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Retarded R-word Sign

R-word, retarded… why exactly is this sign necessary?

Recently in front of the Imago Beauty Group salon at 113 Washington Street was this “politically correct” sign that read:

“R-WORD: SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD. The R-word is the word “retard(ed).” Why does it hurt? The R-word hurts because it is exclusive. It’s offensive. It’s derogatory. The R-word is hate speech.

Recognizing that our choice of language frames how we think about others, we pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities…”

r-word retarded sign in Hoboken NJ Imago Beauty Group

Get over yourself and don’t tell me what to say!

The phrase for people who embrace “social movements” like this is: “useful idiots.” This type of “debate” is only out there to divide the populous, in order to distract them from the real problems of this world. In other words, it is entirely pointless, and this overly-sensitive group of people are really just wasting their time. To be “offended” is purely your choice, and well within your control.

To quote a great piece my friend Mokokoma from South Africa wrote about this very subject:

“Words only mean [to us] what we allow them to mean to us… calling a cat a dog doesn’t really make or change the cat; so, why be put down by being called a fool, a nigger, a loser or, a kaffir? While the offender needs to offend to be, reality is that to be offended is the choice of the offended.

Indeed our stupidity is both entertaining and saddening. Our supply of intelligence and common sense is so low that we, instead of refusing to be offended, find refuge in self-deceptive linguistic devices such as:

  1. Political correctness, i.e., the avoidance of forms of expression that are perceived to exclude, marginalize or, insult, groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against; and
  2. Euphemism, i.e., mild or indirect words or expressions substituted for those that are considered to be too hard or “too blunt” when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

proofraeders are overrated

It’s YOUR attitude, not MY words!

“We write “f@#k” in place of “fuck.” Even though “f@#k” means “fuck” to the reader’s mind. “The four-letter word,” too, brings “fuck” to the mind. Yet we think that by writing “f@#k” and by saying “The Four-Letter Word” – instead of “fuck,” we are actually being polite and/or smart. Go figure!

This is of course, the very same foolishness that Louis C.K. tried to bring to our attention with “The N-Word” joke. Which basically revolves around how some “black” people are offended by the word “nigger,” but not the phrase “The N Word.”

Yet the phrase “The N-Word” and the word “nigger” bring to mind the very same race. In the same way the so-called “black” people are – as a collective – a referent to which black people, niggers, kaffirs, blacks, darkies, etc. refer.

Still and all, I still find being offended – by being called something, say a nigger, or an abbie or a dick or a greaseball or a pussy or a merkin or a cracker or a bitch or whatever – as a symptom of intellectual childishness; which is, of course, an inevitable, not to mention costly, price that the semantics-ignorant pay.

Nothing has the power to make one happy or unhappy. It is one’s attitude towards a thing that does. It is one’s attitude towards that thing, not the thing in itself – that has the power to make one happy or unhappy.”

There you go. It’s time to trash that retarded “r-word” sign and instead go change your attitude from within – one “social sucker” at a time.

Hoboken NJ

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Grasping for Strollers

Retail rainbow? Or “grasping for strollers” in Hoboken?

We all know that Hoboken, NJ has now essentially become a “stroller town.” Just head out to the main drag on the next super-nice weekend day. Guarantee you can’t walk a block without seeing at least 100 of them. But are they keeping local shops in business, or are retailers now “grasping for strollers?”

Take a look at this sign over at Sweet Nicholas on Washington Street. While they have many customers in town that enjoy their style, collection and prices – this sign kind of reeks of desperation, no?

“Come on in! We’ll help with Stroller and ALL!”

Hmm, for one thing – aren’t they kind of insulting the Zumba-yoga-crossfit mom by suggesting that she can’t do it herself? Two, what if I just bought 500lbs of potatoes at Shoprite? Will they help with “all that” too?

Nothing against Sweet Nicholas here, but maybe the sign should read “Please support us! We need your help after signing up for this subterranean retail disaster!” Honesty might work a bit better, no?

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Hoboken NJ

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Pulaski Skyway Detour

Can we take a “Pulaski Skyway Detour” of “coverage?”

