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Maxwell Place hates bikes?

WTF File: Maxwell Place hates bikes on their property

Maxwell Place Hates Bikes cuts locks from visitors to local businessesDespite having “street level retail” open to the public, Maxwell Place apparently does NOT want anyone but residents to park bicycles on their property! And I thought this town was filled with “forward thinking” people… the hits keep coming!

Here’s what Christina had to say about her unfortunate incident from the other day:

“The other day I rode my bike to Maxwell Place to go to Local Barre Core Fitness for an hour. When I came out my bike was gone, it was locked around a tree in the front. I went into the concierge front desk and asked if anyone saw someone steal a bike outside. It was an expensive bike and I was really upset. I found out that the management office cut my bike lock because no bikes can be parked anywhere on Maxwell Place property. I was given back my bike with a business card to the management office. I called the next morning to find out that the condo board members voted “no bikes can be parked on any part of the property.” Since when? How come there aren’t any signs?”

411 Take: Boy if Maxwell Place is so “selective” with who can park bikes on their exclusive property – then how come they haven’t banned non-residents from using the shops there? You make the lowly “visitors” park by Kings or Starbucks and have to (God-forbid) walk an extra block or two?

And who are these condo-owners on the board anyway? I guess when you drive around in $150k Benzes just to pick up your dry-cleaning – I suppose you might be apt to look down on those “peasant” modes of transport as “cheapening” your superficial superior existence.

Maxwell Place Hates Bikes no parking Hoboken NJ

Adams Street “parking”

How do you feel about “parking” on Adams Street?

Adams Street parking Hoboken NJHoboken resident Chris lives in the neighborhood near Adams Street, between 5th and 6th. He documented what takes place in regards to “parking” on any given day.

“If you live on Adams St. between 5th and 6th in Hoboken, you’re familiar to frustrating daily double parking that happens everyday at all times in front of Caporrino’s Liquor Store.

However, if you work for the city, or are “connected” in some way, apparently it is legal to double park in the bike lane all day.

But if you are not a friend of the town, you will get the boot.

Below is a gallery of photos he made – with annotations on each one (click the “full screen” button to be able to read them).

Does the fact that Adams Street is the widest play a role?

We’ve said this in the past – that Adams Street is quite possibly the WIDEST street in Hoboken.

Even with double-parked cars – NJ Transit buses and Hoboken fire trucks or ambulances can get by without any trouble. I would think that (other than inconveniencing a blocked in motorist for a few seconds), this “crime” is relatively harmless. And screw the bike lane, the roads were there before the bike lane paint was wasted implemented. If bicyclists can’t maneuver around this simple obstacle, they shouldn’t ride bikes AT ALL. Ever.

But we do think it’s moronic that a car that was not double-parked ended up getting immobilized by the “Hoboken Pickpocketing Underworld.”

Do you think the “tradition” of double parking along the widest street in town should continue?

Tony Boloney – Dark meat chicken offends?

5 Second Review: Tony Boloney’s Pizza (“chicken”)

Tony Boloney's Dark Meat ChickenA departure from our usual “lengthy” 60 second review format, here’s a brief glimpse of the new Tony Boloney’s Pizza from Hoboken resident Michael.

“I ordered Tony Baloney’s tonight and got grilled chicken on a pizza. It was dog food. Please see the picture. Dark meat chicken? Really?”

411′s Take:

  • We don’t eat pizza anymore, but “dark meat” chicken is the best! Most flavorful and tender!
  • Why all the hate for dark meat chicken anyway? Where did that come from? I vaguely recall something similar in my childhood. Is it considered “low class” to some people?
  • From the photo, it appears that there is both white and dark meat (can anyone sing “We are the World?”), which means they might have actually used whole roasted chicken meat. Yeah, that’s a bit more “medieval,” but it’s “Paleo” too (which is “trending” these days). I guess they might have been used to the GMO reconstituted chicken on pizza at places like Sbarro or Domino’s?
  • Not sure why he’s complaining? “Grilled Chicken” can encompass ANY part of a chicken that’s grilled. Why do you feel entitled to only receive the breast?

But I can understand how Michael might have been thrown for a loop. It wasn’t “like everyone else’s pizza,” which can be troubling when you get stuck in a routine. But just a few seconds of observation, you’d probably see that it may have been quality poultry. And just because it had more of a “homemade” feel, doesn’t make it worse.

Then again, we didn’t taste it. If it was “low-end” Restaurant Depot quality chicken, perhaps there’s room for debate.

Would you mind “dark meat chicken” on pizza? Or are YOU a food racist?

Tony Boloney Dark Meat Chicken Hoboken NJ

Watch your boxes! (2014 Edition)

Boxes will always be stolen in Hoboken

Living in a multi-unit apartment building has it’s pros and cons. The “mailroom” is one of the cons. So many deliveries ripe for the taking. “Common sense” could solve the problem, but that’s a story for another day. Here’s some info about the current crop of box-nickers in Hoboken.

One thief arrested: Fernando Serrano

Good news, one Fernando Serrano was arrested yesterday. He hails from Union City, NJ. (Thanks 9th St. Light Rail Station for the contribution!)

Don’t worry, he’ll be free again soon – or someone just like him will take the baton.

Fernando Serrano Hoboken package thief arrested NJ

Another package thief prowling around Hoboken

There’s another box-thief on the loose – as we received this security-footage montage earlier today.

Recognize him? Call Hoboken Police at (201)420-2100 with anything to help put an end to this horrific loss of material goods.

Hoboken Box Robber

Top 5 Recommendations to avoid lobby theft in Hoboken:

  1. Never have deliveries sent to your apartment if you’re typically not home. As a reminder, you can:
    • Befriend a local business (dry cleaner, bodega, etc.) and have your shipments sent there,
    • Use a place like Go Postal that will receive your boxes for a modest fee (and even deliver them when convenient)
  2. Tell your condo to either move or block the mailbox area – or install frosted glass doors outside.
  3. Have your stuff shipped to your work (if you’re not too weak and lazy to use a little effort to carry it home…)
  4. Live in a better building (i.e., with a concierge – but the drawback is that they’ll see you stumble home drunk missing a heel…)
  5. Stop buying so much shit online

Have any suggestions? Click to see Hoboken411′s previous tips for safe shipping!

Hertz on Demand exempt from street cleaning

Hertz on Demand skates on street sweeper in Hoboken (every week!)

For YEARS, we’ve all seen the street sweeper in Hoboken go around the Hertz on Demand cars which are peppered all over the city. I still am trying to figure out “who got paid off” for this racket of a deal.

$100 a month for reserved parking on the street, AND exemption from the $50 street cleaning tickets each week. Do the math. Garages cost $300 a month, and a ticket every week would be around $200 a month. They’re UP $400 a month net! What a bargain! Where can I sign up?

Hertz on Demand cars get pass from Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy


Shoddy construction in Hoboken

Church Square Park – Shoddy Construction as tree falls in Hoboken

Boy this trend is starting to pick up here in Hoboken. Shoddy construction from hired contractors. Remember how the dog runs were all getting done simultaneously earlier this past winter? Well, the contractor probably was cutting corners. Take a look at this fallen tree at Church Square Park.

One Hoboken resident who sent this in said: “Goodbye shady tree. Whoever built dog run must have dug too close to tree cause it fell and is just a memory.. Clearly the same company that is planting dying trees in Hoboken parks. Brand new dog run fence even damaged. More wasted money!!!”

Yet they take millions in parking tickets and boots from visitors and residents who like supporting local businesses. Sounds like a fair trade? Not.

Tree falls at Church Square Park dog run due to shoddy construction