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Pier C Park in disrepair

Pier C Park breaks again in Hoboken

A little over six months ago – Pier C Park needed some hefty repairs to the complicated “infrastructure.” (see that update after the jump…)

Well, it appears that the work wasn’t good enough and pipes sprung a leak once again, thus closing down the kiddie areas.

The question at hand is – why doesn’t the city get warranties on work performed by contractors? You know each one of these “repairs” comes with a nice fat bill that you’ll be the one that ends up paying.

And again, this was just one of the reasons why I felt that any new “park” that comes to town should be as simple as possible – which would allow it to be maintained for years in the future with the lowest potential costs.

Pier C Park broken again in Hoboken NJ

Shoddily built parks Hoboken NJ

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Sidwalk manners in Hoboken

What ever happened to sidewalk manners in Hoboken?

You ever wonder what happened to “sidewalk manners” in general these days?

Sidewalk manners are part of a group of things called “common courtesy for others” while traversing public spaces. This includes “stopping in your tracks without looking around first,” and “occupying busy street corners for no other reason other than to bullshit with my friend.”

We’re not singling out “stroller people” per se, but this is an example of an action that is not courteous to others. To walk slowly while completely blocking the sidewalk for other, faster walkers. Pedestrians sans babies do this as well (especially in larger groups). God forbid one person is behind another.

People these days are completely incapable of “assessing” a certain situation anymore. They just “do” whatever without a care in the world. (Or until someone rightly yells at them and puts them in their place.)

I can only imagine how rough it would be if some kind of major emergency happened around here.

sidewalk manners hoboken NJ baby strollers

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Top 5 Blizzard Don’ts

Top 5 Blizzard Don’ts in Hoboken

top 5 blizzard don'ts in Hoboken NJOkay – it’s winter.

This is just like any heavy rain storm – except that it’s frozen precipitation. And that means it will accumulate above the ground and cause an impedance to anyone who is a “challenged walker.” Yes, that is what snow is! Amazing, eh?

It’s fairly elemental.

But when it’s frozen and “accumulates,” it’s a bit different than water – which other than flooding, eventually drains away quite rapidly compared with the many weeks (if not months) we’ll see this snow on the ground. Turning brown. Becoming annoying. “Please make it go away… Looking forward to summer…. “

When we get FEET of snow – it presents a whole slew of problems, which are usually transportation oriented.

So what are the Top 5 things you should avoid during a blizzard?

Number 5: Please postpone medical emergencies

Number 5 Blizzard Don'ts in Hoboken NJAt the height of the blizzard late tonight – medical vehicles and apparatus will have a super-tough time traversing city streets. That could mean the difference between life and death!

So if you can – please avoid (or postpone if possible) the following medical emergencies:

  • Heart attack or stroke. (Stay off carbs, eat lots of veggies, keep blood sugar low, avoid strenuous activities).
  • Child birth / labor. (If you’re close to your due date – either try to push it out NOW – or figure out a way to keep the baby in the sack till the weather clears).
  • Profuse bleeding. (Any tricky home projects or drunken bar fights should be put off till the storm clears).
  • Broken bones. (While not as bad as some other emergencies – try not elevating your body to more than 12″ off the ground. And if out and about, ensure your shoes have proper traction).
  • Panic Attacks. (There is nothing to worry about at all. Everything is fine. It will be spring in less that 3 months!)

ambulance hoboken blizzard medical emergency january 2015

Number 4: Try not to start any fires!

Number 4 Blizzard Don'ts in Hoboken NJAny kind of row-house fire in Hoboken at the height of the blizzard, will practically ensure that an entire block burns down. Just because the snow is heavy and wet does not mean that it will aid in any way in preventing such a disaster.

