The recent Jobless Josh column on Hoboken411 not only generated conversation here – but in the job search field in general!

Hoboken resident and Career Coach Ethan Chazin (Author of “Bulletproof Your Career in These Turbulent Times”) – took great interest in that article – and wants to offer his counter-balanced perspective about the subject.

So here’s the inaugural post for the new 411 category: Hoboken Career Coach.

More Mile Square Job Talk!

Hoboken’s Compassionate Career Coach Responds to Jobless Josh

Hi Josh:
I read your article on Hoboken411 and felt compelled to reply to you, for the benefit of other Hobokenites who are out of work, looking to change careers or re-enter the workforce and are just as confused, angry, and willing to throw in the towel as you seem to be.

My advice is not to despair. You just need to change your approach. Here’s why:

In today’s job market the unofficial unemployment rate hovers around 20%. We’re faced with global competition, shrinking industries, and rapidly evolving technologies that demand business models that change month to month. Heck, one in four American workers can now be classified as contract/consultant/independent workers. Making matters worse, the average American will change jobs 8-9 times in their career.

In this economic environment, job seekers need an entirely NEW approach to job searching. Job search success in these times of uncertainty DEMAND that you focus on finding the jobs that DON’T exist.

Sounds odd, huh?

How do you find jobs that don’t exist? It’s definitely NOT easy and requires an entirely new mind set as a job seeker, BUT…the results will prove much more rewarding than following the old traditional, conventional approaches that no longer work!

If you’re willing to invest the time and effort, Josh you WILL achieve tremendous results. Are you with me? Good! Here’s how you do it…

First off, it’s critical that you match you background, values and belief system to the types of culture in organizations that would be attractive to you. It is important to note there are TWO types of culture in any organization. The first is called the FORMAL culture…consider it “aspirational.” It’s what they want to believe it is like to work in their company. That is what they say about themselves. It’s called “spin” or PR. It’s what they say about themselves on their website. Take it with a grain of salt.

To learn how to identify a company’s culture, check this out…

The much more useful and instructive information is in the INFORMAL culture. You find that out by speaking with employees, ex-employees, industry analysts. What is it like if you got to walk around their place of business and just watch how people interact with each other? What kind of volunteer work do their employees do, what causes do they support, which politicians do they contribute to? This type of information is INVALUABLE. You find this by conducting informational interviews. Here’s another great resource for identifying a company’s true culture.

After you have conducted this personal exploration, you are ready to create an action plan. Think to yourself the magical numbers 18-32. You’re going to target 3 to 4 industries and 6 to 8 organizations, companies, not for profits, agencies in each industry. Do the math: 3X6 is 18, 4 X 8 is 32. Voila! That gives you a manageable search plan for 18-32 organizations.

What does Ethan suggest next?

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