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Hoboken Week in Review: 11/23/2014

Hoboken Week in Review – November 23, 2014

Hoboken Week in Review November 23 2014

Here’s a few noteworthy posts from Hoboken411.com for the week ending Sunday, November 23, 2014:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • Reval-plicatedDon’t you think it’s SUPER COMPLICATED by design?
  • AC Party Time!Public officials head down to Atlantic City. You paid the tab.
  • Slow DownYou think signs with empty threats are effective?
  • Hospital HazardsDrive around HUMC at your own risk! (Unless you know a good lawyer).
  • Sky HighThe transformation to “Hoboken Wind Tunnel” is about to be complete uptown.
  • HPU HypocrisyThey wish the HPU ATM was 24/7.
  • BLACK FRIDAYPlease make it go away. But we’d have to collectively band together.

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

  • MathnasiumCostly “learning centers” are now required because SCHOOLS suck. Period!
  • Pearson EducationBuilding downtown almost done. Citizens “thrilled” to have a real sidewalk again.
  • Thanksgiving HeroRock the holiday crowd with your top of the line chocolate arrangement!
  • Hot House PizzaA look at how a tasty pizza pie is made.
  • Turkey CateringMaking a stressful holiday a bit easier is sometimes a good idea.
  • No Starch!Another outsourced basic service entity sprouts up midtown.
  • MakeoversGrand Opening still going on! Save 20% on everything (today is the final day).
  • Bow Tie CinemasMaybe you should wait to see Hunger Games on DVD. It’ll make the year-long wait for the second part that much easier.

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

Before social networking platforms people needed to know you to know your name today people only need to know your name to know you mokokoma

Hoboken Photo Leftovers for November 22nd

Hoboken photo remains of the week: November 22, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers November 22 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Looks like they had some structural issues over at Debaun Auditorium on the Stevens Campus.
  • Photo 2: Hoboken’s third place for “blo jobs” opens – Blo-It-Out on Washington between 12th & 13th.
  • Photo 3: 1415 Park Place also quickly reaching it’s final “identity.”
  • Photo 4: Amazing. CVS uptown only had ONE modest “flu shot” sign. They must be suffering since they stopped selling smokes.
  • Photo 5: The obligatory “road closed” entry of the week (4th & Grand).

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Slow down!

Slow down in Hoboken, NJ – what’s the hurry?

While I’m no fan of someone else decreeing what is right and wrong for me (under threat of financial penalty), I definitely see no need to speed around like a maniac. Sure, there are places where you want to open up your car a little (like on a highway with little or no traffic), but on craptastic pothole-filled roads like in Hoboken, it just makes no sense.

Apparently, though – some roads are worse than others. Hence, the Hoboken Police recently installed a “warning” message on Hudson Street reminding drivers that the speed limit is 25 miles per hour, and that the law is “radar enforced.”

Perhaps the warning message was enough to curtail the speeders, because I didn’t see any speed traps anywhere.

Do you think people drive too fast in Hoboken? Or is the “Mad Max” like environment just what is needed to get narcissistic people to get off their smart phones?

slow down in Hoboken NJ radar enforced sign hudson street

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Texting while jogging?

Really? Texting while jogging in Hoboken?

Unfortunately, the “smart phone” has absolutely become an extension of the human brain. We see people texting at the altar or even while having sex. That’s just plain wrong.

Then you have people who text while riding their bikes, text while driving, or just keep looking down without any kind of awareness of their surroundings.

And of course, the “victimless” acts of texting are just self-destructive, and have made way for a new illness called text necks syndrome.

But while exercising? A refreshing jog along the waterfront should be reserved for some “alone time,” where you can soak in the sights, get your rhythm and breathing synchronized, and focus on form.

This girl passed me the other day (I definitely saw the text message screen, and not music). She had terrible running form and was completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Why bother going for a run at all? Why not just not, and say you did?

texting while jogging in Hoboken NJ

Pending Disaster at HUMC

Visibility blockage at HUMC a disaster waiting to happen

Have you seen the trailer outside HUMC? Some kind of utility (or ebola) trailer is attached to Hoboken “University” Medical Center (still shake my head that they had the balls to use the word “university”) at 3rd & Willow. This is a absolute disaster in the making.

Who did this? I mean it completely blocks the visibility of fast-moving traffic coming southbound on Willow Ave. Just observing for a few minutes I saw some near-accidents.

