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Fleet Week New York 2015

Air Force Thunderbirds buzz Hoboken, NJ

Here was the scene earlier today when a formation of Air Force Thunderbirds buzzed the Hoboken skyline over the Hudson River. Military might at it’s finest!

Fleet Week New York 2015

Yesterday began the 2015 edition of Fleet Week New York.

Fleet Week 2015 Hoboken NJ

A handful of people braved the “brisk” air that swept in (to remind people it’s not bikini weather just yet.)

Didn’t catch any “flyovers” yet this year. Wondering if they’re “cutting” back those lavish displays that only last a few seconds anyway.

Cold start to Fleet Week New York 2015 from Hoboken NJ

But what happened to Fleet Week anyway?

I don’t know about you – but I think Fleet Week has become corrupted to a degree!

  • “Selfies with a Sailor” – What? The U.S. Military even acknowledging “Selfies?” What a joke.
  • USO Bike Build – The USO along with volunteers will build bikes for service members to ride around in. They risk their lives on the battlefield, and you give them bikes? No respect!
  • NYC Tattoo Music Festival – The Navy Band Northeast will play there. The only thing missing are beards and skinny jeans. You’ll have to wait ’till next year for those.

Anyway – if you want to catch the fancy jets – head over to the waterfront on Monday around 11am to see them fly over. I love the smell of jet fuel on Mondays!

Fleet Week cloudy skies Hoboken NJ

Bambi Baby – Renovated

Bambi Baby renovates in Hoboken, NJ

In a scary moment for parents – Bambi Baby at 1204 Washington had papered up windows! But never fear – no WAY a baby store could ever close down for good in Hoboken!

They’re just “renovating.”

Although they’re a week past the date they were supposed to be opening back up, they’re as close as they can be! Whew!

We also think it’s just a matter of time before yet another baby store finds it’s way into town.

Bambi Baby Hoboken NJ Closed

Description: Baby Store featuring Strollers, furniture, bedding, car seats, toys, accessories, feeding equipment and more.
Address: 1204 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 222-1132
Online: bambibaby.com

Click to see how it looked when they opened nine years ago…

Smart Start Academy

Smart Start Academy takes shape in Hoboken

Last we checked the Smart Start Academy for kiddies was putting finishing touches on their location at 9th and Monroe. Took ‘em long enough, right?

This is hot on the heels of another “child outsourcing” facility a block away we mentioned yesterday (Step by Step).

I heard that Amazon Prime will be offering nannies next. Same day delivery, too!

Smart Start Academy Hoboken NJ

Description: Pre-school and daycare
Address: 901 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: smart-startacademy.com

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Step by Step Early Childhood Center

Step by Step Early Childhood Center

Coming soon to 720 Monroe Street is the Step by Step Early Childhood Center. Also at 3rd & Garden Streets. Day care, after school as well as Summer Camp. For three to six year-olds.

If “parents” were actually involved in their kid’s lives (remember that thing called “family?”), there would be a lot fewer of these places around. But I suppose our entire country is sliding down the narcissistic hole faster than ever these days. Can’t let the “kids” get in the way of your thrilling life, right? Let someone else do the work! Yeah!

Step by Step Early Childhood Center Hoboken NJ

What is Step by Step Summer camp anyway?

Here’s what’s in store for your kids this summer while you’re gallivanting around town without the midget ball and chain in tow:

“Gear up for an educational summer of fun for your three- to six-year-old at the Step by Step summer camp program. Whether you’ll be in town all summer — or just for a week or two — we’ve got some fun coming your way!

Our dedicated staff will help your child meet specific goals through a curriculum focusing on exploration and shared experiences. We offer a 1:4 teacher-to-child ratio for our three-year-olds and a 1:6 teacher-to-child ratio for our four- to six-year-olds. All staff are certified in CPR and first aid.

During our full-day program for four- to six-year-olds, we will explore nine weeks of fascinating themes; enjoy four days of swimming weekly; and take part in an extensive list of activities including soccer, Play Fitness, arts & crafts, and reading fundamentals. In addition, we’ll experience the world beyond Hoboken as we venture out of town for weekly field trips.

For three-year-olds we offer our Tiny Tots program with full- and half-day options. Art, drama, physical activity — including swimming three days a week — await all our tiniest campers. Field trips for our full-day attendees will round out the summer camp experience.

Some of our planned excursions include the Adventure Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo, the Crayola Factory, Liberty State Park, Medieval Times, Pump it Up, Sesame Place, and Turtleback Zoo. Locally, we’ll visit open spaces such as Newport Green, Columbus Park, Piers A and C; enjoy treats at different eateries around town; and even take in an occasional movie at Hoboken and Newport Cinemas.”

Description: Child monitoring and accompaniment
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite C107, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)653-5344
Email: info@stepbystepecd.com
Online: stepbystepecd.com

The Ainsworth

Ainsworth Hoboken

Haven’t had a chance to sample the offerings at The Ainsworth in Hoboken, but we did a radio show there recently – and have to say it’s a fine-looking establishment (even better than when it was Little Town).

We’ve heard good things from experienced restaurant-hoppers – and can’t wait to give it a shot.

But not many places in Hoboken have this kind of “NYC” ambiance. Sure, “service” typically makes an impact – so we’ll see how it goes once we sample their food.

Take a look at these photos of the interior. Not bad at all!

Description: Upscale steak, burger and sports “gastro-pub.”
Address: 310 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)716-7070
Online: ainsworthnyc.com (until Hoboken specific site is released) – TwitterFacebook

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Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani jewelry now available in Hoboken

New and exclusively at W. Kodak Jewelers in Hoboken: Alex and Ani jewelry products.

We feel this is unique (and extremely popular) for several reasons: They have a very accessible price point, a positive image, a loyal following in the younger demographic – and “Made in the USA.”

Alex and Ani Hoboken NJ W Kodak Jewelers

About Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani (briefly) is: “A Positive energy company that creates products of quality and beauty while promoting consciousness and unity.”

Alex and Ani is located in nearly 100 other locations throughout NJ (like at the shopping mall), but only one place in town.

They’re also available in all 50 states, about 20 other countries, ranked 53 in the Inc. 5000 list – and have nearly a quarter-billion in sales! Not too shabby.

So if you’re looking for something for Mother’s Day without breaking the bank – this is one fine option!

W. Kodak Jewelers is located at 60 Newark Street (201)710-5490.