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Ford C-Max Energi drive to Jersey City using no gas 0

Ford C-Max (fuel economy)

Costs for the Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid One thing the Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid car is – is fuel efficient. But what does that mean exactly? We ran some “controlled experiments” regarding range, both...

Oskar Chocolate from Lazzaroni 1

Much better Oscars

2/28/2011: Tasty Italian Chocolate from Lazzaroni Here are two things that are 100% better than the ego-filled snooze-fest called The Oscars: Head over to Biancamano’s (1116 Washington St.) and pick up a pack of...

Starbucks Via big money maker in Hoboken NJ 0

Last minute gifts: What do you do?

12/22/2010: Time is running out to finish Christmas Shopping Was standing in line at Starbucks for one of my multiple caffeine fixes the other day. I noticed this fairly nice display of fairly priced...