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After School Homework Helpers

For your kid: After School Homework Helpers (tutoring)

Now open for business over at the Monroe Center (720 Monroe St. Suite E504) is After School Homework Helpers, an after-school tutoring service for kids in kindergarten to the 8th grade.

Founded by lifetime Hoboken resident Chantel Figueroa – and staffed by advanced degree educators – tutoring will be available Monday through Friday from 3pm to 8pm.

Tutoring is $50 per hour, and is semi-private – with no more than five students per tutor.

Chantel says: “I am hiring only the city’s best educators. Both active and retired teachers who have received awards, recognition and accolades for their achievements. These educators have assisted students throughout the years in academic acceleration and comprehension as well as behavioral and emotional complications. Many of the educators also have specialization in special education and are able to assess whether students have any issues such as ADHD, Autism, and other various disabilities.”

To book a session or to find out more, call (201)889-6380.

After School Homework Helpers Hoboken NJ

Description: After school tutoring for kids K-8.
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite E504, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)889-6380
Email: clfigueroa18@hotmail.com
Online: TwitterFacebook

Urban Jungle Play

Urban Jungle Play – Hoboken, NJ – 1125 Maxwell Place

With Hoboken gliding towards a less “transient” town – places like day care, early education and other kiddie-centric activities are naturally “trending” higher. Which is why Urban Jungle Play opening in a few weeks over at Maxwell Place is a perfect fit for the Mile Square.

“Urban Jungle Play is a unique play space designed to encourage learning through engaging and active play. Whether it’s a playful pack playgroup that allows for child directed purposeful activity or one of our daily activities in the open play jungle area, each experience is catered towards developmental growth and skill acquisition. We offer consistent and convenient play times that fit your schedule all in a creative space outfitted with dynamic open ended learning materials which promote innovation and self-expression. Welcome to the Jungle!”

They will have activities for kids 9 months to over 5 years old.

Urban Jungle Play Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place

Promo Code: Save 15% by signing up early

Urban Jungle Play is offering new customers an early sign up discount off any service if you purchase before their grand opening on February 28, 2015.

Just use promo code: UJP OPEN to save 15% when checking out!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Urban Jungle Play!

Description: “Experience Learning” for children
Address: 1125 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (next to PNC Bank)
Phone: (917)621-6113
Email: info@urbanjungleplay.com
Online: urbanjungleplay.comTwitterFacebook

Tutti Nails & Spa

Tutti Nails & Spa – Maxwell Place – Hoboken, NJ

Tutti Nails coming to Maxwell Place in Hoboken NJComing this winter to Maxwell Place uptown is Tutti Nails & Spa.

Tutti Nails & Spa seems to be a chain of some sort – with various locations around New Jersey, New York and Boston. And quite simply, I cannot imagine this being anything beyond what we already have dozens of in Hoboken – a place to get your nails done and other cosmetic touch-ups.

This got me thinking – as I have observed in the past – that most residents in cities like Hoboken suffered from something called a “Four Block Radius Syndrome.” Where 99% of your commerce took place within four blocks of where you lived. Dry cleaner. Nail salon. Watering hole. Chinese place. Parking spot. Almost everything (except your “S.O.” because that could spell disaster.)

But with all these repetitive businesses peppering the landscape here in town, I think we can soon call it the “One or Two Block Radius Syndrome.” All we need up at Maxwell Place is a dry cleaner and Sushi place, and you’ll be spending the least amount of time outside as possible!

Tutti Nails Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place

Description: Nail Salon
Address: 1115 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

Okinawa Sushi & Grill

Okinawa Sushi & Grill – Hoboken, NJ – 400 Newark Street

From one “Asian themed” place (Zeni Spa) to another comes Okinawa Sushi & Grill at 400 Newark Street in downtown Hoboken.

Okinawa Sushi Grill Hoboken NJ 400 Newark Street

Pretty standard sushi place that is BYOB, which bodes well for area residents.

Initial impressions are that it’s quite good (blows Sushi House out of the water apparently). However, some people are naturally worried – as many restaurants start out great when they first open, then cut corners dramatically when they realize how large their rent checks are. We’ll see what happens here.

