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Verde Vita – No More

Verde Vita fizzles out in Hoboken

Yep – it appears that Verde Vita has wrapped up, about six short months after they opened. Word is that there was a bit of strife between business owners.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the runaround they got at city hall which delayed their initial opening by many months. Nah, that wouldn’t put a strain on any financial relationship whatsoever! Small business owners absolutely get overjoyed when they have no cash flow and still have to pay the rent.

Oh well, maybe greener pastures can be found in a more pro-business community.

Verde Vita doomed Hoboken NJ

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EatMetal, Inc.

EatMetal, Inc by Elizabeth Ann Tokoly (Monroe Center)

EatMetal is a very catchy (even weird) sounding name for local Metal Smith Elizabeth Ann Tokoly, who runs her operation out of the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street Suite 511). But as you can see, it has nothing to do with consuming metal – it’s just her initials!

eatmetal jewelry elizabeth ann tokoly hoboken NJ monroe center

What is EatMetal exactly?

I became interested in this business after mentioning the Metal Masters show last week, and realizing we hadn’t checked out what this was all about. EatMetal is TWO things:

  1. It’s a very unique place to get quality hand-made metal jewelry. One of a kind creations for that special person in your life (including yourself!) Jewelry for any budget too.
  2. Classes. A place to learn about jewelry-making (classes up to 8 weeks long), or single workshops and event “group learning parties” where you and your friends can host a private event for a few hours over some cocktails while making your own jewelry you can keep and take home!

Elizabeth characterizes her work as “echoing the gracefulness of organic characteristics of nature.” And adds that her pieces have “a minimal aesthetic” while exhibiting “simple lines, primary forms, shapes or structures.”

“The work uses systems, arrangement and distribution of components consisting of more that one part, element or bit,” Elizabeth says, “It is an evolution of a form into an object or piece of wearable art.”

The one-day workshops are three-hours long, and cost only $85 (which includes costs of materials and tools). Remember you can take what you make home and show your friends.

Some upcoming workshops are seen below.

EatMetal workshops in Hoboken NJ learn jewelry making at Monroe Center

Description: Metal Smith Elizabeth Ann Tokoly (EatMetal, Inc.) Jewelry for sale, plus instructional workshops and classes.
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite 511, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: (201)926-9620
Email: eatmetal@mac.com
Online: eatmetal.orgTwitterFacebook

Lo Fatt Chow

Lo Fatt Chow Chinese in Hoboken, NJ

There are many Chinese restaurants in Hoboken, NJ – just like pretty much any city in the country. But an interesting (what seems “behind the trend”) Chinese restaurant opened up recently at the Monroe Center in Hoboken: Lo Fatt Chow.

“Low Fat” was a big trend for the past three or four decades. We’ve LONG SINCE debunked that theory. It’s wrong. Look at all the super-fat fucks walking around the malls of America eating “low fat yogurt” and you have an OBVIOUS answer. It plainly DOES NOT WORK. Period, the end – it’s a proven fact.

But somehow – this Chinese place seems to think they can glom on the trend??

Frankly – I still think this horrible “low” (or “Lo”) fat (or “Fatt”) trend still has staying power. Because the word “fat” still makes people think of their less-desirable parts, and believe it’s the “fat” they’re eating is what’s causing their body anomalies. NO. Read the latest Wheat Belly – and consider yourself “empowered.” Otherwise – just bitch and moan and be a fat fuck. But “feel good” for ordering “Lo Fatt!”

But we heard the place is presently doing things “right,” and have built a bit of a customer base. We’ll see how long that lasts. Hopefully a long time (for them…)

Lo Fatt Chow Hoboken NJ bullshit

Description: Chinese Restaurant / Kitchen
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07020
Phone: (201)798-50500
Online: lofattchow-hoboken-nj.com/

Stingray Lounge – Fresh Oysters

Stingray Lounge opens to thrilled residents in Hoboken, NJ

Stingray Lounge update Hoboken NJ fresh oystersStingray Lounge is one of those restaurants in Hoboken (or anywhere else for that matter), that opened up the right place AT the right time. They filled an otherwise empty niche – added value to a neighborhood that needed it – and didn’t diminish existing businesses in the process (like when you open 5 Falafel places on the same block).

But besides just looking good on paper – Stingray is also putting their money where their mouth is by delivering exceptional food, drink and service to their patrons.

Open just a few days ago – the owners of Stingray Lounge didn’t cut corners or make haphazard business decisions. They did everything right (and “soulfully” so). I haven’t met a restaurant owner so intent on providing the absolute utmost top-notch food, beverages and even the add-ons (like lime, mint, lemons) in a long while. This is why I knew far in advance that we had a “winner” here in this spot.

