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QotD: Worst intersections in Hoboken?

Hoboken has some bad intersections – what are the worst?

Hoboken411 reader “OlderThanGod” suggested today’s Hoboken Question of the Day.

“Hoboken traffic accidents – which is the most dangerous intersection in Hoboken? How long has it been a problem? Why has the city ignored the problem? Accidents at intersections are almost always the result of a design flaw. So who should we sue?

My vote for the worst intersection is – 16th Street and Park Avenue. All it requires to fix it is a sign @ $100 – NO LEFT TURN from 16th Street on to Park Ave going North and over the bridge.”

Some other intersections that are bad include both Bloomfield at Newark and 1st Streets. This is right next to city hall, and there are accidents here every week due to improperly parked vehicles, and bad parking enforcement by HPU.

What do you think is the worst Hoboken intersection?

What is really up with the housing market?


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Housing market: Where is it going?

A couple tidbits related to Real Estate today:

Will this continue – or will there be a “turnaround” as one “professor” was quoted as saying?

Do you Buy, Sell, Hold or Rent?

Everything in moderation, right?


[Continuing the ongoing "Morning Question of the Day" series...]

Energy Drinks & Kids: Does it need to be controversial?

Recently – the University of Miami School of Medicine released a study that said “Energy Drinks pose serious health risks for kids.”

The report emphasizes overdose of said energy drinks.

Guess what – you can also get sick, and even DIE if you drink too much WATER!

So it makes you wonder why reports like this are even published (and who might be the ones funding said propaganda.) If everyone just lived by simple rules like “Everything in Moderation,” or “Common Sense is good,” and “Don’t be an Idiot” we wouldn’t need fluff like this filling the airwaves.

Do you think energy drinks are bad? For kids or anyone else?

And what about Cocoa Puffs – which I bet this kid below ate before going to school. Should we ban breakfast cereals now too?

Imagine if he had a can of Four Loko? Haha!

Obama: Share the wealth?


New: Morning Question of the Day

Introducing a new category today – called “Morning Question of the Day.”

From time to time – a local, national or global current event will be published here on Hoboken411 (similar to the “Breakfast Nuggets,” but easier to digest).

These topics will have some kind of dotted line to everyone – including those living in the Mile Square.

Does Obama not know America is a Capitalist Country?

Earlier this month – President Obama addressed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – and the general headline from his speech was:

“Corporate Profits Have To Be Shared By American Workers.”

Adding: “The benefits cannot just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top. They have to be shared by American workers, who need to know that opening markets will lift their standard of living as well as your bottom line.”

Who the hell is anyone to dictate how a capitalist market should work?

If you offer a job – with a certain pay – you’ll have people that want to work for that wage. If the wages are too low – you’ll have a tough time finding reliable help – the market decides, you know? Furthermore – our way of living typically rewards people who work harder than others (in most entrepreneurships at least).

Mind you – I do feel that some “Corporate CEO” salaries are ridiculously high (unless they were the founders of said companies). But some blame can be placed the shareholders of those public companies for letting it happen. No one reads proxy statements, or tries to understand the complicated balance sheets of the companies they invest in – and vote accordingly. Oh well.

Do you feel more corporate profits should be “shared” or is a damn salary with benefits enough?