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Three A’s Olde Bar & Grill

Three A’s going through whimsical renovation in Hoboken

Three-A's in Hoboken NJ renovatingI love Cosmo over at Three A’s Bar & Grill in Hoboken. Set in his ways, but kind, humble and old school. A bit stubborn at times too, but that is what makes his character compelling.

Anyway, last summer, we reported that they were “for sale.” Not necessarily looking to jettison out of dodge, but rather “in the market for offers.”

Regardless – they’re now in the process of “minor renovations,” which have closed the place since the beginning of July. They intended on opening on July 14th – but missed that date.

Now – in the window is a sign indicating that a big grand re-opening is coming this Wednesday, July 23rd: “Come join us when we reopen to mark 15 years all thanks to you!” Perhaps they didn’t want to miss out on the St. Ann’s traffic?

You see, what strikes me as funny are the layers of contradiction going on here at Three A’s.

  • For one – you have a big happy “grand reopening” announcement…. and at the same time, a
  • “For Sale” sign in the window, and…
  • Rickety window frames dropping off the building making “bwooop” popping sounds like a Hanna-Barbara cartoon from the 70′s.

These may be small details – but the “neighborhood” is talking… and the weight of a “renovation” isn’t all that – if your place shows signs of decay and is for sale. Fix it up, Cosmo!

Three A's Hoboken NJ renovations

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Cork Wine & Spirits

Cork Wine & Spirits – Hoboken, NJ – 1450 Washington St.

Cork Wine Spirits now open Hoboken NJ 1450 Washington StreetQuietly opening up this past July 4th holiday weekend was Cork Wine & Spirits uptown at 1450 Washington Street.

This is a welcome addition for uptown residents, considering the nearest place to catch a buzz “to go” was a whopping block or two away.

The brand-spanking new location has a spacious feel to it, and a decent supply of carefully curated wines, beers and spirits. The interior is not yet complete, as additional signage and other decorations are on the way.

Cork Wine & Spirits will also be hosting many wine-tasting events in the near future, which is one of the reasons why plenty of space was left to “mingle.”

Note that Cork will have reasonable hours (closing no later than 11pm on weekends), and has delivery available NOW.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Cork!

Description: Cork Wine & Spirits. Beer, wine, spirits.
Address: 1450 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-942-9964
Online: corkwines.net

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Makeovers… makes a move in Hoboken to new location

Makeovers has long been a “staple” of Hoboken. A beauty supply store – as well as a full-service salon. Currently located at 302 Washington Street, they’re making a big move come this fall. By September 2014, they will have moved across the street to 327 Washington Street (former home of “Greetings from Hoboken.”)

They said the reason they’re moving is mainly because the location is still viable, and with better rent and the chance to re-structure their layout. Currently, many people walking by don’t even realize they offer salon services.

The new location will prominently feature BOTH the salon and “product” easily visible from the sidewalk.

Congrats and good luck, Makeovers!

Makeovers Hoboken NJ moving to 327 Washington Street

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Crumbs Bake Shop – Doomed

Crumbs Cupcakes: OVER

Looks like the low-carb revolution is gaining steam. Crumbs Bake Shop closes ALL stores. Whoops!

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Smokeless Image to become AltSmoke in Hoboken, NJ

For those of you that were wondering if the electronic cigarette store at 8th & Washington was doomed, fear not. Smokeless Image is re-branding into an AltSmoke store.

Construction has been going on for a few weeks, and is expected to be done very soon.

The store is under the same ownership. Apparently the old name must have had too many syllables. If “AltSmoke” also falters, we hear the next name on the list will simply be “Puff.”

Smokeless image to become AltSmoke in Hoboken NJ

Description: AltSmoke. Electronic Cigarettes, supplies and refills. Formerly Smokeless Image.
Address: 736 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 877.MAX.VAPOR (629-8276)
Web: http://smokelessimage.com/

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Piccolo Roma Restaurant

Piccolo Roma in Hoboken papered up – closed or renovating?

Noticed yesterday that Piccolo Roma (120 Washington St.) was closed and papered up.

Over the past 20 years – we’ve been there only once. Once was enough for us. Nothing compelling enough for us to be regulars. Wonder what the deal is here?

Anyway – here was a recent online review of the place: “This place baffles me–how are they still open? Food is not good, not made well, and seems old. I went here with my friends years ago and disliked it. Upon seeing it was still open this year, my boyfriend and I gave it a whirl–no change. I don’t understand how they are still operating when it is constantly empty and the food is no where in comparison to other Italian food in the Hoboken and jersey city area. Save your time and money.”

Piccolo Roma Hoboken NJ Closed Papered Up

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