Below is another timely message from Louise & Jerry’s on Washington Street – this time indicating that their dive bar is indeed a “Pulaski Skyway Detour.”

But that got me thinking. Did any of you see the overwhelming and skull-crushing “coverage” of the Pulaski Skyway closure? It bordered on absolute insanity.

Some fledgling “news” outlets wrote dozens, if not hundreds of pieces on what amounted to a simple (temporary) closure of a road. They even “live blogged” about it. Who in their right mind sat on the edge of their seats waiting for the next exciting and compelling “update” about a friggin road? No one, I bet.

What it has essentially boiled down to is that the “news” is nothing but entertainment and something to do with the time you waste at work or at home. These people aren’t “reporting” anything for good reason other than they feel like it’s a “trending topic” that will get them pageviews. That said, that’s what all websites want – but not under the guise of an “official news outlet.” That is why “news” really isn’t “news” the way it used to be. At least here we exercise our constitutional right to write whatever we want. Sort of in the “all of the above” category. Depends on how we feel that day.

The Pulaski Skyway closure – with the exception of editorial or humorous pieces like the photo below – should have been written about once, maybe twice. People don’t need to have “minute by minute” updates about something so mundane.

Pulaski skyway detour hoboken NJ louise jerrys

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Hoboken NJ

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You can’t make this shit up

Only in Hoboken – You can’t make this shit up!

WTF is this all about? From a distance, it looks like perhaps a motorcycle rider crashed, and landed in a tree. Nope. It’s something else, and there is no doubt you can’t make this shit up!

Hoboken homeless man napping in tree

NAPPING in tree in Hoboken

This afternoon, an “emotionally disturbed person” who happened to be homeless as well, found his way into a tree on the perimeter of the parking lot in the back of the Monroe Center for the Arts.

Yes, as you can see upon further inspection, he in fact found a way to get comfortable within the scrappy branches of a freshly budding tree! Included with his own body, were plastic bags containing his “personal effects.”

You know, I can bet that most homeless people (who aren’t begging for handouts) probably want to be away from the rest of the world as well (at times at least – less harassment). In this spot, he most certainly “had his own space.” Sort of the way people who live in “boxes” in tall structures called “high price condos” feel (with the exception of paper thin Sheetrock and exorbitant property taxes… and running water and flushable toilets…)

But Hoboken PD asked him to come down and move along (he wasn’t charged with a crime – until the control-freak city council decides to introduce an ordinance than bans “public tree relaxation.”)

Thankfully for him, he doesn’t “toss and turn” while sleeping, otherwise he’d be in a Obamacare-funded body-cast!

Homeless man in Hoboken NJ napping in tree

Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for April 19th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: April 19, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers April 19 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photos 1-4: {#JUICY} Inching forward to opening (this week hopefully) is Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries. They also tout their shakes as well.
  • Photos 5-7: {#BUDDING} You know without a doubt spring has arrived when the trees start flowering!
  • Photos 8-9: {#OVER} The Office endured a “painful” move out of Hoboken. However, greener pastures await them in neighboring Jersey City.
  • Photo 10: {#FROZEN} Rare snow sighting last week, as old man winter didn’t go down without a fight.
  • Photo 11: {#JESUS} A “Happy Easter” flower display makes ordinary trash receptacles more bearable.
  • Photo 12: {#HALF} Diamond Athletics slowly establishing their brand presence on the exterior of their building.
  • Photo 13: {#MISSING} Kind of sad to see missing Andrew Jarzyk fliers crumpled up on the ground.
  • Photo 14: {#TRAGIC} Two puzzling entries into the Hudson River led to two unnecessary deaths last week. A make-shift memorial was set up along the waterfront.

Another perfect weekend to spend in the great outdoors!

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Hoboken NJ

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Columbus Park Trees Murdered!

Trees murdered at Columbus Park in Hoboken

Wow – take a look at this murder / massacre that took place in Columbus Park.

Why in God’s name would they trash so many trees?

Either they were terminally ill – or someone’s padding some kind of landscaping contract. We’ll never know now! Evidence gone!

Columbus Park Trees Murdered in Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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