Street?

One of the last few true “neighborhood” eats – Diana’s – closed last year, and was recently “sold” on the real estate market.

Everyone I asked was convinced that there was no way in hell a new cafe with a “small town feel” will be coming in to replace it. Most likely bland, generic housing once again (which is fine if that’s what the proprietor wants).

But in today’s tumultuous real estate market, along with mavens trying to score big – what are the chances a genuine old school place (without the modern marketing and technology) can survive? Are the “good old fashioned times” just pretty much extinct?

What would work in this neighborhood anyway?

what would work dianas 506 jefferson st hoboken NJ

Pearson Hoboken NJ – $100 Million tax break

Pearson nears completion in Hoboken almost 2 years later…

Wow, the construction for the massive Pearson Education office building which started just under two years ago is really taking shape. The exterior is practically done – and the sidewalk is open for pedestrians.

Looks not much different at the street level than the other two buildings to the south. Great.

However, with Hoboken traffic already bursting at the seams at all hours – I wonder how many of the tenants of this new building will be adding to our vehicular congestion problems?

pearson education sidewalk open river street hoboken NJ

pearson education hoboken NJ

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