drive 55 stupid speed limit 0

You can’t drive 55!

Drive 55? The stupid – it burns! Many of you will be “on the road” in some shape or form this Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial start of summer means a longer weekend for...

Tesla 3 lemon 2

Tesla 3… BS!

Hybrids, electrics like Tesla 3 {think about it?} You saw our in-depth review and month-long test ride of the 2016 Ford Fusion Energi recently. As you read, we tried to be as objective as...

do fat people hate donald trump 1

Do fat people really hate Donald Trump?

(Below is a guest contribution from Michael Karolchyk of Spartacus Strategies (That link may be down – You can also visit his Twitter channel.) Views expressed via guest contributions do not necessarily reflect the...

The Lotus Eaters Remembrance vs distraction 0

The Lotus Eaters

Being swept up in our intoxicating interests, most of us become numb to whatever we have chosen to forget. How great could it have been when I have all this before me now? We are largely a hypnotized society of troubled amnesiacs.

It seems forgetting what was once the most important part is as old a phenomena as antiquity itself. Will we humans ever break free from our self imposed chains and prisons to become beings who will remember?

Perspectives of a hardscrabble farmer 0

Wisdom of a Hardscrabble Farmer

Fantastic essays to read in a troubling world Yesterday we scratched the surface of the wide-ranging topic What is your life? Knowing this was going to be a multi-part theme, this very long guest-post...

Good Men Lead 0

Good Men

Any Good Men Left? Here’s a guest post from Eric Peters Autos about morality in an insane world – and the personal risks of “doing the right thing” versus individual survival. Kind of a...

My (frugal) Hero 0

My (frugal) Hero

Pat Lamb on frugal gas jockey millionaire Here’s today’s cartoon and commentary video from Pat Lamb – where he talks about – and interesting story from the paper. Did you see that frugal millionaire...