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Prime Cycle

Prime Cycle Grand Opening in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken’s only dedicated fitness studio dedicated to cycling is opening up this Saturday, September 13th! Prime Cycle (1025 Maxwell Lane) is holding a grand opening event on Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

Prime Cycle Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place Grand Opening September 13 2014

Ribbon-cutting at Prime Cycle includes free classes

This ribbon-cutting event to welcome Prime Cycle to Hoboken will include a live DJ spinning energetic music, and free complimentary cycling classes (first come first served).

The classes will be at 9:15am, 11:00am and 12:30pm.

You can also meet the trainers and have a complimentary breakfast snack while you learn what Prime Cycle has to offer.

As you can see – the facility is quite nice – something that would be in a high-end spa or hotel. Very good job (including full locker rooms with showers).

Welcome to the neighborhood, Prime Cycle!

Prime Cycle Bicycles Hoboken NJ

Description: Cycling fitness studio.
Address: 1025 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: primecycle.comFacebook

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Reign Hoboken

BOA becomes Reign in Hoboken, NJ

Just about a year and a half since opening, the night club once called BOA (BOAAAAH) has now turned into Reign Hoboken.

Years ago, Hoboken had several more “bonafide” night clubs. Planet Hoboken, River Street, heck even Bahama Mama’s could have been considered a club as well. But back then, other than “dressing up” a bit, clubs didn’t have the same kind of pretentiousness as they do today. Sure they had bouncers and velvet ropes, but once you got inside – it was pretty much just a good time. Nowadays, with all the slick marketing, “bling,” and otherwise bullshit “importance” factors – perhaps they might truly be on their last legs, and back in the places they belong, solely in major cities like NYC.

The tagline for Reign Hoboken is “Status does matter.” But the unanswered question is: “To whom?”

Reign Hoboken NJ night club river street

Description: Night Club
Address: 92 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: N/A
Online: www.reignhoboken.com

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Queen Margherita

Di Palma family (Queen Margherita) to open at Sinatra Park

The Sinatra Park Cafe structure has been an odd conundrum for a long time. In what could be the nicest spot along the waterfront in Hoboken, somehow the city managed to keep it unoccupied for much of the last decade. Crepe Grill tried to make it work, but after the pier collapse, the city basically turned their back on them. But we have a new entity who wants to step up to the plate to breathe some life into this area.

Queen Margherita (Pasquale & Nicola Di Palma), have a restaurant and bakery in Nutley, NJ along with a Pizza parlor in Lyndhurst. They are wishing to bring a version of their well-received restaurant businesses to this spot. We’re unsure of what the name will be – but if it’s anything like their other spots – Hoboken will be in for a treat.

Let’s just hope the city doesn’t screw up like like their track-record demonstrates. While we’d prefer a Hoboken Italian business to try their luck here, someone is better than no one, right?

Queen Margherita Hoboken NJ Sinatra Park Cafe

Description: Italian Restaurant
Address: 5th & Sinatra Drive
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: queenmargherita.com

Hudson Table

Hudson Table – A unique, fun experience coming to Hoboken

Here’s some exciting news for Hoboken coming this fall: Hudson Table opening in the Edge Lofts building uptown!

Hudson Table Hoboken NJ Edge Lofts

What exactly is Hudson Table, if you don’t mind?

There is nothing like Hudson Table in Hoboken. It’s basically a “group cooking” experience. Part educational, part social, recreational and interactive, and 100% about food.

Owner Allen Bari and his partners Taposh Bari and Melanie Cecillo have teamed up to actually create a unique niche in Hoboken.

  • Imagine finally learning how to use those knives you’ve received as a gift? There’s a class for that.
  • Ever want to learn how to make your own chocolate-based dish? Got that too.
  • Hate frozen pizza and want to know how you can do the same, but 100% from scratch? Yes, sir. Even in crispy, thin or doughy formats!
  • Love the Hoboken Farmers’ Markets – but don’t know what to do with all those veggies? They will have you covered!

Even more interesting is the person Allen Bari is. He’s definitely a guy who “rolls with his passions,” going from a World Series of Poker bracelet-holder, to a French Culinary Institute trained Chef who’s created a super-cool experience for Hobokenites to enjoy.

Whether you just want to explore the joyous world of cooking, or hone your already growing skills – or even have a “date night” that is profoundly more fun than sitting in a dark theater, Hudson Table seems to be right on all levels.

Be on the lookout for their opening this fall – and get in while the going is good, because we predict this concept will be off the charts!

cooking classes Hudson Table Hoboken NJ

Description: Unique cooking school-ish class-based enterprise. Individual classes and instruction.
Address: 1405 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: hudsontable.comTwitterFacebook

McLoone’s Pier House

McLoone’s Pier House

Wow – McLoone’s Pier House uptown in the former LUA spot really transformed the place!

Sure LUA was “nice,” the bar area did have a somewhat dark feeling. What the folks at McLoone’s have do is open it up quite nicely. Feels 10x bigger inside. While it might be reminiscent of a cruise ship dining hall to some degree – and not have the most intimate of atmospheres (tables are a bit close), I’m sure it will feel cozier at night.

Last I heard was they were just waiting on the permits and should finally be open this week.

McLoone's Pier House Hoboken NJ Interior

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Plum on the Run

Plum on the Run lunch truck in Hoboken, NJ

The owners of The Yellow Plum restaurant in Bloomfield, NJ have expanded their “empire” with their new Plum on the Run lunch truck.

Plum on the Run hoboken nj lunch truck

Typically set up downtown near Pier A Park up to five days a week, the “classically trained” chefs are proud to offer their cooking expertise at affordable prices for Hoboken residents and visitors alike. They also sometimes setup near Sinatra Park and / or River Street as well (I guess it depends on the HPU thieves).

And if you’ve been by there already – you know this has nothing to do with “plums,” and “everything to do with sandwiches and salads.” And I guess $10 for a burger, plus fries and a drink is a pretty fair deal indeed.

Description: Lunch truck.
Address: Varies.
Phone: (646) 824-6920
Email: plumontherun.nj@gmail.com
Online: Facebook

plum on the run hoboken menu