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Club Barks

Club Barks – 712 Jefferson Street – Hoboken, NJ

Since the (inept) city administration essentially forced top dog care facility Hoboken Unleashed out of town (they’re in Jersey City now), someone had to fill the “doggy void” left behind. That would be Club Barks, opening soon at 712 Jefferson Street (formerly home to S&A Pasta).

In a nutshell, Club Barks offers what most dog owners will eventually need at some given point in time: Daycare, boarding, grooming – and even training.

This will be their third location (Woodland Park and Jersey City are the other two). Club Barks claims they offer the fairest prices around, with no hidden charges or gimmicks. Hopefully they’ll stay around to help the local pet-owning community!

Club Barks doggie day care hoboken NJ

Description: Everything Canine.
Address: 712 Jefferson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (973)812-2757
Email: hobjeff@clubbarks.com
Online: clubbarks.comTwitterFacebook

House of ‘Que

(Reborn!) Coming soon to Hoboken, NJ: House of ‘Que (BBQ)

Two years ago, the owners of Village Pourhouse and Little Town NJ wanted to bring their next original restaurant concept to Hoboken – House of ‘Que. That was supposed to happen in the SkyClub, but plans fell through (it’s now Brassiere De Paris).

For a while there, it seemed off the table. But we’re in luck!

Now that 3 Forty Grill is gone – they’ve decided to take over that space and will be open as House of ‘Que come spring 2015.

Yum. Tasty fall-off-the-bone BBQ and great NYC views. Can’t wait!

House of Que BBQ Hoboken NJ 340 Grill

Description: Authentic BBQ bar & restaurant
Address: 340 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: houseofque.com
Phone: TBD

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Hudson Table

Hudson Table now taking reservations for awesome classes!

Hudson Table Hoboken now open cooking schoolAs we previewed a couple months ago, one of the best new ideas to come to Hoboken in a very long time is now open for business: Hudson Table. They’re located at 14th & Clinton, on the north side of the viaduct.

What is Hudson Table exactly? It’s a fun, interactive cooking instruction “school,” run by passionate people.

Take a look at some of the classes initially being offered here.

Stuff to make from the Farmers’ Market, “Thanksgiving Dinner Rehearsal,” Indian Food, Italian food, and even how to properly handle your expensive kitchen knives. They have an incredibly diverse array of classes – where each one looks like it would be enjoyable and informative.

Classes range from $75 – $90 per person and last up to three hours. Max capacity per class is 16 students. Some classes have even been “taken over” for private events – so booking in advance is recommended!

Thanks for enriching the cultural entertainment landscape, Hudson Table!

Description: Unique cooking school-ish class-based enterprise. Individual classes and instruction.
Address: 1405 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: hudsontable.comTwitterFacebook

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Clarke’s Bar / Restaurant – Hoboken, NJ – 208 Washington St.

Replacing Four L’s is a new bar / restaurant in Hoboken at 208 Washington Street called Clarke’s. Not sure if they’re the same owners re-branding (like Mills Tavern / Whiskey Bar did), but the phone number is still the same.

Not to be confused with the renowned P.J. Clarke’s in NYC – Clarke’s appears to be an “ordinary upscale wannabe” bar / restaurant. Beers, spirits, and an above-average priced menu. Stuff like $14 hamburgers (my dad would cringe) and $16 plates of pasta that probably cost like $0.47 to make.

Well, we’re pretty certain the food will be good (for the first few weeks at least), but in the end – it’s just another outlet to dispose of your earned income. Perhaps they’ll find a niche and have a good following. It certainly helps that they’re relatively close to the PATH station. I wish them well, and hope they make a name for themselves in Hoboken.

Side note: One of the keys to developing a good strong customer base for a bar in town is exceptional service (and good “perceived” value, of course.) Equally important is minimal staff turnover. When your employees get to know the regulars, and good repertoire is established, the foundation for your business grows stronger. Keep that in mind, fellow business owners!

Clarke's Hoboken NJ

Description: Clarke’s Bar / Restaurant
Address: 208 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)876-8500
Email: TBD
Online: TBD

The Inner Athlete

The Inner Athlete helps your kids in Hoboken

If you’re half-awake, you’ll surely have noticed how technology has replaced most of a kid’s activities these days. “Playing” outside used to be the NORM, now it is the exception. And new Hoboken start-up fitness company for kids called The Inner Athlete recognizes that!

The inner athlete Hoboken NJ

Founder Lisa Hantman created The Inner Athlete to get kids off the couch, and out exercising their bodies while having fun: “Things have drastically changed in the past thirty years. Lots of children do not play outside anymore due to safety concerns, activity overload, or other restrictions. Instead of playing outside, many children are inside, tempted by technology and using it to excess. Technology is an amazing tool that has enhanced our lives in many ways but somehow it has replaced one of the most important parts of childhood… ACTIVE PLAY!”

The Inner Athlete has several kinds of classes which run 50 minutes each, and are held once a week (after school, of course).

While I think it’s kind of a shame that our “modern” has society has led us down this path – it’s great that Lisa and her team have stepped up to provide this option for parents in town.

Classes start officially next week. Email info@theinnerathlete.net for more information on how to sign up!

Description: The Inner Athlete. Get your fat, lazy kids moving!
Address: Various Hoboken parks and facilities.
Email: info@theinnerathlete.net
Online: theinnerathlete.netTwitterFacebook

The Joint – The Chiropractic Place

Another chain invades Hoboken: The Joint Chiropractic

Coming soon to 325 Washington Street is yet another “chain” operation called The Joint …the Chiropractic Place.

This back and joint franchise (like places such as Massage Envy) has a little gimmick going for them. $19 introductory adjustments for first time customers. Then prices go up to $29 per visit. Not sure, but I think those prices are under-cutting any other Hoboken Chiropractors. They have locations in half the states in America.

But I believe these guys will be “open for adjustments” seven days a week. Can’t beat that if you have back issues which are rectified by this type of procedure.

And this is a good idea nonetheless – because back and neck problems will skyrocket to record heights, and it’s solely due to the bent-over pose millions of suckers slowly wreck themselves with daily because of their smart phones and other technological gadgets.

The Joint Chiropractic Hoboken NJ 325 Washington Street

Description: Chain Chiropractors
Address: 325 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: thejoint.comTwitterFacebook