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Jewelry By Peter – Doomed

Jewelry By Peter no more

Jewelry By Peter over at 1102 Washington St. is now “No Jewelry by Anyone” (euphemism for “For Rent.”) They didn’t even last nine months. What a shame.

Their online presence is nil as well.

Note to future retailers: When you’re doing Groupons and boutique “crawls,” that usually lands you on some kind of “death watch” list.

Jewelry by Peter Hoboken NJ doomed for rent

Description: Jewelry Store Future home of another doomed business.
Address: 1102 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-6883
Online: jewelrybypeterinc.com (offline) – Facebook (not updated since 9/2014)

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Radio Shack – Dead?

Will Radio Shack survive 2015?

Along with a string of many other “national” retail chains, Radio Shack is also teetering – by entering the bankruptcy stage of their existence. Will we have another “for rent” spot on Washington St. soon?

Radio Shack Bankruptcy Hoboken NJ

“Spiraling toward irrelevance”

Here’s what “the media” wrote:

“The 94-year-old chain that started in the 1920s with a store in Boston traced the rise of electronics in the life of Americans—from transistor radios and typewriters to Bluetooth headphones and smartphones. It grew into a nationwide icon but began spiraling toward irrelevance as electronics moved to the Web and technology moved on.”

Bad timing? What was the real reason Radio Shack fizzled?

See I’m wondering what the actual reason(s) for Radio Shack’s troubles are:

  • Poor management? Failure to “respond” to market demand?
  • The advent of certain technologies? (tablets & smartphones)
  • The disappearance of their core customers? (DIY, fixer-uppers, etc.)

In the end, it’s most likely “a combination of” those and more.

But they’re all related to some degree. I used to work for Radio Shack back in the 80′s. And the even though there were emerging technologies like computers with “GUI’s,” and mobile phones – A good chunk of their business came from people who liked building things, fixing their own problems. Wires, transistors, soldering guns (does anyone even have one of those anymore?), fuses, capacitors, antennas, and a whole lot of other stuff (stereo equipment and speakers were also big, along with remote control toys around Christmas).

And sure, there is a new emerging trend of “DIY” hackers out there who fashion circuit boards and make gadgety stuff – but they’re a very tiny minority of the available customer base – and they probably buy their stuff online (since Radio Shack abandoned most of that “hobby” stuff a long time ago.)

Many say that Radio Shack was “a day late and a dollar short” when it came to the market itself. Sure, they could have responded faster to the almost “all-in” mobile phone market – but that would have alienated their previous loyal customers even faster – so it may not have made a difference.

Perhaps Radio Shack was just one of those places that was meant to be a temporary phase in the evolution (devolution) of mankind.

Maybe if they don’t go 100% out of business – the next best idea would be to turn all their existing stores into “Prepper’s HQ” type outlets for the HUGE market of people getting ready for when SHTF? Batteries, solar, water purifiers, food rations, hunting gear, etc.

You never know… that could save the day for them (and some people!)

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S Sullivan’s – Doomed

S. Sullivan’s Closes in Hoboken, NJ

Sullivan’s was one of those places – with the exception of hot summer days when you can see patrons enjoying smokes outside – it’s not always easy to tell if they’re open. Apparently they have closed for good. (sold)

Ironically, one Hoboken resident told Hoboken411 that the owner said he sold the establishment because “he can’t appeal to the town’s younger crowd anymore…”

Kind of sad, because while places like Village Pourhouse are “changing with the times,” Stinky’s just throws in the towel. Perhaps they just didn’t have the mega-capital to undergo a six-figure renovation. Too bad, because it was one of the remaining “dive-like” bars in town (grungy) and even had a halfway decent jukebox!

We’ll see what comes next…

Sullivan's Hoboken Closed

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Clarke’s – Doomed

Clarke’s doomed in Hoboken

Well, as fast as they changed the name from Four L’s to Clarke’s – the place seems shuttered now.

One less bar to choose from for New Year’s Eve now, I guess.

Clarke's Hoboken NJ closed

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Marina Deli & Plus

Marina Deli & Plus – Hoboken, NJ – Park & Sixth

We’re going to keep updating this post for the old La Casetta Pizza spot at Park and Sixth (539 Park) open, because we believe it will be a “revolving door” of businesses until someone gets it right. For now, it’s called “Marina Deli & Plus” (plus what exactly?)

Some residents actually enjoyed a cheap pizza place close by, but apparently boxes of cereal, coffee and cigarettes seem to be Marina’s business model. No pizza at the moment, although they owner mumbled something about “maybe in the future.” Sounds “promising.”

Here’s the thing. I’m sure there is a lengthy back story to why this even exists (probably something to do with illegal alien immigrants). But I could care less. The main thing here is (and it’s obvious) that this businesses is going to be doomed. For one, you have a guy with as much “enthusiasm” as a pall-bearer running the place, selling over-priced stuff you can easily get elsewhere from a more exciting place to patronize. And they took away the one good thing from the previous place, too!

When it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Oh well. Two points for trying at least.

Marina Deli Plus Hoboken NJ

Description: Pizza, deli, grill. Bare minimum bodega.
Address: 539 Park Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-6363 201-659-5200
Email: none
Online: no online presence currently available

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Ricky’s NYC doomed

Ricky’s bites the dust in Hoboken thanks to rising rents!

Ricky’s salon supply store at 222 Washington Street is finished with Hoboken, closing on December 31, 2014. All sorts of clearance specials including buy one get one free in the entire store.

The reason again? Double rent after their short-term lease expired. Even a successful chain store like Ricky’s couldn’t survive. There is some speculation that they might open up a store in more business-friendly Jersey City. Also – other businesses after learning this are actually hoping for a full-fledged Gap (which would then be directly next to the Baby Gap), as it would supposedly bring in more shoppers to spend money elsewhere as well.

Nice knowing ya’ Ricky!

Ricky's doomed Hoboken NJ double rent

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