2016 Rock'n Derby

2016 Rock’n Derby

2016 Rock’n Derby – Upstate NY Back in May, a huge three-day (rock) music festival was held in upstate New York – The Rock’n Derby Festival. Hoboken Photographer Jay Rubinstein of 7th Sign Photography...

Do you think about the end game?

TEOTWAWKI: A reality? Or just fear porn? This is a touchy subject indeed. Some people have the ability to think complex thoughts, incorporate history, present signs and visions of the future. Others, well, I...

Campaign Promises (Immigration, borders, etc.)

Hot potato – campaign promises about the borders… If you had the hindsight to look back at an overwhelming majority of campaign “zingers” or (2016 version: “trending sound bites”), you’d realize their (the politicians)...

drive 55 stupid speed limit

You can’t drive 55!

Drive 55? The stupid – it burns! Many of you will be “on the road” in some shape or form this Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial start of summer means a longer weekend for...

Tesla 3 lemon

Tesla 3… BS!

Hybrids, electrics like Tesla 3 {think about it?} You saw our in-depth review and month-long test ride of the 2016 Ford Fusion Energi recently. As you read, we tried to be as objective as...

do fat people hate donald trump

Do fat people really hate Donald Trump?

(Below is a guest contribution from Michael Karolchyk of Spartacus Strategies (That link may be down – You can also visit his Twitter channel.) Views expressed via guest contributions do not necessarily reflect the...

The Lotus Eaters Remembrance vs distraction

The Lotus Eaters

Being swept up in our intoxicating interests, most of us become numb to whatever we have chosen to forget. How great could it have been when I have all this before me now? We are largely a hypnotized society of troubled amnesiacs.

It seems forgetting what was once the most important part is as old a phenomena as antiquity itself. Will we humans ever break free from our self imposed chains and prisons to become beings who will remember?