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No explanation?

What would be your explanation for this dopey act?

One Hoboken resident observed a very peculiar sequence of events the other day. Can you explain what this was all about?

  1. A guy walks out of a building on Washington Street and smashes a flower pot on a car.
  2. Then he proceeds to “rest” at a bus stop bench for a few minutes.
  3. Crosses the street for a six pack of beer.
  4. Goes back into the building.

Mentally Ill people in Hoboken NJ

Either this was some kind of ongoing “neighborly dispute” (that happens frequently in Hoboken), or mental illness. Bizarre!

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for September 27th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: September 27, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers September 27 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: While it should be expected that emergency vehicles of all kinds park wherever they need to when making calls – is it okay when they’re not on calls?
  • Photo 2: Infrastructure work around town has made typical bottle-necks even worse.
  • Photo 3: Congrats to Boutique Realty and their expansion to Red Bank, NJ (where many families move to from Hoboken).
  • Photo 4: Jack’s Cabin steakhouse now open. For some odd reason this politically plagued area makes us not planning on visiting it.

Summer-like weather for the first Fall weekend of 2014!

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Unique Rides

Unique Rides in Hoboken, NJ

Spotted this “unique ride” in Hoboken recently. I’m not even sure what kind of mini car this is (a Scion?), but the rear end sure is “one of a kind.” It’s obvious this car was slammed from behind. And either the poor fella didn’t have insurance, or just really loves duct tape. Those are the only two explanations I can come up with for this type of situation.

And based on the license plate bracket, they apparently had some interaction with a company called Unique Rides (probably for their “boomin’ system” as LL Cool J would have said).

But in the end, as long as you can get safely from point A to point B – guess it really doesn’t matter!

unique rides in Hoboken NJ

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Moms hate trees?

Hoboken moms hate trees apparently!

What an entitled city Hoboken has become! Based on the following evidence, it’s clear that moms hate trees!

There’s some “mom in the city” event taking place in the swank W Hotel in early October, and plastered all over city parks – and stapled to TREES – are fliers advertising this “family friendly” (yet environmentally evil) ho-down.

moms hate trees in Hoboken NJ

Some residents take notice of tree disregard

And it appears that some residents are unhappy with this senseless stapling of trees as one flier has “No Bills on Tree, Jerkoff” written on it.

Are telephone poles too “dangerous” for the precious mommies to contend with rusty staples that might mess up their recent manicures?

Hoboken trees moms hate

Kids run wild while moms update Facebook

And to make the tree matters worse, we were told that while a circle-jerk of moms were gabbing away about superficial and shallow topics, kids with astronomical blood sugar levels were running recklessly around the park swinging on tree branches. And ended up permanently damaging several tree limbs.

The parents didn’t even care to notice. Tsk, tsk…

Hoboken kids damage trees

NJ Flat License Plates

Flat License Plates in NJ – it’s all about the capture!

Earlier this spring in New Jersey, production switched from “embossed” license plates to digitally printed flat license plates.

Flat License Plates in NJ for video capture

Money, Money, Mon-ey, MONEY!

Hey, I don’t really care what the “official” explanation is. But I can think of some reasons why they’d change something that was working perfectly fine: MONEY and CONTROL.

They might say these new flat license plates will “last longer,” but they really don’t give a crap about that. They care if the EZPass cameras, red light cameras, HPU cameras and other photographic invasions of privacy can capture the tags clearly.

My guess is that because of the embossed nature of the old plates, photos may not have always come out sufficiently, resulting in blurry images that didn’t translate properly into the fines they can steal collect from you.

Regardless of what kind of plates you are forced to use, I still think it’s ridiculously unnecessary to track vehicles like this. What next? Bar codes on every human being?

Old Embossed Licence Plates NJ

Changing NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline soaring to new (and different) heights

Many say the “views” Hoboken has are some of the best. And the NYC Skyline has had what you would say are it’s “noteworthy and famous” spires over the years – The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, the Citibank Building, and of course a couple revisions of the World Trade Center. But the market is booming and so are building heights!

Did you know the Empire State Building is no longer the 2nd tallest building in Manhattan?

432 Park Avenue NYC taller than Empire State Building

432 Park Avenue – You cannot afford it. Sorry!

A residential condo tower at 432 Park Avenue has eclipsed it – and when complete (another 100 feet or so to go) will reach nearly 1,400 feet! Taller than the original World Trade Center (minus the antenna of course).

I can only imagine who will be able to afford views like this. About the only “peeping toms” that can see you naked inside will have to be in a helicopter! What will penthouse units sell for anyway? $50 million? $100 million?

432 Park Avenue Views NYC

Nordstrom Tower to eclipse 432 Park

Well, as they say “bigger and better,” 432 Park Avenue will only hold the crown for a few years, as ground has been broken at 217 W. 57th Street – for the Nordstrom Tower – which will stand at 1,500 feet – with the antenna reaching a height of 1,775 feet.

That building, once complete – will be the highest point in New York City, eclipsing even the WTC, because of the elevation, which sits at 100 feet above sea level (WTC is pretty much at sea level).

The Nordstrom Tower is expected to be completed around 2018.

Nordstrom Tower and 432 Park Avenue