But if you’ve ever been to Sushi of Gari in the city – well, then all other sushi places in Hoboken pretty much taste like shit. So be forewarned!

Description: Sushi Restaurant. BYOB.
Address: 400 Newark Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)312-6787
Food: See MENU here

Okinawa Sushi Grill Hoboken new

Jet.com shopping club

Calling Hoboken NJ Home: Jet.com shopping club sets up shop

Leasing 40,000 square feet of office space over at the new Pearson Education building downtown is Jet (or Jet.com).

Jet is a “wholesale” shopping club (with annual fee), which is claiming it will revolutionize how people buy things. And with over $80 million already invested in this “startup,” the buzz is certainly growing. And they’re not even open for business yet. (But you can get a free six month membership here if you’re interested.)

Jet’s founder is Marc Lore – who has done well for himself in the “e-commerce” bubble arena. He owned Diapers.com, Soap.com and Wag.com – which were all sold to Amazon for half a billion dollars back in 2010.

But now Jet.com is looking to take on Amazon directly. But will that work?

Jet Hoboken NJ shopping club HQ

What the heck is Jet – and why would I use it?

Jet is being somewhat vague about how they will make “buying something” that much different than you’re already used to:

“We will make use of the latest advancements in technology to create a new shopping experience that will empower customers like never before. Jet will bring unprecedented transparency and efficiencies to the overall e-commerce market, and as a result, will transform the customer experience in a way that, until now, has not been possible.

If you cut through the buzz-words and big promises – Jet feels they will be the cheapest place to buy anything online.

How will Jet be cheaper than anyone else?

Well, for one – Jet is going to be sort of like the online version of Costco or BJ’s. An annual membership model – but super cheap prices. And they claim that you’ll save a whopping $150 per year if you do most of your shopping on Jet.

Jet said they can pass even more savings on to customers in different ways:

  • Quantity discounts. The more you buy, the less you’ll pay for each item.
  • Opt-in marketing discounts. If you don’t mind spam from time to time, you can save some more by giving your email address to vendors.
  • Final sale. If you know for sure you won’t return something – get a few more pennies off the price.
  • Economy shipping. If you spend over $35 and don’t mind waiting a week, you’ll get free shipping.

Not revolutionary by any means – but if they can find the ideal combination of logistics and efficiency, the idea of saving money – no matter how little – could lure people in.

And the “hype meter” seems to be off the charts as they build anticipation in the business world. We’ll see!

Sign up for the free six month membership and give them a whirl once they go live!

Description: Online Shopping Startup Jet.com
Address: 225 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: jet.comTwitterFacebook

Sound City Electronics

Sound City Electronics out of Bayonne has many Hoboken clients

Every other block I see Sound City Electronics installation vans. This Bayonne, NJ based company specializes in residential and commercial installation of all sorts of “technology.” Like sound systems, visual displays (TV’s for the lamen), as well as building automation products, etc. In today’s technology-saturated world – they must be making a killing!

Sound City Electronics Hoboken NJ home automation

Curious design choice for Sound City Electronics

While we are completely okay with the whole “demand vs. supply” model, and support those on the “supply” side of the equation – I was wondering what went into the minds of the owner(s) of Sound City Electronics when they conceptualized the design on their vans in the field.

Most of the vehicle is fairly standard: Logo, contact info, and a list of basic services they offer. But what’s with the chick laying on the floor with her feet on the couch holding a smart phone?

I know Sound City Electronics offers Control4 My Home for iPad and iPhone (an all-in-one interface to let you control every single gadget in your home).

But is this what homeowners in Hoboken strive for as the work their way through the slave labor system up the corporate ladder?

To arrive at home and just lay on the floor to tinker with your mindless entertainment, songs, videos and games? Is that why people work so hard these days?

Well – I think I answered my own question judging by the long wait-list Sound City Electronics has for the “latest and greatest” technology egotistic property owners are begging for to “one up the Joneses.”

Sound City Electronics funny van design Hoboken NJ