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Crosswalk hazards in Hoboken NJ 0

Crosswalk Hazards!

City of Hoboken “permits” Crosswalk Hazards Hoboken resident Aaron noticed an obvious pedestrian safety issue this past weekend. A massive dumpster blocking the intersection of 6th and Bloomfield Street where there is no stop...

Hoboken snakes madison street 5

Hoboken Snakes

WTF is up with Hoboken snakes? Last weekend, Hoboken resident wdgewood spotted a pile of snakes on Sinatra Drive, citing that “they must like the NYC view.” Haha! But it appears that snakes are...

Hoboken WTF File Pier C Park flickering lights 1

Lackadaisical Maintenance

Lackadaisical Maintenance in Hoboken (or non-existent) We recently detailed how “shit is just falling apart” in Hoboken (or just plain shoddily maintained). But did you know the “fancy” rail-mounted LED lighting over at Pier...