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Easy shopping in Hoboken!

Free parking makes for easy shopping in Hoboken, NJ

As a reminder – It’s nice to know that Hoboken has some places that you can shop at if you need to drive your car. Whether it’s heavy bags you need to schlep, inclement or unpleasant weather or just slothiness, it can definitely be done if the need presents itself.

One thing that people might want to know about – is that even though the Shipyard shopping “district” uptown (with convenient Sparrow for booze, Rite Aid for meds, and Kings for over-priced groceries) has a relatively small parking area (with maybe 15-20 spots) – you can still park FOR FREE for up to two hours in the adjacent Little Man parking garage at 12th and Shipyard Lane.

And with that two hours, you can even visit some shops on Washington Street, hit the post office, go to the bank. Very useful “one stop shopping.”

Free parking makes for easy shopping in Hoboken NJ

Other convenient places with parking in Hoboken

Some other convenient places to park in Hoboken are:

Or, you can attempt street parking – and risk giving your hard earned money to the city and raise your blood pressure at the same time!

What is vacation to you?

What is vacation to you? And why do you need it?

I’ve been thinking about the phrase “vacation” lately. I often overhear people saying things like “Oh God, I need a vacation!” Or “I haven’t taken a vacation in forever!”

But what exactly is a vacation – and why do most people reference it in the same manner? Like it’s some kind of “pause” from an otherwise torturous life.

I mean for one – average “vacations” cost a ton of money. Money you’ll never get back (i.e., it is not a store of value).

And are “vacations” just temporary relief from an otherwise poorly planned out life? What if your entire life could be considered a vacation, regardless if you stay put or travel?

Tropical paradise vacation

Vacation is a state of mind, isn’t it?

My belief is that people would not be clamoring for “vacations” if they didn’t live lifestyles that otherwise wore them down them in some shape or form. Your things, routine, job, friends. The stress with maintaining a certain lifestyle may actually cause the need for a vacation as a remedy for possibly going insane.

Or what about your personality? Would changing your thought process from “slave laborer in debt” to “dreamer” help you find contentment? Isn’t contentment what we’re ultimately seeking?

What about appreciating what you have here, nearby – finding undiscovered gems locally without the heavy cost (emotionally, financially) of travel? Or learning to live with less, kind of “downsizing” your life (and reducing the stress that goes along with a hectic life?)

If you find yourself often saying “I need a vacation,” are you actually really saying “I need to change something about my life?”

Plush country vacation

Does living environment affect the need to go on vacation?

I know city living can be overwhelming for many. Especially with arduous daily commuting that wears many people down.

What if you changed your living environment? Got a home at the beach? Or in the country? Or out in the mountains? Would you still need a vacation then?

Vacation, Adventure, Traveling

I also believe that there’s a big difference in the three phrases / words: Vacation, Adventure. Traveling.

Some folks are just the “adventurous types,” and whether they’re traveling or not – always find themselves doing exciting things. That’s more of a lifestyle.

And traveling too. While it is costly to travel using conventional modes of transport – the true “travelers” in this world can backpack around the globe with little or no money.

But ordinary vacations (flights, hotels, etc.) can apply to everyone – and are almost cookie cutter in my opinion. Often a big waste of money too.

relaxing mountain vacation

Do vacations today really reduce stress?

Lastly, does taking a week off from “work” to travel somewhere actually reduce stress? Packing your bags, going to the airport, waiting on line, dealing with the invasive security checkpoints, sitting on an over-priced and cramped plane just to spend a few days elsewhere is enough to prevent me from wanting to take that plunge.

Maybe a vacation that lasts two or three months, but how much would that cost?

So what about taking regular vacations makes people repeat the process? Memories? Fun, food, drink, happiness they couldn’t find elsewhere? Updating a social media account to “keep up with the Joneses?”

What if you “erased” all the vacations you’ve taken in the last 10 years. Would you be better off with the money minus the experiences?

Or is it absolutely necessary to drastically change your environment from time to time?

I guess I’ll think about this some more. I need another Margarita…

E.T. at Pier A Park

Hoboken Movies Under the Stars: 7/30/2014

The 2014 Movies Under the Stars event is usually held weekly on Wednesday nights at Pier A Park.

Here’s what’s scheduled for tonight’s Movies Under the Stars: An old-school classic – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Weather looks perfect for tonight as well! What a great summer so far!

See the full schedule of movies here.

ET Extra Terrestrial Pier A movies under the stars Hoboken NJ July 30 2014 9pm

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Quality of Street Festivals

NJ Street Festivals vary widely!

Hoboken Arts and Music Street FestivalIf you’ve been around here long enough, the twice annual Hoboken Arts & Music Street Festivals may tend to become “been there, done that” material.

And certainly compared to the diverse festivals that happen often in NYC, they might leave a bit to be desired.

However – after attending the NJ Festival of Ballooning last weekend – it is evident that one can get a little spoiled, because afterward, we had a renewed level of respect for our local street festival.

We had never been to the NJ Festival of Ballooning before and wanted to check it out.

Not reading too much into it – we assumed it’d be along the same lines as the Hoboken festival, but only bigger and with eye-catching hot air balloons to be mesmerized by.

Well, while Hoboken has TONS of original arts and crafts from area vendors and craftspeople, we were quite let down at the balloon festival. Most vendor tents were pitching commercial items. Car insurance, mattresses, hot tubs, automobiles, artificially-flavored beverages, etc. While there was a sprinkling of “collectibles” including balloon-themed t-shirts, some jewelry, etc. – it severely paled in comparison to the Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals.

It appeared that folks pretty much came out exclusively to see the balloon ascensions – and to wait on line forever for fried oreos, french fries and chicken fingers.

But the balloon spectacle was impressive, and you were able to walk around with your $7 cans of beer which was nice – but that’s about all the “high points” (pun intended) about this festival (other than it was very well organized).

So long live the Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals – and get out and support the local artisans this fall!

Hudson Restaurant Week 2014 (Summer)

Hudson Restaurant Week 2014 {Summer Edition}

Hudson Restaurant Week continues it’s 10th year this summer. The promotion officially runs from July 28th through August 8th, and has over 40 restaurants in Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Edgewater and Bayonne.

New to the list from Hoboken is the Hoboken Gourmet Company.

Hudson Restaurant Week 2014 Hoboken NJ

Hudson Restaurant Week features 17 Hoboken choices

All participating Hoboken venues:

To see the participating restaurants and associated menus visit: www.hudsonrestaurantweek.com

Follow them on social media as well: Twitter – @HudsonRestWk and on Facebook – Facebook.com/HudsonRW

Hunger Games at Pier A Park

Hoboken Movies Under the Stars: 7/23/2014

The 2014 Movies Under the Stars event is usually held weekly on Wednesday nights at Pier A Park.

Here’s what’s scheduled for tonight’s Movies Under the Stars: Hunger Games – Catching Fire starring Jennifer Lawrence – The second in the “Hunger Games” Trilogy (third one expected in 2015.)

See the full schedule of movies here.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Pier A movies under the stars Hoboken NJ July 23 2014 9pm

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