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bike sharing with hudson river in Hoboken NJ

Bike sharing DUMPED IN HUDSON!

Bike sharing DUMPED IN HUDSON! Recently – as “engineers” were examining the collapsing Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ – they found something interesting. A “Citibike” Bike Sharing bike at the bottom of the...

Hoboken Death Park pop up adams street

Hoboken pop-up “death park!”

Hoboken pop-up “death park!” This whole thing going on uptown (the pop-up death park) screams two things simultaneously: “So stupid it burns!,” and “Election votes!” As you might be aware, the lot uptown near...

SoHo Flower Garden Hoboken NJ

SoHo Flower & Garden

SoHo Flower & Garden At some point in the recent past – Hoboken Realty Management at 264 First Street closed or relocated – and was replaced by a botanical outlet called SoHo Flower &...

Tolerance Mosque

How’s this for TOLERANCE?

How’s this for TOLERANCE? Hmmm… like a , right? We grabbed this from our friends at the super-duper blog The Burning Platform a week or so ago. Here’s the simple image – and check...

koro koro rice ball cafe hoboken nj 201 washington street

Koro Koro Rice Ball Cafe

Koro Koro Rice Ball Cafe – Hoboken, NJ – 201 Washington St. What was once Ice Hut / Soup Hut, then Sedona Jewelry (201 Washington St.) – is now Koro Koro Rice Ball Cafe....

Makai Poke Co Hoboken NJ 521 Washington Street

Makai Poke Co.

Makai Poke Co. – Hoboken, NJ – 521 Washington Street We cook 99% of the meals we eat at home, but the Hawaiian themed Makai Poke Co. eatery at 521 Washington Street at the...