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Two Words: “Mount Consumption”

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Consumption “mountain ranges” prevalent in Hoboken

Updating this post from a couple years ago – where we documented how “consumer-driven” we have become just by looking at the massive mountains of garbage all over the place.

Seems to be getting worse.

Take a look at this mega-mound of refuse over at Starbucks uptown. It’s getting so bad over there, that they actually had to augment the number of cans they use. Does every food “transaction” in life involve wrappers, bags, disposable utensils and packaging? Looks that way to me.

excessive garbage in Hoboken NJ starbucks

And outside one of the luxury apartment buildings uptown, this wall of black bags was quite ominous in fact. If it toppled over, certainly an infant or animal could sustain injuries. Heck, maybe even one of those “smart cars,” too! What are these people throwing out exactly? I thought this town was all about “renewable” and other crap like that.

consumer driven great wall of crap in Hoboken NJ

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Car Sharing done right

Zip Car sharing is the way to go in Hoboken

Recently, the Zip Car sharing program added some more cars here in Hoboken, at the uptown parking garage at 15th & Bloomfield Streets.

I believe that this is the ONLY way car sharing should be done – in private parking garages. As you know, the Hertz 24/7 car sharing rental program just takes away street parking from residents (and they don’t get ticketed for street cleaning either!)

Why our city had to go in and meddle with the already difficult parking situation in town still gets me. Their pie in the sky dream that 1000′s of residents would give up their vehicles to buy into the transportation collective obviously did not work out too well.

Any of you planning a day trip in the near future should keep this in mind when you make your car rental decisions.

Zip Car Sharing Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for July 26th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: July 26, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers July 26 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photos 1-8: Our favorite time to attend St. Ann’s Festival: Before they open! Special note – we were a bit concerned that some of the vegetable matter served here was sitting out in the sun all day without refrigeration.
  • Photo 9: Bareburger got their brand new “weathered” looking exterior. Keep it real!
  • Photos 10-11: Wow, “renovation” moving along fast at what was once Bahama Mama’s.
  • Photo 12: Uptown will soon smell like oysters once Stingray Lounge opens.
  • Photo 13: And Bagels on The Hudson makes it clear they’re renovating as well.

What are your special plans for this typical summer weekend?

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“Opinions” now cause trouble

Opinions are now the black sheep of the world

Remember back in the day that you were entitled to your opinion about something? Likes, dislikes, agreements, disagreements, etc.?

Today, if something has a color, gender, political affiliation, or disability – YOU CANNOT HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT IT ANYMORE – unless, of course it resembles some kind of “victimized” aspect.

And don’t be too quick to “rely” on that level of victimization either. Because if your particular group or affiliation is currently the “victim” of a socialized “witch hunt,” you’ll have to wait for a while to promote your woes.

Anyway – what do you think of this Jeep-owner in Hoboken? They have a few bumper stickers on their car proudly displaying their so-called “opinion:”


opinionated bumper stickers in Hoboken NJ

Proud bumper stickers only lead to problems?

  • “We Say Merry Christmas” – I agree with this. They have every right to shun “political correctness” (i.e., the opposite of “Happy Fucking Holidays you PC Pussies”)
  • However, they have another one I’m not so sure I’d embrace automatically. the “New Jersey Special Issue – Resident – Permanent “Terrorist Hunting Permit” (No Bag Limit – Tagging not required).” While it’s a play on a hunting license – there are a few things that don’t sit well with me. Without getting into detail – this parody plays off the emotion of 9/11 and the manufactured fears that have been introduced into our lives. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be too quick to buy this hook, line and sinker. While it may score points with the rest of your like-minded buddies – it doesn’t really give you much wiggle room when it comes to what you know from first-hand experience. Just sayin’.

Anyone want my advice when it comes to “non-verbal” forms of communications like this? Don’t do it.

Don’t “label” anything you own (including your body with tattoos). Be as “ordinary” as you can possibly be.

Because some nutjob out there will DISAGREE with your stupid fucking message, and probably either wreck your car, run you off the road, or even KILL you just because you have an opinion. You’re also probably a more likely victim of a stupid state-sponsored nanny (i.e., cop) pullover. Translation? Stay low on the radar until absolutely necessary.

You’re welcome.

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Marketing Mentality

Hoboken & Beyond – Do you believe the “Marketing Mentality?”

Marketing mentality Hoboken NJ Running Company Happy FeetI’ve noticed a very curious trend when it comes to “marketing mentality” in Hoboken and pretty much the rest of the world. Something has changed. And quite substantially as well!

It’s long been said (since the grandfather of marketing Edward Bernays) that “emotion sells” anything 100x better than actual merits. Which is why you see dopey idiots and hot chicks on “Light Beer” commercials, smiling happy people on Jewelry commercials, and “perfect lives” on any other consumer goods commercial. It’s all psychological.

However, while the ignorant “masses” are suckers – there are still many of us “critical thinkers” left in the mix. A dwindling number for sure, but still enough to make a difference.

So I saw this sign at NJ Running Company (127 Washington Street) the other day that read “Happy Feet (in the store) – Sad Feet (not in the store.)”

You know what my first thought was when I saw that? “Happy Wallet (not in the store) – Sad Wallet (in the store buying shit I don’t need.)”

As you can see, while this is a simple sandwich board sign which typically has ultra-low “returns,” it still played on people’s emotions. And I can BET that at least a few (unsuspecting) consumers probably bid farewell to some of their (leftover) hard earned cash. Psychological marketing “wins!”

Are you influenced by marketing like that?

NJ Running Company Hoboken NJ Happy Feet Sad Feet Marketing Mentality

St. Ann’s Biblical Upgrade!

St. Ann’s Biblical Upgrade in Hoboken, NJ

Speaking of St. Ann’s Church – did you know that one of their “biblical” statues recently went through a significant renovation / upgrade?

St. Ann's Hoboken NJ Bliblical Upgrade

That’s right – just in time for the St. Ann’s Feast – this gorgeous statue got renovated because it was essentially falling apart.

Now all the beer-swilling patrons will get to see a clear rendition of what this really meant!

St. Ann's Church Statue Before After Hoboken NJ