Even if they start out slow, if they continue this dedication to providing super-above-par service and food – it will not take long at all before word of mouth vaults Stingray to the “Hall of Fame” of Hoboken eateries. Yes, I have this much faith in Stingray. Like other businesses in Hoboken – there is that hidden intangible that you can just “sense” while you nod your head in agreement.

Anyway – why not make a point to swing by this weekend? Looks fairly nice – and a refreshing change to the usual Hoboken dining atmosphere may be just what the doctor ordered. I’ve spoken with several people who are already “in love” with Stingray. Gotta love success stories, right?

Description: Stingray Lounge – restaurant that serves oysters and fresh seafood.
Address: 1210 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

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Flatbread Grill

Flatbread Grill coming to Hoboken, NJ

Coming soon to replace the horribly doomed Mon Cheri frozen yogurt (and possibly human trafficking) shop at 517 Washington Street this Fall, will be Flatbread Grill.

Flatbread Grill Hoboken NJ

At first – I thought “Jeez, another frickin’ chain store?” But after perusing the Flatbread Grill website – this is apparently a “dream franchise” that was started by Hoboken born and raised sisters!

The “Esendemir Sisters” to be exact! Please look at their website. I never had any kind of “marketing” for my siblings. Did you?

Why does everything have to look like Hollywood these days?

I’ll be honest here – after perusing the site for a little bit – I could not help get the impression that these (otherwise normal ladies) just wanted to be like the Kardashians. I’m sure I’ll get slack for saying that – but who markets a “family?” I apologize in advance for offering constructive criticism to the Esendemir girls – but you cannot just follow every so-called “successful” model out there to ensure success and expect perfect results.

Sure, maybe enough mentally-enslaved morons might buy into it because it “looks like” something that came out of Hollywood – but really? Who “markets” ordinary people like celebrities? What ever happened to just producing a good product and let that speak for itself?

flatbread grill girl sisters hoboken NJ

On the contrary, I can understand why some people put certain kinds of effort into projects. Market research. Heavy publicity. Wash, rinse, repeat. They say if you repeat something and throw it out there enough times – eventually it “sticks.” Maybe this is their mentality.

But I will (as always) be honest here. I have never met the Esendemir Sisters. They actually look like nice, decent ladies. I have no problems with them. But my first impression, based on their marketing package – is that this is NOT how “gains” are made in life. Via a marketing promo. It just feels shallow to me.

Glossy fashion shoots. Head Shots. Body Shots. None of those mean anything (other than to your ego). Hey – make a perfect product – and post all the photos you want. But makeup, nice outfits, and a good camera lens is useless if your product is shit. Seems like the horse vs. cart thing is a bit reversed here, no?

I’m not making accusations here, but this type of well-organized “packaging” reminds me a bit about parental control.

Where a domineering parent (mother or father or both) is HELL-BENT on having their offspring either “succeed” or “follow this path…” I’ve witnessed it in many families in my life. I don’t know. I could be wrong with that inclination. Psychological blueprints are often hard, if not impossible to decipher.

I don’t know what’s going on in this world – but stuff like this bothers me. Hoboken born and raised or not. There is something missing from this particular equation. Someone please help me solve it.

Description: Restaurant / Eatery of some kind. “Flatbread Grill” owned by a trio of Turkish sisters.
Address: 517 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: flatbreadgrill.com


Panello – Hoboken, NJ – Italian / Brick Oven Pizza

New to entice your palette in Hoboken is Panello Italian Restaurant (specializing in Brick oven pizza). They’re located at the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street – closer to 8th Street).

panello italian Hoboken NJ 720 Monroe Street

Panello opens to positive reviews in Hoboken

Opening just this week – they have a limited menu for their soft opening (see below) – with personal pizzas (9″ starting at $10) and antipasto, along with a Nutella dessert and beverages. The restaurant is BYOB.

Panello Brick Oven Pizza Hoboken NJ 720 Monroe Street

Nearby residents and tenants of the Monroe Center are thrilled – one, because the selection of halfway-decent food is far and few between. So anything that isn’t poisonous is a relief. And two – apparently, the pizza is scoring HUGE marks with those who’ve tried it so far (i.e. “best in Hoboken”). I met the dedicated “fresh mozzarella” chef yesterday – and he was proud and confident of the delicacy he makes on a daily basis.

The restaurant has an occupancy of 49 patrons, and is open six days a week (closed Mondays). The design is exposed brick and “industrial” like duct work. Had a very warm and comfortable feel.

Panello Hoboken NJ Brick Oven Pizza Italian

Take a look at their initial menu below – and give them a whirl this weekend. This area of town isn’t swarming with as many stumbling, shouting drunks as other areas of town – but be sure not to leave any devices like GPS units on your dash. You might be filling out insurance forms instead of munching on dessert.

Panello Menu Hoboken NJ

Description: Italian Restaurant. Brick oven pizza. Antipasto. Salads. BYOB.
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-4734