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Frozen & Hunger Games at Pier A Park

Hoboken Movies Under the Stars: 8/20/2014

The 2014 Movies Under the Stars event held on Wednesday nights at Pier A Park is about to come to an end.

And because of a previous rain-out, we have a “double header” scheduled for the final Movies Under the Stars showing: Animated cartoon Frozen and blockbuster hit Hunger Games – Catching Fire starring Jennifer Lawrence – The second in the “Hunger Games” Trilogy (third one expected in 2015.)

Hopefully for movie-goers, any thunderstorms will keep their distance.

See what you missed in 2014 here!

Frozen Hunger Games Hoboken NJ Pier A Park Movies Under the Stars

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Viaduct a desination?

Is the 14th St. Viaduct a destination in Hoboken?

Is the 14th Street Viaduct a destination in Hoboken NJThis new so-called “open space” that has been created under the 14th Street Viaduct, while a definite step up from what it was prior – can it even be considered a bonafide “destination?”

Construction workers building that new dog park which is as close to the western border of Hoboken that anything can possibly be – thought it was “a foolish concept,” and wondered once the fanfare of it opening up – will it actually be used. Especially with all the homeless around, and the overall bleak industrial feel of the area.

Some folks assume something is going to happen closer to the Bow Tie Cinemas – but may be disappointed. Apparently it will just remain a big slab of concrete – which will of course be hailed as some kind of “open area.” Sure in the beginning their might be some effort to organize some kind of events, markets, etc. – but the general consensus is that it would be poorly attended and short-lived.

Take a walk up there one day. If you were captured on hidden camera – you’d probably have that quizzical look that says “you’re kidding, right?”

If only the administration was smart enough to approve that totally awesome bowling alley proposal. But alas, they’re probably waiting for some other kind of political payday that’s being discussed in back rooms around the mile square.

I guess time will tell. Perhaps will more residential development (as well as commercial), it may certainly help. But how long that takes, and who will allow the market to decide (and not some pretentious “think tank” of people) remains to be seen.

Riverside Medical Group

Riverside Medical Group coming to Maxwell Place in Hoboken

As we mentioned earlier this past winter – a medical office is slated to open up this fall at Maxwell Place: The Riverside Medical Group.

Riverside Medical Group – is a massive medical practice – with two other locations in Hoboken already, as well as Jersey City, Secaucus, and several other NJ cities. They currently have several dozen doctors and take adult and pediatric patients, in addition to podiatry and ear, nose and throat patients.

You can say one thing for certain – the medical “industry,” despite costing a lot (for malpractice insurance among other things) is still a highly lucrative industry – when they can afford the ridiculous rents at Maxwell Place. Then again, I’m sure patients would appreciate the nice neighborhood, and neighbors would prefer a doctor’s office over a dollar store. So maybe it’s a win-win after all.

Riverside Medical Group Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place

Description: Medical office.
Address: 1101 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD (call their other office at 609 Washington for info if needed: 201-706-8488)
Online: riversidemedgroup.comTwitterFacebook

Lego Movie at Pier A Park

Hoboken Movies Under the Stars: 8/6/2014

The 2014 Movies Under the Stars event is usually held weekly on Wednesday nights at Pier A Park.

Here’s what’s scheduled for tonight’s Movies Under the Stars if it doesn’t rain: Lego Movie.

I know animated movies are a big hit with families (and we even like a few of them ourselves), however – what is the ratio these days compared to 10 or 20 years ago? One in 10 movies?

See the full schedule of movies here. Only a couple weeks left after this!

Lego Movie Pier A movies under the stars Hoboken NJ August 13 2014 8pm

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Mind your own beeswax

What happened to “mind your own beeswax” these days?

What has happened to our society – where everyone is a busybody meddling with the lives of other people. You can’t make a move these days without someone violating the “mind your own beeswax” policy that had normally been adhered to by decent human beings.

This not only causes disruption, economic stress and annoyance – it further adds to the “nanny state” that our environs have become.

Worry about your own car!

Recently in Hoboken, some busybody saw what they THOUGHT was a baby in the back seat of a car. Because people cannot actually think clearly anymore – the emergency crews that arrived on scene smashed the window only to find out it was a god-damn doll.

Five seconds worth of “careful observation” would have prevented this. Not even worrying about what other people have in the back seat of their car is a better idea.

baby doll car smash hoboken NJ mind your own beeswax

Kids can’t be kids anymore

When I was growing up – there was a neat thing called “going outside to play.” That is apparently not allowed these days, and even considered criminal.

You see this lady who got arrested because her 7-year old was enjoying his life?

Maybe this is why – when we drive around various places in New Jersey – we hardly see people outside anymore. Because they’ve been indoctrinated into thinking it’s a big, bad scary world filled with rapists, pedophiles and murderers.

Live your own life – and let others do the same

Sucks that now this is a danger of “going outside in public,” because some asshole feels it’s their duty to “report” things they may or may not have accurate information about.

Additionally, the “nanny state” we live in now – where we have to call some “authority” to help is a bad trend to continue. Just a few decades ago, people were able to manage 99.9% of situations amongst themselves. Now, before any “understanding,” people just dial 911. “Un-Do” that line of thinking NOW.

Because the same people who “rat on others,” may very well have Child Protective Services ringing their doorbell one day – and that is something you DO NOT WANT.

And since when is it the responsibility of the “community” to bother with how other families live? Another bad trend to be on. Where the kids no longer belong to the family, but to the community and/or “state.”

Again – if everyone followed common law, we’d be just fine.

  1. Do as you’ve agreed to do.
  2. Do not infringe on another persons property or being.

6th Borough Market – Jersey City

6th Borough Market in Jersey City – Sunday, August 10th

In case you missed last month’s 6th Borough Market over in civilized Jersey City – below is a photo gallery of what you can expect this coming Sunday, August 10th.

Have fun if you decide to venture outside the Mile Square!

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