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Darryl Strawberry at Village Pourhouse

Photos: Darryl Strawberry at Hoboken Village Pourhouse

Some snap shots from Darryl Strawberry’s Guest Appearance at the Village Pourhouse:

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VIP’s love VPH in Hoboken!

Village Pourhouse the Hoboken hot spot!

Hands down, the best spot to hang out with local TV and sports personalities in a chill and welcome atmosphere in Hoboken is Village Pourhouse (159 1st Street)!

On Wednesday night, Zach Parise was back again for Karaoke night at VPH, and was also joined by the Manzo brothers Albie and Chris. They watched the games and listened to karaoke all night. NY Giant Kevin Boss and his wife were there as well.

See Earth Day event below…

The Panic Fire Celebrate Earth Day at VPH

Tonight from 6:30-8:30pmThe Panic Fire “Acoustic Live Trio” will be rocking VPH as part of an Earth Day celebration.

Plus the first 100 patrons will receive a FREE Village Pourhouse Earth Day 2011 t-shirt as well!

Reminder: Snow Removal on 11th today

2/1/2011 Update:

ABC 7 Reports on Hoboken Snow Removal

ABC News Channel 7 did a segment on the 11th Street snow cleanup last night – interviewed some residents and reported that the signs that said “No Parking” for the entire month was an error – and that cars can park again on Wednesday when the cleanup is complete.

More Snow Removal this week

Starting at 8am on Tuesday, February 1st – you best not be parked on 11th Street – as well as Vezzetti Way (For those that still don’t know – that is the mini street that runs parallel to Observer Highway).

The city will be clearing snow on 11th Street – and has chosen Vezzetti Way for dumping additional piles of snow – since the 17th Street location is essentially over-flowing. I wonder how this will affect any future flooding issues downtown (Remember the video of “Crazy Pete” near that Jersey City underpass?)

Additionally, someone at city hall not only spelled February wrong on every sign (see inset) – also indicated no parking for the entire month! Seriously – what do they put in the water around these parts?

See original Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets from 1/31/2011 after the jump…

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NJ Nets love Hoboken Village Pour House


NJ NBA stars frequent Village Pour House

The Village Pour House (205 First St.) in Hoboken is a regular spot for some NJ Nets players.

Nets forward Kris Humphries (who is dating Kim Kardashian) makes regular visits late at night – and more recently Nets guard Devin Harris enjoyed the juicy Pour Burgers after the game.

Village Pour House Celebrity Roundup: 12/4


Village Pourhouse attracts celebrities to Hoboken!

One great aspect of prominent NYC bar owners opening up in Hoboken is their celebrity friends!

Thus, today’s new feature is born: Village Pourhouse Celebrity Roundup, where from time to time, we will feature some recent celebrity appearances!

The inaugural entry to this category is a summary of some recent buzz downtown when VPH had their grand opening party.

Recent Celebrity Sightings at VPH Hoboken:

Some of the celebs who recently visited Village Pourhouse:

  • New York Giants: Steve Smith, Matt Dodge, Terrell Thomas, Phil Dillard and Adrian Tracy.
  • New York Jets: Eric Smith and John Connor.
  • New York Yankees: Curtis Granderson.
  • New Jersey Nets: Devin Harris.
  • Former Yankee and Met Darryl Strawberry
  • American Idol Singer: Antonella Barba
  • Other notables: Z100 Jock Skeery Jones; from the show Real Housewives of NJ Al Manzo, Chris Manzo, Lauren Manzo, Kim G; Mrs. New Jersey Clai Pavlanec; Sopranos Actor Tony Lip and Jerseylicious member Anthony Roberts.

So swing by the Village Pourhouse at anytime – you never know who you’ll bump into!