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Hoboken Roads Zimmered 0


Driving in Hoboken, NJ is so bad… “How bad is it?” Well – local Reverend Alex Santora pointed out recently that while some other NJ cities made some lame “list” about bad driving cities...

Hoboken's Finest July 4 Fireworks 0

Hoboken’s Finest

Hoboken’s Finest on the Waterfront Hoboken411 reader Jody was on the waterfront near Maxwell Place this past weekend, and sent in this photo of “Hoboken’s Finest.” They ensured a safe environment for families, while...

public hoboken vehicles for private residential jobs 0

Public for Private?

Public vehicles for private residential jobs? Not sure what to make of this letter we received, but allegedly a public Hoboken vehicle was being used to perform work at a private residence? his city...