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The Melting Pot Doomed

Melting Pot closes in Hoboken, NJ

After six and a half years – The Melting Pot at 1st & Sinatra in Hoboken closed this past weekend. No surprise, as the location was most typically sparsely occupied, and with prices that aren’t quite “in tune” with the current economic climate. “Fancy high end” in a “strip mall” like corporate retail setting – along with a wine selection with many bottles well over $100 may have contributed. Plus they didn’t quite do a good job of marketing to parents and kids.

But most Melting Pot locations are “franchisee” owned and operated. There are five other locations in New Jersey if you really feel like dipping your stick of meat or fish in a communal pot of fluid.

Melting Pot Doomed Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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Limelight Floral Design

Limelight Floral Design moves back home (to Europe)

This business update was so dramatic, that it took us two months to actually find the emotional strength to share.

Limelight Floral Designs Hoboken NJ doomed

Back to the motherland

Just over three years after landing at 519 Adams St., the owner of Limelight Floral Design packed her bags and moved back to Europe.

I can only imagine how devastating this was to all the NYC tri-state area brides. How will they find flowers for their wedding or party now?

But this space is “for sale,” and hopefully a brave new floral designer can muster up the courage to perhaps fill these (next-to-impossible to fill) shoes.

Hoboken Limelight Floral moves back to Europe

Description: Flower shop and Floral Design Studio For Sale.
Address: 519 Adams Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: www.limelightfloral.com
Email: info@limelightfloral.com
Phone: 551-655-3195

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Hoboken NJ

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The Office – bids farewell to Hoboken

The Office – next Hoboken victim; moving to Jersey City

Well. the business “climate” in Hoboken has claimed yet another victim. This time it’s The Office over at 306 Washington Street.

The Office moves from Hoboken to Jersey City

Jersey City boasts business-friendly environment compared to Hoboken

Next month, The Office is moving to a similar-sized space smack-dab in the middle of Jersey City (Journal Square) for less than half the rent they’re paying now. Wow!

That, along with a not-so-ideal vibe here in Hoboken (Office Depot down the street, nagging customers whining about $20 invitation prints, and $0.25 copies), they made the choice to move to a locale that better suits their core business.

Gone will be the “internet cafe” which hogged precious floor space, and their focus will be primarily the business-to-business print and collateral side. They’ll still have a store-front, but without the high-overhead – low-profit offerings. It’s too bad, but as a business owner, you need to make tough decisions to maintain viability.

Doesn’t this make you sad? At this rate – Hoboken may and will become a strip-mall with some bars and restaurants, Realtors and parking enforcement officers.

The office moving to jersey city NJ from Hoboken 306 Washington Street

Description: Office services. Copies, computer facilities, Internet access, Copying & Finishing, Stationery, Computer time, Graphics work – Offset Printing, Graphic Design, Prepress, Forms, Stationery, Color, B&W, Fedex services
Address: 306 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (Moving to “business-friendly” Jersey City – Journal Square)
Telephone: (201)222-5555, Fax: (201) 217-6637

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Hoboken NJ

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Ladies apparel store 1Fifty Five closed

This trendy ladies clothing store at 55 First St. closed earlier this year. Back when they came on scene in 2012, 1FiftyFive promised to “evolve” based on customer feedback. That sums it up.

1fiftyfive ladies clothing store hoboken NJ closed

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Hoboken NJ

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7-Eleven having issues in Hoboken?

Brief update to the “chain store” 7-Eleven over at 422 Washington Street. There is some buzz that the store isn’t doing so swell… or possibly even in the red. Maybe they thought they’d “knock the competition out” (Hoboken Daily News across the street), but that didn’t happen. Much to their chagrin, the other store is still busy with regular loyal customers.

I for one, wouldn’t be sad to see 7-Eleven say bye-bye to Hoboken. Like the liberals would say “we need some diversity at that intersection.”

Perhaps a chicken place could come back. I would LOVE me some Chick-fil-A!

Is 7-Eleven in danger in Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant – Finally Goodbye

Maxwell’s to close for good in Hoboken

After that “stunt” Maxwell’s at 11th & Washington played back at the end of July 2013 – with their big, sad “farewell” party – only to re-open again (sans music), we considered them “dead” in reality. To get everyone up in arms about their closing kind of took the oomph out of the whole situation.

Now while we understand it was probably for economic reasons to keep the bar open until it was officially taken over – perhaps they could have organized the whole thing better. Who knows.

But word on the street is that Sunday, January 26th will “officially” be their last day open. “All booze must go.” So if you want to say a “Goodbye, again” to Maxwell’s – be sure you head over there. Otherwise carry on.

Maxwell's Hoboken NJ final farewell Sunday January 26 2014

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Hoboken NJ

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