GOP NJ stagnant

Is the GOP in NJ stagnant?

Below is a message from Hoboken resident and candidate for NJ Republican State Committee Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. The GOP in NJ is stagnant For years, we have had a Republican governor with little to no...

The Electric Greaseman

The Electric Greaseman

The Electric Greaseman By Eric Peters If you lived in the DC area during the ’80s, you will remember the Fall of the Greaseman. Now living in obscurity – and, apparently, poverty – in...

elon's carbon con

Elon’s Carbon Con

Elon’s Carbon Con (Elections Have Consequences, Part Deux) By Eric Peters People sometimes said Ayn Rand’s writing was . . . heavy. Obvious, too. Villains with names too good to be true (or believable)....