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“Celebrity DUI”

Celebrity DUI – Who gives a shit about Cake Boss?

Oooh. This “news” story is truly annoying. Mostly because it received “mass coverage.” Cake Boss Buddy Valastro got arrested for having a few drinks. Those evil soul-sucking dregs of society over at “TMZ” scooped what was equivalent to Kim Kardashian’s fat ass. None of which should concern anyone. Ever.

But everyone loves opining about “Celebrity DUI.” Why exactly?

Cake Boss Celebrity DUI who cares

More interesting than a Cake Boss DUI arrest

You see – this can be looked at from two (equally thought-provoking) angles.

  1. Sure, this “DUI” got mainstream coverage. But according to “official” statistics – it’s estimated that over 300,000 people “drive drunk” every single DAY in America. Only around 4,000 are arrested (1.2 million per year). So that means, on average – 6,000 people in every state break this so-called “law” daily. Those are the things that you should talk about at the water cooler – not WHO. You don’t even know Buddy. He’s not your brother, father or husband, so you should treat it like every other arrest: “Did it affect me? No? Cool, I don’t really care then.”
  2. Also worthy of discussion is the whole “DUI” law itself. As you can see from the stats above, a small percentage of drunk drivers are arrested and taken off the road for the night each day. The “law” is clearly not effective whatsoever at making the roads “safer.” They just get people criminal records and revenue for the states.

Another point is that these people are arrested, even though they had not caused any harm or injuries to anyone. Who decreed that .08 was the right level? I know some people that can perfectly juggle fire bombs at BAC of 0.15 and others who I would never get in the car with if their BAC was 0.0001. Each individual has their own level of competence and tolerance for alcohol. This “prevention” and awareness of driving under the influence ONLY ENRICHES THE STATES.

With the exception of completely blitzed drivers who black out, drunk drivers might even be a bit MORE careful driving than texting teenagers.

There’s my 2 cents. Thanks, Buddy. Now bake a cake that looks like a Breathalyzer.

End of an era: Hoboken icon retires

After 34 years – Mailman Joseph Zelasko, a Hoboken Icon, retires

One week ago today – was the “end of an era” here in town. A Hoboken Icon – U.S. Postal Mailman Joseph Zelasko retired after a whopping 34 years on the job.

Having the same uptown route since 1989, Zelasko was a familiar sight for residents and business owners every day.

A true “Hoboken Character,” Zelasko (who lives in Bergen County – but was raised in Hoboken), had that old-school personality that is hard to find in today’s heads-down technological world of anti-social robots.

Always up for conversations, and never short of fun stories to tell – it was always a pleasure to chat for a few minutes with Joe. Whether it was his harrowing tales from his volunteer EMS work in both Hoboken and Hackensack, or his rookie days at the Post Office where he was “shown the ropes” by other elder old-school characters. Was never in a bad mood, and happily did his job with a smile.

But all good things come to an end, and we wish Joe good luck figuring out what to do with his new-found free time! The next person taking on the route has some tough shoes to fill!

Joseph Zelasko Hoboken Icon mailman retires NJ

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Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant – Finally Goodbye

Maxwell’s to close for good in Hoboken

After that “stunt” Maxwell’s at 11th & Washington played back at the end of July 2013 – with their big, sad “farewell” party – only to re-open again (sans music), we considered them “dead” in reality. To get everyone up in arms about their closing kind of took the oomph out of the whole situation.

Now while we understand it was probably for economic reasons to keep the bar open until it was officially taken over – perhaps they could have organized the whole thing better. Who knows.

But word on the street is that Sunday, January 26th will “officially” be their last day open. “All booze must go.” So if you want to say a “Goodbye, again” to Maxwell’s – be sure you head over there. Otherwise carry on.

Maxwell's Hoboken NJ final farewell Sunday January 26 2014

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Hoboken Gem: Ultramarino’s

Ultramarino’s is one of the most special Hoboken places

Ultramarino's is a truly special Hoboken GemIf I had to pick just one place in Hoboken that “stands out” as the most unique, special place – that place would be Ultramarino’s at 260 3rd Street.

We’ve written positively about Ultramarino’s in the past – but each time you visit the one-of-a-kind cafe/eatery run by famed award-winning Chef Marciel Presilla (who also owns nearby Zafra Kitchen and Cucharamama), you just smile ear to ear and are thankful it exists in Hoboken.

Everything about Ultramarino’s is a smash hit.

From the tasty coffee, out of this world pastries (use sparingly if low-carb though), delectable sandwiches that even come in mini bite-sized versions, savory soups – to mouth-watering finger food like empenadas and my favorite – the ham croquettes, nothing is done wrong at Ultramarino’s.

The best part is the complete unassuming nature of the place. You almost feel like you’re in a (better) foreign country.

Also check out the excellent decorations and artifacts – as well as the imported chocolates (I love the orange dark chocolate personally).

If you really want to “wow” friends and family – buy a big spread of goodies at Ultramarino’s for your next holiday or social gathering. I’m telling you EVERYONE will be asking you “where did you get this amazing food?”

It’s just your call to decide whether you want to keep this amazing secret to yourself, or share it with the world like I just did!

Maxwell’s Memories: Davey and The Trainwreck

[Continuing the ongoing Maxwell's Memories feature here on Hoboken411. Paying tribute to bands that came and played at the legendary Maxwell's at 1039 Washington Street - which is closing for good on July 31, 2013]

Maxwell’s Memories: Davey and the Trainwreck

June 26, 2013: Led by Hoboken’s own Dave Calamoneri on guitar/vocals, local Sasquatch legend Reverend Jim D on bass, Bill Hamilton on lead guitar, Tommy Costagliola on drums and Jeremy Beck on keyboard, Davey and The Trainwreck performed songs from their debut album Last Stop Hoboken at their Maxwell’s swan song.

Maxwell's Memories in Hoboken NJ Davey and the Trainwreck

A great band to see live, they really gave all the gusto for their final Maxwell’s show. Jim D played all the right notes, so Dave was gracious enough to let him play his chart bustin’ #1 hit “Sweet Talkin’ Weehawken Woman” as the last encore. Bravo, boys. Here’s hoping you never run out of tomato juice on Sunday. Good times.

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Maxwell’s Memories: The Defibulators

[Continuing the ongoing Maxwell's Memories feature here on Hoboken411. Paying tribute to bands that came and played at the legendary Maxwell's at 1039 Washington Street - which is closing for good on July 31, 2013]

Maxwell’s Memories: The Defibulators

On December 18, 2012, The Defibulators, quite possibly the best band ever to play at Maxwell’s (led by Bug Jennings and Erin Bru on vocals and featuring Hoboken’s own Chris “Roadblock” Hartway on the Telecaster), performed at the annual Christmas party and gave another highly entertaining awesome show that included a nice mix of their own original music and holiday songs.

Below is a nice live cover of “Down in Mexico” by The Coasters, (along with about 10 more minutes of tunes, too.)

And get a sneak peak of their new video for “Cackalacky,” their first single off their upcoming album, Debt’ll Get’em, due out August 27th 2013 can be viewed here:

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