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Much better Oscars


Tasty Italian Chocolate from Lazzaroni

Here are two things that are 100% better than the ego-filled snooze-fest called The Oscars:

  1. Head over to Biancamano’s (1116 Washington St.) and pick up a pack of Oskar Chocolate-covered wafers from Lazzaroni. A light and fantastic sweet treat – sort of along the lines of what a Kit Kat tastes like – but better. Goes great with a nice cup of coffee!
  2. The Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar – who for one, chose NOT to watch that awards show – and two, denied having anything to do with the Oskar chocolates.

If you pick some of these up – say “Oscar sent me to get some Oskars!”

Viola Vita open again: Fresh inventory


The wait for fine Italian Handbags (and more) is over!

Viola Vita (1224 Washington) Owner Mario is back again, after taking a month and a half off in Italy to source the best handbags, coats and accessories that Hoboken has to offer.

Definitely not illegal knockoffs or cheap $50 bags that will just disintegrate quickly – these bags are more like investments – and will last. Sure, you may be dropping a few hundred bucks, but comparable quality merchandise usually costs upwards of thousands of dollars. Oh, and towards the spring – a huge new collection of spring shoes is coming to Viola Vita as well – so be on the lookout, ladies!

One thing Mario is exceptionally proud about is, that he never sells two identical items. All of them are one-of-a-kind and unique – so you gotta get ‘em quick!

Enjoy, women of Hoboken!

Viola Vita is open 11-7 Saturday, and 12-5 on Sunday…

Product Spotlight: San Pellegrino Chino


San Pellegrino Chino: Unique soda flavor

Not going to go too much into what San Pellegrino Chino soda is – you can read up on it on various product review websites. Yahoo Answers offers practically nothing, and readers over in Dallas think it’s bitter, and is an “acquired taste.”

But wanted to share my experience with this unique Italian soda that I tried for the first time this week, and I have to say it’s a taste I’m glad I enjoy. To put it simply, it’s kind of a refreshing, slightly bitter mix between cola and birch beer.

And if there were ever “soda pairings” like the way wine is paired with food – there is definitely one type of food this goes well with. Spicy. Had a can of this the other day, along with a spicy Italian hero (with extra hot peppers), and I was almost astonished at how well this soda complemented the food I was enjoying. Never before have I noticed a “pairing” like that with a standard lunch (hence the reason I’m posting it). Maybe that’s why it’s so popular in Italy?

San Pellegrino Chino can be found at many Italian deli’s in Hoboken.

Have you tried San Pellegrino Chino yet?

Last minute gifts: What do you do?


Time is running out to finish Christmas Shopping

Was standing in line at Starbucks for one of my multiple caffeine fixes the other day. I noticed this fairly nice display of fairly priced gifts that might be good for the coffee-lover in your life – and was wondering how people handle the last-minute shopping.

My choice for last minute gift is:

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Regardless, that Via “Ready Brew” Coffee from Starbucks seems to have taken off like wildfire. A ton of different “accessories.” Employees say their #1 customer is the stroller mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if a “Via-branded” stroller with built in water heater – or an “IV-Drip” coffee dispenser comes out next…

Hoboken Dog Wash Gift Certificates


Hoboken Dog Wash: Economical Holiday Gift Idea

The Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar had a bath and “mini” grooming (cleanup) the other day – and saw that the Hoboken Dog Wash sells $20 gift certificates.

Another great holiday gift idea – you can use it towards a DIY bath – or even for grooming too!

PS – isn’t Oscars Christmas Scarf adorable?


Greetings From Hoboken product line expands!

12/16/2010 Update:

Raymond Smith – the famous artist who created the well-known “Greetings from Hoboken” postcards has expanded his product line to now include Coffee Mugs and Mouse Pads!

Perfect for sending to your out-of-town friends and family (to rub it in that you live here). Available online at Hoboken Greetings – or you can pick them up locally at Yes I Do!Empire Coffee – and the Hoboken Historical Museum.


It’s been a year since local artist Raymond Smith announced his website: Hobokengreetings.com. His greeting cards are perfect to send your friends and family out of town!

It’s a ‘Season’s Greetings from Hoboken’ holiday card and is an extension of his ‘Greetings from Hoboken New Jersey‘ image line. It’s a nice big 5X7 card, blank inside, with a white envelope. It’s also on sale at Empire Coffee, 338 Bloomfield and Hoboken Frame and Photo, 326 Washington Street, and the Hoboken Historical Museum. He’ll also be selling these during the Hoboken Holiday Crafts Fair.