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Flatbread Grill

Flatbread Grill coming to Hoboken, NJ

Coming soon to replace the horribly doomed Mon Cheri frozen yogurt (and possibly human trafficking) shop at 517 Washington Street this Fall, will be Flatbread Grill.

Flatbread Grill Hoboken NJ

At first – I thought “Jeez, another frickin’ chain store?” But after perusing the Flatbread Grill website – this is apparently a “dream franchise” that was started by Hoboken born and raised sisters!

The “Esendemir Sisters” to be exact! Please look at their website. I never had any kind of “marketing” for my siblings. Did you?

Why does everything have to look like Hollywood these days?

I’ll be honest here – after perusing the site for a little bit – I could not help get the impression that these (otherwise normal ladies) just wanted to be like the Kardashians. I’m sure I’ll get slack for saying that – but who markets a “family?” I apologize in advance for offering constructive criticism to the Esendemir girls – but you cannot just follow every so-called “successful” model out there to ensure success and expect perfect results.

Sure, maybe enough mentally-enslaved morons might buy into it because it “looks like” something that came out of Hollywood – but really? Who “markets” ordinary people like celebrities? What ever happened to just producing a good product and let that speak for itself?

flatbread grill girl sisters hoboken NJ

On the contrary, I can understand why some people put certain kinds of effort into projects. Market research. Heavy publicity. Wash, rinse, repeat. They say if you repeat something and throw it out there enough times – eventually it “sticks.” Maybe this is their mentality.

But I will (as always) be honest here. I have never met the Esendemir Sisters. They actually look like nice, decent ladies. I have no problems with them. But my first impression, based on their marketing package – is that this is NOT how “gains” are made in life. Via a marketing promo. It just feels shallow to me.

Glossy fashion shoots. Head Shots. Body Shots. None of those mean anything (other than to your ego). Hey – make a perfect product – and post all the photos you want. But makeup, nice outfits, and a good camera lens is useless if your product is shit. Seems like the horse vs. cart thing is a bit reversed here, no?

I’m not making accusations here, but this type of well-organized “packaging” reminds me a bit about parental control.

Where a domineering parent (mother or father or both) is HELL-BENT on having their offspring either “succeed” or “follow this path…” I’ve witnessed it in many families in my life. I don’t know. I could be wrong with that inclination. Psychological blueprints are often hard, if not impossible to decipher.

I don’t know what’s going on in this world – but stuff like this bothers me. Hoboken born and raised or not. There is something missing from this particular equation. Someone please help me solve it.

Description: Restaurant / Eatery of some kind. “Flatbread Grill” owned by a trio of Turkish sisters.
Address: 517 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: flatbreadgrill.com


Panello – Hoboken, NJ – Italian / Brick Oven Pizza

New to entice your palette in Hoboken is Panello Italian Restaurant (specializing in Brick oven pizza). They’re located at the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street – closer to 8th Street).

panello italian Hoboken NJ 720 Monroe Street

Panello opens to positive reviews in Hoboken

Opening just this week – they have a limited menu for their soft opening (see below) – with personal pizzas (9″ starting at $10) and antipasto, along with a Nutella dessert and beverages. The restaurant is BYOB.

Panello Brick Oven Pizza Hoboken NJ 720 Monroe Street

Nearby residents and tenants of the Monroe Center are thrilled – one, because the selection of halfway-decent food is far and few between. So anything that isn’t poisonous is a relief. And two – apparently, the pizza is scoring HUGE marks with those who’ve tried it so far (i.e. “best in Hoboken”). I met the dedicated “fresh mozzarella” chef yesterday – and he was proud and confident of the delicacy he makes on a daily basis.

The restaurant has an occupancy of 49 patrons, and is open six days a week (closed Mondays). The design is exposed brick and “industrial” like duct work. Had a very warm and comfortable feel.

Panello Hoboken NJ Brick Oven Pizza Italian

Take a look at their initial menu below – and give them a whirl this weekend. This area of town isn’t swarming with as many stumbling, shouting drunks as other areas of town – but be sure not to leave any devices like GPS units on your dash. You might be filling out insurance forms instead of munching on dessert.

Panello Menu Hoboken NJ

Description: Italian Restaurant. Brick oven pizza. Antipasto. Salads. BYOB.
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-4734

Two Heathers

Two Heathers – Hoboken, NJ – Now Open!

New businesses that open (in Hoboken and beyond) are often “hit or miss” depending on many factors – market saturation, brand quality, value, etc.. But there are times when you can tell a business will thrive – and that’s almost always connected to the type of business owner, and whether they have passion for what they’re doing. Two Heathers (331 Washington Street) is one of those places.

Two Heathers opens today – and was founded by Heather Geary and Heather Edwab – who are “BFF’s” (best friends forever – for those who aren’t in tune with texting lingo) who have been friends since they were college roommates. This was their “dream” to open a boutique that sells fashion-forward apparel and accessories at a “sweet spot” price range.

