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Love & Yogurt

Love & Yogurt – 54 Newark Street in Hoboken

Swung by Love & Yogurt downtown the other day – just to see how a person living the low-carb life would manage in a place packed with sugar!

Luckily – they had an iPad sitting on the wall, that allowed be to look up how many carbs a four ounce serving of their yogurts would be. While the “app” was annoying (you had to back out to the main menu each time you looked something up), I managed to stick with the “cake batter” flavor – which had 19g of carbs per 4 oz. I squirted out 1.5 oz. for my tasting (7g carbs).

The “fixin’s” bar had tons candy like sweets, but there were some OK fruits – and a great surprise and a big win for the LCHF team members: Macadamia Nuts!

You bring your concoction to the register where it’s weighed. Mine came in at $1.94. Not a bad mid-day snack at all!

They’re open till at least 11pm every day – later Thursday through Saturday nights (the sign on the door says midnight, but their website says 2am.) Guess it varies depending on weather.

Description: Another Hoboken Yogurt by-the-ounce establishment
Address: 54 Newark St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: www.loveandyogurt.com
Phone: (201)850-1977

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Do you low-carb and crave desserts?

Perfect dessert for low carb lifestyle in Hoboken, NJ

Almost every single day of the week – acquaintances in Hoboken who haven’t seen me in a while are astounded at my profound and rapid improvement in my weight and appearance (thanks for the compliments, everyone!)

The evidence, along with the periodic updates to the low carb life section here on Hoboken411 naturally results in frequent conversations about how did you do it?” Of course I try to sum up the secrets to my success in the most digestible and easy to understand formats.

But one question that comes up often is “sweets.” It’s apparent that a large number of residents have a penchant for sweet things, especially desserts.

My usual response is that once you go low-carb, “snacking” and “cravings” are almost eliminated from your life (eating becomes more of an after-thought, a primal instinct).

However, with the help of my friends Mike & Kristie from The Body Transformation Experiment – I discovered a way not only to pretty much eat a meal – but also cover your desire for a dessert-like dish if needed!

Let me introduce you to my friends Ricotta Cheese and Berries.

Ricotta Cheese & Berries are perfect low-carb treats!

Ricotta Cheese is a wonderful byproduct of Fresh Mozzarella Cheese.

A lovely texture, rich taste, and a low-carb essential. Yes – it’s moderate in fat & protein, but low in carbohydrates.

Want your dessert? Simply take a handful of low-carb berries (blackberries, blueberries or raspberries) and mix them with a good Ricotta Cheese (Lisa’s Deli on 9th St. has some of the best!) But even Polly-O or Biazzo work too. Just be sure to get the full-fat ones.

I want to remind anyone considering starting a low-carb life, that amazing changes will happen to your dietary needs.

If you make it past the “light-headed” stage of the transformation (this is where many people “fail” in their attempts to go low carb), your old desires to snack on anything (especially sweet items) will almost disappear. I seriously have a massive wall of “snacks” I bought to prepare myself to this new life, and I realize now that snacking is a thing of the past.

But it happens – and what you learn is that a late night snack in the low carb world MUST be high in fat, and low in protein and carbs. Besides the wonderful Macadamia Nut, Ricotta Cheese & Berries also does a great job of satiating you without spiking your blood sugar into a disastrous negative health spiral.

411 tip: Just be careful about how much you use. This is naturally filling, and should be used sparingly. It will fill you up fast as hell. Eat it slowly and savor it. Some friends have suggested using Stevia or Xylitol to add so-called “natural” sweetness you used to crave to it, but I recommend against it. I had a bowl last night – and I was amazed that I considered that a “sweet,” because if I ate the identical dish a year ago, I’d spit it out saying it was bland and boring. But today it’s totally different. Best bet is to get “un-used-to” anything sweet. In the long run, it’s just not good for you!

Are you ready to go low-carb yet?

The Incredible Macadamia Nut!

Macadamia Nuts should be on ALL low-carb shelves!

One of the most exciting aspects of any new endeavor, including the low-carb lifestyle – is fine-tuning and “tweaking” the process as you gain new knowledge and experience.

An example I’d like to share was (re)discovering the Macadamia Nut.

Originally, one of my go-to snacks in the low-carb lineup was tasty Virginia Peanuts.

They’re definitely not altogether bad per se – but are highly addictive, and unless you’re perfect with portion control, odds are you’ll shovel more down your gullet than you intended. They’re that tasty! But who needs the excess carbs and protein?

Enter the Macadamia…

Much higher in (good) fat, and substantially lower in carbohydrates and protein that peanuts. Something amazing happens when you snack on Macadamia nuts… You find yourself perfectly satiated just popping a couple of them – and gone is the “hypnotic desire” to eat your weight in nuts.

Important note: This is probably only applicable if you’re already humming smoothly on a consistent low carb system. Call it an “expert snack” if you will, because if your daily diet consists of tons of pasta, breads, candy – these nuts will probably make you even fatter. So proceed with caution!

My favorites are the Trophy Farms All Natural Oven Roasted Macadamias. You buy them in cases of individually-wrapped 2oz. bags. I feel they’re better than the Mauna Loa brand, and the handy pocket-sized portioning is perfect as a backup to help keep you in check.

I might eat about two to four ounces a week, and have also used these as a convenient high-fat, low carb, low protein snack closer to bed time.

Highly recommended!

The Almighty Egg

Eggs are No. 1 for low carb lifestyles!

Even though the whole cholesterol myth (i.e., “bacon and eggs are bad”) has been debunked to smithereens, some folks are still afraid of this most wonderful food source: The Almighty Egg, a must have when living the low carb life.

It’s a great all purpose food (omelettes, sauces) and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Equally important – is having hard-boiled eggs in your refrigerator at all times! Not just for low carb snacking, either. Try just one or two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast (with lots of salt), and see how long you can go before you’re hungry again. Often 10 hours or more. Amazing.

You have to almost walk to the furthest point away from the front door at the Hoboken Shoprite to find the eggs. My favorite are the pre-boiled and pre-peeled ones. Just $3 a dozen, and worth it for the convenience factor alone.

I do feel a bit bad for the lumbering tubbies out there who already got diabetes. Just count your blessings that you didn’t get a heart attack and die!

Low Carb Snacks

Feel the need to snack? Make some good low carb choices

Before I embarked on my new low carb journey, snacking was a large part of my life. Like millions of other people, bad food choices cause fluctuating blood sugar levels which result in pretty much being hungry constantly. I’d tell people “I wish they’d invent a pill that would curb hunger!”

Little did I know, that living a low carb, low sugar life was that magic pill!

I was worried when I started living low carb, that I’d be completely out of snack options that didn’t break the plan. Now, because I’m rarely hungry in-between meals, the need to snack these days hardly even crosses my mind.

However, it does happen on occasion, and it’s important to have a decent supply of low-carb snacks on hand just in case.

Low Carb Snack Options

Below are three recommended items I’ve used (non perishable, with long shelf life). We will update the Low Carb Snacks category periodically with new, interesting options.