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James Mastro talks guitars

James Mastro – Hoboken Guitar Legend James Mastro is a an original legendary Hoboken musician, owner of the Guitar Bar and regular in Ian Hunter’s band. (In case you didn’t know Ian Hunter is...

Podcast Hoboken Sinatra Idol Tony Corrao

Hoboken Sinatra Idol 2016

Who will be the next Hoboken Sinatra idol? Check out the contestants on Thursday June 9th 6:30 pm at Sinatra Park. It’s s going to be hard to beat last year’s winner Tony Corrao:...

Hoboken Cold Spring Podcast

Yep. It’s a little cold.

Cold today. Yeah, so? They say humans are adaptive, right? And for the most part we are. Just look at how we’ve “evolved” over the years. Solutions to problems. Innovations. Population growth. Transportation. Finding...

Hoboken Water Mains who is responsible

Hoboken water mains {failing}

Why are Hoboken water mains failing? (City tries to shift blame) As you undoubtedly know – Hoboken has had a rash of water main breaks throughout the city over the past couple weeks. While...

Potential NJ Transit Strike

NJ Transit Strike {not}

No NJ Transit strike after all… {video} All the people worried and all the hype about the socialized transport medium known as NJ Transit, and the potential service disruption – for nothing. video platformvideo...

Should chris christie step down as NJ governor

Should Chris Christie step down?

Word on the street: Should Chris Christie Step Down? {podcast} The big political news in NJ today is the fury over – and calls for him to either step down or be removed from...