Two Heathers Hoboken NJ ladies clothing boutique 331 Washington Street

Quality garments at the right price

You see, there is a difficult line to draw when it comes to clothing. You can buy super cheap things (which will barely make it past two wash loads, i.e., “you pay for what you get”), or you can go high-end and barely make the rent next month despite having a garment that will last many years. What Two Heathers did – was find quality, well-made merchandise at a price that is approachable to most customers – at a price that won’t break the bank.

Ted Baker is their “headlining” label, along with a myriad of other brands covering a wide spectrum of styles that are all current trends. They will also hold fun regular workshops, and will feature local artisans jewelry and other creative designs.

The two Heathers are definitely energetic, friendly and eager to please their customers. Having a “go to” clothing store that you can feel good about supporting, and actually feel like you’re important is a big deal these days. That often makes a difference in deciding where to shop.

Oh – and they have a small selection of men’s “essentials” (stuff like socks, t-shirts). So the guys can at least have something to look at while their girlfriends drag them inside.

Welcome to the neighborhood, and good luck, Two Heathers!

Two Heathers Hoboken NJ

Description: Ladies Clothing and Accessories. Some men’s items as well.
Address: 331 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-6380
Online: twoheathers.com

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Bagels On The Hudson

Bagels On The Hudson reopens in Hoboken {with style}

Close to four months after closing for renovations – Bagels on The Hudson at 802 Washington Street re-opened, and had their first full day yesterday.

They said everything was for the most part “the same,” except now they have “more of it.”

The interior is definitely a big improvement over the previous iteration. As for the bagels? We don’t do high-density carbs anymore – so you’ll have to be the judge in regards to the quality. Either way – nice to see them spruce the place up!

bagels on the hudson reopens in Hoboken NJ 1

Interior upgrade as Bagels on the Hudson reopens October 2014 Hoboken NJ

Description: Bagels & Deli, Breakfast, Bagels, coffee, sandwiches
Address: 802 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 798-2221
Online: bagelsonthehudsonhoboken.com

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Crumbs Bake Shop – Revived

Crumbs Bake Shop brought back to life… for now

Shortly after Crumbs Bake Shop closed, millionaire and liberal TV talk show host Marcus Lemonis stepped in with a $6.5 million dollar plan to revive the fledgling diabetes store sweet bakery.

Now at least three NJ locations will be brought back to life. Bridgewater, Hoboken and Westfield. They should be opening up any day now.

Lemonis called the bake shop “iconic” (why? because it was a “brand name?”) and said that it was important to step in because of the “delicious products.” I smell something, and it doesn’t smell like cupcakes.

For one, the entire grain industry is “commoditized” purely for profit and he must know people in “Big AG” in order to peddle what amounts to drugs destructive to the human body, one or two “gluten free” items or not. More and more people are waking up to low-carb each week, so I wonder why they’re betting on it.

I suspect there are enough ignorant, uneducated people out there for this place to maintain a profit. But for how long, is anybody’s guess.

Crumbs Marcus Lemonis Hoboken NJ

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Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe

Pauline’s Chocolate becomes Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe in Hoboken

After several decades – a Hoboken staple “passes the torch,” as Pauline’s Chocolate becomes Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe.

Don’t worry, though – we’re not losing a piece of Hoboken, but more like “changing of the guard.” Read why below…

Nancy's Sweet Shoppe Hoboken NJ Grand Opening

Aunt Pauline passes chocolate biz down to Niece Nancy!

“Pauline started making chocolate in her hometown of Hoboken, NJ over 20 years ago. She quickly grew her following and customer base because of delicious hand made chocolate and exceptional presentation. She opened her store on 207 Jefferson Street in Hoboken and expanded on her business with new chocolate treats for every season and every event. After 20 years in business she is passing the business down to her niece Nancy who grew up in the chocolate store learning from the best. With some hard work and imagination Nancy reopened Pauline’s Chocolates in September of 2014 as Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe.”

Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe Grand Opening!

I’m sure many locals are already planning on attending – but Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe is having their “Grand Opening,” (or should we say “Grand Re-Opening”) tomorrow, Saturday, October 11th from 10am to 6pm. In addition, there will be a special appearance by Elsa (from the movie Frozen) from noon to 2pm. Free cotton candy and rides for the kids, too!

Swing by, meet Nancy, taste some of the best sweets the Mile Square offers – and experience a true feeling of what it’s like to actually be a part of Hoboken – and not some cookie-cutter condo or fake park or bogus bike lane. This is what makes Hoboken a good city. Got it?

Description: Chocolate & Candy. Balloons, Party Favors, Special Gifts.
Website: nancysweetshoppe.com
Address: 207 Jefferson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 795-1800

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