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Viaduct Dog Park

Viaduct Dog Park in Hoboken

We’re big fans of dogs. And anytime something “pro-dog” happens, we tend to be supportive of it. Like the recently opened viaduct dog park at 14th & Madison Streets. In the quite possibly least active and most far removed area of Hoboken.

Hardly anyone seems to use it – and despite good lighting, I doubt weaker members of society would want to “risk it” in this area of town – especially at night.

Be that as it may – it’s still a dog park.

This is one of those circumstances where I’d have a lot more respect for builders and city-hall bobble-heads if they DIDN’T hype it up and use it as a political football. There was probably nothing BUT a dog park that would work for this stretch of wasteland near the light rail tracks, so it definitely made sense.

But it will likely see more action in 10 years, when this area of town is wall-to-wall skyscrapers and dry cleaners, so that’s good news!

viaduct dog park hoboken nj

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for February 28th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: February 28, 2015

Hoboken Photo Leftovers February 28 2015

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Peaceful twilight skies at Church Square Park.
  • Photo 2: Frozen winter tundra over at Pier C Park.
  • Photos 3-6: Tiny sample of Hoboken’s weekly dose of road closure headaches.
  • Photo 7: Vivi Bubble Tea getting closer to opening (how long will they last?)

Tomorrow is March!

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Perpetual snow clean fail in Hoboken

They used to be good at cleaning snow in Hoboken. Now? FAIL!

Here’s a little photo essay that summarizes what winter in Hoboken has been like for the past five or so years: A giant snow fail!

I remember when Roberts was in office – it didn’t matter how much snow we had. They cleaned that shit up like ASAP. Trucks would HAUL the snow away within days.

Now? Multiple “street cleaning” weeks go by. And yet difficult icy snow conditions remain – even months later! Some streets never get “treatment” at all!

Let’s see some examples…

Empty Streets – No cleanup

Residents did their “fair share” and moved their cars. Where was the city? How come previous administrations did it better?

hoboken snow clean fail empty streets 2

hoboken snow clean fail empty streets 1

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Annual Hudson River Ice Show

Hudson River Ice Show (now a regular occurrence)

If I remember correctly – the “Hudson River Ice Show” was not a regular annual happening. Heck, years seemed to transpire in-between extended periods of massive ice chunks like the ones we see every winter now.

Who can possibly still talk about “global warming” (or climate change, or whatever they call it in 2015)?

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Crossing the street

Too dumb? Crossing the street now requires instructions!

Man, have you seen some of the crosswalks in Hoboken? They now have multiple step “instruction manuals” for crossing the street! As if clear symbols and decades of experience is not enough? They need to give you a “refresher” prior to engaging in that simple task?

I just wonder what led to this in today’s day and age.

  1. Legal bullshit. Justifying gobs of lawyers working for cities now? Plus the litigious nature of every idiot that gets hit by a car? Are they just “covering their bases?”
  2. Or are people just plain stupid these days, that they actually NEED an explanation for everything?

While I’m inclined to say “both,” my money is on the lawyers.

Crossing the street instructions Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Deconstruction

Delicate work involved with Hoboken Deconstruction

Row houses (or brownstones) have always fascinated me. With such small lot sizes, it’s clear that interior space is much more important than a larger yard outside. How else could you cram 60,000 people into a square mile or so?

Imagine if Hoboken was laid out like much of the suburbs in the NYC tri-state area? If every “lot” was a modest one acre in size, we’d have less than 800 homes in Hoboken. Compared with around 20,000 or more!

Anyway – it’s amazing when one of the “row houses” is demolished – all without destroying adjacent properties. One such building getting knocked down this winter near 5th & Grand Streets, next to Dom’s Bakery. Wonder if they ever make some cool discoveries when they do this? Like buried treasure or finding Jimmy Hoffa.

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 1

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 4

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