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Windshield Tweet: Tony Alamo Christian

More Tony Alamo Newsletter Action in Hoboken

Boy, we’ve been tracking these Tony Alamo Christian Ministry newsletters for a long while here, and they “hit up” Hoboken once again. Hundreds of cars throughout town were “blessed” with receiving one of these wacky brainwashing church memos.

Oh, and speaking of Tony Alamo (who’s in jail for sex-abuse until he dies), earlier this month, authorities auctioned off five of his properties in the south to help satisfy the $30 million dollar judgment against him (as restitution for his victims). They have about $29 million bucks to go!

Meanwhile, these newsletters will probably end up in the drains, further flooding Hoboken even more, thanks to that “prophet!”

Tony Alamo Newsletters strike Hoboken NJ again in 2014

Click to see more of Tony Alamo’s windshield tweets…

Windshield abuse in Hoboken

Why does Hoboken tolerate Windshield abuse?

Hoboken windshield abuse and damage violates common lawIf everyone followed the old-school rule of Common Law – “do all you have agreed to do and, do not encroach on other persons or their property,” the world would be a much better place. And as you can see from the windshield abusers in the photo gallery below, common law was blatantly broken.

Many area businesses think that “windshield twittering” is a viable marketing method. Apparently they think it’s more effective that mailing junk (costly, mostly thrown out), or dropping on your stoop (invasive, also thrown out). So they put drivers in a position where they HAVE to remove it from their car prior to driving. What a low blow! Because most of the ones that were removed, ended up on the sidewalks, making the neighborhoods look trashy.

Even worse, using poor-quality “post cards,” these things often become GLUED to the glass, next to impossible to remove without a straight razor blade. Now not only did they encroach on YOUR property and mess up your wiper-blades when it rains, now you have a damn chore to do on top of it. Zero respect.

I believe there are laws on the books that apply to gutter advertising like this. And I can bet that after the hundreds of cars that were vandalized by them – people were NOT happy, and will likely have a bad memory about who violated their car.

The Office tries tricking drivers

Fake parking ticket marketing by The Office in Hoboken, NJ

Got a boatload of emails from Hoboken411 readers about this “fake parking ticket” marketing effort put forth by copy machine center The Office located at 306 Washington St.

One reader said it was a bad way to advertise – and probably a violation of consumer fraud laws – and was a “good way to make me never go there.”

Even though it’s yellow – do you think it’s a good idea to even resemble a parking ticket?

Mark wrote:

“File this one under “marketing fail – how to piss off potential customers.” The Office copy shop on Washington Street printed up fake parking tickets and put them on windshields around town (attached).

Approaching my van this morning, I was fooled, recalling that my bumper was sticking out into the red zone and thinking that maybe Hoboken changed their ticket color.

Seeing that it was a fake (with a map showing their business location on the back), I can’t say I was too impressed with their creativity.

In fact, they just lost me as a customer.”

Ads on cars in Hoboken are illegal

Even more importantly – this is a blatant violation of city ordinance § 110-45 which states:

No person shall throw, cast or distribute, or place, or cause to be thrown, cast or distributed, or placed any handbill, circular, card or other commercial advertising matter whatsoever,

(1) in or upon any street or public place or

(2) in or upon a front yard or

(3) in or upon any vehicle or

(4) in the vestibule or hall of any building or

(5) in any place from which such matter may be blown by the wind onto a street or public place, or nor shall any person place or cause to be placed on any pole, vehicle or public sign any advertising matter unauthorized by the owner of the said pole, vehicle or public sign.

The minimum fine for this used to be $100 (max $1000), but the city – desperate for moolah – recently raised the minimum fine to $500 per instance.

Don’t you just love windshield tweets?

No fat chicks!

Someone doesn’t like fat chicks in Hoboken, NJ

Spotted this sticker on an SUV parked along Hudson St. the other day.

It simply says “No Fat Chicks.”

What do you think they mean, no fat chicks allowed in this massive Ford Expedition SUV? (you must be super huge not to fit in this giant truck!) Or just “down with fat chicks” in general?

Either way, I wonder what kind of experience this person had that would have compelled them to purchase and apply this sticker to their vehicle. Maybe some girls will now think twice before scarfing pizza slices after going out tonight…

Windshield Porn invades Hoboken

Mexico Lindo Lounge tries to woo Hoboken customers

Just up the hill over in Union City – is a place called Mexico Lindo Lounge. It’s located at 3603 Palisades Avenue (map), not far from the Park Avenue Bar & Grill that some Hoboken residents enjoy visiting.

It’s a full-service restaurant that transforms into a lounge / nightlife spot that offers a whole slate of entertainment options, including pool tables, DJ’s, dancing and happy hour specials. Urban Spoon had one positive review – from last year, however, I believe the place closed due to booze violations (serving minors), but seems to have re-opened under new ownership.

Thousands of these racy fliers were on car windshields all over the city this week (along with Kids First Board of Ed fliers as well).


Is it appropriate? Will you check Mexico Lindo out now?

Not sure if any Hoboken Windshield Twittering is necessarily a good thing, but in this case – it sparked some interest because of the kind of photos they used.

I might just have to check this place out between 10pm and 10:30pm one day just for kicks.

Has anyone here been to Mexico Lindo before?

Windshield Tweet: 65 inch blank screen TV


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 "Windshield Twittering" series...]

Lack of TV drives people bananas

Television (like the internet) is so inter-twined in our lives, that without them – it pretty much causes widespread panic attacks.

Today’s windshield tweet is a byproduct of the Cablevision /NewsCorp dispute.

[Stay tuned for the next Windshield Twittering entry! - Note: Feel free to share your wiper-spottings - just email Hoboken411 with a clear photo or two, where you spotted it and how you'd like to be credited... ]