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Introducing: Bijou Birds

Killdeer chicks successfully hatch in Hoboken, NJ

Here’s a nice update for the Killdeer bird family over on the green roof of the old Hostess building uptown: All four eggs hatched!

Little Killdeer chicks running around, will fly soon!

The Killdeer Birds are they type that essentially come out of the egg “ready to walk.” And from what I understand, these little guys will be flying 7-10 days later as well!

Most of the time, these cute birds quickly leave home for good, and set up elsewhere, but it’s not uncommon that they also nest near where they’re born.

These rascals were hard to track down, and they were energetic and didn’t sit still – but I managed to get a few seconds where three of the four chicks were in the same area.

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Hoboken becoming a bird sanctuary?

More birds find homes in uptown Hoboken

Just like the Killdeer birds than live on the Hostess building uptown, another set of birds moved in nearby (also on the Bijou Property).

This full birds nest on a low branch on Garden St. between 14th and 15th was a sight to see last week. Believed to be American Robins – the mama bird made this sturdy nest and gave birth to three little chickies! They appear ready to fly solo any day now!

Killdeer birds in Hoboken

Living Roof attracts Killdeer birds in Hoboken, NJ

Last week – we shared how the unique Killdeer breed of bird chooses to “set up shop” on the green roof at the old Hostess building uptown (Bijou Properties) – which is now home to various retail outlets.

Here’s a quick video I shot the other day of the stressed-out female Killdeer doing what she does best – trying to lure away what she felt were potential threats to her nest of eggs.

Stay tuned for future updates regarding their eggs and more!

(PS – if you re-discovered the beauty in Bobby McFerrin like we did recently – the song on this track – Blackbird – is available for easy download!)