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Trends Boutique

Trends Boutique on the way out of Hoboken

Cute ladies clothing and accessories were the norm at Trends Boutique at 1102 Washington Street for the past three years. And while owner Allison Hrabovsky truly enjoyed being part of the Hoboken community – sometimes life takes you in other directions. In this case, her business is far from “doomed,” but rather “relocating” to a different city, where she’ll be able to start a family – as well as thrive in a more business-friendly municipality.

This 600 sq. ft. retail store is available via Robert De Ruggiero Realtors for just $3,000 per month.

When Trends officially relocates to their new location – we’ll be sure to update this entry accordingly. In meanwhile – you might want to swing by to get some spring threads. Seems like ladies clothing stores are fading fast here in Hoboken. This makes the third one already this year (behind Iconic Fashion Lounge and 1FiftyFive). Wonder who’s next?

Trends boutique Hoboken NJ moving

Description: Fashionable and Trendy ladies clothing and accessory store. Space available for rent.
Address: 1102 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: http://www.trendshoboken.com/
Phone: (201)616-8549

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Hoboken NJ

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Bean Vault Coffee

Bean Vault Coffee – Hoboken, NJ – 1 Newark Street

Since we essentially gave up “store bought” hot coffee awhile ago (and save thousands per year), coffee hasn’t really been on our radar. But the other day I had the “chills” – and had to stop into the new Bean Vault Coffee shop that opened up at 1 Newark Street last month to give it a shot.

Bean Vault Coffee Hoboken NJ 1 Newark Street

Bean Vault Coffee locally owned {by law enforcement}

Bean Vault Coffee is run by two cops – current Hoboken officer Justin DePascale and retired North Bergen officer John Floriani. They’re open from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm on Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

Conveniently located steps from the PATH trains and NJ Transit buses, Bean Vault Coffee may cost a few quarters more than the Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts nearby – but the extra expense is well worth it. You get better tasting coffee, and you support a true local business.

Bean Vault Coffee also features pastries from Balthazar Bakery located in Englewood, NJ.

Does this mean trouble for the corporate coffee giants? Probably not – but you never know what the future may bring (in Hoboken, at least).

Bean Vault Coffee Hoboken New Jersey interior

Description: Bean Vault Coffee is a locally-owned coffee shop.
Address: 1 Newark Street
Phone: (201)526-4380
Email: beanvault@gmail.com
Online: beanvaultcoffee.comTwitterFacebook

Hoboken NJ

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Tip Toe Shoes

Tip Toe Shoes – “Designer Shoes” – 410 Washington St.

Tip Toe Shoes Hoboken NJ NEWShoe stores in general hardly get a rise out of us here. Which is why Tip Toe Shoes which sprung up recently at 410 Washington Street (former home of Koa Koa Frozen Yogurt) didn’t result in a “happy dance.”

This shop appears to be a temporary pop-up store, as the giant “for rent” sign is still in the window. Still, it beats an empty store-front. There are two other Tip Toe Shoes locations in New Jersey – one in Clifton and the other in Wayne. Maybe they’re having trouble out there and wanted to try moving inventory in a more “affluent” community? And judging by their website they might not be from this country: “Where the SHY is the limit for selection and prices you want. You will find your FAVOTRIT brand!”

But this got me thinking. Aren’t all shoes and clothes and pretty much everything “designer?” I mean they don’t make themselves. Someone had to design them! They don’t just grow on trees.

Anyone find any good bargains in this place? Or do they sell knock-offs?

Tip Toe Shoes Hoboken NJ

Description: Shoe store
Address: 410 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 973-472-4444
Online: tiptoeshoes.net

Hoboken NJ

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The Blowout Zone

The Blowout Zone – Hoboken, NJ – 732 Jefferson St. – Now Open

Blowout Zone Hoboken NJ now openLadies – you’re in luck. The Blowout Zone is now officially open at 8th & Jefferson Streets.

The Blowout Zone isn’t just some “newbie” to the hair care scene. Owner Gary Maurer hails from Ramsey, NJ – where he’s run the “Straight A Head Salon” for over 40 years! He, along with his daughter Tami and fiance Arial hope to bring a bit of elegance to the women of the mile square.

Their core services (for the initial phase) are “Blowouts,” where they have a menu of various offerings around $35 each, with some fancier options. You can save $50 by purchasing “bundles of joy” (volume discounts).

