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Video: I forgot my phone

The “I forgot my phone” video is even more disturbing since it was introduced back in 2013.

“I Forgot My Phone” will make you think twice this weekend

I forgot my phoneYou see, the problem with how mobile phone technology has injected itself into our lives so thoroughly, is that most people cannot even recognize what it is doing to US, and society in general. We’ve become accustomed to having this multi-purpose device at our disposal 24 hours a day. Whether it’s for semi-useful things like checking the weather or using a calculator – to utterly unnecessary extra forms of “communication” (chatter with “friends,” seeing the whole world’s photos, comparing your lives with millions of other people, etc.) – the phone is pretty much not more than a minute away from being “checked.” This video “I forgot my phone” is fantastic. Watch it a couple times to see the point they’re trying to convey.

Besides just making hanging out “in person” so obviously “impersonal” – cell phones also allow people to put themselves in dangerous situations too (like texting while walking.)

Perhaps some of you can try to go an entire night with friends without updating your status, or checking into a location. Bet you can’t, and won’t.

This video also reminded me of a great cartoon my pal Ricardo Roig made a few years ago, called: “Dinner for Four.”

I forgot my phone - dinner for four Ricardo Roig Hoboken NJ

Poplar Wood Farm {times two}

Poplar Wood Farm doubles up in Hoboken for 2015

poplar wood farmPoplar Wood Farm has been one of our favorite vendors at the Garden Street Farmers Market uptown (Saturdays during the summer & fall). So much so, that we even helped them with their pole barn Kickstarter project a few years ago.

Fresh veggies, flowers, and even tasty eggs harvested locally is much better than wondering where it all came from, right?

Well, now you’ll have twice the opportunity each week!

Poplar Wood Farm joins Hoboken Uptown Farmers Market

“We are thrilled to share exciting news with you that we will be attending a new market this season, the Hoboken Uptown Farmers’ Market! We are very excited to have the opportunity to share our produce with more people in the Hoboken community. The Hoboken Uptown Market, located at 13th and Hudson, has a great tradition of bringing local produce and artisanal products to Hoboken and we are looking forward to being a part of it.”

Hoboken uptown farmers market 2015

“The market is held every Thursday from 2-7pm from June through October. This means that we will now be in Hoboken on Thursdays and Saturdays. We will also be continuing our markets in Jersey City on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We can’t wait for the first farmers’ markets of the season will begin in May and we will send out a full schedule closer to then.”

Another great option is joining their CSA (community supported agriculture) program:

Become a CSA Member Today

“If you have been planning on becoming a CSA member this season, now is the time! The growing season is very much underway and your commitment now helps us fund the significant up front costs we incur such as seeds, fertilizer, equipment, and labor. The CSA program is the best way to become intimately involved with our farm, receive a wide variety of seasonal vegetables every week, learn about the growing process, and become closer to your food.

poplar wood farm CSABecoming a member is as simple as sending us you’re completed application form and making payment via check (mailed to address on application form) or through our online store. We appreciate your early commitment as it allows us to better anticipate what we need to grow and provides resources to purchase supplies and pay our crew.

For anyone who in not familiar, CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship between a farm and the community of people who receive the food the farm produces. Members commit to a full season of produce prior to the start of the growing season and in return receive a weekly share containing an assortment of fresh, nutritious vegetables. The members become a part of the farm’s local food community, develop a relationship with the farm, and learn about the origins of their food and how it is grown. Click here for the complete information for our CSA program!

How many places bring the CSA too you? Not many, which is why it’s a great option for Hoboken and Jersey City residents.

And what’s going on behind the scenes at Poplar Wood Farm?

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Two Words: “Baby Tracks”

With baby tracks, who needs focus groups in Hoboken?

[Part of the Two Words photo series on Hoboken411...]

Focus groups are sometimes necessary for certain markets to ascertain potential viability (those peeps at Poor Cat Designs obviously didn’t do that).