Maybe HUMC is trying to drum up “business?”

A temporary stop sign would alleviate the safety hazard a little, but would also introduce traffic congestion issues up the road. Bad idea all around.

HUMC trailer willow 3rd disaster hoboken NJ

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Hoboken reval rhetoric

Council seeks to terminate “rolling reassessment” in Hoboken

Zimmer misled council members, no transparency…

Hoboken City Council members Beth Mason, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti called on “mayor” Zimmer today to cancel the City of Hoboken’s rolling reassessment program. The proposed rolling reassessment program would require the City of Hoboken to reevaluate properties on an annual basis. In addition, the program would require Hoboken properties be reevaluated according to market trends and values.

Hoboken Property Taxes

“Zimmer’s rolling reassessment program will not reduce our city’s tax burden,” said Councilwoman Mason. “This will lead to yet another tax increase for Hoboken residents. We should immediately terminate the contract of the firm the Mayor supported to conduct the rolling revaluation program.”

Earlier this year, Zimmer sought and received state approval to establish the rolling reassessment program before consulting the City Council. Her administration submitted a resolution to hire the same company that conducted the 2013 property tax revaluation, but the resolution failed to specify that it was for a new rolling reassessment program.

As a result of the rolling reassessment program, if properties are sold over market value or when building permits are taken out by a homeowner to make an improvement the Zimmer Administration will be able to increase property taxes on a continual basis.

As usual, Zimmer kept the independent thinkers on the City Council in the dark. Zimmer’s record on taxes is one that she should find very embarrassing. She promised to cut property taxes by 25% within 90 days of taking office and failed to do so, she blew a $25 million surplus on patronage and wasteful spending, and then her allies on the Hoboken Board of Education voted to take away the public’s right to vote on the school budget. I guess this is the latest chapter in her terrible track record,” said Councilwoman Theresa Castellano.

“We were elected to put the best interest of our constituents first, and I cannot support a program that runs the risk of increasing taxes on our residents,” said Councilman Russo. “I am committed to working with my colleagues to cut wasteful spending and provide much-needed tax relief for our families. She continues to point out that the County overtaxes residents, and it appears that her solution is to join the party and overtax residents at the municipal level as well. It is absolutely absurd.”

“Zimmer was the poster child for Governor Christie’s two-percent property taxes cap. However, patronage hires, skyrocketing legal costs, and fiscal mismanagement have rendered her unable to live within that two-percent cap. Instead, the Mayor is using this rolling revaluation as a way to circumvent the very property tax cap that she traveled the state to support. Evidently when her opinion of Governor Christie changed, so did her support for the two-percent cap,” Councilman Occhipinti said.

At the December 2nd City Council meeting Council members Mason, Castellano, Russo, and Occhipinti will introduce a resolution to terminate the professional services contract of the firm hired to conduct the rolling revaluation program. To date, the revaluation program has cost Hoboken taxpayers $680,000 and will top over $1 million in the next four years.

Property Taxes and Values – a sticky situation in Hoboken

A bunch of people asked me about this last week, as a lot of residents are scrambling to get a handle on their property taxes, the whole “assessment” process the city is fiddling with and more.

Is there anything “fair” about property tax assessment in Hoboken?

But I’d like to remind people – that rather than arguing over how much YOU pay – I think there are more disturbing issues to tackle, like determining a truly FAIR way to subsidize such an ineffective “corporation” called the City of Hoboken.

  • For one, as we cited an example earlier this year, a family of four living in a $350k condo pays a lot less than a single individual living in a $950k condo – yet uses significantly more of the city resources. That single fact alone makes their method of calculating the “contributions” a property-owning resident should make completely INVALID. Perpetually punishing someone because of what they can afford is just not sustainable. This is a lot different than a “sales tax.” When people start putting their heads together to crack this nut, then it makes sense to further the discussion.
  • Additionally, now the city wants to blow through hundreds of thousands of dollars to ANNUALLY INSPECT the properties! What kind of INVASION OF PRIVACY is that? Do you want that much government intrusion? It’s off-the-charts ridiculous, and I can sense another “revolt” amongst the residents brewing.

What sucks beyond belief – is the fact that all of you think you “own” your property. You don’t. You’re “renting” from the city.

When election time rolls around again, maybe there will be an intelligent candidate who will deliver a significantly smaller government and way to generate revenue that doesn’t OVER TAX the residents into poverty.

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