So in order to reduce your risk (and guilt) for starting an epic fire for the history books:

  • Do not use candles if you’re a known drunk or narcoleptic.
  • Shut your circuit breaker if your house is known to be non-code compliant.
  • Playing “fire bomb beer pong” not a bright idea during the storm.
  • More than 11 iPhone chargers in a power strip just to keep your facebook stream alive is just not worth it.
  • Deep-frying a frozen turkey inside your studio apartment in wood-frame house can wait.
  • Firing up the hibachi grill on your fire escape. Just don’t do it. In other words, don’t be an asshole!

dont start fires in Hoboken NJ during blizzard

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Psychopathic tree plantings!

Who plants trees in front of stop signs? Hoboken does.

We told you yesterday about all the trees being planted this winter in Hoboken. However, it gets worse.

1st & Willow is one of the busiest (and dangerous) intersections downtown. Pedestrians, double-parked cars, split second timing necessary. And they planted a frickin’ tree directly in front of a stop sign here? What the Hell?

If this tree survives through the spring – it will completely block the stop sign once it blooms. Who allowed this to happen?

Attention lawyers! Please keep an eye out for this intersection. The minute ANYONE gets hurt because a car ran through – you have a SLAM DUNK CASE against the city (who gives away money for lawsuit settlements like it’s Halloween!)

Hoboken trees planted in front of stop sign near 1st and willow

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ShopRite Cooking School!

Shoprite Hoboken offers cooking classes

Did you know that our “big” supermarket ShopRite offers cooking classes for both adults (and believe it or not) kids too?

Shoprite cooking school hoboken nj

ShopRite Cooking classes for everyone

ShopRite of Hoboken Expands LiveRight Culinary Workshop – Learn to Cook Healthy Meals Classes for Adults and Children!

Learning to cook healthier meals is a top New Year’s resolution for many, and ShopRite of Hoboken has the answer. To kick off 2015, the Inserra Supermarkets store is expanding its LiveRight Culinary Workshop series with new offerings for adults and children. Jenna Stock, R.D., in-store registered dietitian, and Chef Vicki Ferentinos, in-store culinary chef, will lead the classes, which are held at ShopRite of Hoboken. Please note space is limited, and advance registration is required:

  • Monday, January 19th: – LiveRight with ShopRite Kids’ Culinary Workshop: I Love Peanut Butter Edition, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. This hands-on class will be fun and nutritious for all the young chefs. The menu features apples with creamy peanut butter dip, peanut butter and grape muffins, and peanutty noodles. Please note sun butter will be used instead of peanut butter. The cost is $20 for one child (with an adult) and $10 for each additional child.
  • Thursday, January 22nd: – LiveRight with ShopRite Culinary Workshop: Healthy & Hearty Edition, 7 – 9 p.m. Creating a “healthy & hearty” meal each night does not have to be a hassle. Join ShopRite’s dietitian and chef to learn how to prepare skillet chicken with mushroom sauce, citrus-roasted veggies and pear crisp with ease. The cost is $20 per person.

Please register at the Courtesy Counter or call (201) 792-6070. For more information, please contact Jenna Stock, R.D., at (201) 819-4972 or email Jenna.stock@wakefern.com. ShopRite of Hoboken is located at 900 Madison Street in Hoboken, N.J.

No major snow this winter?

What if no major snow storms happen in Hoboken this winter?

We all know that Hoboken has never had a good record when it comes to cleanup after a major snow storm. Some years worse than others, but generally sub-par.

And the winter of 2014/2015 has gotten off to a very slow start – and according to some meteorological geeks, we may be stuck in a pattern that doesn’t see any chance of a “big storm” until at least mid-February.

But what if we get NO major snow? What happens to all that money “budgeted” for snow removal?

If that happens, property taxpayers should demand an instant rebate (say $50 each). I’m sure that would help the local economy a bit (“free dinner!”)

Of course, the city will dole out some lame excuse – and normally they just “steal” that extra money to fund crony pay-raises. But it sure would be nice one way or another to make it through this winter unscathed!

No Major Snow Hoboken NJ

Major snow storms suck in cities like Hoboken...