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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for September 13th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: September 13, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers September 13 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: No idea where to watch the Mayweather fight tonight? Village Pourhouse downtown is a great option.
  • Photo 2: Bludgeoned! PSE&G continues ripping our already decimated streets to shreds with “gas line” work.
  • Photo 3: 1st & Adams gets a minor upgrade with a residential building taking shape. Looks like shoddy construction to us.
  • Photo 4: Craving fresh seafood? You’ll have to wait a little longer. Stingray Lounge uptown still a couple weeks out.
  • Photo 5: El-cheapo ladies clothing store “People” has been playing with people with their “going out of business” sale for a while. At least the sign is down now.
  • Photo 6: 1415 Park Place continues it’s evolution into a living, breathing building. For now at least, it kind of “matches” the BP gas station…

Don’t let a little rain spoil your plans! Get out there and explore!

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Hoboken, we have a {homeless} problem

Homeless Serial Fecal oFFenders on the rise in Hoboken

Some might say “nah, we don’t have a homeless issue in Hoboken,” but based on the growing trend in various parts of town – they’d be proven wrong.

Homeless Fecal Matter in Hoboken NJ parks

Hoboken parks like a third world nation?

Up at Stevens Park – the homeless “population” seems to have been growing over the past several years. Not sure if it’s the economy in general, the fledgling city administration, or what.

And what’s worse is that now these homeless show no shame in depositing fecal matter almost anywhere. Including all the park benches and chairs inside and outside the dog park.

From nasty turds on lawn chairs, to disgusting beer diarrhea sprays on benches. Cops used to perform regular detail checks to remove people from the parks after the designated hours (11pm in the summer). Perhaps the dwindling police force is to blame, who knows.

You’ll know for sure that shit has (literally) hit the fan – if the city starts spending property taxpayer money on TOILET PAPER DISPENSERS for ordinary park benches.

Toilet paper dispensers coming soon to Hoboken NJ parks

(Sorry if this ruined your lunch!)

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Copper Kettles – Cooked to a Crisp

Copper Kettles Kitchen Store closing in Hoboken, NJ

Copper Kettles Doomed in Hoboken NJWell, this is really no surprise. Copper Kettles is closing soon in Hoboken. In fact, their website arrived early to the closing ceremonies.

But why? Might you ask, would a wholesome store filled with “necessities” close in Hoboken? Hmm. I don’t know where to begin, but let’s ponder many of the possibilities here:

  • Hoboken Historical Commission BULLSHIT. I recall when the previous doomed business opened, and then closed (Life is Good), they said that the city would NOT allow them to modify their storefront to make it more attractive to retail customers. Fuck these “know it all’s” and their (non) knowledge of what it takes to maintain a thriving local business. Who the hell are they to tell a business what works and doesn’t? BOO!
  • Everyday goods on Washington Street? Fugghedaboutit! Well, it’s apparent that these business-owners didn’t realize the power of the internet and online commerce. Because pretty much everything they sold could be had at 20-50% less online. And customers obviously knew that. Sorry.
  • Speaking of price – one thing happens that allows a business to “charge more” than online. It’s called customer service. Apparently Copper Kettles could not offer that “after the sale” perk that would entice customers to be willing to spend a few extra bucks. Whoops.
  • Complete lack of passion. Other than the BS city crap most businesses have to contend with – THIS may be the main reason Copper Kettles failed. They had the pulse of a pile of ROAD KILL. Such a minimal effort to engage customers. To build relationships. To interact with passerby. To show that “stuff was happening inside.” Apparently – this business thinks everything can be achieved digitally – with no “organic” involvement. Or a simple sandwich board that says “stuff is here.” Well, what happened?

Copper Kettles Hoboken NJ Doomed Closing

Regardless – we’re not certain they’re relocating anywhere else (based on their non-existent website), it’s apparent that “kudos” from phony blogging bitches and glossy advertising magazines is actually the kiss of doom. In the end you get what you put in, and they didn’t put much in other than “daddy’s capital.”

You want kitchen stuff? Head up to Battaglia’s on Willow. A long-time business (who hopefully survives).

Description: Empty Storefront Coming Soon
Address: 536 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: N/A
Phone: N/A

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Can you really stop Mother Nature?

Ocean “consultants” think they can outmatch Mother Nature…

Ocean and coastal consultants study Pier A Park Hoboken NJ hudson riverWhen you’re down by the waterfront today (or any other time), you may notice some unusual activity going on. Ladders on the pier, scuba divers and even vessels from the Ocean and Coastline Consultants (OCC).

After Hurricane Sandy (as if that was the only hurricane to ever affect the U.S. Mainland), apparently this company believes they can increase the “resiliency” of the coastlines with some costly meddling of Mother Nature.

Part of the “Rebuild by Design” initiative, a whopping $60,000,000 of PUBLIC money (or more) has been “granted” for projects that will plan and construct something called a “necklace” of detached breakwaters in the area. They believe they can change the outcome of storm surges and the like, to protect those that live in risky shoreline areas.

But I’m suspecting that while their computer simulations and such may show what they programmed to show profoundly believe as a net positive change say another Sandy comes barreling our way – but do you really think they’ve covered all their bases? I mean oceanic energy is just that. It has to go somewhere. My feeling is that if they do manage to “mitigate” any impact in their area of work – it will only create devastation elsewhere. Or mess with the ecological balance in some way to create other unknown undesirable effects.

There is a cheaper way to work with Mother Nature

Bottom (water) Line: Perhaps instead of redirecting PUBLIC money to projects that, in the long run, have a good chance of failing (and are largely unproven) – why don’t people just cooperate with Mother Nature instead?

That involves a few basic principles:

  1. If you choose to live in an area with known risks – understand them fully. Don’t ask for bailouts or “help” because you voluntarily put yourself in harms way.
  2. Relocate to an area with fewer known risks.
  3. Life in general is “risky.” Earthquakes. Lightning. Freak gusts of wind. Moronic humans. Common sense as your foundation will get you a very long way.

It’s a much less costly approach to take rather than thinking we can outsmart this planet.

Ocean and coastal consultants OCC Hoboken NJ hudson river

Keep it classy Hoboken!

Signs Summer is really over in Hoboken: Keeping it classy!

Hoboken resident Jay was out for an early morning walk this past weekend, and concluded that “summer is officially over,” when the tell-tale signs of drunken buffoons becomes a more regular sighting.

Scenes like the vandalism in front of Pizza Republic can usually be spotted somewhere in town at least once a week. Innocent decorations like the flower boxes along the fence which are meant to add a little bit of nature to an otherwise “concrete jungle” had to be destroyed?

What kind of satisfaction did they get? Did they “stick it to the man?” No. Did they earn “street cred” for demonstrating destructive skills? Not to anyone with half a brain.

What they did show – was that they have a no respect, and probably don’t understand what it means to earn something and take care of it. Sad.

Summer over in Hoboken NJ keep it classy

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for September 6th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: September 6, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers September 6 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Napoli’s Pizza now has slices, as they proudly proclaim via sandwich board sign on the sidewalk.
  • Photo 2: Say what you want about the cookie-cutter Sovereign Building uptown – they make the neighborhood nicer with their landscaping.
  • Photos 3-4: Here today, gone tomorrow. Wacky over-priced garage sale junk seller Urban Nesters no longer at 706 Washington Street. They’re up in some shack in Union City now, and claim to be coming back to a retail spot in Hoboken. Yawn.

Just a couple more weeks until fall begins!

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