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Oscar’s Groceries – For Rent

Oscar’s Groceries – For Rent

Forgot to mention this a while ago – but long time bodega Oscar’s Groceries at 10th & Willow quietly closed and is currently for rent. But events like this always leave me with questions.

Oscar's Grocery doomed hoboken NJ

What happened?

We never had a problem with Oscar’s (especially since we like name!) Often picking up a quick beverage on hot days, etc. They were definitely more affordable than other places. But why did they close?

I’m sure the Prime Stop just 275 feet down the block did not help. You ever wonder why they have a “500 foot rule” for (new) alcohol licenses? Why can’t the same be true for “similar” businesses?

In this case – it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Because while Prime Stop is definitely more expensive – they have a clean layout, better selection and are open 24 hours. Oscar’s could have at least spruced the place up a bit.

Either way – still kind of sad to see “old school” stuff go away.

Prime Stop convenience store Hoboken NJ

Description: For Rent
Address: 1003 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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PUC Fine Jewelry – Doomed

PUC Fine Jewelry – Doomed (evicted)

Boy, less than a year and a half after opening – PUC Fine Jewelry is but a faint memory on Washington Street.

There were eviction notices on the door, and a brand-spanking new “for rent” sign on the railing. Like I said just a few months ago, Jewelry Stores are a tough business in Hoboken.

PUC Jewelry Hoboken NJ evicted

Description: Jewelry Store FOR RENT.
Address: 1026 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

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AT&T Wireless – Closed

AT&T Wireless closes at 605 Washington in Hoboken

A week or so ago, an AT&T Wireless store at 605 Washington Street just closed. Worry not, because the AT&T Wireless store at 106 Washington is still open.

But people ask – why are cell phone “stores” even open anymore? Don’t most people acquire their new phones online or via the phone itself? Or better yet – at crappy stores like Walmart?

Meh. Perhaps they’re re-locating to a more vibrant area of Hoboken (like uptown is curiously missing a cell phone outlet). We don’t care too much, because we believe the days for stores like this are numbered. Plus it was a “franchise” and not an official store.

Does AT&T Wireless closing here make you sad?

AT&T cell phone store closes in Hoboken NJ

Description: Authorized AT&T Mobile Wireless store. Phones, accessories, plans. FOR RENT.
Address: 605 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-710-5959
Web: www.attwireless.com

See back in the day when they opened…

Park Ave Bar & Grill – Doomed

Park Ave Bar & Grill in Union City bankrupt after 8 years

A lot of people (especially in North Hoboken) frequented the Park Ave Bar & Grill over in neighboring Union City. But the party is over, and they pretty much went out of business (this happens when you have multiple business partners who are not “on the same page.”)

The owners of the building itself are from Hoboken, and would be happy to take on a new, more competent tenant.

But there’s a “Bankruptcy Auction” this coming Tuesday if you’re interested. Practically everything in the space is for sale. Equipment, furniture, decorations, kitchen supplies, TV’s, DJ sound gear. Everything. Heck you could even buy all the stuff and hit the ground running if you want (A lot cheaper than building it from scratch!) The liquor license is up for grabs as well.

See the auction site here – and look at this PDF to see what’s for sale.

Nice knowing you Park Ave Bar & Grill!

Park Ave Bar Grill Union City Doomed Auction

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R. William Maggs Designs

R. William Maggs Designs gets up and leaves

Jeez. Just last year R. William Maggs Designs was “settling in” to their new space on 6th Street. And a few weeks ago they just picked up and left. Neighbors mentioned that they were over in Jersey City (where the business climate is 100x better than Hoboken), but we couldn’t find them. They’re still taking orders via phone though. Call 201-865-7653 for your floral needs.

R William Maggs Designs leaves Hoboken NJ

Description: Decorator, Event Planner, Floral Specialist SPACE FOR RENT
Address: 155 Sixth Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)238-2240
Email: bmaggs3@aol.com
Online: bmaggs3.wix.com/rwmaggsdesigns

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Hotel Victor – For Sale

Hotel Victor Bar for sale in Hoboken

Hmm. Just a few short years after the big renovation – Hotel Victor Bar & Grill is up for sale. I always thought downtown bars close to the PATH were gold mines? Why would you sell it?

“Hoboken Business Opportunity! This thriving Hoboken Bar and Restaurant located at 77 Hudson Street is a fully renovated, turnkey, operating business in a PRIME location. Here’s your chance to own a piece of Hoboken. Home of Frank Sinatra, baseball and our very own Cake Boss. Sale includes liquor license, fully equipped kitchen, furnished bar and dining area, fixtures, audio, & TV equipment are included. NYC PATH/HOBOKEN TRAINS/NJ TRANSIT TERMINALS are directly adjacent to this already booming establishment.”

You interested? Contact Vera at (201) 637-9983.

Hotel Victor Hoboken NJ for sale

Description: Bar & Restaurant located downtown near the PATH station. Formerly Hobson’s Choice.
Address: 77 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: Facebook
Phone: (201)420-0070

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