What have you overheard in Hoboken lately?

Some of you may have seen some of the websites out there like “Overheard in NY” and I thought it might be interesting to start a post (with comments) about “Overheard in Hoboken”.

There will be a category to the left called “Overheard” which will take you to this particular post. Come back here often and contribute the silly things you’ve heard during your travels around Hoboken.

Just say where, describe the participants, and outline the dialogue. I’m sure many of you can contribute countless ridiculous items you’ve heard recently! Whether it be on the PATH train, in a bar, people on cell phones, there have to be plenty of humorous conversations every day!

For instance, here are some of the things I really overheard this past Tuesday just on a walk from downtown to uptown (and inspired me to write this post):


Location: In street on Bloomfield between 2nd and 3rd
Guy: “I just don’t want to see you anymore”
Girl (distraught): “So what are you saying??”


Location: On a stoop on Bloomfield a between 5th and 6th
Gym Rat Guy #1: “Dude, so you wanna hit Empire tomorrow and do legs and back?”
Gym Rat Guy #2: “Dude, I might not be able to, promised a friend I’d do chest and tri’s at his gym”
Gym Rat Guy #1: “Dude, ok, maybe we can do chest and tri’s this weekend”
Gym Rat Guy #2: “Man, I might not be able to, gotta do something with the girl”
Gym Rat Guy #1: “Ok brother, then maybe we can do abs next week or something”
Gym Rat Guy #2: “Ok dude, gimme a ring then”


Location: Bloomfield between 1st and 2nd
Realtor guy to client girl: “Trust me, I’ve worked some things out and you WILL maximize the return on your investment”


Location: Outside seating at Cafe Michelina Restaurant
Asian guy #1: “???????????”
Asian guy #2: “????? ?????? ?? ????? ??!!”

What have you heard?