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Thanksgiving Hero

Be a Thanksgiving Hero this year!

We already gave you an option to “take a load” off this Thanksgiving by getting your otherwise time-consuming task of cooking a giant meal catered by places like Anthony David’s.

But what if you’re one of the guests of honors instead? You cannot show up empty-handed!

The best option for you would be to pick up one of the many decorative holiday candy arrangements over at Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe over at 2nd & Jefferson Streets. “Horns of Plenty” and other festive baskets can be had for a very fair price, and with a much better taste than other options.

They also have other winter-themed items like white-chocolate snowmen, and even chocolate cookie jars filled with buttery cookies! No matter what you pick – you will be a Thanksgiving hero to everyone, not just the kids!

If you want to guarantee your choices – you can always call and place a dedicated order over the phone too: (201)795-1800.

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Mathnasium – 706 Washington Street – Hoboken, NJ

Coming soon to replace the doomed garage sale crap store at 706 Washington Street is Mathnasium.

Mathnasium is a learning center to help kids with mathematics.

“Every day, students around the world attend Mathnasium learning centers to boost their math skills. We are highly specialized; we teach only math. Members usually attend two or three times a week for about an hour. Our goal is to significantly increase your child’s math skills, understanding of math concepts, and overall school performance, while building confidence and forging a positive attitude toward the subject.”

mathnasium hoboken NJ 706 Washington Street

Wow. What happened to actually learning math in “school?”

Okay great. Math is a VERY important skill for children to learn, and learn well. But this brings up some very interesting questions.

One, there are over 500 of these Mathnasium locations across the country. They’re blowing up FAST (like at the rate of around 100 per year as of late). This makes me ask:

  • Why do we need so many of these? What has gone wrong?
  • What is the purpose of “SCHOOL” if kids need all this help OUTSIDE of “school?”

Again, it’s nice that there are tools and options to bring kids “up to par,” but in addition to showering places like this with accolades, those same parents should also demand answers from the shoddy educational systems that essentially gave birth to these “learning centers.”

If this is the “right way” to learn math, shouldn’t all schools adopt the “Mathnasium Method?” Why pay extra for it?

None of this stuff existed 50 years ago. Only extreme cases needed any kind of additional tutoring.

Regardless – best of luck , Mathnasium! You’ll have 100′s of customers right off the bat!

Description: Math learning center for kids
Address: 706 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: mathnasium.comTwitterFacebook

Easy Thanksgiving

Easy Thanksgiving in Hoboken with Anthony David’s

Cooking is a whole lot of fun. But sometimes holidays such as Thanksgiving add considerable stress, especially if you have a house of screaming maniacs to contend with. That’s when ordering an entire dinner, including turkeys, side dishes, desserts and finger food might make for an easy Thanksgiving for you and your family.

One such place in Hoboken is offering to do all the dirty work for you (at a cost of course), and that’s Anthony David’s at 10th & Bloomfield.

Click here for menu – and call AD’s at (201)222-8399 to find out more or place your order. You can also order online at anthonydavids.com.

Easy Thanksgiving dinner with anthony davids hoboken NJ catering

Hudson Table

Hudson Table now taking reservations for awesome classes!

Hudson Table Hoboken now open cooking schoolAs we previewed a couple months ago, one of the best new ideas to come to Hoboken in a very long time is now open for business: Hudson Table. They’re located at 14th & Clinton, on the north side of the viaduct.

What is Hudson Table exactly? It’s a fun, interactive cooking instruction “school,” run by passionate people.

Take a look at some of the classes initially being offered here.

Stuff to make from the Farmers’ Market, “Thanksgiving Dinner Rehearsal,” Indian Food, Italian food, and even how to properly handle your expensive kitchen knives. They have an incredibly diverse array of classes – where each one looks like it would be enjoyable and informative.

Classes range from $75 – $90 per person and last up to three hours. Max capacity per class is 16 students. Some classes have even been “taken over” for private events – so booking in advance is recommended!

Thanks for enriching the cultural entertainment landscape, Hudson Table!

Description: Unique cooking school-ish class-based enterprise. Individual classes and instruction.
Address: 1405 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: hudsontable.comTwitterFacebook

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Outdoor Mass for World Peace

Hoboken Parishes celebrate Outdoor Mass for World Peace

The Parishes of St. Francis and St. Ann in Hoboken announced that they will be celebrating a joint Outdoor Mass for World Peace on Friday evening, November 7, 2014 at 7pm in the parking lot on the corner of Third and Jefferson Streets.

Outdoor Mass for world peace hoboken NJ november 7 2014

A spokesperson said “the world seems to be in chaos. Religious and other persecution is all we see when we turn on the news each night. We are joining together and going outside the walls of the church buildings so that members of the community can join us in prayer for world peace.”

Both parishes have roots in Franciscan tradition and feel it is important to follow the teachings of St. Francis particularly in these troubled times.

The spokesperson continued: “We believe that there is nothing greater than the power of prayer and we welcome all members of the community to join us as we ask God to protect all people from persecution and acts of terrorism.”

Mass will be celebrated at 7pm and will be followed by a candle light procession though the neighborhood. Refreshments will be served in the St. Francis Parish Center.

The Inner Athlete

The Inner Athlete helps your kids in Hoboken

If you’re half-awake, you’ll surely have noticed how technology has replaced most of a kid’s activities these days. “Playing” outside used to be the NORM, now it is the exception. And new Hoboken start-up fitness company for kids called The Inner Athlete recognizes that!

The inner athlete Hoboken NJ

Founder Lisa Hantman created The Inner Athlete to get kids off the couch, and out exercising their bodies while having fun: “Things have drastically changed in the past thirty years. Lots of children do not play outside anymore due to safety concerns, activity overload, or other restrictions. Instead of playing outside, many children are inside, tempted by technology and using it to excess. Technology is an amazing tool that has enhanced our lives in many ways but somehow it has replaced one of the most important parts of childhood… ACTIVE PLAY!”

The Inner Athlete has several kinds of classes which run 50 minutes each, and are held once a week (after school, of course).

While I think it’s kind of a shame that our “modern” has society has led us down this path – it’s great that Lisa and her team have stepped up to provide this option for parents in town.

Classes start officially next week. Email info@theinnerathlete.net for more information on how to sign up!

Description: The Inner Athlete. Get your fat, lazy kids moving!
Address: Various Hoboken parks and facilities.
Email: info@theinnerathlete.net
Online: theinnerathlete.netTwitterFacebook