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Brower Club confusing mens clothing store hoboken NJ 1

Brower Club Provisions? Or something?

What’s up with some odd Hoboken business movements? Have you noticed how “jittery” and “disjointed” some businesses appear in Hoboken? One particular case in point is the following four businesses: Brower Club and the...

Caffe Bene Hoboken revived 1 6

Caffe Bene {revived}

Caffe Bene open again in Hoboken, NJ Hmm. A few months ago, Caffe Bene downtown was “evicted” via a court order. Today they seem to be back again with “coffee and more,” and are...

Hudson Place Realty Hoboken NJ 1400 Bloomfield 0

Hudson Place Realty Inc

Hudson Place Realty gets 2nd location in Hoboken Taking the place of the old Healthy For Life (an eatery that sold tasty food one could buy) is another Hudson Place Realty office. While nowhere...

koko fitclub hoboken nj closed 9

Koko FitClub {closed}

Koko FitClub closed in Hoboken Yesterday it was announced that after six years open, Koko FitClub uptown was closing (due to personal reasons, etc…) The co-founder of Koko FitClub sent a letter out, hoping...