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freddie's doomed

Freddie’s Loft Laundromat {Doomed}

Freddie’s Loft Laundromat – COOKIE CUTTER CRAP! Wow – we haven’t updated this post in over 12 years! Well, Freddie’s Loft Laundromat is now another cookie cutter condo! Who’s cheering that on? Whatever. Description...

rip currents are not dangerous if you have half a clue

Rip currents are not dangerous

Rip currents are not dangerous [411 note before you head to the beach this weekend: These days, you see gobs of buffoons “re-tweeting” stupid fear stories from the MSM about “dangerous rip currents.” That...

bike sharing with hudson river in Hoboken NJ

Bike sharing DUMPED IN HUDSON!

Bike sharing DUMPED IN HUDSON! Recently – as “engineers” were examining the collapsing Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ – they found something interesting. A “Citibike” Bike Sharing bike at the bottom of the...

Hoboken Death Park pop up adams street

Hoboken pop-up “death park!”

Hoboken pop-up “death park!” This whole thing going on uptown (the pop-up death park) screams two things simultaneously: “So stupid it burns!,” and “Election votes!” As you might be aware, the lot uptown near...

Taco Truck Doomed WTF

Taco Truck wasteland

Taco Truck wasteland Below is a pic we took of one of Taco Truck’s other locations outside of Hoboken – in bustling liberal Morristown, NJ. We took it shortly after they shuttered. A local...

SoHo Flower Garden Hoboken NJ

SoHo Flower & Garden

SoHo Flower & Garden At some point in the recent past – Hoboken Realty Management at 264 First Street closed or relocated – and was replaced by a botanical outlet called SoHo Flower &...