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Things you might want to think about in Hoboken, NJ and beyond.

media options influence

Media options

Media options today – How do they help? I sit back on my perch often – waiting months, often years before an opinion is formed about anything. I feel “watching the herds” move slowly...

look at news

One reason to look at news

One reason to look at news We’ve mentioned the “avoid news” thought process many times in the past. But wanted to add a crucial caveat to that. When we say “avoid news,” that is...

no footprints

No Footprints

No Footprints By Zman [This is an excellent essay about the differences between the “Industrial Revolution,” and the “Technological Revolution.” The things (technologies) that come and go in our internet culture – just disappear....

protect america

Protect America

(The following letter to the Editor was sent to us – and also published in various USA Today publications.) Letter: Protect America presently have an almost uninformed, or misinformed America. This includes our government...

breaking news please make it stop

Breaking Gossip v2

Breaking Gossip or Breaking News? Each time I see some stupid-ass twitter tweet twat or headline that says something “Breaking” – most often HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD – it makes me cringe. The only...

wikibuy avoid

Wikibuy – DO NOT USE!

Wikibuy – DO NOT USE! {this browser extension} Wikibuy is this “new” browser plugin that claims to save you money when shopping on Amazon. The concept sounds novel and neat. It claims to “shop...