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You are what you eat

In Hoboken – you are what you eat! {carb lovers}

After you’ve “cracked the code” when it comes to proper nutrition – you become much more in tune with the rest of the world (and what’s wrong with it). One such plainly obvious sign is you can tell the general health of certain people – just by looking at their trash (especially on recycling days). “You are what you eat,” remember?

Take this painful display below. In this “doctor’s visit waiting to happen,” you have half a dozen pizza boxes, a Costco-sized box of Special K cereal, a jumbo carton of chocolate-covered chewy granola bars, and a case of “light” beer. I bet there was some “skim milk” tucked away in there too. Now while I can’t guarantee the people in this household are morbidly obese, there’s a good chance they are. And even if they have the special genes to avoid obvious girth – they almost always will have some other kind of health condition (diabetes, restless leg syndrome, blood pressure issues, skin problems, etc.)

Maybe one day they’ll get it – and hopefully before it’s too late.

Hoboken warning signs you are what you eat

Who orders Pizza Hut in Hoboken?

And this one wasn’t as bad – as their refuse wasn’t piled to the sky with glucose. However, I’m wondering – we have tons of authentic pizza places here in Hoboken (that have a better chance of using fresh, natural ingredients). But this family decided to order Pizza Hut? That’s not even supporting local businesses for Christs sake! Double whammy!

If you’re going to indulge – jeez, at least get a tasty brick-oven pizza from Napoli’s or Grimaldi’s… Pizza Hut? Unfathomable!

Pizza Hut Boxes Hoboken NJ who is supporting local business

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Amanda Bananas

Amanda Bananas at Hoboken’s Pier 13

Figured I’d get this addition to the Hoboken Food Truck Directory in before the summer ends! Amanda Bananas is a mobile food truck which is a regular over at Pier 13, but can also be spotted at other spots like the Hoboken Family Farmers Market or other waterfront events (like the Jets Bash at Pier A last week).

What is Amanda Bananas? Well, we tried it recently for the first time. I had one bite because I had to at least taste. It’s frozen bananas. That’s all. No added anything (unless you add toppings). My girlfriend liked it a lot, saying it was “more refreshing” than “FroYo.”

Amanda Bananas Hoboken NJ Pier 13

Tasty, but avoid at all costs if LOW CARB

It’s all fine and dandy, I guess. Amanda Bananas touts the “healthy” nature of a banana, as having about 110 calories each, low cholesterol and fat, high in fiber and rich in other vitamins and minerals. Sounds healthy to the current dieting paradigms that dominate main stream publications, right?

However, each $5 cup appears to have at least two bananas, maybe more. And considering one banana has 51 grams of carbohydrates – each cup of Amanda Bananas (with toppings like pineapple and chocolate syrup like she ordered), probably clocked in at more than 150 grams of carbohydrates.

If you plan on living a low-carb life – we recommend staying away, as you’ll destroy any chance at nutritional ketosis or body fat loss. Remember, “low fat” no longer means anything if you jack your blood sugar up sky high. Maybe that’s why they didn’t mention how many carbs on their web-page?

But we will add – if you’re hell-bent on having something cold and sweet – this beats 99% of the artificially flavored treats out there. So if you’re going to be bad, and “cheat,” might as well be natural about it.

Amanda Bananas Hoboken NJ Pier 13 2

Description: Frozen banana truck
Address: Varies – follow for status and location updates
Phone: 973-495-7718
Online: amandabananas.comTwitterFacebook

Chris Christie needs to live low carb

Christie gets angry over Doc who questions his weight

Not everyone is a “fan” of politicians these days (except those who don’t know better), but this recent “flame war” between an Arizona Doctor and NJ Governor Chris Christie cracked me up.

We all know Chris Christie isn’t exactly in great shape (although he calls himself the “healthiest fat guy you’ve ever seen”). He became insulted when former White House Doctor Connie Mariano was concerned if he ever became our President: “It’s almost like a time bomb waiting to happen unless he addresses those issues before running for office.”

Hoboken411 agrees, and can solve the problem instantly: Chris Christie needs to live a low carb life.

Christie, in his usually stylistic way, threw a barb back at the critical doc: “I find it fascinating that a doctor in Arizona who has never met me, never examined me, never reviewed my medical history or records, knows nothing about my family history, could make a diagnosis from 2,400 miles away. She must be a genius.”

That was a cop-out in my opinion. Obesity has only become an issue in the last few decades – as “modern technology” and other evils have ruined our food supply. I’m certainly not laying blame on Christie for knowingly fattening himself up – a lot of people are ignorant of the true facts of nutrition after repetitive misinformation. And others suffer from cognitive dissonance, and refuse to open their minds as to how they’ve been misinformed.

Give me one year as Christie’s nutritional consultant – and I’d BET he’d be at least 100lbs. lighter, and even healthier than he claims he is now (only if he stays on plan).

Oh – and check out this great post from Jimmy Moore’s Living La Vida Low Carb Blog – where he shows how CLUELESS the populous has become. Counting calories, excess orange juice, and blatant lies from the giant food monopolies of the world. We’re on a downward spiral for sure.

