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Maxwell’s Tavern {Pizza}

Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken – will you try it out?

Opening this week is the “revamped” Maxwell’s Tavern at 11th & Washington.

Traditionalists we know will not visit the new location, mainly because of the sacrilegious name-glomming, the lack of “cool bands,” and the potential it has to become a stroller mecca.

While others, who also loved the old Maxwell’s, will give it a shot – primarily because the former owners of Maxwell’s didn’t really keep the place up. Was essentially a “dive” for all intents and purposes.

We’ll see how they fare. If they provide quality food, fair prices and a comfortable environment (along with a NON-snobby staff – very important), they’ll do just fine!

(One thing we did notice was the signs on the exterior were a smidge obnoxious, large…)

Maxwell's Tavern Hoboken NJ opening soon

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Jonathan Marx Opticians

Jonathan Marx Opticians doomed in Hoboken

Less than three years after opening, Jonathan Marx Opticians has abandoned ship at 1212 Washington Street.

This is interesting however, because the official Optometrist (Dr. Lui) is also involved with Hoboken Eye Shoppe over on Newark Street, as well as the long-gone Hoboken Optical at 410 Washington (“musical eye sockets?)

I suppose the carrying costs with having so many locations and only one on-call doctor wasn’t financially sustainable. And with plenty of other established “optical” places in Hoboken already (Wise Vision & Hearing downtown, EyeSite uptown, etc.) combined with the relatively low-frequency of needing such services – the market decided who could survive.

Wonder what will come next to this spot? Baby yoga?

Jonathan Marx doomed hoboken nj

Description: Opticians FOR RENT
Address: 1212 Washington St., Hoboken NJ 07030
Phone: (201)706-8600
Web: www.thejonathanmarx.com

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Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams to have party for Hoboken NJ Realty Office Opening

After around nine months of construction, top U.S. Realtor Keller Williams finally finished their big Hoboken office at 1st & Washington Streets. And guess what? They’re having a big party tonight. I bet the folks at Liberty Realty are shivering in their pants! Imagine a heavyweight like Keller Williams coming on your turf where you’ve been #1 for a long time? Read their presser below…

Keller Williams Hoboken NJ KW City Life Grand Opening

Keller Williams City Life “Fabulous Launch Party”

Keller Williams to host a launch party for their Hoboken office including delicious local cuisine, jazz band and ribbon cutting ceremony with Hoboken “Mayor” Dawn Zimmer.

HOBOKEN, NJ – June 12, 2014- KW City Life Realty of Hoboken will be hosting their launch party on June 12, 2014 and already have much to be proud. The office was spearheaded by Renée Condon, a well-respected broker with 11 years of experience in Hudson County. Condon was also a resident of Hoboken for 20 years and a 2014 recipient for the NJAR® Distinguished Sales Award ™. Condon’s passion for her community and real estate inspired the inception of this office. She said, “We’re looking to positively change the way real estate is conducted in Hoboken and Jersey City. Keller Williams is the most forward thinking, innovative real estate company. Our focus is to help agents grow to their fullest potential so they may give the highest level of customer service for which Keller Williams is known.”

KW City Life Realty’s CEO and Team Leader Marybeth Tortoriello (a 10-year veteran of KW) has put together a proficient team of over 100 agents in the Hoboken and Jersey City offices. Tortoriello said, “I aspire to create an environment with a level of professionalism where growth is always encouraged. I always make sure that the Keller Williams culture of ethics, sharing, continuing education, and serving the community is at the base of all we do. And to provide the best customer service, we advocate solid relationships with our neighboring brokerages. In addition, Keller Williams provides a network of agents from a local to international level.”

Naturally the team at KW City Life Realty is excited to celebrate and share the success that has come in these past few months and all the potential that lies ahead. The celebration will take place in their chic store front office on 100 Washington Street from 4:00pm-8:00pm. And true to Keller Williams fashion they will be going all out. There will be a variety of cuisine served from well-loved and neighboring restaurants, a jazz band and even a cameo from Hoboken “Mayoral Actress” Dawn Zimmer at the ribbon cutting.

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Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Jimmy John’s now open in Hoboken, NJ

“Gourmet” sandwich chain Jimmy John’s is now open in Hoboken at 1st & Hudson. We’ll report back soon after they work their kinks out.

