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Hudson County Art Supply

Hudson County Art Supply – 511 Willow Ave. – Hoboken, NJ

Hudson County Art Supply Hoboken NJNew to Hoboken is a business that we don’t have an overload of: An art supply store! Yay! Recently opened Hudson County Art Supply is located smack dab in the middle of town at 511 Willow Avenue.

Hudson County Art Supply also has a second location at First & Coles in Jersey City, and sells all the basic things any artist could use!

Canvases, paint, brushes, easels, sketch pads, markers, pens and much more. All the major and known brands – and special orders can be made for products they don’t carry on hand.

In addition, we were told that they will expand their KIDS selection of crayons and other kiddie-related merchandise, which will surely make tons of moms happy (and their housekeepers mad!)

Welcome to the neighborhood, Hudson County Art Supply!

Description: Art Supply Store
Address: 511 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)413-0900 (J.C. number)
Email: info@hudcoart.com
Online: hudcoart.com

Hoboken Women’s Wellness

Hoboken Women’s Wellness – 204 2nd Street

In case you didn’t notice this business – Hoboken Women’s Wellness is tucked away in a modest building located at 204 2nd Street.

While their sign indicates they offer massage, acupuncture and yoga – much of what Hoboken Women’s Wellness specializes in seems to be centered around pregnancy (both during and after). They even offer instruction on how to properly massage YOUR baby!

“The difference between us and a general massage practice is that all of our highly skilled Certified Massage Therapists have completed a minimum of 750 hours of massage therapy training including: Swedish Massage, Medical Massage, Shiatsu, Anatomy and Physiology. Our therapists have also completed and a minimum of 70 additional hours of pregnancy and baby specific continuing education. Our therapists have been hand selected for their strong connection to this work, and each one possesses relevant experience, professional, personal, and academic to draw from, including: Being a Mother, Masters in Maternal & Child Health, Neonatal Nurse, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Infant Massage Instructor, and more.”

Give them a shout at (201)420-6988 to find out more!

Hoboken Women's Wellness

Description: Women’s wellness – massage, and other therapy with a focus on pregnancy and birth.
Address: 204 2nd Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)420-6988
Online: hobokenwomenswellness.com

Buddha Press

Buddha Press Juice Bar in Hoboken

Buddha Press Juice Bar Hoboken NJ UpdateJust a little update to the Buddha Press listing. So apparently my “guesses” as to what it might be – did not include “Juice Bar.”

Buddha Press is an endeavor from a partnership of the Pita Grill owners, along with a member of the family that started the clothing chain French Connection (remember those FCUK shirts?)

A mid-town juice bar is definitely refreshing (no pun intended) compared to the flurry of rather lame businesses that have come and gone.

Hopefully their “high end” style doesn’t come with super high prices. Because as trendy as it may be – money is money, and that would put a hamper on their future viability.

Buddha Press – Hoboken, NJ – 322 Washington St.

1/8/2015 Update:

Buddha Press coming to Hoboken NJNoticed this new retail space Buddha Press going in at 322 Washington Street (formerly home of the Eyebrow Place). The bone-chilling cold yesterday was unbearable, so we only took a passing shot, and hoped to get some help from our “external brain” later in the warmth of our cozy apartment.

Well, the interwebs didn’t help us much as we tried to figure out what would fit into this narrow 800 square foot spot. We found businesses with similar names – like a gift shop in South Carolina – and a publishing company in Canada. But nothing specific to here in Hoboken (yet at least).

What do you think it will be (besides what we already mentioned?)

  • Another fancy coffee shop?
  • Thai sandwiches (panini “pressed”)?
  • Some kind of yoga / meditation?
  • Hindu power-lifting?
  • A new-age transcendental realty office (“wish and the condo will be yours”)?
  • An Indian newspaper or magazine?

Either way it’s nice to see a space occupied after being vacant for more than a year!

buddha press Hoboken NJ

Here’s what the space looked like while it was for rent:

322 Washington Street Hoboken NJ Buddha Press

Description: Buddha Press “High end juice bar”
Address: 322 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

Hibernate Bedding

Hibernate Bedding – Hoboken, NJ – 720 Monroe Street

Ahh! Here’s a new business in Hoboken that truly fills a niche: Hibernate Bedding!

New in Hoboken NJ Hibernate BeddingMattresses and bedding are one of the last few remaining “cartels” out there.

Big mattress companies & resellers (like Sealy, Simmons, Stearns & Foster) have enjoyed a good “run” purposely confusing customers, making it very difficult to “comparison shop.” While we understand the reasons were to protect the industry (by preventing “under-cutting,”) it had gone on for way too long. Mattresses are a way too important purchase to make (1/3rd of your life spent on one!) And you shouldn’t make the investment without truly understanding what you’re paying for.

