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Miracle Parking Job

Hard to believe, but true: Miracle Parking Job in Hoboken

Wow, I did a double-take the other day when I noticed this pickup truck parked near the Hoboken High School. A true miracle parking job that’s for sure.

At first glance at this “legally” parked vehicle, I thought it had to be some kind of private business. But no! It was a Hoboken Board of Education vehicle. Not double parked, not parked on the red curb – but pretty much where cars are supposed to park.

While it’s crappy that a city vehicle took a space away from a resident who may have been able to use it – it is still astounding to witness this rare event (sort of like a blue moon).

Miracle Parking Job Hoboken NJ board of education

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Entitled Bicyclists

Hoboken brimming with Entitled Bicyclists!

Entitled bicyclists in Hoboken don’t just ride the wrong way, or nearly run over pedestrians on the sidewalk. Nope.

They also lock these fruity contraptions to the front of people’s homes – and prevent access to the gated areas, as one resident tried to reason with the moron by leaving a polite note:

2nd Notice: Please do not park your bike here. It prevents access to the front gated area. If you have a problem, call my cell and we can discuss. Thanks. (Adams St. Resident)”

“Please” call my cell? So we can “discuss?” Fuck that! If that was my house, that lock would have been sawed off – and the sign would have said “FREE BIKE. PLEASE TAKE.”

You can’t reason with these people. They’ll unknowingly step all over you. Grow a pair and take matters in your own hands.

Entitled bicyclists in Hoboken NJ

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Homeless and Parks

Homeless at Hoboken Parks – how does that affect families?

Even though the Hoboken Police often send homeless people “on their way” out of local parks like Church Square Park pictured below, they most often come back immediately.

As we depicted last week – the homeless are practically overrunning every single park in Hoboken as of late.

At what point does it become a deterrent for families and their children? How should we handle the growing homeless problem in Hoboken anyway?

Homeless and families in Hoboken NJ parks

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Hoboken Week in Review: 10/19/2014

Hoboken Week in Review – October 19, 2014

Hoboken Week in Review October 19 2014 Hoboken411 NJ

Here’s a selection of noteworthy posts on Hoboken411.com for the week ending Sunday, October 19, 2014:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • Monarch at ShipyardHmmm. Despite the political debates – we have a feeling this project will eventually get built. Just a matter of when.
  • Homeless HiltonIf you get off your phones, you’ll see the swelling homeless population in Hoboken.
  • Immobilizing your carsWhy do you enable a group of thugs to render your car useless?
  • Dust BowlAll this road work is dragging the quality of life down a few notches.
  • Bomb ScaresAre we over those yet? Can we stop being so scared and paranoid?
  • HPU HypocrisyGrab the lube – because you enable it!

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

To acquire knowledge one must study but to acquire wisdon one must observe marilyn vos savant

Hoboken Photo Leftovers for October 18th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: October 18, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers October 18 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Overall (and thanks to PSE&G) Hoboken now has the hands-down WORST road conditions in it’s history.
  • Photo 2: Maybe that church to condo conversion on Willow Ave. doesn’t look so bad after all?
  • Photo 3: Increasing the (infrastructure-straining) density of Hoboken one condo at a time…
  • Photo 4: It’s “Fall 2014″ and still no sign of the Riverside medical practice at Maxwell Place.

Countdown to winter… enjoy the outdoors while you can!

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Homeless Hilton in Hoboken

Park becomes Homeless Hilton in Hoboken

You know, the local administration spends an awful amount of time and effort bitching about “how long dog leashes are” – but they often fail to see much bigger problems. Like the Homeless Hilton we have going on at Pier C Park these days.

Homeless Hilton Hoboken NJ Pier C Park 1

Homeless outnumber recreational users of Pier C Park

I swear, there had to be more homeless people altogether than people actually “recreationally” using the park!

Nothing to see here folks…

Homeless Hilton Hoboken NJ Pier C Park 2

Hoboken Homeless soon to get own zip code?

At this rate – I think when the number of homeless reaches a certain level, they’ll qualify for Federal funding – as well as their own zip code an post office!

But nah, I’m sure it won’t get worse.

Homeless Hilton Hoboken NJ Pier C Park 3

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