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Marketing Mentality

Hoboken & Beyond – Do you believe the “Marketing Mentality?”

Marketing mentality Hoboken NJ Running Company Happy FeetI’ve noticed a very curious trend when it comes to “marketing mentality” in Hoboken and pretty much the rest of the world. Something has changed. And quite substantially as well!

It’s long been said (since the grandfather of marketing Edward Bernays) that “emotion sells” anything 100x better than actual merits. Which is why you see dopey idiots and hot chicks on “Light Beer” commercials, smiling happy people on Jewelry commercials, and “perfect lives” on any other consumer goods commercial. It’s all psychological.

However, while the ignorant “masses” are suckers – there are still many of us “critical thinkers” left in the mix. A dwindling number for sure, but still enough to make a difference.

So I saw this sign at NJ Running Company (127 Washington Street) the other day that read “Happy Feet (in the store) – Sad Feet (not in the store.)”

You know what my first thought was when I saw that? “Happy Wallet (not in the store) – Sad Wallet (in the store buying shit I don’t need.)”

As you can see, while this is a simple sandwich board sign which typically has ultra-low “returns,” it still played on people’s emotions. And I can BET that at least a few (unsuspecting) consumers probably bid farewell to some of their (leftover) hard earned cash. Psychological marketing “wins!”

Are you influenced by marketing like that?

NJ Running Company Hoboken NJ Happy Feet Sad Feet Marketing Mentality

St. Ann’s Biblical Upgrade!

St. Ann’s Biblical Upgrade in Hoboken, NJ

Speaking of St. Ann’s Church – did you know that one of their “biblical” statues recently went through a significant renovation / upgrade?

St. Ann's Hoboken NJ Bliblical Upgrade

That’s right – just in time for the St. Ann’s Feast – this gorgeous statue got renovated because it was essentially falling apart.

Now all the beer-swilling patrons will get to see a clear rendition of what this really meant!

St. Ann's Church Statue Before After Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Week in Review: 7/20/2014

Hoboken Week in Review -July 20, 2014

Hoboken Week in Review July 20 2014 NJ Hoboken411

Here’s a selection of noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, July 20, 2014:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • Parking WarningsHoboken’s parking boot “policy” gets kicked to the curb!
  • No bikes allowed?One luxury community doesn’t want you parking your wheels anywhere in sight!
  • Thankless JobCops usher double parkers around – is it even necessary?
  • NuisancesBikes + Cars + Population Density + Narcissism = Incompatible.
  • All mixed upHoboken painted over an artistic piece of history – but allows ghetto-style graffiti. Brilliant!
  • Haha! The city laughs all the way to the bank while robbing you and breaking the law at the same time!

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

Schooling is a manufacturing process whereby the raw material called curious boys is turned into products called obedient men Mokokoma Hoboken411

Hoboken Photo Leftovers for July 19th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: July 19, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers July 19 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Those who enjoy the marvels of the modern construction process can have front row seat downtown near the Pearson Education project.
  • Photo 2: A plain barber shop with an over-the-top marketing veil called Clubhouse opening soon on Adams Street.
  • Photo 3: Sweet. Rite Aid now open 24 hours. Sure hope no crazies decide to cause trouble in the wee hours.
  • Photo 4: The building within Mercury Lot has risen to it’s final height. Do you get a chemical testing kit at closing?
  • Photo 5: What’s taking Kiddie Academy so long? Gold plated desks on backorder? Pushing almost a year since they said they were opening…

Wow, today is practically perfect. Take an adventure somewhere! Or not.

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Maxwell Place hates bikes?

WTF File: Maxwell Place hates bikes on their property

Maxwell Place Hates Bikes cuts locks from visitors to local businessesDespite having “street level retail” open to the public, Maxwell Place apparently does NOT want anyone but residents to park bicycles on their property! And I thought this town was filled with “forward thinking” people… the hits keep coming!

Here’s what Christina had to say about her unfortunate incident from the other day:

“The other day I rode my bike to Maxwell Place to go to Local Barre Core Fitness for an hour. When I came out my bike was gone, it was locked around a tree in the front. I went into the concierge front desk and asked if anyone saw someone steal a bike outside. It was an expensive bike and I was really upset. I found out that the management office cut my bike lock because no bikes can be parked anywhere on Maxwell Place property. I was given back my bike with a business card to the management office. I called the next morning to find out that the condo board members voted “no bikes can be parked on any part of the property.” Since when? How come there aren’t any signs?”

411 Take: Boy if Maxwell Place is so “selective” with who can park bikes on their exclusive property – then how come they haven’t banned non-residents from using the shops there? You make the lowly “visitors” park by Kings or Starbucks and have to (God-forbid) walk an extra block or two?

And who are these condo-owners on the board anyway? I guess when you drive around in $150k Benzes just to pick up your dry-cleaning – I suppose you might be apt to look down on those “peasant” modes of transport as “cheapening” your superficial superior existence.

Maxwell Place Hates Bikes no parking Hoboken NJ

Dog hate!

Dog hate morphing into graffiti vandalism in Hoboken!

Wow this stretch of First Street downtown is really “going all in” when it comes to how clear they’re making their dog hate known.

They’ve lowered themselves to defacing the sidewalks with messages for dog owners. While I do see their logic (because no one looks up anymore since they’re on their phones), it’s still pretty much vandalism.

Maybe when they pass and come back in another life – perhaps they’ll be reincarnated as a pooch!

sidewalk graffiti curb your dog hate hoboken NJ

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