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Hudson Table

Hudson Table – A unique, fun experience coming to Hoboken

Here’s some exciting news for Hoboken coming this fall: Hudson Table opening in the Edge Lofts building uptown!

Hudson Table Hoboken NJ Edge Lofts

What exactly is Hudson Table, if you don’t mind?

There is nothing like Hudson Table in Hoboken. It’s basically a “group cooking” experience. Part educational, part social, recreational and interactive, and 100% about food.

Owner Allen Bari and his partners Taposh Bari and Melanie Cecillo have teamed up to actually create a unique niche in Hoboken.

  • Imagine finally learning how to use those knives you’ve received as a gift? There’s a class for that.
  • Ever want to learn how to make your own chocolate-based dish? Got that too.
  • Hate frozen pizza and want to know how you can do the same, but 100% from scratch? Yes, sir. Even in crispy, thin or doughy formats!
  • Love the Hoboken Farmers’ Markets – but don’t know what to do with all those veggies? They will have you covered!

Even more interesting is the person Allen Bari is. He’s definitely a guy who “rolls with his passions,” going from a World Series of Poker bracelet-holder, to a French Culinary Institute trained Chef who’s created a super-cool experience for Hobokenites to enjoy.

Whether you just want to explore the joyous world of cooking, or hone your already growing skills – or even have a “date night” that is profoundly more fun than sitting in a dark theater, Hudson Table seems to be right on all levels.

Be on the lookout for their opening this fall – and get in while the going is good, because we predict this concept will be off the charts!

cooking classes Hudson Table Hoboken NJ

Description: Unique cooking school-ish class-based enterprise. Individual classes and instruction.
Address: 1405 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: hudsontable.comTwitterFacebook

McLoone’s Pier House

McLoone’s Pier House

Wow – McLoone’s Pier House uptown in the former LUA spot really transformed the place!

Sure LUA was “nice,” the bar area did have a somewhat dark feeling. What the folks at McLoone’s have do is open it up quite nicely. Feels 10x bigger inside. While it might be reminiscent of a cruise ship dining hall to some degree – and not have the most intimate of atmospheres (tables are a bit close), I’m sure it will feel cozier at night.

Last I heard was they were just waiting on the permits and should finally be open this week.

McLoone's Pier House Hoboken NJ Interior

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Plum on the Run

Plum on the Run lunch truck in Hoboken, NJ

The owners of The Yellow Plum restaurant in Bloomfield, NJ have expanded their “empire” with their new Plum on the Run lunch truck.

Plum on the Run hoboken nj lunch truck

Typically set up downtown near Pier A Park up to five days a week, the “classically trained” chefs are proud to offer their cooking expertise at affordable prices for Hoboken residents and visitors alike. They also sometimes setup near Sinatra Park and / or River Street as well (I guess it depends on the HPU thieves).

And if you’ve been by there already – you know this has nothing to do with “plums,” and “everything to do with sandwiches and salads.” And I guess $10 for a burger, plus fries and a drink is a pretty fair deal indeed.

Description: Lunch truck.
Address: Varies.
Phone: (646) 824-6920
Email: plumontherun.nj@gmail.com
Online: Facebook

plum on the run hoboken menu

Prime Cycle

Prime Cycle – Hoboken, NJ – 1025 Maxwell Lane

Opening up the first week of September over at Maxwell Place is Prime Cycle.

Prime Cycle Hoboken NJ 1025 Maxwell Lane

What is Prime Cycle anyway?

“Prime Cycle is an indoor cycling studio equipped with 40 Schwinn AC Performance Plus Bikes with Performance iQ.

We offer private men’s and women’s bathrooms and showers and also sell fitness equipment and apparel.

And for parents, we offer child care services monitored by state/CPR certified babysitters.”

Side note: There must be tens of thousands “cycling studios” across the nation. Why is it that no one has thought of a way to use all this expended energy to pump electricity back into the grid? Every little bit helps, doesn’t it?

Prime Cycle Hoboken NJ 40 bikes

Description: Cycling fitness studio.
Address: 1025 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: primecycle.comFacebook

Riverside Medical Group

Riverside Medical Group coming to Maxwell Place in Hoboken

As we mentioned earlier this past winter – a medical office is slated to open up this fall at Maxwell Place: The Riverside Medical Group.

Riverside Medical Group – is a massive medical practice – with two other locations in Hoboken already, as well as Jersey City, Secaucus, and several other NJ cities. They currently have several dozen doctors and take adult and pediatric patients, in addition to podiatry and ear, nose and throat patients.

You can say one thing for certain – the medical “industry,” despite costing a lot (for malpractice insurance among other things) is still a highly lucrative industry – when they can afford the ridiculous rents at Maxwell Place. Then again, I’m sure patients would appreciate the nice neighborhood, and neighbors would prefer a doctor’s office over a dollar store. So maybe it’s a win-win after all.

Riverside Medical Group Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place

Description: Medical office.
Address: 1101 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD (call their other office at 609 Washington for info if needed: 201-706-8488)
Online: riversidemedgroup.comTwitterFacebook

Vivi Bubble Tea

Vivi Bubble Tea coming to Hoboken, NJ – from Taiwan!

Vivi Bubble Tea Hoboken NJ coming soonHmmm. Soon to replace the relocated Uptown Realty at 117 Washington Street is Vivi Bubble Tea.

Vivi Bubble Tea touts themselves as having “the best bubble tea from Taiwan!,” and already has a dozen locations in NYC, plus one near Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Here’s their insulin-attacking description:

“Bubble tea originated from Taiwan in the early 80′s. The term bubble tea came about as a description of the tea because bubble tea is usually prepared with a tea base mixed with milk or fruit syrups and ice. A shaker is used to ensure that all flavors are well-infused. The shaking movement creates bubbly foam on the surface of the drinks, hence the name “bubble tea.” Traditionally, bubble tea is served with chewy tapioca pearls made of sweet potato, cassava root, and brown sugar. Other toppings such as aloe, pudding, lychee jelly, ice jelly and red bean are also available.”

(I think my blood sugar went up 100x just typing that in!)

Vivi Bubble Tea Hoboken NJ 117 Washington Street

Will Vivi Bubble Tea succeed in Hoboken?

Even though they’ve seemingly had success “riding the wave” of the bubble tea trend in the city – several locals we’ve spoken with think that they’re already on life-support before they even open. One resident told us “Maybe they should have tried Edgewater for a better customer base?”

Whether it’s bubble tea or some other kind of trendy product – it’s tough to succeed in Hoboken unless you have a fairly diversified product offering (look at the Prime Time convenience stores expanding like rabbits…)

Either way – we wish them luck, as an occupied space is better than one “for rent.” Even if it is just temporary…

Description: Bubble tea from Taiwan.
Address: 117 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: vivibubbletea.comFacebook