Do you think Chris Christie needs to live low carb like I do? Or is blaming genetics, family history or anything else a fair argument?

3rd Annual Hamilton Park BBQ Festival

Hamilton Park BBQ Festival in Jersey City – Sept. 15th

You gotta say, Jersey City does have some unique, fun events!

Like this Saturday, September 15th from 12pm to 8pm is the 3rd Annual Hamilton Park BBQ Festival!

Just head over to 232 Pavonia Ave. in Jersey City (map) for all the fun!

Tasty (low carb) BBQ food, plus booze, music, games and crafts by Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fairs.

Notable attendees include Hamilton Inn Restaurant, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Jimmy’s BBQ (from PA), Fizzy Lizzy Soft Drinks and many more.

Plus for the kids – NJ Traveling Petting Zoo (Happy Tales Pets) will be there with friendly farm animals and pony rides!


Obesity message screwed up once again

Taubes: HBO Documentary missing key points

I feel this is important to share.

HBO Documentary Films has a new production out entitled “The Weight of the Nation,” and our insane obesity epidemic. Sounds like it’d be a powerful, insightful film coming from the slick crew at HBO, right?

Well – not so fast. Highly respected low-carb author Gary Taubes pokes more holes in this movie than swiss cheese over at The Daily Beast.

It’s a must-read article that will set the record straight. He sheds light on the blaring omissions of scientific facts – and how it just continues the same, tired myths about why America is so damn sick & fat.

“The authority figures in obesity and nutrition are so fixed on the simplistic calorie-balance idea that they’re willing to ignore virtually any science to hold on to it.”

– Gary Taubes

Taubes, being fair, does actually point out one “positive” aspect of this documentary: “If The Weight of the Nation accomplishes anything, it’s communicating the desperation of obese Americans trying to understand their condition and, even more, of lean (or relatively lean) parents trying to cope with the obesity of their offspring. Lack of will isn’t their problem. It’s the absence of advice that might actually work. If our authorities on this subject could accept that maybe their fundamental understanding of the problem needs to be rethought, we and they might begin to make progress. Clearly the conventional wisdom has failed so far. We can hold onto it only so long.”

Do you low-carb and crave desserts?

Perfect dessert for low carb lifestyle in Hoboken, NJ

Almost every single day of the week – acquaintances in Hoboken who haven’t seen me in a while are astounded at my profound and rapid improvement in my weight and appearance (thanks for the compliments, everyone!)

The evidence, along with the periodic updates to the low carb life section here on Hoboken411 naturally results in frequent conversations about how did you do it?” Of course I try to sum up the secrets to my success in the most digestible and easy to understand formats.

But one question that comes up often is “sweets.” It’s apparent that a large number of residents have a penchant for sweet things, especially desserts.

My usual response is that once you go low-carb, “snacking” and “cravings” are almost eliminated from your life (eating becomes more of an after-thought, a primal instinct).

However, with the help of my friends Mike & Kristie from The Body Transformation Experiment – I discovered a way not only to pretty much eat a meal – but also cover your desire for a dessert-like dish if needed!

Let me introduce you to my friends Ricotta Cheese and Berries.

Ricotta Cheese & Berries are perfect low-carb treats!

Ricotta Cheese is a wonderful byproduct of Fresh Mozzarella Cheese.

A lovely texture, rich taste, and a low-carb essential. Yes – it’s moderate in fat & protein, but low in carbohydrates.

Want your dessert? Simply take a handful of low-carb berries (blackberries, blueberries or raspberries) and mix them with a good Ricotta Cheese (Lisa’s Deli on 9th St. has some of the best!) But even Polly-O or Biazzo work too. Just be sure to get the full-fat ones.

I want to remind anyone considering starting a low-carb life, that amazing changes will happen to your dietary needs.

If you make it past the “light-headed” stage of the transformation (this is where many people “fail” in their attempts to go low carb), your old desires to snack on anything (especially sweet items) will almost disappear. I seriously have a massive wall of “snacks” I bought to prepare myself to this new life, and I realize now that snacking is a thing of the past.

But it happens – and what you learn is that a late night snack in the low carb world MUST be high in fat, and low in protein and carbs. Besides the wonderful Macadamia Nut, Ricotta Cheese & Berries also does a great job of satiating you without spiking your blood sugar into a disastrous negative health spiral.

411 tip: Just be careful about how much you use. This is naturally filling, and should be used sparingly. It will fill you up fast as hell. Eat it slowly and savor it. Some friends have suggested using Stevia or Xylitol to add so-called “natural” sweetness you used to crave to it, but I recommend against it. I had a bowl last night – and I was amazed that I considered that a “sweet,” because if I ate the identical dish a year ago, I’d spit it out saying it was bland and boring. But today it’s totally different. Best bet is to get “un-used-to” anything sweet. In the long run, it’s just not good for you!

Are you ready to go low-carb yet?