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Hoboken Nuggets {Nutty} – 3/11/2014

Nutty Hoboken Nuggets for March 11, 2014

Without “sunshine” in this world, certain germs and viruses would get out of control. Same goes for public employees and government hacks like the ones bumbling the show down at City Hall.

Below are just two of the countless embarrassing flounders that happen on a regular basis here in Hoboken.

Hoboken Nuggets News Roundup Hoboken411 March 11 2014

Zimmer: Still learning on the job at expense of everyone else

Dawn Zimmer Incompetent Hoboken NJ snow plowingWe all know how poorly the city managed a ROUTINE annual task: cleaning the snow. Winter is season that comes EVERY YEAR. No surprises, and every municipality is normally prepared. Trucks, equipment, personnel. And with that comes line-items in the budget as well. You know, the city budgets for the Mayor’s salary – the other every day functions should be as well. PSE&G bills, cops, fireman, street cleaning, and yes seasonal items like mowing the grass at city parks during the spring, cooling centers in the summer, and plowing in the winter. However, that doesn’t seem to penetrate some thick skulls.

“Mayor” Dawn Zimmer said publicly that she considers snow removal “a balancing act {because} people want snow removed and lower taxes.”

WTF is that all about? SNOW REMOVAL IS PART OF THE ANNUAL BUDGET, GENIUS! While we’re on the subject of “unnecessary” budget line items – perhaps we can reduce HER salary to ZERO because “people want a competent mayor and lower taxes.” Since we can’t have the former, perhaps $150k off the annual expenses (including lavish luxury health care), would be a fair trade-off.

Additionally – Zimmer also had the nerve to say “there has to be a better plan in place.” WHAT IN GOD’S NAME HAVE YOU BEEN DOING AT CITY HALL SINCE 2007? That statement oozes of re-direction and shrugging off responsibility. I’d have exactly one more ounce of respect for this “lady” if she just said “I’m an incompetent mayor, I’ll ask others who know better than me how it should be done. And frankly I have no idea how people voted for me. I’ve been in a state of perpetual shock and amazement for the past seven years…”

Hoboken STEALS the money, and hangs you out to dry {booting}

Hoboken Parking Boot RobberyRecently – some guy named Tom visited Hoboken to enjoy the local bars and restaurants. When he returned to his car shortly after midnight – he had a boot. Who knows exactly why. Perhaps he failed to read the sign because he was already drunk. I don’t know. Read his letter to the editor here.

However, there was NO EASY WAY for him to PAY his ridiculous fine, nor find remedy anywhere in the city. He was stuck in Hoboken overnight because the (probably unconstitutional) parking boot was stuck on his car.

In the past, revolutions were started for MUCH less serious things than that (like tax on tea.) The fact that a serious and grossly negligent act like that doesn’t piss people off to the point of REVOLT pretty much means the game is over. The people (collectively) have allowed them to win. Even though we here get a couple million pageviews a month, it doesn’t matter if no one acts. Everyone will go back to their Reality TV or smartphone chat and carry on. Lazy bastards!

It’s great to imagine what would happen if every single solitary property-owner in town REFUSED to pay their quarterly bill at the SAME time. I’m sure you’d see positive change IN A HURRY. But that will not happen (even in the name of revolt), because “people be afraid…”

Hoboken Wednesday Morning Capsules

Hoboken Capsules for June 22, 2011

Condensed nuggets about Hoboken to get your day started: Gay Pride, Busted 9/11 Memorial, Fashion Show, and city updates.

Hoboken Business Center Celebrates Gay Pride

Did you know a “milestone” first gay flag will be raised in Hoboken tonight?

The Hoboken Business Center (50 Harrison St.) will hold a Gay Pride celebration tonight at 7pm. Taking place at the celebration will be the first gay flag to be raised on a public building in Hoboken.

Attending the celebration will be Hudson County Director of Health and Human Services, Carol Ann Wilson, Directors of Hudson Pride Connections and Faith Services and others. The Business Center will also illuminate its tower at the corners of Harrison Street and Observer Highway in rainbow colors at the event for a ceremonial lighting in commemoration of the milestone flag raising and national gay rights.

How long will it take to fix the 9/11 Teardrop?

As Hoboken411 first told you earlier this week – the already abused Hoboken 9/11 Teardrop Memorial at Pier A Park got vandalized and destroyed.

Hoboken Police are conducting an investigation at the moment.

Regardless of how it happened, or who is to blame – the city’s first priority should be to get this repaired right away.

How long do you think it will take?

vitaminwater fashion show at W Hotel tonight

If you enjoy things like fashion shows – then head over to the W Hotel in Hoboken tonight from 6pm to 9pm.

“vitaminwater is hosting local fashion shows featuring vitaminwater-inspired looks by local designers as a part of their color collection program and contest. 5 New Jersey designers will create 5-8 looks to send down the runway, one of the looks being a t-shirt inspired by the vitaminwater color palette.”

Local salon Rebellations (44 Hudson Pl.) will be on scene representing Hoboken – they’re in charge of styling all the models hair tonight.

You can find out more – or even submit your own portfolio on vitaminwater’s Facebook page.

Other Hoboken Tidbits

  • Anything related to Pier C Park (other than suicide jumpers) is really “non-news.” But they installed some metal gates on the park recently. Many residents wonder why this park is closed at night – when parks really should be open 24 hours (like Pier A Park.)
  • Do you know Santos Aguirre Rodriguez? The Hudson River Jumper who died last week only had identification from Honduras. NJ Transit Police are looking for any friends or relatives that can positively ID him. He was in his 30′s, 5’3″, and about 165lbs. Call (800)242-0236 if you have any info and mention case 11-5583.