Jimmy John's Hoboken NJ now open

Description: Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches (chain – promising to “raise the level” when it comes to “commercial” fast food.)
Address: 96 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)710-5525
Online: jimmyjohns.comTwitterFacebook

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AVENUE Residential

AVENUE Residential – Hoboken, NJ – 50 Harrison Street

You know how many Realtors are grabbing prominent “retail” spots on Washington Street? You ever wonder if in today’s ubiquitous age of the “interwebs,” that maybe those costly high-rent places are no longer a necessity? Well, Kristin Ehrgott didn’t think so either – and opened up a semi “virtual” Real Estate office AVENUE Residential over in the back corner of town at 50 Harrison Street.

Perhaps this is the start of a new trend that will bring interesting (cultural, unique, diverse) shops back to our “main street?”

AVENUE Residential Hoboken NJ 50 Harrison Street

New Hoboken Real Estate Brokerage promises a better consumer experience

Nearly 96% of homebuyers start their search online and home ownership with a sense of community is their primary focus. A local real estate office has recently opened its doors with this trend in mind.

AVENUE Residential provides their representatives with the technology, resources and support necessary to provide a better consumer experience. AVENUE has launched an advanced website with neighborhood centric search capabilities, even luxury building specific pages for those that have identified their community of choice.

Principal Broker, Kristin Ehrgott, explains how AVENUE is different; “We set out to do better, a more refined approach that is usually reserved for the elite, high-net worth client. Our superior personalized service made accessible to all of our valuable clients.” Ehrgott has quickly built a reputation for representing celebrities, professional athletes and corporate executives with listings and sales at the most prestigious luxury waterfront communities.

The firm currently represents exclusive listings at Maxwell Place for $2.28M, Gulls Cove for $1.28M and Portofino for $889,000. Agents currently work out of Mission 50, a co-working space in Hoboken’s downtown. “Mission 50 and AVENUE have shared philosophies,” Ehrgott says, “both companies believe in collaboration and breaking the traditional mold of the way business is done.” Ehrgott plans to open an additional space this summer in the quickly growing North West redevelopment area of town. “I believe in supporting communities and helping them to flourish first hand,” she says, “it’s exciting and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

1025 Maxwell Lane Hoboken NJ AVENUE Residential

After years with a national real estate brand Ehrgott grew frustrated with antiquated policies and methods that hinder the consumer experience and discourage agent motivation and profitability. “Fact is, we have access to the same resources offered by the national firms but we’re able to create a superior experience through a more effective and personalized approach,” says Christopher Poreda, Managing Director at AVENUE. Poreda comes from a background in International consulting and efficiency audit for PWC and C-level executive recruitment; naturally his role includes business development and staff management.

Ehrgott’s focus is on growing strategic partnerships with real estate developers, architects, commercial and residential brokers across the country to help support and grow business for her agents. “Our agents are our focus,” she explain, “by providing our representatives with the technology, resources and support they need, ultimately they are able to better serve their clients which results in a reputation that excels above our competition.”

Description: Realtor, Real Estate Office, etc.
Address: 50 Harrison Street, PH455, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)205-2161
Online: avenueresidential.com

Kure Pilates by Krysta

Kure Pilates – 401 Bloomfield St. – Hoboken, NJ

Kure Pilates HobokenTaking the place of the doomed K.C. Kids Consignment shop at 4th & Bloomfield is Kure Pilates by Krysta (K’s everywhere, yiKes!)

Kure Pilates presents themselves as enablers of helping people “reach their full mind-body potential,” specifically by “enhancing the intrinsic functionality of the body; core strength, lean muscle, and lengthening will be created allowing for greater physiological effectiveness.”

Sessions are around $90 apiece (55 minutes), and “40 packs” can be had for the chump-change amount of only $2900.00! If you want to “workout” 3x a week, you can even buy annual memberships for a paltry $10,500 a year! (Yes, you read that right – an annual “gym membership” for a smidge over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR. Note that Planet Fitness is just $120 per year – unlimited workouts).

Sure, “workout” methodologies all have their loyal followers (crossfit, zumba, pilates, etc.) and arguing with them is pointless – but at what point do people realize it’s not the fancy exercises that would help the most? 95% of your condition is attributed to what you put in your mouth. And having an active lifestyle should be more than enough. All it takes is some dopey celebrity to say “I do pilates” in a brainwashing rag magazine article and all of a sudden everyone wants to mimic it.

Ah, but if you can update your timeline and impress your friends with your workout – well, then it must be worth it!

Kure Pilates by Krysta Hoboken NJ

Description: Expensive “workouts.”
Address: 401 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-0088
Email: krysta@kurepilates.com
Online: kurepilates.comFacebook