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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for January 31st

Hoboken photo remains of the week: January 31, 2015

Hoboken Photo Leftovers January 31 2015

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Weird. We were told the recently closed Helmers’ had a new tenant – but there’s a “for lease” sign in the window. Hmmm.
  • Photo 2: Say “Hoboken Road Work Sucks” five times fast. Not easy to do.
  • Photo 3: Beethoven’s Veranda on “winter break” in case you were Jonesing for shrubbery.
  • Photo 4: Interesting. The “for rent” sign at the doomed Copper Kettles location is gone. Wonder what business will try their luck at that cursed spot next?
  • Photos 5-9: The winter storm that left a few inches in Hoboken won first prize in the hype contest.

Who’s craving warm weather yet?

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Phone Booth Shelter

Not Dead: Phone Booth Shelters serve a purpose in Hoboken

Been watching the various “phone booths” in Hoboken for quite a while. I hadn’t seen anyone in one in a very long time. They were essentially “ghost towns” in my opinion.

However, during one “inclement” day recently, I spotted a very RARE instance. Someone actually USING a phone booth.

Of course, it had nothing to do with the contraption inside – but rather the COVER it provided the girl as she used her MOBILE device to communicate.

So – at what point to these antiquated devices go away and free sidewalk space up for homeless guys? C’mon already!

Phone Booth Shelter Hoboken NJ

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Sidwalk manners in Hoboken

What ever happened to sidewalk manners in Hoboken?

You ever wonder what happened to “sidewalk manners” in general these days?

Sidewalk manners are part of a group of things called “common courtesy for others” while traversing public spaces. This includes “stopping in your tracks without looking around first,” and “occupying busy street corners for no other reason other than to bullshit with my friend.”

We’re not singling out “stroller people” per se, but this is an example of an action that is not courteous to others. To walk slowly while completely blocking the sidewalk for other, faster walkers. Pedestrians sans babies do this as well (especially in larger groups). God forbid one person is behind another.

People these days are completely incapable of “assessing” a certain situation anymore. They just “do” whatever without a care in the world. (Or until someone rightly yells at them and puts them in their place.)

I can only imagine how rough it would be if some kind of major emergency happened around here.

sidewalk manners hoboken NJ baby strollers

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for January 24th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: January 24, 2015

Hoboken Photo Leftovers January 24 2015

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Always some kind of “work” going on in town, like this pile of bricks at Pier A Park.
  • Photo 2: The corporation known as the “state” of NJ is really milking the Lottery Cow. Frickin’ Rite Aid?
  • Photo 3: Gobs of construction + outdated infrastructure = The next Mayor’s problem.
  • Photo 4: Club Barks coming along. Dogs are expensive in a city.
  • Photos 5: The apartment next to the Mercury Lot also shaping up. Wonder where the doctor’s office will go?
  • Photos 6: Old school bars like Stinky’s a thing of the past in Hoboken. You need to be “upscale” to survive these days.

Can you smell snow in the air?

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Why the PATH was saved

(The real reason) Why the PATH was saved!

You certainly recall that “non-story” about how “officials” were threatening to let the PATH service “nap” for a few hours a day, right? All that “backlash” and chitter chatter over something that never happened.

And of course, the bobbleheads politicians love conjecture and finger-pointing – again, over nothing substantial at all. Some even went as far as to indirectly “take credit” for whatever didn’t happen. Ha!

But we know the REAL answer why you still have 24 hour PATH service.

Yep. This piece of scribbled graffiti along Willow Ave. in Hoboken: “Save PATH overnite servce” scared the pants off those at the Port Authority.

Save PATH overnite service Hoboken NJ

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Psychopathic tree plantings!

Who plants trees in front of stop signs? Hoboken does.

We told you yesterday about all the trees being planted this winter in Hoboken. However, it gets worse.

1st & Willow is one of the busiest (and dangerous) intersections downtown. Pedestrians, double-parked cars, split second timing necessary. And they planted a frickin’ tree directly in front of a stop sign here? What the Hell?

If this tree survives through the spring – it will completely block the stop sign once it blooms. Who allowed this to happen?

Attention lawyers! Please keep an eye out for this intersection. The minute ANYONE gets hurt because a car ran through – you have a SLAM DUNK CASE against the city (who gives away money for lawsuit settlements like it’s Halloween!)

Hoboken trees planted in front of stop sign near 1st and willow

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