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Crumbs Bake Shop – Revived

Crumbs Bake Shop brought back to life… for now

Shortly after Crumbs Bake Shop closed, millionaire and liberal TV talk show host Marcus Lemonis stepped in with a $6.5 million dollar plan to revive the fledgling diabetes store sweet bakery.

Now at least three NJ locations will be brought back to life. Bridgewater, Hoboken and Westfield. They should be opening up any day now.

Lemonis called the bake shop “iconic” (why? because it was a “brand name?”) and said that it was important to step in because of the “delicious products.” I smell something, and it doesn’t smell like cupcakes.

For one, the entire grain industry is “commoditized” purely for profit and he must know people in “Big AG” in order to peddle what amounts to drugs destructive to the human body, one or two “gluten free” items or not. More and more people are waking up to low-carb each week, so I wonder why they’re betting on it.

I suspect there are enough ignorant, uneducated people out there for this place to maintain a profit. But for how long, is anybody’s guess.

Crumbs Marcus Lemonis Hoboken NJ

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Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe

Pauline’s Chocolate becomes Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe in Hoboken

After several decades – a Hoboken staple “passes the torch,” as Pauline’s Chocolate becomes Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe.

Don’t worry, though – we’re not losing a piece of Hoboken, but more like “changing of the guard.” Read why below…

Nancy's Sweet Shoppe Hoboken NJ Grand Opening

Aunt Pauline passes chocolate biz down to Niece Nancy!

“Pauline started making chocolate in her hometown of Hoboken, NJ over 20 years ago. She quickly grew her following and customer base because of delicious hand made chocolate and exceptional presentation. She opened her store on 207 Jefferson Street in Hoboken and expanded on her business with new chocolate treats for every season and every event. After 20 years in business she is passing the business down to her niece Nancy who grew up in the chocolate store learning from the best. With some hard work and imagination Nancy reopened Pauline’s Chocolates in September of 2014 as Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe.”

Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe Grand Opening!

I’m sure many locals are already planning on attending – but Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe is having their “Grand Opening,” (or should we say “Grand Re-Opening”) tomorrow, Saturday, October 11th from 10am to 6pm. In addition, there will be a special appearance by Elsa (from the movie Frozen) from noon to 2pm. Free cotton candy and rides for the kids, too!

Swing by, meet Nancy, taste some of the best sweets the Mile Square offers – and experience a true feeling of what it’s like to actually be a part of Hoboken – and not some cookie-cutter condo or fake park or bogus bike lane. This is what makes Hoboken a good city. Got it?

Description: Chocolate & Candy. Balloons, Party Favors, Special Gifts.
Website: nancysweetshoppe.com
Address: 207 Jefferson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 795-1800

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Chinese Massage – Doomed

Unhappy Ending – Chinese Massage gone in Hoboken

The relatively dumpy-looking Chinese Massage place at 636 Washington is doomed and now for rent. The empty spaces seem to be racking up here in Hoboken as of late.

Perhaps Asian Massage Parlors should be added to the list of economic indicators they yap about on the “news.” Because when guys start lopping things like this off their list of discretionary spending, we got a serious problem!

But in all seriousness – this is another one of those situations where the street-level appeal plays a significant role in a businesses success. Just the way Copper Kettles wasn’t allowed to modify their storefront for “historical preservation” purposes, this place is similar – with those horrible window displays and homeless-attracting alcoves.

Unhappy Ending Chinese Massage Doomed Hoboken NJ

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3 Forty Grill – Done

3 Forty Grill closes for good in Hoboken, NJ

3 forty grill closed Hoboken NJWow, this one came out of nowhere. The owners of 3 Forty Grill announced that they have closed up shop after 11 long years in Hoboken.

In a message sent out to customers they said: “We have sold 3Forty Grill, and it will open up as a BBQ Restaurant next spring. Thank you for your support over the years, it was a pleasure serving you.”

They noted that they also recently opened up HAVEN Restaurant in Edgewater – and will honor any 3 Forty Grill gift certificates there.

We’re not sure if it was just slower restaurant business and the economy – or another one of those massive rent increases Hoboken is known for. And while BBQ is totally awesome, I just hope it’s not a franchise or chain place. I wonder if it’s the same BBQ people who were rumored to be taking over the (still) empty Liberty Bar space uptown.

Either way – Hoboken keeps changing!

3 Forty Grill Hoboken NJ Closes after 11 years 340

Description: Closed. BBQ coming in 2015.
Website: 3fortygrill.com
Address: 340 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 217-3406

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Mile Square Theatre

Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken moves to Artisan

After a very long “run” over at the Monroe Center for the Arts on the west side of town, Hoboken’s favorite theatrical company Mile Square Theatre is in the process of moving to their new location uptown in The Artisan building at 14th and Clinton Streets.

Mile Square Theatre Hoboken NJ moving to Artisan Building 14th and Grand

Hoboken Theater District!

This new location will serve a double-purpose – as it will also encompass the Hoboken Children’s Theatre as well.

I guess when you combine that with the fact that Bow Tie Cinemas is a stone’s throw away, this could be considered the start of the “Theater District” in Hoboken!

They’re still building out the new space in the Artisan, which is expected to open in early 2015, but they have a temporary spot in The Edge Lofts directly across the street – which was graciously donated at no charge from Bijou Properties. Good folks, those people!

Description: Regional theater producing both contemporary and classical shows, as well as theatre-arts education for children and adults.
Address: 1408 Clinton Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: (201)683-7014
Email: info@milesquaretheatre.org
Online: milesquaretheatre.orgTwitterFacebook

Mile Square Theatre Artisan Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Paint & Hardware

Hoboken Paint & Hardware closes after 23 years (doubled rent!)

Another long-time Hoboken business is now gone. Hoboken Paint & Hardware at 316 Washington Street is officially closed. Gotta love the way “mayor” don Zimmer is going out of her way to keep great businesses in town. As chain store after chain store open, what made Hoboken unique with places like this, close up shop. “Great Downtowns” my ass!

Hoboken Paint and Hardware closing

They had everything you could possibly need for the upkeep of your home or apartment. Little nuts & bolts. Light bulbs. Tools, fasteners, hooks, paint, and much more. And they were the ONLY Hoboken hardware store open on Sunday. Now if you need an emergency part or plumbing supply – you’ll have to figure out how to get to Home Depot.

The rent apparently was doubling to around $20,000 per month. But I’m sure if an Apple store opens up there, most of you will be thrilled. Because what more do you need in life? /sarc.

If you happen to be walking by and they’re open – everything inside is 50% off.

Hoboken Paint and Hardware doomed thanks to zimmer

Description: Paint & Hardware. Essentially vacant now.
Address: 316 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-222-0003