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“Celebrity DUI”

Celebrity DUI – Who gives a shit about Cake Boss?

Oooh. This “news” story is truly annoying. Mostly because it received “mass coverage.” Cake Boss Buddy Valastro got arrested for having a few drinks. Those evil soul-sucking dregs of society over at “TMZ” scooped what was equivalent to Kim Kardashian’s fat ass. None of which should concern anyone. Ever.

But everyone loves opining about “Celebrity DUI.” Why exactly?

Cake Boss Celebrity DUI who cares

More interesting than a Cake Boss DUI arrest

You see – this can be looked at from two (equally thought-provoking) angles.

  1. Sure, this “DUI” got mainstream coverage. But according to “official” statistics – it’s estimated that over 300,000 people “drive drunk” every single DAY in America. Only around 4,000 are arrested (1.2 million per year). So that means, on average – 6,000 people in every state break this so-called “law” daily. Those are the things that you should talk about at the water cooler – not WHO. You don’t even know Buddy. He’s not your brother, father or husband, so you should treat it like every other arrest: “Did it affect me? No? Cool, I don’t really care then.”
  2. Also worthy of discussion is the whole “DUI” law itself. As you can see from the stats above, a small percentage of drunk drivers are arrested and taken off the road for the night each day. The “law” is clearly not effective whatsoever at making the roads “safer.” They just get people criminal records and revenue for the states.

Another point is that these people are arrested, even though they had not caused any harm or injuries to anyone. Who decreed that .08 was the right level? I know some people that can perfectly juggle fire bombs at BAC of 0.15 and others who I would never get in the car with if their BAC was 0.0001. Each individual has their own level of competence and tolerance for alcohol. This “prevention” and awareness of driving under the influence ONLY ENRICHES THE STATES.

With the exception of completely blitzed drivers who black out, drunk drivers might even be a bit MORE careful driving than texting teenagers.

There’s my 2 cents. Thanks, Buddy. Now bake a cake that looks like a Breathalyzer.

Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker

1/27/2011 Update:

Mayoral Priorities: Reality TV or Hoboken?

In regards to this week’s Season Finale of “The Next Great Baker,” some residents thought that it was inappropriate for Mayor Dawn Zimmer to enjoy casual time on television, when serious work still needs attention in Hoboken. “Guest appearances on TV while our city falls apart? Where are her priorities?” said Alan.

Alan was referring to important city failures like the plowing debacle (while she was vacationing), the property tax cut promise, and the Municipal Garage train wreck.

Resident Shane added “To find time for unimportant distractions like this is disrespectful to those who voted for her and expected better. What next, a week-long stint on Hollywood Squares? Disgusting.”

Some other readers didn’t see the harm, but one wasn’t so forgiving: “Who needs inspiration from FDR: (“the only thing we have to fear…..”) or JFK: (“Ask not what…..”), when we’ve got the great Dawn Zimmer: (“I’m not comfortable being on top of a cake, but I am comfortable riding my bicycle.”) Well, give her a few drinks, a black bustier, a red wig, and she’d jump on top of that cake faster than Diamond Stan can bark “Wendy!”


Do you think it’s appropriate for the Mayor to be seen casually on TV – while Hoboken is in shambles?

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Reader Pix: Cake Boss Sludge


Yuck! What is that oozing black sludge at Cake Boss?

Hoboken resident Hano (known as one of the Knucklead comics) – noticed this industrial truck in front of Carlo’s Bakery yesterday – and thought “is that how they pump all the cake frosting in?”

Upon further inspection – this truck was covered with black sludge“EERC” – Environmental Energy Recycling Corporation, and it was apparently sucking some rather disgusting material from the bakery famous for the Cake Boss reality TV program.

Funny enough, the website of this recycling company is “Grease5.com,” and it makes me wonder – why does a bakery have so much grease?

Cake Boss: Italian Restaurant Next?


Update: 5 Marineview Plaza

Should have known this – but this was already mentioned in the Doomed Brooklyn Bread thread – that plans are already taking shape for a Valastro-related Italian eatery at 5 Marineview Plaza.

So that begs the question – what restaurant would “fit” uptown at Maxwell Place?

Buddy Valastro to expand into Italian Restaurant Biz?

Maxwell Place rumored to be next stop…

Hoboken411 heard that the empty corner restaurant space at Maxwell Place (11th Street) may soon be occupied by Cake Boss Buddy Valastro from Carlo’s Bakery and is slated to become an Italian Restaurant.

Haven’t confirmed validity of that rumor – however, if true:

  • Would yet another reality show be filmed there, and become so popular that lines will now form uptown? How would Maxwell Place residents feel about that? How would other area residents feel? (traffic, congestion, etc.)
  • What affect would that have on other Hoboken Italian Restaurants? Positive or negative?
  • Would you go? How do we know if Buddy can even cook a piece of chicken?

Cake Boss Delivery Van


Reader digs commercial delivery vehicles

This Hoboken Photo of the Day submission to Hoboken411 is so peculiar – I had to publish it.

Dimitri Rodriguez was so intrigued by this delivery van for Carlo’s Bakery to deliver Cake Boss products, he snapped a photo and sent it in. I suppose he found it worthy of inclusion because the van is on TV sometimes? Any ideas?

Cake Boss clogs sidewalk again!


Line or no line – Cake Boss has sidewalk issues

Hoboken411 reader Mike sent in the following photo and said:

“I took this photo on the way home from work around 5:30 pm. I found it funny. As if it wasn’t bad enough that storefronts in Hoboken don’t shovel, our beloved Cake Boss Carlo’s Bakery has now found a new way to clog the sidewalk: tourists when it is nice out, snow when it is not.

The bodega to the right and Verizon the the left had no problem clearing the way but since Carlos isn’t making money selling t-shirts, why contribute to the town at all?”