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Spa Restaurant

Spa Diner under new ownership in Hoboken

A couple years ago, the Spa Diner was included in a Hoboken411 list of local businesses that were up for sale.

Well, it’s time to close that thought – as “The Spa” is officially under new ownership. The operation will continue “as is” for the foreseeable future. So no worries about a favorite “dirty spoon” closing anytime soon!

Listen to owner Sean McGarr talk about the Spa Diner – in an interview we did with him yesterday with Hoboken Internet Radio. Great stuff (you can also listen to the full interview to hear about their other exciting Hoboken projects – including the exciting House of ‘Que authentic Texas style BBQ restaurant this summer!)

Full Interview:

Spa Diner Hoboken NJ new ownership

Description: Diner, Burger place. New Owners as of 2015 (same as The Ainsworth, Little Town Social, House of ‘Que).
Address: 74 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5603
Telephone: (201) 653-6617

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Tip Toe Shoes – For Rent

410 Washington Street for rent (Tip Toe Shoes gone)

No surprise here – about a year after “popping up” at 410 Washington St., Tip Toe Shoes has left the building city. We thought this was just a filler store anyway, so I suspect no tears are flowing in Hoboken.

The revolving doors spinning faster these days it seems (until the chains with long-term leases take over…)

Tip Toe Shoes gone in Hoboken NJ

Description: Shoe store For Rent
Address: 410 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 973-472-4444

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Renaissance Realty Group – Gone

Renaissance Realty moves out of Hoboken

Wow, what a rare event! A Realtor actually moves OUT of Hoboken?

Renaissance Realtors moved from 404 Washington Street over to another municipality! If you love Real Estate agents like a groupie – you can find them now at 101 Hudson Street (suite 2100) in (gasp) Jersey City! Same phone, etc.

Could it be that “high rent” caused a Realtor to move? Or just better business environment over in Steve Fulop’s neck of the woods?

renaissance real estate moves to Jersey City from Hoboken NJ

Description: Real Estate Agents
Website: renaissancerealtors.com
Address 404 Washington St., Hoboken, 101 Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ 07302
Telephone: (201) 533-1800, Fax – (201) 533-1810

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Mario’s Bar (no more)

Mario’s another victim of dull Hoboken

We said a few times that “if it wasn’t for the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade, this place would long be out of business.”

Well, since “mayor” don Zimmer put the kibosh on one day of (somewhat reckless) fun in Hoboken, that most likely contributed to the demise of Mario’s Tavern (3rd & Park) – which has been closed since December 2014. Yeah, I know – it looks no different closed than it did when it was open, and has minimal effect on the neighborhood (or anyone’s circuit of regular bars) – but still.

Some try blaming property taxes, because the assessed value almost tripled, but the tax rate was also reduced by two-thirds. So that is a non-factor. Too bad they couldn’t get their act together in terms of sprucing up the joint. I mean we have Kickstarter type projects for all sorts of stupid shit. I guess “Saving a City Institution” wasn’t one of them.

Now there are just two bars left on the “Endangered Dive Bars” list (if you don’t count the Elks): Wilton House and Maggie’s Place. Because Louise & Jerry’s got a re-vamp they were removed from the list, and DC’s Tavern was built after 2000 and doesn’t count.

Hoboken Dive Bar Marios Tavern Gone Endangered Species

Description: Closed Local Bar
Address: 301 Park Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 659-9461

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Office Depot Doomed

Office Depot “Doomed” Closing Sale in Hoboken

A little more than three years after opening – Office Depot in Hoboken is closing. Office Depot / Office Max is expected to close hundreds more stores by 2016. Seems that people don’t need pens, pencils or paper anymore – and all the other stuff they sell can be had cheaper via places like Amazon.

Guess the Cake Boss ribbon-cutting was for naught.

Office Depot Doomed in Hoboken NJ

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Makeovers offers new client specials in Hoboken

Here’s a little style update for you today. Makeovers has been happily settling in at their new location at 327 Washington Street – and wanted to let both old and new residents know about their rewards program as well as new client specials.

For one, they have a Customer Rewards program (like a frequent shopper) that enables you to get a free blowout or men’s haircut after just 10 visits. You’ll also be on the list for secret sales which only members receive. Call 201-420-1444 for more info.

Their new client specials include $35 wash-cut-blowout, $49 color touchup (w/ blowout) and $99 highlights (including 20 foils and blowout). Even if you have a regular stylist – sometimes it’s nice to explore the waters. You never know – maybe you’ll be happier?

makeovers new client specials hoboken NJ

You can follow Makeovers on Facebook – or check them out on their “website” (remember those?) here www.makeoversbeautybeat.com.

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