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Outsmarting the MTA transit system

Hoboken to NYC commuters – learn this tip today!

Thousands of Hoboken residents commute to and work in New York City – and often use the MTA NYC Transit System (and the corresponding “Metro Card” for payment.)

And I’m sure more than one of you has been in a hurry only to find out that you come up a nickel short on your fare, and miss your train as a result. Damnit! Why is that? Well, apparently it’s by design.

I Quant NY shares a simple tip – that instead of using the “pre-populated” purchase options when buying your MetroCard (i.e., $19.00) that you manually type the amount (in this case $19.05), and it will give you an exact number of rides – instead of some “leftover change.” They break down the fare amounts in an easy chart for your reference on their website.

And as a result of this “bad math,” the MTA receives $50 million dollars a year in unredeemed balances! That’s lottery money for God’s sake. Imagine if that was put to good use and out of the hands of some inept government agency?

411 Note: While this is certainly a helpful tip – I liken this to gas in your gas tank. NEVER let your gas go down below 1/4 tank, and people should learn to do the same on their metro cards. Better yet – use the EasyPay Xpress option and never worry about your MetroCard balance. But we understand some people live paycheck to paycheck, or don’t trust their financial info in the hands of morons.

Outsmarting MTA subway metro card NYC

(h/t Rob for the info!)

Genuine Hoboken Oil!

“Toxic” Situation near Neumann Leathers in Hoboken?

Well, several concerned citizens contacted Hoboken411 to share what they believe is “toxic” situation going on downtown near the Neumann Leathers.

Neumann Leather Oil Daves Auto Hoboken NJ construction mishap

Former Dave’s Auto Parts a bit oily

Apparently, construction happening at the former NAPA – Dave’s Auto Parts location at Newark and Willow – also comes with a boatload of yummy oil underground that has surely “added character” to the neighborhood for years and years!

Oil Leak Hoboken NJ Daves Auto Parts

How bad can it be? Can it hurt property values?

This type of situation appears to be standard in Hoboken, wouldn’t you say? I mean half the town is toxic, considering the industrial history in days past. And it hasn’t seemed to put a damper on the Real Estate market. Shit, we have mercury lots, and other sites with petroleum-based toxins – and I haven’t noticed anyone with three eyeballs yet.

But should downtown residents be worried? If not for their property values, but for their health?

Neumann Leathers Oil Leak Hurting Property Values in Hoboken NJ

Contrast: Weehawken vs. Hoboken

Why are Weehawken parks so much cleaner than Hoboken’s?

Some people in Hoboken can overcome their “4 block radius syndrome”, and actually travel around the county and waterfront with ease. And you might find some interesting comparisons to make, like one couple recently discovered when it comes to open park space.

Hoboken parks filthy compared to Weehawken NJ“We were on one of our nice long walks along the river and as we got into the waterfront park complex in Weehawken, we realized we needed to take bathroom break. Luckily, we were right by the field house restrooms. I went in and lo and behold – Not one, not two but THREE full rolls of toilet paper, FULL soap dispensers and a FULL paper towel dispenser. And it was relatively clean. So I got to thinking – what the HELL is wrong with Hoboken?

Any public restroom in Hoboken almost instantaneously becomes a hive of scum and deterioration. Homeless, graffiti, drunk yuppies pissing everywhere BUT the toilet. Why is it that Weehawken, a town mere feet from Hoboken, seems to have their shit together and Hoboken, a town with more money than it knows what to do with, can’t seem to get this right?

Well, it turns out that the town also employs private security folks who keep an eye on the parks. In speaking with them, they actually appear to care about the city and the people in it! Imagine that?

Hoboken’s become such a transient, throw-away shithole. Nobody cares because they’re not gonna be here that long. Shame.”

So what is the city administration doing with a nine-figure budget besides paying lawyers and handing out crony contracts?

Keep it classy Hoboken!

Signs Summer is really over in Hoboken: Keeping it classy!

Hoboken resident Jay was out for an early morning walk this past weekend, and concluded that “summer is officially over,” when the tell-tale signs of drunken buffoons becomes a more regular sighting.

Scenes like the vandalism in front of Pizza Republic can usually be spotted somewhere in town at least once a week. Innocent decorations like the flower boxes along the fence which are meant to add a little bit of nature to an otherwise “concrete jungle” had to be destroyed?

What kind of satisfaction did they get? Did they “stick it to the man?” No. Did they earn “street cred” for demonstrating destructive skills? Not to anyone with half a brain.

What they did show – was that they have a no respect, and probably don’t understand what it means to earn something and take care of it. Sad.

Summer over in Hoboken NJ keep it classy

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Inspirational Architecture?

900 Monroe building design coincidence?

Just like the “creators” in any industry like clothing, automobiles, and even music – Architects surely found their “inspiration” from somewhere as they fine-tuned their design skills. You most likely take an existing idea that you like, and you “mash it up” with your own refinements. Can you imagine how many bands out there were started because of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin?

Anyway, Hoboken411 reader Alan found very similar characteristics between the under-construction building at 900 Monroe Streets (Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects) to the Ashtown residential building constructed back in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland (McCauley Daye O’Connel Architects).

You think it’s just a freak coincidence? Same architecture teachers? Or just another trend?

Similar architecture Hoboken NJ to Dublin Ireland

Waste Management in Hoboken – Hopeless?

Waste Management: Budget Cuts are “Costing” Hoboken

What do you think of this “Waste Management” editorial by a Hoboken resident? Is it legitimate? Or just blown smoke?

Regardless of your opinion… it is apparent that certain city “features” suffer along with the economy. Wonder what other “essential” city services will fall by the wayside… and more importantly – WHY?

Hoboken NJ Garbage so what waste management do we have

Can the city of Hoboken, NJ hand simple garbage pickup?

Health and Environmental Service Committee of the City of Hoboken:

This morning I noticed several people on the way to work dumping full size garbage bags into the public litter cans along Washington Street. One guy, was even carrying his garbage with one hand while bicycling on the sidewalk! As he passed the public can with his huge bag of garbage, he nonchalantly dropped his load into the corner can.

I have lived in this town many years and never, until now, have I borne witness to this bold behavior. Perplexed, I viewed the Hoboken garbage and recycling pick-up schedule. Careful examination showed that the two day Monday-Tuesday no garbage pick-up stretch was due to cutting out a day of pickup.

For folks who miss the Sunday pick-up, because they are busy on the weekend or have other religious obligations, there is up to five full days of wet garbage build-up before the next pickup. By Monday, the accumulated weekend trash, plus the prospect of living with that garbage – plus three additional days of garbage – until the next garbage pickup raises the risk of resident dumping.

The City of Hoboken’s web site describes the responsibilities of Environmental Services as “orchestrating garbage and recycling collection”. It certainly appears that the conductor of this orchestra has not been provided with the resources to do the job. For this reason, I copy the Finance Committee of the City of Hoboken. I am aware Councilwoman Castellano objected to this cut, providing many sound arguments for why a $100,000 savings on sanitation was not adviseable. Councilman Russo also had several recommendations on cost cutting measures that could be explored given both the budget concerns, complaints regarding the outsourced contract and lack of response to the RFP.

Please consider the Duty of Care owed to the residents of the City of Hoboken for Essential Services. This is not the first time that Hoboken has failed in regard to Environmental Services causing buildup of filth on our streets and attracting a population of rats, opossums and crows. It is a trying position for a constituent to be placed in when Essential Public Health and Safety Services are not provided for.

Please let me know how the Council in conjunction with the City intends to rectify. As I await your reply, I remain,