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Chinese Massage – Doomed

Unhappy Ending – Chinese Massage gone in Hoboken

The relatively dumpy-looking Chinese Massage place at 636 Washington is doomed and now for rent. The empty spaces seem to be racking up here in Hoboken as of late.

Perhaps Asian Massage Parlors should be added to the list of economic indicators they yap about on the “news.” Because when guys start lopping things like this off their list of discretionary spending, we got a serious problem!

But in all seriousness – this is another one of those situations where the street-level appeal plays a significant role in a businesses success. Just the way Copper Kettles wasn’t allowed to modify their storefront for “historical preservation” purposes, this place is similar – with those horrible window displays and homeless-attracting alcoves.

Unhappy Ending Chinese Massage Doomed Hoboken NJ

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3 Forty Grill – Done

3 Forty Grill closes for good in Hoboken, NJ

3 forty grill closed Hoboken NJWow, this one came out of nowhere. The owners of 3 Forty Grill announced that they have closed up shop after 11 long years in Hoboken.

In a message sent out to customers they said: “We have sold 3Forty Grill, and it will open up as a BBQ Restaurant next spring. Thank you for your support over the years, it was a pleasure serving you.”

They noted that they also recently opened up HAVEN Restaurant in Edgewater – and will honor any 3 Forty Grill gift certificates there.

We’re not sure if it was just slower restaurant business and the economy – or another one of those massive rent increases Hoboken is known for. And while BBQ is totally awesome, I just hope it’s not a franchise or chain place. I wonder if it’s the same BBQ people who were rumored to be taking over the (still) empty Liberty Bar space uptown.

Either way – Hoboken keeps changing!

3 Forty Grill Hoboken NJ Closes after 11 years 340

Description: Closed. BBQ coming in 2015.
Website: 3fortygrill.com
Address: 340 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 217-3406

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Hoboken Paint & Hardware

Hoboken Paint & Hardware closes after 23 years (doubled rent!)

Another long-time Hoboken business is now gone. Hoboken Paint & Hardware at 316 Washington Street is officially closed. Gotta love the way “mayor” don Zimmer is going out of her way to keep great businesses in town. As chain store after chain store open, what made Hoboken unique with places like this, close up shop. “Great Downtowns” my ass!

Hoboken Paint and Hardware closing

They had everything you could possibly need for the upkeep of your home or apartment. Little nuts & bolts. Light bulbs. Tools, fasteners, hooks, paint, and much more. And they were the ONLY Hoboken hardware store open on Sunday. Now if you need an emergency part or plumbing supply – you’ll have to figure out how to get to Home Depot.

The rent apparently was doubling to around $20,000 per month. But I’m sure if an Apple store opens up there, most of you will be thrilled. Because what more do you need in life? /sarc.

If you happen to be walking by and they’re open – everything inside is 50% off.

Hoboken Paint and Hardware doomed thanks to zimmer

Description: Paint & Hardware. Essentially vacant now.
Address: 316 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-222-0003

Legal Beans – Gone

Legal Beans closes “brick and mortar” in Hoboken, NJ {still delivers}

Well, it looks like being on the “doomed corner” of Newark & Garden finally did it in for Legal Beans, who closed shop for good – even after successfully re-opening after Hurricane Sandy – and expanding into the tasty BBQ business.

Note that Legal Beans has locations in Jersey City – and will continue servicing Hoboken with food delivery.

I think the only business that might be able to survive on this drenched corner would be a place like the Hoboken Dive Center.

Legal Beans Hoboken NJ BBQ doomed - Copy

legal beans closed in Hoboken NJ - Copy

Description: Cafe serving Coffee and espresso drinks, American cuisine, BBQ, baked goods, breakfast For rent. But you can still order delivery to Hoboken from Jersey City. (Every day but Tuesday).
Address: 86 Garden St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 533-8484

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Bahama Mama’s

Bahama Mama Night Club Redux?

Back in the day when Hoboken was more of a bona fide nightlife “hot spot,” Bahama Mama’s used to be “poppin” every time we went there. This was, of course back in the 90′s – when there were truly “destination” bars that people would come visit from all over the state.

Over time, those hot spots kind of “averaged out” here in town. And for at least the past 10 years, “it wasn’t what it used to be” is the best way I can describe this once-upon-a-time staple of the mile square nightlife scene.

And now look at the place! Looks doomed from this angle – but word is that they might be going through a remodel (maybe with a new name?)

Bahama Mama's Hoboken NJ then now

Description: Night Club & Bar
Website: www.bahamamamasnj.com
Address: 215 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 217-1642

La Casetta Pizza – Hello?

WTF? Is La Casetta Pizza doomed too?

La Casetta Pizza doomed in Hoboken NJSome doomed businesses in Hoboken can be attributed to common reasons. Most often, it’s the parking psychosis in Hoboken, as well as other anti-business regulations that the block-heads at City Hall continually spew out that kill our local economy. They never get it. However, in the case of La Casetta Pizza – we’re not 100% sure.

We don’t know the details behind what’s happening at La Casetta Pizza, but they’ve been closed without saying why for nearly a week. Whether it was just plain bad management, or a money-laundering operation gone sour, or just a crackpot collection of dimwitted dopes. Surely the business-hating local politicians (you allow to stay in office) can contribute – but these guys were certainly fools on their own.

They ran a fairly good “promotion:” A plain pizza for $7.99. It was better than acceptable from what we heard. But they FUCKING SUCKED with customer service. Never answered the phone. Didn’t care if they sold any food. Delivery sometimes, other times no delivery. Completely inconsistent. Closed half the time, too. This is what happens when people who don’t know shit run your business. If they cared for ONE second that treating customers well is paramount in a service-based industry, they would be flourishing. Instead – they’re “mysteriously” closed with no explanation.

So – we’re not certain if they’re closed for good, on vacation or just dead in the back room – because there’s no sign. But Vegas odds-makers (who have a job until their dwindling water supply dries up), are putting their money on “Doomed Dopes” over all other picks.

La Casetta Pizza Hoboken NJ appears doomed CLOSED

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