But sometimes you really don’t need much more than your own two eyes to see. Whether it’s soiled baby diapers on every street corner – or “baby tracks” from the thousands of strollers around town – most child-based stores will do quite well in the near term. Heck the guy that opened up the art store on Willow did the right thing!

What other signs of a good market do you see just by looking around Hoboken?

baby tracks in Hoboken NJ

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St. Mary Advocates Thrift Shop

St. Mary Advocates Thrift Shop

St. Mary Advocates Thrift Shop over at 6th & Garden used to be called “St. Mary Hospital Auxiliary.” They also used to be associated with the (former) St. Mary’s Hospital, but since they’ve become a for-profit pillaging machine known as CarePoint Hoboken University Medical Center – the thrift shop had to completely sever their ties and change their name.

The store remains a charity organization, with proceeds going to health-care and family efforts like nursing scholarships, the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps., and the Jubilee Center.

st. Mary Advocates Thrift shop

Description: Thrift store – accepts clothing donations.
Address: 536 Garden St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201)653-8191

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Useful Idiot Protest

File Under “Lost:” Useful Idiot Protest at Pearson in Hoboken

Useful Idiot Protest in Hoboken NJ Pearson EducationNo matter what the cause – you can always find at least some people supporting it. They can be for sensible reasons (like reducing the size of gov’t), or other “trendy” progressive hot-button topics like humpback whales or “equal rights” for some very small sub-set of society. For the latter, those people are commonly referred to as “useful idiots,” because most often they’re recruited to help “raise awareness” for some unfair thing or group, without realizing they’re furthering someone else’s agenda (or wealth). There was one such “Useful Idiot Protest” around of the Pearson Education building downtown last week.

Pearson is a very large multi-national “educational” company, publishing books under dozens of labels (like Penguin, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley and scores of others), along with aiding various government entities to create their educational programs. They like to present their company goal as helping people “learn” (while making a massive profit from it evidently).

But some folks are unhappy that a company becomes so big that it begins to pull some weight in the world. Like the $100 million in tax breaks that helped persuade them to move their HQ from Upper Saddle River, NJ over here to Hoboken (as well as in NY.) Some folks found that “unfair.”

Signs like “Better Choices for New Jersey,” and a doozy like – “How Pearson STOLE Education!” WTF does that mean? These folks love to pick on big companies – but they have zero idea about the history of “education” in the world. Peel back a few layers and understand the origin of it all (by digging in websites like schoolsucksproject.com to get an idea), then you’ll see why these folks have sadly been recruited to “bark up the wrong tree.”

One thing common with most of these meager protests – is that there’s always some peculiar soul in attendance. Like this ambiguous “person.” I can’t tell if they’re a boy or a girl. These are usually prime targets numero uno for the protest organizers. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Folks like this are often seen on Washington Street with clipboards talking about ozone, transgenders and recycling. Can’t you connect the dots already?

Useful Idiot Protest Hoboken NJ Pearson Education March 2015

The Ainsworth

Ainsworth Opens in Hoboken, NJ

What a fast transformation from Little Town NJ to The Ainsworth!

The Ainsworth will be celebrating their grand opening tonight, Thursday, March 12th starting at 7:00pm!

The Ainsworth Hoboken NJ now open

One stop shop for everything in Hoboken

“The Ainsworth brings to Hoboken a one-stop shop for brunch, lunch, dinner, private events and sports viewing. The classic menu will feature an elaborate burger, steak and salad selection with unique, handcrafted cocktails. Paige Hospitality’s renowned full service event team will also be available for first rate planning and execution of all Ainsworth Hoboken events.

With current venues in Las Vegas and Manhattan’s Chelsea and Gramercy neighborhoods, Ainsworth Hoboken will be the fourth Ainsworth location to open nationwide with plans to open in other major US cities.”

Just in time for spring, too!

Description: Upscale steak, burger and sports “gastro-pub.”
Address: 310 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)716-7070
Online: ainsworthnyc.com (until Hoboken specific site is released) – TwitterFacebook

ainsworth hoboken grand opening

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