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Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

With the big eating holiday Thanksgiving tomorrow, most of you will be presented with a swath of food to consume.

While the benefits of a meal cooked with love “brings people together,” it does not necessarily mean you HAVE to eat everything in sight. And it certainly does not mean you need to suffer because of it.

Below is an interesting investigative report from “down under,” as Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Dr. Maryanne Demasi interviews many proponents of the low-carb lifestyle, and isn’t just pushing an agenda for big pharma.

One astonishing aspect of this production, is that a Doctor / Professor (Tim Noakes) actually admitted that some of his original studies (carb-loading for athletes) was wrong, and apologized for his errors. What a good example to set. And a good reminder that what was once considered “gospel,” can very well change down the line.

So when you’re staring at that “palette pleasing” bread stuffing tomorrow – perhaps thinking about your blood sugar levels and overall health is a better “course” to take!

Never Ending Pasta: WHY?

Olive Garden luring Americans with “Never Ending Pasta Pass”

Pasta makes you fatWow.

Olive Garden recently had a promotion, featuring diabetes a “Never Ending Pasta Pass,” which for a mere $99, you can eat all the pasta you want for seven weeks! The promotion sold out in minutes as nearly a million boneheads bombarded the Olive Garden website in order to snatch up this belly-busting deal.

If you haven’t woken up yet, those carbs will hurt ya! I bet anyone taking that promotion to the fullest will undoubtedly impact their health in a very negative way.

Even sadder is the fact that over 6 million people are fans of those “endless bread sticks” and other insulin-wrecking food-stuff that is plain and simply dangerous to eat regularly, especially in excess. But it’s “cheap” and tasty, so what do people care, right?

David Letterman’s Top 10 “fine print clauses” for this pasta-shoveling stunt is hilarious!

Cereal Killers

Independence Day Cereal Killers

As the whole country will be “celebrating” the Independence Day holiday this upcoming long-weekend, here is a documentary you might enjoy being enlightened by: Cereal Killers. (It will be available for free viewing at Dr. Mercola’s website for just for another day – afterward, you’ll have to purchase the video for $14.99).

You might want to think carefully about what you shove in your pie hole at any holiday BBQ in Hoboken. While “handy” burgers and hot dogs sure may hit the spot – and you may think you’re perfectly lean and so on – but ask yourself, “what’s going on inside my body that I cannot see?”

Below is a preview, and it echos what we’ve been telling you about low-carb living for years:

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

Cereal Killers

The film follows Donal – a lean, fit, seemingly healthy 41 year old man – on a quest to hack his genes and drop dead healthy by avoiding the heart disease and diabetes that has afflicted his family.

Donal’s father Kevin, an Irish gaelic football star from the 1960s, won the first of 2 All Ireland Championships with the Down Senior Football Team in 1960 before the biggest crowd (94,000) ever seen at an Irish sporting event.

When Kevin suffered a heart attack later in life, family and friends were shocked. How does a lean, fit and seemingly healthy man – who has sailed through cardiac stress tests – suddenly fall victim to heart disease?

Can a controversial diet consisting of 70% fat provide the answers?

Obesity message screwed up once again

Taubes: HBO Documentary missing key points

I feel this is important to share.

HBO Documentary Films has a new production out entitled “The Weight of the Nation,” and our insane obesity epidemic. Sounds like it’d be a powerful, insightful film coming from the slick crew at HBO, right?

Well – not so fast. Highly respected low-carb author Gary Taubes pokes more holes in this movie than swiss cheese over at The Daily Beast.

It’s a must-read article that will set the record straight. He sheds light on the blaring omissions of scientific facts – and how it just continues the same, tired myths about why America is so damn sick & fat.

“The authority figures in obesity and nutrition are so fixed on the simplistic calorie-balance idea that they’re willing to ignore virtually any science to hold on to it.”

– Gary Taubes

Taubes, being fair, does actually point out one “positive” aspect of this documentary: “If The Weight of the Nation accomplishes anything, it’s communicating the desperation of obese Americans trying to understand their condition and, even more, of lean (or relatively lean) parents trying to cope with the obesity of their offspring. Lack of will isn’t their problem. It’s the absence of advice that might actually work. If our authorities on this subject could accept that maybe their fundamental understanding of the problem needs to be rethought, we and they might begin to make progress. Clearly the conventional wisdom has failed so far. We can hold onto it only so long.”

Why sweets aren’t so sweet after all

Sugar & Artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs!

As people living the low carb life mature with their new way of living, much of the data that gets absorbed week after week just adds up so logically that it strengthens your beliefs, and invigorates your desire to share with the world and help others.

Below is a video a Hoboken411 reader sent me from Dr. James Granger. It’s a no-nonsense, straight-forward look at sweeteners in general – both natural sugar, as well as the artificial sweeteners that are available everywhere.

“Diabetes cases have quadrupled between 1986 and 2000…”

Dr. Granger clearly shows the historical correlation between the introduction of all these toxic sweeteners – and the unhealthy epidemics more and more people all over the world are suffering from.

Obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and much more. What really gets my goat, is that a truly beneficial and educational piece like this has less than 3,000 views on YouTube, but idiotic, nonsensical, mindless entertainment from the likes of Justin Beiber – can get over 725 million views! For every person that watched this video – over 240,000 people watched a music video they’ll forget about 5 minutes later!!

Now you wonder why half the world is sick, blubbery and dumbfounded?

Anyway, this is certainly not seven minutes wasted, but rather a bold wake-up call for those that are still grasping onto their indoctrination traditional beliefs.

(Note: the video content starts at around 50 seconds.)

Book: Living Low Carb

Living Low Carb by Jonny Bowden

Now that I’ve been living the low carb life for over six months, I’ve noticed that my low carb bookshelf is starting to get quite packed.

One of the latest additions is Living Low Carb by Jonny Bowden.

You can call this book an “All In One” reference guide, and I’d suggest it as a must-have for anyone looking to improve their health and diet.

As the author says himself, you can read it cover to cover if you’d like, but he said he designed the book to be useful no matter what page you open it to.

Here are some noteworthy highlights:

  • Almost 40% of this 400+ page book is dedicated to reviewing many of the diets out there – their pluses and shortcomings. This will prove helpful for those people that enjoy following “brand name” diets, instead of just understanding this as a lifestyle – and not a diet.
  • There’s a great chapter (9) on supplements, and which ones are considered essential when changing your food consumption habits.
  • Or a very straight to the point chapter (2) on exactly why this way of eating works, as well as another chapter (4) on some reasons why the whole world hasn’t figured it out yet (marketing, economic reasons, etc.)
  • Additionally, there are chapters that address some of the myths (6), some frequently asked questions (10) and a great Top 50 Low Carb Tips chapter (11).

Overall, I call it one of my “bathroom books,” because you can flip through it, reinforce your knowledge, and use it to continue being focused and motivated for a healthy, happy life.

Book is around $10 on Amazon.com.