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9th & Willow is a dangerous intersection

Vehicles run stop sign at 9th & Willow in Hoboken constantly

Earlier this afternoon, there was a “big accident” over at the intersection of 9th Street and Willow Avenue. A truck crashed into two parked cars, destroyed the front steps of a building, and wrecked a really nice refuse can holder.

Apparently, some witnesses think the construction truck ran the stop sign which led to the collision.

So – Hoboken or Hudson County “officials” should probably wake up and do something about this corner before someone gets killed here. I believe we’ve suggested speed humps in the past – but I recall something about emergency vehicles prohibiting them, but I could be wrong.

A blinking red light for southbound traffic on Willow might be the best option, with a blinking yellow light for 9th Street traffic. Let’s see if that happens.

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9th Willow Intersection Dangerous hoboken NJ 2

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Rebuilding in Hoboken

Areas in Hoboken hazardous as garbage piles up after Sandy

If you’re out and about today in Hoboken – I highly recommend you take a walk by Park Avenue between 6th and 8th Streets. While not the only area where damage was done, this is an example of what appears to be a major issue looming in town.

When typical gut-renovations happen in Hoboken – contractors normally order a giant dumpster to safely offload the building materials. But in the case of Hurricane Sandyentire blocks are being repaired and restored at the same time!

With no obvious rules or regulations in place to maintain order – it’s a “contractor free for all,” where sidewalks are almost impassable, we have a ripe breeding ground for vermin – and carting this refuse out without damaging the cars will be a next to impossible task.

Now that this problem is plainly obvious – when can we expect a plan from the city to minimize this threat to public safety?

Travel safely, Hoboken!

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Slippery chemicals near Hoboken car washes

Should car washes be allowed to make sidewalks slippery?

Received a letter from Hoboken411 reader Amanda, who felt the need to express her displeasure about conditions near the Hoboken Car Wash downtown.

Letter: Car wash makes for slippery steps in Hoboken

“Each time I walk by the Hoboken Car Wash on Observer Highway, I’m forced to deal with the wet section of sidewalk that is covered in slick car detailing chemicals.

And getting it off your shoes is not as easy as you think, and can cause you to slip on other smooth surfaces later or your gas and brake pedals in your car.

Are they even allowed to do this on a public thoroughfare?”

Hoboken sidewalks hazardous for kids?

Hoboken Street Dangers?

As many of you know, lots of “sidewalk work” is taking place all around town, whether it’s traffic light upgrades, or robotic parking meters and intersection improvements.

In some cases, sharp metal wires are exposed, that might lead some kids to want to play with them – and possibly take an eye out or cause a skin puncture and infection.

Watch your kids when near these sloppy work areas!

Crumbling roads lead to ankle breakage

Poor lighting and shoddy roads in Hoboken

Hoboken411 reader Paul talks about an incident that took place last week near 9th & Grand.

Shoddy conditions all around led to his wife snapping her ankle!

“On Thursday night while walking to our car from Holy Thursday church services at about 8:50pm, my wife fell and broke her ankle while stepping off the curb to go to our car. The closest street lamp is at the other end of the block making this area extremely dark and the pavement is broken down to the cobblestones. This happened on the south side of 9th Street just west of Grand. I took following pictures the next day.”

Hoboken positives come from good Samaritans

“On the good side, there was a lady passing by on the other side of the street who came and stood with us until the ambulance came, making sure that my wife was protected from passing traffic as she lay on the street. I did not get her name but we are both very grateful. In addition the three EMS workers from the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp were professional, courteous and compassionate. We were very impressed.


Where the Hoboken sidewalk ends…

What’s the deal with this cruddy Hoboken sidewalk?

Hoboken411 reader Katie adds this decrepit area of town to the ongoing list of complaints…

“I’ve been a loyal 411 reader since 2008, and remember reading a number of stories about poor sidewalk conditions throughout Hoboken. From slippery to uneven, unsafe to unsanitary, I’ve got one more sidewalk complaint to add to the list – MISSING!

“There is a vacant lot on River street between 2nd and 3rd that borders the W Hotel on one side.

Of the other three sides of the property, only one has a sidewalk. And I’m not even sure you can really qualify that bumpy lump of asphalt as a sidewalk. Not only is it full of potholes, but it’s littered with beer cans, broken glass, and trash. What’s really concerning is that this stretch of the “sidewalk” doesn’t have any lighting. The poor condition of the sidewalk makes it difficult to navigate in daylight, nevermind in the dark. But that’s not even the biggest problem.

As you’re walking downtown next to the sagging chain link fence of the abandoned lot, there are beer cans, broken glass, and trash everywhere. But here’s the kicker: As you round the corner making a left on 2nd, the sidewalk literally ends.

You now have the option of walking on a narrow dirt path strewn with trash, rocks, concrete barriers, and what appears to be electrical wires. Or, you could walk in the street. The side of the property bordering Sinatra also has no sidewalk, and doesn’t even offer a dirt path. The fence leaves only a few inches of dirt before the curb, forcing pedestrians to walk in the street.

The vacant lot is already an eyesore, but I’m surprised the city hasn’t taken action to at least build proper sidewalks and light the area. Being next to the pier, the area attracts a lot of traffic from walkers, runners, rollerbladers, and cyclists and it should have proper sidewalks. That stretch of Sinatra is also home to many popular restaurants and bars. I’ve left these establishments late at night after a few cocktails and had to cross the street or walk in the street and it makes for an unsafe situation because there is no lighting and cabs fly down that road.

It’s a beautiful area of Hoboken but the conditions surrounding the vacant lot really detract from it. Isn’t there something the city can do in the meantime until the lot is developed?”


411 Note: The same holds true for the sidewalk near Maxwell Place…

What do you think the city should do (besides paint more bike lanes?)