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Gypsy Warrior

Gypsy Warrior ditches Hoboken, NJ location

We knew this was going to happen – Gypsy Warrior left from 5th & Washington in Hoboken last month. And it might even be possible this was by design (i.e., a “pop up store.”)

But what does that tell you about the retail environment in town?

If they knowingly set up a temporary store – that leads one to believe that other than holiday periods – many (non-essential, trivial) retail stores probably struggle to make the rent year round. Something has to give. Imagine Hoboken with no “specialty shops” anywhere except between October and January?

gypsy warrior leaves Hoboken NJ

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Poor Cat Designs – For Rent

Poor Cat Designs for rent in Hoboken

We kind of called this one. Earlier this year we posted a “2015 Hoboken Survival Watch,” in which we shared our observations of sparse customer activity over at Poor Cat Designs (716 Washington St.) Well, now they’re for rent:

“Located in the heart of busy Hoboken on Washington Street (the main thoroughfare). Beautiful building (award winning historic designation). Great window exposure. Hardwood floors, high hat and indirect lighting, air conditioning, high ceilings, bright clean and modern space. Great for dry goods, cafe, salon, professional office, specialty store, or other.”

For anyone out of town considering this space – note that this spot is NOT in the “heart” of busy Hoboken. It may be the “middle” of that particular stretch of road, but this is one of the least busy spots on “the main thoroughfare.” But call it what you want.

If you still care to give it a shot (an Apple store is probably the only thing that would do good), the cost is a mere $60,000 a year in rent (not including other overhead).

Poor cat designs for rent hoboken NJ

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Living at the W Hotel in Hoboken

W Hotel Residence in Hoboken – worth the money?

Living in one of the residences at the W Hotel in Hoboken is not only expensive (~$2 million+), but also quite hard to do, considering how infrequently one comes on the market.

Local Realtor Kristin Ehrgott of Avenue Residential recently featured a “rare” unit for sale at the W Hoboken.

What I found most compelling was, that despite the “high” maintenance cost ($1400 per month, but includes ridiculously insane amount of “amenities”), was the low annual property tax rate ($9,000 thanks to tax abatements).

While $2.2 million bucks for a 1,900 square foot 2 bed 3 bath is certainly over-priced – maybe the perfect NYC views somehow make up for it?

W Hoboken Hotel NJ

Owning a W Hoboken Residence

The comfort and romance of staying in a luxury hotel heightens any travel experience- but, unfortunately, all such adventures must eventually come to an end. But what if they didn’t have to? What if you could always enjoy the convenience and charm of staying in a luxury hotel, without having to worry about check-out times, or the noise of a rowdy bachelorette party down the hall?

Designed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates and owned/developed by Ironstate Development, The W Hoboken Hotel at 225 River St in Hoboken, NJ has 26 floors in all. Floors 18-26 are home to the 40 private residences (for the most part, there are 4 residences per floor), while the rest of the building is designated as the famed W Hoboken Hotel, with 225 rooms and an incredible wealth of amenities.

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NY Waterway through the ice!

NY Waterway – “always ready!”

Wow – even despite all that ice in the Hudson River – the NY Waterway Ferries seem to be much more reliable than the PATH and NJ Transit buses. And the Waterway isn’t ashamed to let you know!

NY Waterway harsh winter ice hoboken NJ

Note to customers from NY Waterway

They recently sent out this message to their customers:

“Just a note to our customers,

We at NY Waterway are always ready and determined to operate our service the best we can, even under this winter’s extreme weather conditions. Always within the boundaries of safety. No miracles, but a boundless drive to serve our customers.

All of us are committed to providing the highest level of reliability consistent with safe conditions. Our commitment to serving our customers is second to none. We thank you for relying on us to get you where you need to be, especially during this year’s harsh winter.


The staff at NY Waterway.”

Do you think it’s worth the extra expense to have the “civilized commute?

NY Waterway Hoboken NJ harsh winter ice river

Arroyo – For Rent

So you want to start a liquor store? Arroyo for rent in Hoboken

Arroyo Liquors was one of those places that you’d have to do a double-take to be sure it was open or doomed. But now, it appears that the store is for rent.

The space is 1100 square feet – with 800 additional sq. ft. of storage. While you can “rent” the space, you’d have to BUY the liquor license to run it. Liquor stores all seem to have no problem turning a profit in town – maybe these guys were just tired of it. I’d suspect that dealing with drunks all the time (without a bouncer to help you out) is a royal pain.

Have tons of money burning a hole in your pocket? Call 201-238-5033 to find out how you can take a crack at running your own liquor store!.

Arroyo liquor store hoboken nj for rent license

Description: Retail Liquor Store For Rent
Address: 260 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-3500
Telephone: (201) 659-5787

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Hoboken Women’s Wellness

Hoboken Women’s Wellness – 204 2nd Street

In case you didn’t notice this business – Hoboken Women’s Wellness is tucked away in a modest building located at 204 2nd Street.

While their sign indicates they offer massage, acupuncture and yoga – much of what Hoboken Women’s Wellness specializes in seems to be centered around pregnancy (both during and after). They even offer instruction on how to properly massage YOUR baby!

“The difference between us and a general massage practice is that all of our highly skilled Certified Massage Therapists have completed a minimum of 750 hours of massage therapy training including: Swedish Massage, Medical Massage, Shiatsu, Anatomy and Physiology. Our therapists have also completed and a minimum of 70 additional hours of pregnancy and baby specific continuing education. Our therapists have been hand selected for their strong connection to this work, and each one possesses relevant experience, professional, personal, and academic to draw from, including: Being a Mother, Masters in Maternal & Child Health, Neonatal Nurse, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Infant Massage Instructor, and more.”

Give them a shout at (201)420-6988 to find out more!

Hoboken Women's Wellness

Description: Women’s wellness – massage, and other therapy with a focus on pregnancy and birth.
Address: 204 2nd Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)420-6988
Online: hobokenwomenswellness.com