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Lean on We caregiver website New Jersey NJ 0

Lean on We

Lean on We – NJ based “caregiver vetting” Thought this story of a new way of sourcing out caregivers (with a NJ connection) might be of interest. “Lean on We.” And it does address...

Hoboken Cock Fights Housing Authority 0

Hoboken Cock Fights?

Are there really Hoboken Cock Fights? Why would anyone have a Rooster in Hoboken? It was spotted near the Hoboken Housing Authority projects on near 8th & Jackson Streets. One Hoboken resident seems to...

Hoboken NJ Flooding Again May 31 2015 3

Hoboken floods (again)

Hoboken floods again So much for the flood pumps. We told you flooding will never be improved here in town. I don’t care how many compost bins, bike lanes, green roofs and pumps. Pie...

Hoboken Community Swimming Pool 1

Hoboken Community Swimming Pool!

Wait, what? Is that the Hoboken community swimming pool? Gotcha good! But at this point – that might as well be the Hoboken Community Smimming Pool! Not sure what these guys at the garage...

City of Saints Coffee Roasters Hoboken NJ 0

City of Saints

What used to be Red Lion Coffee over at 14th & Bloomfield is now City of Saints Coffee Roasters. Call it “Red Lion Reinvented.” See the story behind the change!

Hoboken Doorman Package Delivery 2

Hoboken Doorman

Hoboken Doorman – What is it? (and why?) Have you heard of Hoboken Doorman? If not – here is what they say they are: “The local solution for all of your delivery issues, Hoboken...

Modern Retro Finds Hoboken NJ 0

Modern Retro Finds

Modern Retro Finds – 91 Park Ave. in Hoboken, NJ Is the “retro” market big enough in 2015? A new furniture and accessory store Modern Retro Finds opened up last month over at 91...

Veneta Cucine Hoboken NJ Italian Kitchens 0

Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine – Fine Italian Kitchens Looks like a Veneta Cucine “dealer” is opening up at 11th & Madison. People must have mad cash in Hoboken! What is Veneta Cucine all about? Here’s what...

Markdaniel barbershop hoboken nj 1

Markdaniel Barbershop

Markdaniel Barbershop Hoboken – 1032 Willow Avenue Opening recently at the former JC Barber Shop location is another called Markdaniel Barbershop. The owner Mark LoBiondo actually found the spot because we mentioned the former...