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15 years of progress

Do you feel more complete after “15 years of progress?”

Since it’s Friday – I figured I’d share this cartoon that I saw the other day entitled “This is Progress” (i.e., 15 Years of Progress.)

Like it or not – it’s true for the most part. And makes you wonder where all of this technological “progress” is taking us, has made our lives better (and I mean by better – not “more entertained” or “connected” – but rather more whole as humans), or hurting the population in general.

15 years of progress technology

“Progress” happening too fast for “generations” to grasp

It’s been written before, that the “benefits” that all this technology progress affords humans, is actually a dual-edged sword.

Sure, kids these days are “iPhone experts” and have become accustomed to “ease and convenience” of the digital all-access “instant” world we now live in.

Not too long ago, technological “change” happened at a much slower pace. Take music for instance. We went from live performances, to the grooved “album” records, to reel-to-reel, 8-track, cassette, compact disc, mp3, and finally now “streaming cloud” music. But the earlier “technologies” took at least a whole generation or more to change. And quite often, co-existed with one another. People had time to truly understand what it was, and what it did. It wasn’t always “the latest and greatest,” at least not on the breakneck pace these days. Where the new obsoletes the old sometimes within the same calendar year.

Nowadays, the “old” technology gets discarded as a whole, and essentially ends up in the trash heap. Remember days where you actually had to purchase and listen to the whole record, rather than 30 second samples and the “choice” to buy only the ones you wanted? People actually gave every track on a record a chance, at least.

I believe that not allowing something to “settle in,” so to say – that the change almost becomes more important than “what it is.” Take a look at this video – where kids were shown a portable cassette player (i.e., a “Walkman.”) They were stupified by the “old” technology. Cute and funny as it may be, it also scares me a bit. What downsides do our future generations have in store?

Hoboken NJ

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Gypsy Warrior

Gypsy Warrior – Hoboken, NJ – 501 Washington St.

Yikes. Coming soon at 501 Washington Street is Gypsy Warrior, which is said to be “A fashion destination for trendsetting girls around the world that showcases a hand-curated collection of clothing, shoes and accessories that embodies the edgy, downtown girl.”

Gypsy Warrior Hoboken NJ 501 Washington St

How powerful are “social” markets in “real life?”

For one, this place was originally slated to be a Bareburger, but that is not the case. They’re still supposedly coming to Hoboken, but are keeping their final destination under wraps. (h/t to Furey for sharing that tidbit…)

But this “Gypsy Warrior” place, I’m a bit nervous about. With Iconic Fashion Lounge closing abruptly (and a “pillow case store” coming next), this may be a bad time to enter the Hoboken (or any) market!

Frankly, this “business” has somewhat of a decent online presence. They’re high on their limited success so far, including a store in Ridgewood, NJ. But looking at their “marketing” they’re primarily targeting “online” chicks, that have zero personality of their own. This is one of those places that thinks they can “think” for the average dim-witted lady. And to be honest, it works in many markets. Because chicks don’t want to think, they want to do what OTHER people think is “IN.”

However, here in Hoboken – I have a strong feeling that this place will not last long. With “tops” and “bottoms” averaging over $50 and “dresses” well over $100 – I think this place will have a short life on the main drag (less than two years).

Now, I’m not necessarily “against” any new business. In fact, I’d prefer local shops over “strip mall” type stores. But this boutique, while they have what seems to be a powerful marketing plan and business model – may still be a bit far from Hoboken’s reach (especially in today’s economic climate – and the pending storm cloud gathering).

I’ll say it again, they seem to have a “well polished” online presence and marketing package – but in the end – it’s “disposable” income. If they can manage to “grab” more of it than other places (like food, rent, fuel), then God bless them. But it is my opinion that more people are “waking up” (slowly albeit), and that extra expenditures like fancy dresses and so on will eventually dwindle down. The models are cute, and the clothes appear “sexy,” but for most semi-chunky Hoboken girls, these outfits will be more like circus-uniforms.

My advice to Hoboken ladies? Enhance your brain-power over your wardrobe. I think that has more long-term staying power that yesterday’s hot trend.

Have a nice day!

brainwashed fashion idiot girl hoboken nj

Description: Unnecessary “fashion” trinkets to make ladies feel more “complete.” Never works.
Address: 501 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: gypsywarrior.com -TwitterFacebook

Hoboken NJ

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Washington General Store

Washington General Store – Hoboken, NJ – 509 Washington St.

Washington General Store Coming Soon Hoboken NJ“Quickly” taking the place (in name at least) of the doomed Iconic Fashion Lounge ladies “thread” shop at 509 Washington Street is Washington General Store.