Being a guy who can do his hair in literally 5 seconds, I had to understand what a blowout is – and why they’re gaining in popularity (first on the west coast, and now on our side). Apparently, getting your hair washed and “done” by a stylist in a salon always comes out 100% better than if you spend grueling hours trying to do it yourself. Additionally, these “blowouts” are almost like that “new haircut” feel, and will stay fresh and “hot” for several days.

Girls do this to improve their self-confidence, add extra glitz to nights on the town, or first dates – even before job interviews.

You can book your appointments online – or call them at (201)222-1179.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Blowout Zone! A big improvement over the previous dump!

Description: The Blowout Zone hair treatment facility. Formerly Backyards Bistro.
Address: 732 Jefferson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-1179
Email: info@blowoutzone.com
Online: TBD blowoutzone.comTwitterFacebook

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Hoboken NJ

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Brower Club Provisions

Brower Club Provisions now open in Hoboken, NJ

As of April 2014 – Brower Club now open in Hoboken:

Brower Club now open Hoboken NJ

Men’s Clothing store “Brower Club” – 55 First St., Hoboken, NJ

Brower Club coming to 55 First Street in Hoboken NJOh boy. The owners of the failed 1FiftyFive ladies clothing store are trying their luck again at the retail spot at 55 First Street. This time with a men’s clothing store called Brower Club Provisions. They also own ladies clothing stores Air Studios and Platform as well.

Scheduled to open next month, the Brower Club will specialized in “essentials” for men, including button-down shirts and blue jeans. They will also serve cups of coffee in their “lounge.” Yikes, that is so edgy I have goose bumps!

Hmmm, the last thing I want to do is loiter when I go shopping. I want to buy what I need and get the hell out of there. Who hangs out in a shop?

Anyway, what will apparently (try to) set Brower Club apart from other stores is their “monthly membership” plan (read: we desperately want repeat business). This membership consists of receiving monthly clothing purchases that are “customized” for YOU by their style “professionals.”

Wow, any REAL man that needs to be told what to wear at this point in their life has much bigger problems to contend with. Reminds me of a friend who could never decide whether to tuck his shirt in or not each time we went out. “Guys, IN or OUT?”

Just remember two things any time you go shopping at an “upscale” clothing store: They probably paid 1/5th of what they’re selling the items for, and it was likely made by a child in Asia for $0.08 per hour. Keep that on your conscience when you’re mingling at Happy Hour showing off your new threads.

Brower Club Provisions mens clothing store Hoboken NJ

Description: Men’s Clothing store with a wacky gimmick.
Address: 55 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07300
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: TBD

Hoboken NJ

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FITRxn (Pedal NYC) – Hoboken, NJ – 104 Hudson Street (2nd floor)

FITRxN group fitness Hoboken NJComing soon to 104 Hudson Street in Hoboken is a new “group fitness” facility called FITRxN.

FITRxn is an expansion of an existing fitness studio located across the river called PEDAL NYC, in which “pedal” stands for – get ready – Physical Excellence Delivered Around Life. Does that actually mean anything, or were they just trying to find any words to make the (acronym) actually signify something relevant? Not sure they did such a great job, but to each their own.

PEDAL NYC and FITRxN are examples of the ever-growing trend of group, social, “can’t motivate by myself” type fitness programs. Like CrossFit, Zumba, Boot Camps, and similar programs – they’ve essentially taken the old school “aerobics” classes and mashed them up with some equipment, marketing, peer-pressure and “group-think.”

They expect to open up later this month, and classes run a whopping $30 each (your first class is half-off for “only” $15).

So if you want to “work out” just 3x a week, this place will will set you back over $4,000 per year. Ouch!

On the flip side, you can join Planet Fitness on Washington Street for a mere $120 per year.

Bottom line is that if you need “cult like” surroundings and social media to keep you motivated to enjoy your vanity – well, I suppose you deserve to be that much poorer.

FITRxN Hoboken NJ

Description: FITRxN Group Fitness Classes that give you that feeling you had a “killer workout, man!” which you’ll “tweet” to your so-called “friends.”
Address: 104 Hudson Street, 2nd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-656-1986
Email: hoboken@fitrxn.com
Online: fitrxn.comTwitterFacebook

Hoboken NJ

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