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Hobotown – Super Bowl 2012

Hoboken becomes Super Bowl City – Giants vs. Patriots

Almost four years ago to the day – Hoboken artist Tim Heins submitted the following cartoon before the 2008 Super Bowl featuring the same NY Giants vs. the New England Patriots. The Giants prevailed in that exciting game which prevented the Pats from going undefeated.

Perhaps this Hobotown submission a good luck charm for Big Blue?

Hobotown does the Gin Mill Kings

Jazzing it up at Elysian Cafe

T.G. Heins shares his rendition of the recent Jesse Thomas and the Gin Mill Kings show over at Elysian Cafe at 10th & Washington.

Hoboken Blizzard on Canvas


Hoboken Blizzard easy to photograph, but painting?

The shellacking Hoboken took from the December 2010 Blizzard was digitally captured by many Mile Square residents. In fact – you can see some of the best photos ever in the Hoboken411 Reader Blizzard Gallery (thanks to all the enterprising souls that braved the brutal conditions.)

However – have you ever seen “white out conditions” captured on paint and canvas?

Local Hoboken Artist Tim Heins did – and said “It’s a view from 5th floor of Neumann Leathers looking south towards the Hamilton Park area of Jersey City (see Home Depot sign to left in orange…)”

Nice work, Tim!

Hobotown: 7/13/2010


More Unauthorized W Hotel Roof Access

T.G. Heins provides a summer update to what Kelly is up to lately… No matter the season, Kelly digs the expansive view on the rooftop of the W Hotel!

Hobotown 3/1/2010


Rooftop Snow Dance

T.G. Heins provides an update to what Kelly is up to lately… Looks like she gained unauthorized access to the roof of the W Hotel! What has she been drinking?

Hobotown – 12/3/2009


Where is this?

Can you guess what this is a drawing of?

By T.G. Heins: