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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for November 22nd

Hoboken photo remains of the week: November 22, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers November 22 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Looks like they had some structural issues over at Debaun Auditorium on the Stevens Campus.
  • Photo 2: Hoboken’s third place for “blo jobs” opens – Blo-It-Out on Washington between 12th & 13th.
  • Photo 3: 1415 Park Place also quickly reaching it’s final “identity.”
  • Photo 4: Amazing. CVS uptown only had ONE modest “flu shot” sign. They must be suffering since they stopped selling smokes.
  • Photo 5: The obligatory “road closed” entry of the week (4th & Grand).

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Slow down!

Slow down in Hoboken, NJ – what’s the hurry?

While I’m no fan of someone else decreeing what is right and wrong for me (under threat of financial penalty), I definitely see no need to speed around like a maniac. Sure, there are places where you want to open up your car a little (like on a highway with little or no traffic), but on craptastic pothole-filled roads like in Hoboken, it just makes no sense.

Apparently, though – some roads are worse than others. Hence, the Hoboken Police recently installed a “warning” message on Hudson Street reminding drivers that the speed limit is 25 miles per hour, and that the law is “radar enforced.”

Perhaps the warning message was enough to curtail the speeders, because I didn’t see any speed traps anywhere.

Do you think people drive too fast in Hoboken? Or is the “Mad Max” like environment just what is needed to get narcissistic people to get off their smart phones?

slow down in Hoboken NJ radar enforced sign hudson street

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Texting while jogging?

Really? Texting while jogging in Hoboken?

Unfortunately, the “smart phone” has absolutely become an extension of the human brain. We see people texting at the altar or even while having sex. That’s just plain wrong.

Then you have people who text while riding their bikes, text while driving, or just keep looking down without any kind of awareness of their surroundings.

And of course, the “victimless” acts of texting are just self-destructive, and have made way for a new illness called text necks syndrome.

But while exercising? A refreshing jog along the waterfront should be reserved for some “alone time,” where you can soak in the sights, get your rhythm and breathing synchronized, and focus on form.

This girl passed me the other day (I definitely saw the text message screen, and not music). She had terrible running form and was completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Why bother going for a run at all? Why not just not, and say you did?

texting while jogging in Hoboken NJ

Pending Disaster at HUMC

Visibility blockage at HUMC a disaster waiting to happen

Have you seen the trailer outside HUMC? Some kind of utility (or ebola) trailer is attached to Hoboken “University” Medical Center (still shake my head that they had the balls to use the word “university”) at 3rd & Willow. This is a absolute disaster in the making.

Who did this? I mean it completely blocks the visibility of fast-moving traffic coming southbound on Willow Ave. Just observing for a few minutes I saw some near-accidents.

Maybe HUMC is trying to drum up “business?”

A temporary stop sign would alleviate the safety hazard a little, but would also introduce traffic congestion issues up the road. Bad idea all around.

HUMC trailer willow 3rd disaster hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for November 15th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: November 15, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers November 15 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photos 1-6: Impossible to navigate Hoboken when half the roads are closed. No wonder businesses are struggling!
  • Photo 7: Dedicated “Thanksgiving” decorations are rare in Hoboken.
  • Photo 8: At least one business in town recognizes their customers. Wise Vision is now conveniently open on Sundays too!
  • Photo 9: Hmmm. I thought that wacky Tip Toe shoe store was temporary, but it seems the “for rent” signs are gone.
  • Photo 10: Memo: Halloween is over. You can remove the laundry off your apartment now.

Cold rain season is coming. Yuck.

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Turkey Trot 5K Run

WTF? Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 5K Run in Hoboken

We already know that outside of professional sports – every single organized 5k run in the world is for a damn charity. The “First Annual” Turkey Trot 5k run is no different.

But now Thanksgiving can’t even be a peaceful day in town. I mean really, why unnecessarily clog the streets on Thanksgiving?

We have people who want to leave the city to visit friends or relatives, as well as people coming into town for the same reason. Plus, all the residents who stayed behind will likely be doing last minute prep for their Thanksgiving dinners later in the day. Is holding yet another charity 5k run so fucking important that one of the last semi-normal holidays left needs to be even more complicated? Who allowed such a travesty on a major holiday?

I wonder how long it will be until there is a charity 5k run every single day of the year?

Hopefully this is the LAST ANNUAL “Turkey Trot.” Bad Ideas 1 – Common Sense 0.

Turkey Trot Hoboken NJ Thanksgiving 5K

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