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Two Words: “Baby Tracks”

With baby tracks, who needs focus groups in Hoboken?

[Part of the Two Words photo series on Hoboken411...]

Focus groups are sometimes necessary for certain markets to ascertain potential viability (those peeps at Poor Cat Designs obviously didn’t do that).

But sometimes you really don’t need much more than your own two eyes to see. Whether it’s soiled baby diapers on every street corner – or “baby tracks” from the thousands of strollers around town – most child-based stores will do quite well in the near term. Heck the guy that opened up the art store on Willow did the right thing!

What other signs of a good market do you see just by looking around Hoboken?

baby tracks in Hoboken NJ

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Two Words: “Mount Consumption”

[Continuing the Two Words photo series on Hoboken411...]

Consumption “mountain ranges” prevalent in Hoboken

Updating this post from a couple years ago – where we documented how “consumer-driven” we have become just by looking at the massive mountains of garbage all over the place.

Seems to be getting worse.

Take a look at this mega-mound of refuse over at Starbucks uptown. It’s getting so bad over there, that they actually had to augment the number of cans they use. Does every food “transaction” in life involve wrappers, bags, disposable utensils and packaging? Looks that way to me.

excessive garbage in Hoboken NJ starbucks

And outside one of the luxury apartment buildings uptown, this wall of black bags was quite ominous in fact. If it toppled over, certainly an infant or animal could sustain injuries. Heck, maybe even one of those “smart cars,” too! What are these people throwing out exactly? I thought this town was all about “renewable” and other crap like that.

consumer driven great wall of crap in Hoboken NJ

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Orderly Exodus from Hoboken

Macy’s Fireworks in Hoboken: “Orderly Exodus”

In case you didn’t stay behind last week to watch the Macy’s Fireworks in Hoboken – this is what a typical intersection looked like after the show was over. People calmly walking back to their cars, no disorderly riots, etc. In fact this particular spot only had one cop working. He really didn’t even have to be there, because the overwhelming majority of people have no desire to be disruptive or act in nefarious ways (cops or not).

It was reported by many casual observers that the town had a semi-police state. Even chasing seniors away from the waterfront walkway after the fireworks (which is supposed to be public).

I can understand a bit of “traffic control” to help facilitate an orderly exodus from Hoboken, but do you think that “lock down” was even necessary?

Orderly Exodus from Hoboken NJ after Macy's 4th of July Fireworks 2013

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Chemtrail believers in Hoboken NJ

Unafraid: Chemtrail bumper stickers in Hoboken

Since we brought up the issues of Chemtrails this week on Hoboken411 – I figured I’d share this photo.

This car is often seen on the streets of Hoboken, and the owner is unafraid to express his opinions about chemtrails and geo-engineering. The bumper stickers read (in order left to right, top to bottom):

  • “Wild Weather”
  • “Artificial Clouds”
  • globalskywatch.com
  • “Chemtrails Kill”
  • “Wake Up, Look Up, Stop Geo-engineering”
  • “Fear it, End it, U.N. Agenda 21, agenda21today.com

Take a look at those websites they suggested for more information.

Chemtrail believer in Hoboken NJ car bumper stickers

(Oh, if anyone thinks this is my car – nope, I would never put a sticker of ANY kind on any car in my family. Not even a dealer sticker.)

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Two Words: Drunk Pigs!

[Part of the Two Words and Drunk Bread Crumbs photo series on Hoboken411...]

Unhealthy drunks more likely to litter in Hoboken

I wouldn’t even need a scientific study to prove the subheading above – it’s evident all around Hoboken each weekend! Whether it’s pizza, beer bottles, or an entire pig-fest of refuse – you cannot go a week without seeing scenes like the one below.

Other captions considered for today’s combo-category Hoboken photo of the day: “Alcoholic & Arteries,” “Diabetic Judgment” and “Obama Care.”

Rusty Hoboken buildings?

How reliable are rusty construction materials?

If you walk uptown, you’ll see a Toll Brothers staging area for the latest phase of the Maxwell Place construction. They stored materials like reinforcing bars (rebar) for quite a long time, and in all sorts of weather conditions (the feral cats loved ‘em though..)

Was wondering – doesn’t rust cause weakness in steel? Perhaps this is just another part of the planned obsolescence conspiracy so they can demolish and build again a few decades from now?