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Top 5 Blizzard Don’ts

Top 5 Blizzard Don’ts in Hoboken

top 5 blizzard don'ts in Hoboken NJOkay – it’s winter.

This is just like any heavy rain storm – except that it’s frozen precipitation. And that means it will accumulate above the ground and cause an impedance to anyone who is a “challenged walker.” Yes, that is what snow is! Amazing, eh?

It’s fairly elemental.

But when it’s frozen and “accumulates,” it’s a bit different than water – which other than flooding, eventually drains away quite rapidly compared with the many weeks (if not months) we’ll see this snow on the ground. Turning brown. Becoming annoying. “Please make it go away… Looking forward to summer…. “

When we get FEET of snow – it presents a whole slew of problems, which are usually transportation oriented.

So what are the Top 5 things you should avoid during a blizzard?

Number 5: Please postpone medical emergencies

Number 5 Blizzard Don'ts in Hoboken NJAt the height of the blizzard late tonight – medical vehicles and apparatus will have a super-tough time traversing city streets. That could mean the difference between life and death!

So if you can – please avoid (or postpone if possible) the following medical emergencies:

  • Heart attack or stroke. (Stay off carbs, eat lots of veggies, keep blood sugar low, avoid strenuous activities).
  • Child birth / labor. (If you’re close to your due date – either try to push it out NOW – or figure out a way to keep the baby in the sack till the weather clears).
  • Profuse bleeding. (Any tricky home projects or drunken bar fights should be put off till the storm clears).
  • Broken bones. (While not as bad as some other emergencies – try not elevating your body to more than 12″ off the ground. And if out and about, ensure your shoes have proper traction).
  • Panic Attacks. (There is nothing to worry about at all. Everything is fine. It will be spring in less that 3 months!)

ambulance hoboken blizzard medical emergency january 2015

Number 4: Try not to start any fires!

Number 4 Blizzard Don'ts in Hoboken NJAny kind of row-house fire in Hoboken at the height of the blizzard, will practically ensure that an entire block burns down. Just because the snow is heavy and wet does not mean that it will aid in any way in preventing such a disaster.

So in order to reduce your risk (and guilt) for starting an epic fire for the history books:

  • Do not use candles if you’re a known drunk or narcoleptic.
  • Shut your circuit breaker if your house is known to be non-code compliant.
  • Playing “fire bomb beer pong” not a bright idea during the storm.
  • More than 11 iPhone chargers in a power strip just to keep your facebook stream alive is just not worth it.
  • Deep-frying a frozen turkey inside your studio apartment in wood-frame house can wait.
  • Firing up the hibachi grill on your fire escape. Just don’t do it. In other words, don’t be an asshole!

dont start fires in Hoboken NJ during blizzard

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Buffalo Bills Parody Music Video

Hoboken Resident makes Buffalo Bills Parody Video

In today’s day and age – instead of being innovative and creating new things, or “forging your own path,” as they say – people now “make a name for themselves” by consuming popular things like “professional sports.” We’ve said this before – and will say it again. Ask yourself how humanity benefits by being “fans” of any professional sports team? And the money they spend on memorabilia, tickets and apparel. And think about what you could do with the time you reclaim!

Anyway – I figured I’d show what Hoboken resident Ryan Shibley wanted us to share. It’s a Buffalo Bills Parody Music Video about how pathetic “their team” has been by not making the so-called “playoffs” 15 years in a row.

I guess how people determine “net worth” these days is not about accomplishments – but how “their team” fares and by how many “views” they got on YouTube?

“Here’s the “Playoffs” Buffalo Bills parody music video that I created and filmed at my apartment (in Hoboken) in early January. It focuses on how the Buffalo Bills have missed the playoffs for 15 years in a row now. The parody music video features two other Buffalo Bills fans as well… Tim Miller (Hoboken) and Thomas B. Murphy (Queens). I wrote the lyrics for it, performed/recorded the song at “KimAudio” in Brooklyn with the help of Nick Kim, and co-directed the music video. Court Dunn (Restless Films) filmed, edited, co-directed and was the director of photography on the project. This Buffalo Bills parody music video was also featured on the Channel 4 News in Buffalo: Bills fans make playoff parody video as well as on the Channel 8 News in Rochester. Right below is the quick news bit that was broadcast on the Channel 4 News in Buffalo.”

Well – I do have to give Ryan some credit. He wrote clever lyrics that describes his addiction to a singular “professional” team of men who run around a field tossing a ball around in tights. Some folks just consume 100% of the time.

Credit where credit is due, yo!

Hoboken trees {in the winter}

Hoboken trees planted in the middle of winter

The other day – trucks with dozens of trees were swirling around Hoboken. To plant them. It was so cold that the union guys from Local 138 had to use hammers and crowbars to dig the holes to plant them! Who does this in the winter?

hoboken trees delivered in winter

Contractors don’t care if trees die – they get more work!

Hoboken411 reader Paul saw this as well and noted that “This is the same with lawyers – who do work that create problems that they get paid to fix!”