If you want to find some truly unique mattresses – Hibernate Bedding is a place you’d definitely want to check out (Monroe Center – 720 Monroe St., 5th Floor C-508).

Hibernate specializes in “natural” type mattress – including fully organic ones made by hand – of the highest quality materials. (They also have a location in Bernardsville).

Natural “organic” brands include OMI, Savvy Rest, Nature’s Spa, as well as memory foam from TempurPedic, Serta and traditional coil mattresses. And don’t forget the kids & babies!

Hibernate Bedding Hoboken New Jersey

What makes Hibernate Bedding different?

We asked owner Scott Paladini why a potential customer would want to shop at Hibernate rather than “chains” like Sleepy’s:

“Hibernate Bedding was created to reduce the confusion, hassle and annoyance that has become synonymous with mattress shopping while promoting a healthier night’s sleep through a specially curated collection of natural and organic mattresses, pillows, furniture and accessories for adults, children and infants.”

“Our goal is to provide you with superior customer service and an amazing shopping experience by providing unbiased recommendations, education and advice to ensure you make the right purchase and we back that up with a sixty night comfort guarantee.”

Nice to know they back up their products with that guarantee that ensures you won’t get stuck with something you’ll just have to throw out if it’s not right for you.

Keep in mind they just recently opened and are still settling in. Best to call prior to visiting (201)216-0165.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Hibernate Bedding!

Description: Premium bedding for the discerning customer.
Address: 720 Monroe St., C-508, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)216-0165
Email: sleep@hibernatebedding.com
Online: hibernatebedding.comTwitterFacebook

Little City Books

Little City Books – Hoboken, NJ – 100 Bloomfield Street

Replacing Platform Shoes (which “downsized” into Air Studios recently) this spring is Little City Books.

Located at 100 Bloomfield Street and expected to open in May, Little City Books is the brainchild of local musician Kate Jacobs along with former Goldman Sachs investment banker Donna Garban and literary agent Emmanuelle Morgen.

Touted as an “indie bookstore,” the ladies hope to fill a void created when Barnes & Noble left a few years ago. The only other bookstore in town presently is Symposia Books.

The trio hopes to lure customers with a curated array of “music books,” “kids books” and many others based on “customer demand.”

They also are starting an IndieGoGo campaign to help them pay for “building out” the space.

Little City Books Hoboken NJ 100 Bloomfield Street

A bookstore in Hoboken: Can it succeed?

I certainly do like the idea of a bookstore. We need entrepreneurs like these ladies to remind people that reading is a good thing (other than electronic gadgets and so on). But I am a bit concerned about their approach, as well as long-term viability.

  • For one, starting an Indiegogo campaign to help them pay for this sounds shitty. Who commits to starting a business unless they can afford it on their own? This trend of “other people” funding small businesses like this seems like a cheap shortcut. Unless there was a real ROI on any investment – how could you open your wallets to fund someone else’s future profits?
  • Additionally – can a “brick & mortar” bookstore survive in 2015? Symposia is kind of dumpy and has relatively cheap rent. This fancy spot certainly costs more.
  • And these three are starting this business – while maintaining other jobs. Seems like a half-effort to me. I appreciate businesses where the owners are always on hand. How do you create customer relationships when you’re hit or miss?
  • With online retailers like Amazon selling pre-owned books for pennies (or Kindle versions) – what is their model for survival? Another “Indiegogo” campaign?
  • I’d suspect if they were smart – they’d also figure out a way to rent out the space for private parties, as well as hold some kind of (pay-for) events as well.

Hopefully they’ll have a decent enough customer base to survive. Maybe “grass roots” can win over the online “Goliaths” of the world?

Description: “Indie” Book Store.
Address: 100 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: littlecitybooks.com

After School Homework Helpers

For your kid: After School Homework Helpers (tutoring)

Now open for business over at the Monroe Center (720 Monroe St. Suite E504) is After School Homework Helpers, an after-school tutoring service for kids in kindergarten to the 8th grade.

Founded by lifetime Hoboken resident Chantel Figueroa – and staffed by advanced degree educators – tutoring will be available Monday through Friday from 3pm to 8pm.

Tutoring is $50 per hour, and is semi-private – with no more than five students per tutor.

Chantel says: “I am hiring only the city’s best educators. Both active and retired teachers who have received awards, recognition and accolades for their achievements. These educators have assisted students throughout the years in academic acceleration and comprehension as well as behavioral and emotional complications. Many of the educators also have specialization in special education and are able to assess whether students have any issues such as ADHD, Autism, and other various disabilities.”

To book a session or to find out more, call (201)889-6380.

After School Homework Helpers Hoboken NJ

Description: After school tutoring for kids K-8.
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite E504, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)889-6380
Email: clfigueroa18@hotmail.com
Online: TwitterFacebook