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Hoboken, we have a {homeless} problem

Homeless Serial Fecal oFFenders on the rise in Hoboken

Some might say “nah, we don’t have a homeless issue in Hoboken,” but based on the growing trend in various parts of town – they’d be proven wrong.

Homeless Fecal Matter in Hoboken NJ parks

Hoboken parks like a third world nation?

Up at Stevens Park – the homeless “population” seems to have been growing over the past several years. Not sure if it’s the economy in general, the fledgling city administration, or what.

And what’s worse is that now these homeless show no shame in depositing fecal matter almost anywhere. Including all the park benches and chairs inside and outside the dog park.

From nasty turds on lawn chairs, to disgusting beer diarrhea sprays on benches. Cops used to perform regular detail checks to remove people from the parks after the designated hours (11pm in the summer). Perhaps the dwindling police force is to blame, who knows.

You’ll know for sure that shit has (literally) hit the fan – if the city starts spending property taxpayer money on TOILET PAPER DISPENSERS for ordinary park benches.

Toilet paper dispensers coming soon to Hoboken NJ parks

(Sorry if this ruined your lunch!)

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6th Borough Market – Jersey City

6th Borough Market in Jersey City – Sunday, September 14th

In case you missed last month’s 6th Borough Market over in civilized Jersey City – below is a photo gallery of what you can expect this coming Sunday, September 14th.

Now with the summer all but over – expect the theme to change to a more fall-like atmosphere!

Have fun if you decide to venture outside the Mile Square!

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Contrast: Weehawken vs. Hoboken

Why are Weehawken parks so much cleaner than Hoboken’s?

Some people in Hoboken can overcome their “4 block radius syndrome”, and actually travel around the county and waterfront with ease. And you might find some interesting comparisons to make, like one couple recently discovered when it comes to open park space.

Hoboken parks filthy compared to Weehawken NJ“We were on one of our nice long walks along the river and as we got into the waterfront park complex in Weehawken, we realized we needed to take bathroom break. Luckily, we were right by the field house restrooms. I went in and lo and behold – Not one, not two but THREE full rolls of toilet paper, FULL soap dispensers and a FULL paper towel dispenser. And it was relatively clean. So I got to thinking – what the HELL is wrong with Hoboken?

Any public restroom in Hoboken almost instantaneously becomes a hive of scum and deterioration. Homeless, graffiti, drunk yuppies pissing everywhere BUT the toilet. Why is it that Weehawken, a town mere feet from Hoboken, seems to have their shit together and Hoboken, a town with more money than it knows what to do with, can’t seem to get this right?

Well, it turns out that the town also employs private security folks who keep an eye on the parks. In speaking with them, they actually appear to care about the city and the people in it! Imagine that?

Hoboken’s become such a transient, throw-away shithole. Nobody cares because they’re not gonna be here that long. Shame.”

So what is the city administration doing with a nine-figure budget besides paying lawyers and handing out crony contracts?

Elks Pig Roast for Aidan Jack Seeger

Hoboken Elks Pig Roast for Aidan Jack Seeger – September 13, 2014

Another year, another pig roast with live music at the Elks! Plus it’s for charity! Mark your calendars for September 13th and READ ON for more about the Hoboken Elks Pig Roast for Aidan Jack Seeger.

Elks Pig Roast Hoboken NJ September 13 2014

Charity event for Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation

“Hey Y’all – it’s time for Swine!”

“Drop by for a taste of the BEST Southern BBQ this side of the Mason Dixon Line!

For just a modest $20 donation, ALL YOU CAN EAT PIG ROAST! Which also includes delicious sides, dessert and even real, live entertainment!

Elks Pig Roast Aidan Jack Seeger Hoboken NJ

Live music – Giant Pig Roast – Cash Bar

September 13th from 4pm to 11pm at the Hoboken Elks Lodge No. 74 (1005 Washington Street).

Live acts include: Davey & The Train Wreck, Nipsey, and The Fave.

Drinks available at the cash bar. All proceeds benefit the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation – a 7 year old boy who perished from adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

Can’t make it but want to help? Head over to their ALD donation page.

Elks Pig Roast Music Lineup Davey Trainwreck Nipsey The Fave Hoboken NJ

Playgrounds hazardous to kids!

Toxic Hoboken playgrounds hazardous – don’t you think?

