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Hunger Construction Baked Potato Truck

Hoboken stuffed baked potato truck: Hunger Construction

A very creative new mobile food truck arrived in Hoboken this week. Hunger Construction – “The original stuffed baked potato.”

Owner Aaron Rosenzweig started this unique food truck after having difficulty finding a job after being laid off late last year – and came up with a very novel concept that has no equal in Hoboken: Stuffed Baked Potatoes.

The truck is very clever, with the menu arranged like highway traffic signs. If an item is sold out, a “road closed” sticker is placed over it. You can get your potato (called “cement mixers”) stuffed for breakfast (with eggs), lunch or dinner. Carnivores and Vegetarians are both accommodated.

Since I am a low-carb lifer – I simply just tasted the vegetarian chili (in a cup) which was quite tasty! Overall, I think this truck will do well – because there are very limited places in Hoboken to get a baked potato.

He’s located uptown on Washington Street today – but will be testing the waters in various spots in Hoboken. To connect with him daily – follow his Twitter feed at @hungerconstruct.

Good luck, Aaron!

Description: Mobile food truck that serves stuffed baked potatoes.
Address: Varies – follow on Twitter for latest location.
Web: http://hungerconstruction.com

Hoboken People’s Court: Everyone vs. Ali

Ali’s Food Truck under fire again in Hoboken, NJ

Back in 2009, Ali’s Food Truck was suddenly the subject of controversy, when a new restaurant around the corner (Rome Pizza) was struggling for business – and blamed Ali for their economic woes.

Well, that problem went away, as the case was ruled frivolous, and tossed out.

Fast forward to 2011 – and now MORE nearby businesses are blaming Ali for their troubles (will mention who at a later date). These businesses, which are more upscale, dinner establishments – think that Ali again is stealing customers that would otherwise patronize them.

Ali has been a staple of downtown Hoboken for over 16 years – and has a distinctly different client base than these brick & mortar restaurants. The breakfast & lunch crowd, people who want to eat on the go (commuters), or those looking to get a quick meal for under $3.00. Not the same crowd who spends $40 at lunch every day on fancy burgers and cocktails.

So now, these businesses have clamored to Hoboken City Hall about Ali, and he’s getting hassled again. About where he parks, for how long, and so on.

Do you think brick & mortar restaurants have a legitimate gripe? Or are they just jealous?

Click to read the drama that Ali had to deal with in the past…

Would a french fry truck work in Hoboken?

Frying Dutchmen truck in NYC looks awesome!

Today – I decided to add a new category on Hoboken411 (it’s about time!)Hoboken Lunch Trucks.

Once I finished putting that together – it reminded me of this tasty sounding lunch truck over in NYC – The Frying Dutchmen – basically a Belgian frites truck that hits various spots in the big city seven days a week.

They even stay at certain locations well into the morning hours (perfect for hungry bar hoppers on the go). Makes you wonder why Hoboken stops the food trucks at 9pm. Asinine!

This of course, is quite similar to Hoboken’s Fresh Pommes Frites spot – however, when I looked at the various sauces The Frying Dutchmen had to choose from, I was blown away at the variety!

“Locked & Loaded” (sour cream, bacon, & cheddar), “Southern Supper” (chicken sausage & mushroom gravy), and “Vampire Repellent” (roasted garlic & aioli). If we don’t get a french fry truck in town – maybe our already established venues can take a cue from The Frying Dutchmen – and improve their dipping sauces!

Mobile Cannoli Truck in Hoboken!

La Bella Torte serves Hoboken some pastries & cannoli’s

Did you know we have another part-time member to add to the Hoboken Lunch Truck Brigade?

La Bella Torte is now making appearances in the Mile Square. The “gourmet mobile cafe” is based out of Brooklyn, NY – and was founded by two people who “wanted to make a little extra money and found a passion for desserts and pastries, especially the cannoli.”

You can subscribe to their Facebook page for updates – or even give them a ring at 718-208-0984.

They expect to be in Hoboken again today.

Vito’s Lotsa Pasta on “Eat Street”

Hoboken’s Vito’s Lotsa Pasta featured on Cooking Channel

Set your DVR’s!

Vito’s Lotsa Pasta truck will be shown on the “Eat Street” show on the Cooking Channel – Tuesday, May 10th at 8pm.

“Vito’s Lotsa Pasta Truck in Hoboken, New Jersey, operated by a full-time police officer, has people pulling over for its build-your-own pasta dishes, cooked to order on the truck.”