Before you get your pants wet, let me share a bit of my “experience.”

See, I guess back in the “old days,” the phrase “general store” meant something along the lines of a “convenience store,” yet with a bit more to offer (like meat and other provisions). And this is what I thought this upcoming retail space would offer. However, being that it’s rather small, I’d guess they’d just offer “1/100th of an ounce” roast beefs and steaks. That said, no way it can be a truly “community functioning” general store. So what the “F” is it going to be?

We have no firm idea, but neighboring businesses seem to know. One very popular shop said it will be “a place that sells pillows, bed sheets, and other things.”

WTF? Don’t we have a 100,000 square foot Bed Bath and Beyond just steps away from Hoboken? And doesn’t every Hoboken resident have eyeball-gouging light-speed internet? Not sure how a pillow-case store can survive, unless my (somewhat foreign-speaking) contact got a few prominent details wrong.

But even if was a store that sold “juicy roast beef slabs smothered in 400 thread count Egyptian sheets,” I still might gag a few macadamia nuts out of my esophagus. Bleh.

Washington General Store Hoboken NJ

Description: New “mystery” home goods store, perhaps. With a somewhat deceiving name.
Address: 509 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: washingtongeneralstore.com

Hoboken NJ

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Giant Wash Laundromat

Giant Wash Laundromat Closed in Hoboken, NJ

Here’s a zinger! Giant Wash Laundromat at 8th & Washington closed a few days ago. WTF?

I know businesses that deal with “quarters” (i.e., video arcades, parking meters, cheap hookers) have “dwindled” over the years – but laundromats? Why? They also offered wash & fold, free Yankee games on TV and a convenient bagel store next door. Guess utility bills made it too difficult?

In today’s “everyone wants everything easy” society – I suppose a “happy ending” massage parlor / laundry service would have to open in it’s place. Oh well, it seems like another “Hoboken icon” has fallen by the wayside. Not all is lost, though – this could easily be occupied by another political candidate in a few years. You know, for that “government” that does such a good job for the residents…

Giant Wash Laundromat Hoboken NJ doomed closed

Description: Former Laundromat
Address: 804 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-7039
Telephone: (201) 656-9837

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Hoboken NJ

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World of Beer?

World of Beer – Hoboken, NJ – 100 Sinatra Drive

World of Beer Hoboken NJ coming soon to 100 Sinatra Drive old Melting PotOkay, with The Melting Pot franchise closing this past weekend in Hoboken – most people want to know “what next?” Well, word on the street is that the renters of this space at 100 Sinatra Drive, after breaking their franchise contract with The Melting Pot, may enter into yet another franchise opportunity by opening up a World of Beer location.

In a city with dozens of locally-grown bars already – many whom serve unique micro-brews from NJ and beyond (as well as the typical Bud, Coors and Heineken), it makes you wonder if these owners are just franchise suckers?

I suppose the advantage with opening up a known franchise – is that you get a “head start” by being a well-established “brand.” Much in the same way the new owners of Maxwell’s are keeping the name.

However, in the case of a franchise – you’re hit the ground running – UPHILL. With franchise fees and/or commissions, etc. – there is little room for error, especially in a crowded playing field with high rents. But we do recall at some point that this location may have had some kind of favorable rent agreement.

While they do say that running a franchise (if you can afford getting started) is one of the most satisfying ways to make a living as a small business owner these days. But has that ship sailed? We hear groans of “shop local” and perhaps the tide turning against big businesses (franchise power or not). Maybe the return of “mom & pop” might be a good thing here in Hoboken.

Do you think a World of Beer would make a mark here in town? Perhaps for tourists? And do locals really support local businesses? Or just places that are easier on the wallet?

World of Beer Hoboken NJ 100 Sinatra Drive old Melting Pot

Description: Beer bar (franchise)
Address: 100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: wobusa.com

Hoboken NJ

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The Melting Pot Doomed

Melting Pot closes in Hoboken, NJ

After six and a half years – The Melting Pot at 1st & Sinatra in Hoboken closed this past weekend. No surprise, as the location was most typically sparsely occupied, and with prices that aren’t quite “in tune” with the current economic climate. “Fancy high end” in a “strip mall” like corporate retail setting – along with a wine selection with many bottles well over $100 may have contributed. Plus they didn’t quite do a good job of marketing to parents and kids.

But most Melting Pot locations are “franchisee” owned and operated. There are five other locations in New Jersey if you really feel like dipping your stick of meat or fish in a communal pot of fluid.

Melting Pot Doomed Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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