Here we go again in hoboken njWe’ve talked about garbage pile ups as of late – as well as other nonsensical “gubb’mint” charades like 190,000% over-the-top “protection” from street troubles along Willow Ave., but what else is happening in the lovely top-rated “walking city” of Hoboken?

Massive Garbage Piles – and lovely germ-free kiddies! (what?)

Apparently – the kid parks in town, such as the playground (often referred to as the “splash ground” on Madison Street – also referred to as “Salmonella poisoning HQ” (or equivalent) have issues as well.

Some parents sent in their absolute disgust that city garbage cans – were actually FILLED TO THE BRIM with (wait – try to guess….) yes – actual garbage! How nutty is that?

Well there is a problem here. The container size to consumption ratio is way off. Stuff was piling up rapidly in just HALF a day feeding the overly-hyperactive kids processed junk food by their intensely-distracted parents. Does food need to accompany you every step of the way? I don’t EVER remember bringing food to a park where I played. We ate at home. If we wanted to bring food, that was called, oh let me see if I can remember… oh yeah: A picnic. We ate outside during a PICNIC. And those were “special” times, not every day.

But I digress.

Where are the parks employees? Clean this shit up! If it accumulates 2, 3, 4x a day? Come back FOUR times a day. Adapt to your workload, people!

playgrounds hazardous in Hoboken NJ

(Property should ask themselves: Are we getting what we pay for?)

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Let’s get ready to Rumble on Willow Avenue: Unnecessary waste!

Hoboken WTF File Rumble StripsWe’ve already talked about the nonsensical “change” that was recently implemented on Willow Avenue uptown: Reverse-angle parking.

We like to call it “change just for the sake of change, nothing else.” You know, everything has pros and cons. Why not just leave it the way it was for like a thousand years? No, some “forward thinking” person had to go muck it up. But that meager two-block “upgrade” came with (holy crap) a TON of “add-ons” that are downright LUDICROUS.

Property taxpayer funded “road improvement fund” (in perpetuity)

For one – there are more bollards than pins in a 70′s bowling alley. These things will get tossed around like crack whores (on a good day).

What does that mean to you? Well – a constant stream of YOUR MONEY for road crews, suppliers, contractors, etc. In other words – the more complicated you make it – the more complicated it is to maintain. And that much more of your money siphoned to maintain this newfangled “status quo.”

I mean at this point might as well have dancing midgets and monkeys to complete the four-ring circus this area has become. Maybe at least a few of us might get a few chuckles to make the day more bearable.

bollard central in Hoboken NJ on willow ave

You think rumble strips interrupt a Facebook chat? Ha!

Next dopey “upgrade” are these “rumble strips” installed part of the way. In theory, so-called “studies” have shown they have an impact on “driver awareness” to some degree (i.e., waking up a drunk before he plows into a toll plaza.) But we disagree.

Going 25mph on Willow – these “money strips” (my phrase – copyright pending) – do NOTHING to change the awareness of a Hoboken driver who’s busy texting, updating, and applying makeup all while enjoying a nice espresso in the car. They probably don’t even have nerves on any part of their body but their finger-tips anymore.

But the DOWNSIDE to these (faux) “safety strips” is – that now residents who live immediately near will hear a CONSTANT “bu-bu-bu-bump” 20x each and every time the light at 12th Street changes.

Me? That would lull me to sleep (like counting sheep – I’m lucky like that), but I can bet there are many who will be kept awake (and probably lose their job as a result) from this DRONING sound that is nothing more than the hand of the government trying harder to control the herd.

Bike lane paint weighs more than all bikes in Hoboken

I was watching this crew of five apply bike lane paint to the road. I swear you could have painted like 100 apartments with the amount of toxic material there were throwing down. I can imagine autism rates for newborns along this stretch to rank in the upper percentiles for sure!

For what?

It’s not like this is “magic paint” that will create an impenetrable barrier that protects bikers from inattentive drivers (or vice versa). No. This paint will evaporate like Don Zimmerman’s campaign promises and be a faded memory come this March after another brutal winter. We’ll be there to document it (and any band-aiding cheats they try to sneak in).

Willow Ave Rumble Chemicals Hoboken NJ

Again – as you see these “implements” unfolding before your very eyes – ask: Qui Bono? Is it for votes? Contracts? Or what? How did we survive up to this point without them? There has to be a better way! Because this has now become anti-progress.