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Office Depot Doomed

Office Depot “Doomed” Closing Sale in Hoboken

A little more than three years after opening – Office Depot in Hoboken is closing. Office Depot / Office Max is expected to close hundreds more stores by 2016. Seems that people don’t need pens, pencils or paper anymore – and all the other stuff they sell can be had cheaper via places like Amazon.

Guess the Cake Boss ribbon-cutting was for naught.

Office Depot Doomed in Hoboken NJ

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Scottrade Hoboken – Doomed

Scottrade closes in Hoboken, NJ

Nearly six years to the day, Scottrade opened up at 114 Washington Street. And when we shared that “breaking news,” we asked if anyone actually had a need for a brick & mortar trading broker.

Now they’re doomed, and we are still puzzled why it took so long. Never saw a single person walk in or out of this place. Not even a homeless vestibule squatter!

Anyway, this 1600 square foot retail space just blocks from the PATH station can be had for a paltry $180,000 a year in rent. The brokers on this deal know – and they’re suggesting a doctor’s office or bank. That tells you where the money is these days, right?

scottrade hoboken nj doomed

Description: Stockbroker For Rent
Address: 114 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-420-9277
Website: www.scottrade.com

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Yafit – Doomed

Yafit doomed in Hoboken

Here’s the deal. The d-bag that “owned” that cheesy men’s clothing store called “Beau Brummel” up on Washington Street back starting in 2006 – was a total douchebag. Not only did he mislead and scam everyone he came in contact with – he also screwed everyone “indirectly” as well. Something about these greedy scumbags… He was such a sham that we removed his directory listing from the site.

But his stupid “wife” (or whatever she was) opened up this lame-ass shop over at 419 Washington St. a couple years ago. “Yafit.” Because of the shoddy reputation – they were “dead to me” as well.

So now “Yafit” can honestly be considered “YaDon’tFit” Haha!

Not sure how those scamming businesses can last as long as they did. But they’re gone, thankfully – and maybe now some better energy can fill that space.

Yafit Hoboken Doomed

Antique Reflections – For Rent

Antique Reflections gone in Hoboken

Well, another one bites the dust in town. Despite all the “oohs” and “ahhs,” you can’t sugar coat reality. When will people realize you need “ying” to balance “yang” (not everything is cotton candy and rainbows – as you might be led to believe if you’re stuck in the “mainstream.”) A little less than a year after opening, Antique Reflections has “hit the road” less than a year after opening.

This teeny-tiny retail spot at 252 First Street is once again up for rent. Whatever the asking price is, it’s probably 2x to 3x more than it’s worth.

When I said “hit the road,” I meant it – as they were recently seen last month in Miami, FL at the “World’s Largest Antique Show” in Miami Beach.

Antique Reflections Hoboken NJ 252 First Street For Rent

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Gypsy Warrior

Gypsy Warrior ditches Hoboken, NJ location

We knew this was going to happen – Gypsy Warrior left from 5th & Washington in Hoboken last month. And it might even be possible this was by design (i.e., a “pop up store.”)

But what does that tell you about the retail environment in town?

If they knowingly set up a temporary store – that leads one to believe that other than holiday periods – many (non-essential, trivial) retail stores probably struggle to make the rent year round. Something has to give. Imagine Hoboken with no “specialty shops” anywhere except between October and January?

gypsy warrior leaves Hoboken NJ

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Poor Cat Designs – For Rent

Poor Cat Designs for rent in Hoboken

We kind of called this one. Earlier this year we posted a “2015 Hoboken Survival Watch,” in which we shared our observations of sparse customer activity over at Poor Cat Designs (716 Washington St.) Well, now they’re for rent:

“Located in the heart of busy Hoboken on Washington Street (the main thoroughfare). Beautiful building (award winning historic designation). Great window exposure. Hardwood floors, high hat and indirect lighting, air conditioning, high ceilings, bright clean and modern space. Great for dry goods, cafe, salon, professional office, specialty store, or other.”

For anyone out of town considering this space – note that this spot is NOT in the “heart” of busy Hoboken. It may be the “middle” of that particular stretch of road, but this is one of the least busy spots on “the main thoroughfare.” But call it what you want.

If you still care to give it a shot (an Apple store is probably the only thing that would do good), the cost is a mere $60,000 a year in rent (not including other overhead).

Poor cat designs for rent hoboken NJ

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