Hoboken Morning Tidbits: 5/17/2011

Happy Tuesday, Hoboken!

Here’s a couple minor nuggets to get your day started: Worst baby name ever, high in the sky and more lost pets.

Who names their child after an internet fad?

Regardless of how “hip” or “in” today’s technology is – I’d recommend to my friends to pick a timeless name for their newborn baby girl or boy.

As I’m sure you might possibly have heard, one couple in Jerusalem just named their baby girl “Like,” after the dopey button on Facebook. They thought it was unique – and even came up with another “reason” for picking this utterly ridiculous & trendy name to justify their collossal mistake.

Sure, millions of people use it daily, on their wireless phones, and have become hooked. However, some folks even believe Facebook is going in reverse by making it much like a previous company we still love to hate – and something new will emerge in time (is there ever an “end all be all?”)

But I wonder how many kids out there named “HuffPo,” “Boo,” “AOL,” or “Flooz” have since changed their names.

Hobokenite witnesses Shuttle blast-off from plane

As NASA winds down the Space Shuttle program – Hoboken resident Stefanie Gordon happened to be on her way to Palm Beach, FL yesterday when she captured the final launch of the Endeavor into outer space.

Another missing cat: “Jinx”

Hoboken411 reader Michael spotted this sign regarding a missing 13-year old female Calico named “Jinx.”

“Jinx was last seen by Lola’s Restaurant. She doesn’t have any tags or collar – and doesn’t have any front claws, so she’s very vulnerable. She may have left out our 1st Floor Apartment which opens to a courtyard that is shared by all the buildings on the block.”

If you find the kitty – you can email Joe.

Hope everyone has a great day today!

Hoboken Monday Morning Capsules

Hoboken Capsules for May 9, 2011

No, Hoboken Capsules isn’t a new drug that came out to help you deal with the nonsense here in the Mile Square (but may not be a bad idea!)

Hoboken Capsules (a.k.a. “breakfast nuggets”) are just some drive-by bullets, recent news, mini-updates, etc. to start your work week off with:

Are you taking the PATH today?

After yesterdays PATH train crash in Hoboken – is anyone in somewhat hesitant to use it? As a guy who prefers being above ground – I’d have a cautious feeling today…

Hoboken Good News!

Hoboken resident David wanted to share some good news. His daughter Lindsay had a garage sale in the 4th Ward, in order to raise money for the Pencils of Promise charity.

She successfully raised $248 dollars – and even 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti stopped by in a show of support. Nice to have council people that actually make themselves available to constituents instead of spending their time with backroom deals, right?

Are you missing a black cat?

Hoboken resident Albert spotted a black cat in the neighborhood of 1st & Madison – that didn’t look like it was supposed to be there.

Is he/she yours?

Enjoy your week, Hoboken!

Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 3/29/2011

Hoboken H.S. names March 2011 “Students of the Month”

The Administration and Faculty of Hoboken High School are pleased to announce the students of the month for March 2011:

8th Grade: Layne Englich; 9th Grade: Leslie Markovitch; 10th Grade: Alexandra Richardson; 11th Grade: Ashley Ramos; 12th Grade: Sarita Mehta & Emmanuel Valle (Co-Senior Students of the Month).

Two contestants pick correct NCAA Final Four

I found this to be amazing. Out of nearly 6 Million entries over at the ESPN NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Challenge – only TWO got the exact Final Four correct!

Helpful Cheat Sheet about Radiation Exposure

Thanks to Mother Nature & Planet Earth, who caused the Massive Earthquake and Tsunami in Japannuclear radiation is now a big news item.

Regardless of all the spin & confusion coming out of all of this – you might find this handy radiation dose chart I stumbled across on the web helpful. It puts things into perspective. Click to expand image.

Potential messy late-week weather in store?

Since the winter ended recently – I haven’t been as “in tune” to the potential bad weather situations – but apparently, there’s chatter about some kind of storm system (i.e., Nor’Easter) that might affect our area towards the end of the week. The same ole debate applies. “Big Storm & Snow!” or “It’ll miss us” and everything in between.

We’ll know more over the upcoming days… but keep an eye out in case significant travel is expected.

Have a great day, Hoboken!

Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 3/15/2011

A reliable backup in Hoboken

Biancamano’s is one of my favorite places to go in Hoboken… and when I remember that they’re on vacation for a week – slight panic sets in. They won’t be returning until March 21st! What’s one to do?

Ah ha! Balbo’s Pizza to the rescue!

Did you know that they now have their full menu available? (see menu on this page). You have to try the Truffled Egg Pizza ($21) – an incredible and unique pie found nowhere else in Hoboken. Sunny side up eggs, crispy pancetta and spinach & mozzarella. Trust me? Then call (201)332-MUTZ to order one today!

Aging infrastructure in Hoboken – an ongoing plague

Note that there’s a street closure continuing today at 3rd Street between Jefferson & Adams. Utility workers were there yesterday digging up a hole to uncover a Verizon telephone wire for a nearby building. Apparently it was so rusted through, it was as solid as a lead pipe. This caused one of the area buildings to have no door intercom system for years, apparently.

The street will remain closed throughout today until Verizon completes the job. Lovely.

Bikini weather this week in Hoboken!

Well, that’s what most guys in town would like – but not gonna happen. But we may hit 70 degrees on Friday!

Enjoy the rest of your day & week!