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Jack’s Cabin

Jack’s Cabin – “Block 14″ in Hoboken, NJ

Jack's Cabin Hoboken NJ coming soonWhat has long been referred to in Hoboken as the “downtown steakhouse” finally has a name: Jack’s Cabin.

While this is considered to be a “welcome addition” for many residents in the 4th Ward, please be reminded that this corner (“block 14″) was originally supposed to be part of a vibrant 6-acre park in the Southwest Hoboken. This political football has morphed into bucket of bile over the past eight years. The current “football” is in the shape of a dusty < 1 acre parking lot that will be your dangling carrot for several years to come.

There is a LOT of history about this “block” on Hoboken411 – see the following updates to get up to speed:

Regardless – as it stands, we still wish Jack’s Cabin the best of luck being in the middle of a hotly contested (and flooded) area of Hoboken.

Jack's Cabin Hoboken NJ 9 Paterson Avenue

Description: Restaurant / Bar. Reclaimed wood used in interior furnishings.
Address: 9 Paterson Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)876-2615
Online: jackscabinnj.com

Blo It Out Lounge

Blo It Out Lounge coming to 1212 Washington Street

BLO IT OUT LOUNGE COMING SOON HOBOKEN NJHere we go again. This is certainly one of the current trends here in Hoboken. Blo It Out Lounge (or Blo-it-out Lounge) is coming to the old Jonathan Marx Optician spot at 1212 Washington Street.

I can say this is the current trend with accuracy because last year this time – there were NO “blow out” establishments in Hoboken. This will make the THIRD one in less than a year. The Blowout Zone, and Up and Out are the other two that recently opened.

I guess it’s hard to argue with a trend if people are willing to pay for the services. They’re just filling a niche.

Hmmm. Wonder what other aspects of the “laziness of modern humans” we can financially take advantage of next? Tooth brushing? Sex?

Blo It Out Lounge Hoboken NJ coming soon 1212 Washington Street

Description: Hair blowout. Braids. Makeup. All sorts of other “physical” things for your appearance.
Address: 1212 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 0730
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: TBD

McLoone’s Pier House

McLoone’s Pier House almost ready in Hoboken

It doesn’t look ready from the outside, but apparently the work going on over at McLoone’s Pier House uptown at 13th & Shipyard – is just “final touches.”

Word on the street is that they could be open as early as this weekend. Remember, go easy on a restaurant when they first open!

McLoone's Pier House Hoboken NJ

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Jensen C. Vasil

Jensen C. Vasil Architect – Hoboken, NJ 205 12th Street

Jensen C. Vasil Architect 205 12th Street Hoboken NJHere’s another addition to the “professional services” that are available to the wealthy in Hoboken: Jensen C. Vasil, Architect PC, filling the long-vacant spot at 205 12th Street.

“Jensen C. Vasil Architect PC is a multi-disciplined firm serving the Metro New York and New Jersey areas. We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients from inception to completion and can provide proven experience in a wide variety of buildings and uses.”

Just like “interior decorator” J. Patryce Design which we mentioned earlier – it’s one of those “wonderments” how a small firm actually needs to waste capital on office space. How come home offices can’t suffice?

Anyway, Jensen C. Vasil has done many projects for the 0.1% uptown, and even some commercial work, including The Hoboken Man Salon.

Jensen C. Vasil Architect Hoboken NJ

Description: Architect.
Address: 205 12th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)221-7566
Email: jensen@jcvarch.com
Online: jcvarch.comHouzzLinkedIn

J. Patryce Design

J. Patryce Design Interior Decoration

J. Patryce Design Hoboken 500 GardenHere’s a business update for today. Taking the spot (a while ago) that was formerly home to Garden’s Bloom at 500 Garden Street is J. Patryce Design (“interior decoration”).

Let’s get the fluff out of the way first: “J. Patryce Design specializes in the planning, design and project management of residences throughout New York and New Jersey. Founded in 2005, this Hoboken interior design firm embodies the vision of its Principal, Joan Enger, blending clean lines with classic elements to ensure elegant, inviting environments.”

For starters – the place does indeed look nice, which I guess can be considered a “testament” to the business itself.

However, the “curiosity” in me always asks questions like:

  • Their website has three testimonials and six projects in their portfolio. Is that enough to make the rent?
  • For a business like this – is it really necessary to have a “street presence?” Where is the $60k or more a year coming from for the rent? Are they doing that well? Or just have “money to burn?” (Counterpoint – it may be well worth it to have an office outside of the house – especially if you have kids).

Either way – it’s nice to have a filled storefront, even if it doesn’t generate exciting foot traffic. Beats “for rent” signs for sure! And a “professional” office like this will certainly help “close the deal” better than just schlepping your giant leather portfolio around to give references. I guess it gives Joan a big load of credibility for her potential customers. I think I picked the wrong career when daydreaming in class.

J. Patryce Design Hoboken NJ 500 Garden Street

Description: Interior Decoration.
Address: 500 Garden Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: (201)683-6936
Email: joan@jpatrycedesign.com
Online: jpatrycedesign.comPinterestFacebook

Milk Sugar Love

Milk Sugar Love home made ice cream (in Jersey City)

You know, Hoboken doesn’t really have an “old-fashioned” ice cream store. And at the very least, we don’t know of any “delicacy” shop that makes their own ice cream. Which is why you should get to know the name Milk Sugar Love a little better.

Milk Sugar Love 19 McWilliams Place Jersey City NJ

Milk Sugar Love is the labor of love for Hudson County resident Emma Taylor. Some of you might recognize the name, as the Milk Sugar Love cart has made appearances in Hoboken both at the Garden Street Farmers Market – as well as the Food Truck Frenzy at Pier 13 from a few weeks ago.

Now Milk Sugar Love has a permanent location at 19 McWilliams Place at Hamilton Park (map) over in Jersey City. Practically walking distance from Hoboken!

Emma tries to make all ice cream flavors as “natural” as possible – and in fact when we visited they had four flavors that were 100% organic from top to bottom. Impressive to say the least.

Note that their ice cream doesn’t necessarily need to be consumed on-site either. You can buy pints to go for $10 apiece. They offer other sweet items as well, like macaroons, brownies, cookies, classic cakes as well as ice cream cakes. Perfect for any party or event.

Organic Ice Cream at Milk Sugar Love Jersey City NJ

Milk Sugar Love Grand Opening Event – July 16th

If you want to meet the owner and join in the “welcome to the neighborhood” festivities – head over to Milk Sugar Love on Wednesday, July 16th from 3pm to 6pm (although the “fun” will likely continue until they’re closed for the night).

In addition to samples – popular Stumptown Cold Brewed Coffee will also be available.

Milk Sugar Love Jersey City NJ Grand Opening Emma Taylor

Description: Milk Sugar Love Creamery Bakeshop. Fresh made ice cream, cookies, cakes and other treats.
Address: 19 McWilliams Place, Jersey City, NJ 07302
Phone: (201)984-0530
Email: sweets@milksugarlove.com
Online: milksugarlove.comTwitterFacebook