He continued: “If the contractor puts in trees and they die the contractor makes money replacing them. Nobody is really held responsible for anything. Ideally the contract should be to put living trees in specific holes in the sidewalk and make certain that tree remains alive for 3 years.”

I guess since Hoboken is “Tree City USA” they can plant ‘em all year!

We’ll see how long these trees last – and “follow the money” once they have to be replaced!

Hoboken trees planted in middle of winter

You (don’t) get what you pay for!

Hoboken displays brilliance (not)

With the millions of dollars taken from visitors and residents every year (for parking fees and “violations”), you’d think that every single person the city employs would be Harvard scholars, master mechanics or civic leaders capable of “running the world.” But apparently the opposite is true.

Take a look at this parking meter sign installed uptown near Maxwell Place recently. You know, the ones that coerce you into paying for the privilege of parking your car in a dirty spot after hours of circling the city? It was installed Upside down.

I mean just STARTING the installation of this sign, and ensuring it’s properly oriented is usually the first and only observation / action you need to take. And even if you do “screw up,” you’ll surely notice it after “post-installation inspection,” and can rectify your mistake. But it’s clear that neither was done, and whomever installed this was not emotionally invested in doing a simple job correctly. Not enough pride in their job (or themselves as functioning members of society).

You (don’t) get what you pay for, that is a FACT in Hoboken!

Hoboken parking meter sign installed upside down near maxwell place

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Watch your boxes! (Holiday Edition)

Update: Boxes being nicked in broad daylight

Wanted to bump this ongoing “public service announcement” to remind you slackers that boxes are still getting cleaned out of multi-unit buildings at a breakneck pace again this season.

Just a few days ago, one lobby in a midtown building had a couple dozen shipments stolen.

The thief rolled a shopping cart from A&P Supermarket into the building. Apparently people are too busy updating facebook on their phones and can’t be bothered to look around anymore.

stolen boxes hoboken NJ

Boxes will always be stolen in Hoboken

6/18/2014 Update:

Living in a multi-unit apartment building has it’s pros and cons. The “mailroom” is one of the cons. So many deliveries ripe for the taking. “Common sense” could solve the problem, but that’s a story for another day. Here’s some info about the current crop of box-nickers in Hoboken.

One thief arrested: Fernando Serrano

Good news, one Fernando Serrano was arrested yesterday. He hails from Union City, NJ. (Thanks 9th St. Light Rail Station for the contribution!)

Don’t worry, he’ll be free again soon – or someone just like him will take the baton.

Fernando Serrano Hoboken package thief arrested NJ

Another package thief prowling around Hoboken

There’s another box-thief on the loose – as we received this security-footage montage earlier today.

Recognize him? Call Hoboken Police at (201)420-2100 with anything to help put an end to this horrific loss of material goods.

Hoboken Box Robber

Top 5 Recommendations to avoid lobby theft in Hoboken:

  1. Never have deliveries sent to your apartment if you’re typically not home. As a reminder, you can:
    • Befriend a local business (dry cleaner, bodega, etc.) and have your shipments sent there,
    • Use a place like Go Postal that will receive your boxes for a modest fee (and even deliver them when convenient)
  2. Tell your condo to either move or block the mailbox area – or install frosted glass doors outside.
  3. Have your stuff shipped to your work (if you’re not too weak and lazy to use a little effort to carry it home…)
  4. Live in a better building (i.e., with a concierge – but the drawback is that they’ll see you stumble home drunk missing a heel…)
  5. Stop buying so much shit online

Have any suggestions? Click to see Hoboken411′s previous tips for safe shipping!

Parking Disruptions

Parking Disruptions in Hoboken – No backup plan!

Anyone who drives a car in and around Hoboken knows, that the last couple months have been hell. From PSE&G ripping up roads and leaving them worse than before, to CONSTANT street closings – these parking disruptions have clearly had an impact on “quality of life.”

No concessions in Hoboken for lost parking spaces

But the worst part is with all the problems presented – that there was no assessment from the city on how to care for those affected. One Hoboken resident and Hoboken411 reader tells their tale:

“I wanted to let you know that while the city has deemed it proper to close tons of side streets at the lower end of town (seriously it’s like every block between Newark and 4th from Willow to Adams at least. Possibly more…) they won’t make any concessions for the hundreds of lost parking spaces. I drove around for 30 minutes, causing me to be late for work, and only found ONE spot – a Tuesday side of the street. When I called HPU to ask if there’s any way they can cut me a break, she goes “absolutely not.” With no further comment. I called the mayor’s office to complain and whoever answered the phone said she’d send an email to staff (which she explained was mayor’s chief of staff and director of transportation services) but I’m not holding out hope. Good to know the city is looking out for its residents. Well done.”

Very odd the city failed to even grasp the impact of this long-term traffic and parking disruption. Heck, when 0.10″ of rain is expected, they always seem to offer some kind of parking alternative. In this case they ought to just open up the parking garages FREE until the project is done – or at least have waiting until the “holiday shopping season” was over. Oh well, can’t expect common sense from this bunch of ninnies.