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Rebuilding in Hoboken

Areas in Hoboken hazardous as garbage piles up after Sandy

If you’re out and about today in Hoboken – I highly recommend you take a walk by Park Avenue between 6th and 8th Streets. While not the only area where damage was done, this is an example of what appears to be a major issue looming in town.

When typical gut-renovations happen in Hoboken – contractors normally order a giant dumpster to safely offload the building materials. But in the case of Hurricane Sandyentire blocks are being repaired and restored at the same time!

With no obvious rules or regulations in place to maintain order – it’s a “contractor free for all,” where sidewalks are almost impassable, we have a ripe breeding ground for vermin – and carting this refuse out without damaging the cars will be a next to impossible task.

Now that this problem is plainly obvious – when can we expect a plan from the city to minimize this threat to public safety?

Travel safely, Hoboken!

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Hoboken NJ

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Slippery chemicals near Hoboken car washes

Should car washes be allowed to make sidewalks slippery?

Received a letter from Hoboken411 reader Amanda, who felt the need to express her displeasure about conditions near the Hoboken Car Wash downtown.

Letter: Car wash makes for slippery steps in Hoboken

“Each time I walk by the Hoboken Car Wash on Observer Highway, I’m forced to deal with the wet section of sidewalk that is covered in slick car detailing chemicals.

And getting it off your shoes is not as easy as you think, and can cause you to slip on other smooth surfaces later or your gas and brake pedals in your car.

Are they even allowed to do this on a public thoroughfare?”

Hoboken NJ

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QotD: Expanding Hoboken?

What is wrong with this concept?

I still think that back when I introduced this concept of “expanding” Hoboken into the Hudson River like they did over in Battery Park was a missed opportunity for our city. While we clamor over lame parks and open space, parking, etc – this doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea – and can bring many good things to our city. I guess we’ll have to wait until more capable, forward-thinking individuals are running the show around here.

What purpose does that cove serve exactly?

Hoboken’s own Battery Park?

Was speaking to a business owner in town the other day – and he said he had “the perfect plan” for Hoboken. Here’s a rough outline of what he suggested (to the best of my recollection):

  1. The Hoboken Cove/Inlet by the uptown bridges is a waste – and goes largely unused.
  2. Construction companies would PAY Hoboken to dump their raw material landfill there.
  3. Get Federal Grant monies to build/construct the land.
  4. Generate Revenue: Demolish and sell the High School – and the Football Field (approx $50 million).
  5. Move H.S. and field to the new location – along with many other fields, courts and open space.

A whole neighborhood in Manhattan was built in the exact same manner – why not Hoboken?

QotD: What do you think of this concept?

Filling that space with new land is:

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See what you could put in that space?

Submit your own questions!

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Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken sidewalks hazardous for kids?

Hoboken Street Dangers?

As many of you know, lots of “sidewalk work” is taking place all around town, whether it’s traffic light upgrades, or robotic parking meters and intersection improvements.

In some cases, sharp metal wires are exposed, that might lead some kids to want to play with them – and possibly take an eye out or cause a skin puncture and infection.

Watch your kids when near these sloppy work areas!

Hoboken NJ

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Crumbling roads lead to ankle breakage

Poor lighting and shoddy roads in Hoboken

Hoboken411 reader Paul talks about an incident that took place last week near 9th & Grand.

Shoddy conditions all around led to his wife snapping her ankle!

“On Thursday night while walking to our car from Holy Thursday church services at about 8:50pm, my wife fell and broke her ankle while stepping off the curb to go to our car. The closest street lamp is at the other end of the block making this area extremely dark and the pavement is broken down to the cobblestones. This happened on the south side of 9th Street just west of Grand. I took following pictures the next day.”

Hoboken positives come from good Samaritans

“On the good side, there was a lady passing by on the other side of the street who came and stood with us until the ambulance came, making sure that my wife was protected from passing traffic as she lay on the street. I did not get her name but we are both very grateful. In addition the three EMS workers from the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp were professional, courteous and compassionate. We were very impressed.


Hoboken NJ

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QotD: A new Hoboken slogan?

[Reminiscing Hoboken411's Five Year Anniversary...]

Does Hoboken qualify for new city slogans since 2009?

Bumping this entertaining post from 2009 – and wondering if Hoboken can sneak some new city slogans into the mix, such as:

  • “Black is the new transparency!”
  • “Pothole, Sinkhole and Bike Lane Capital of the World!”
  • “Heaven, Hypocrisy or Hoboken!”
  • “Where Oscar Rulez!”

Can you add any?

Hoboken QotD: Is it time for a new city slogan?


Like a broken record, we’ve heard the phrases “Birthplace of Baseball” and “The Mile Square” a million times – along with “Frank Sinatra,” “Gold Coast,” and the “6th Borough” as well.

Some easy (yet snarky) alternatives could be:

  • “Corruption Capital of the World!”
  • “Most flooding per square mile!”
  • “Want to get “Dweked?” Come to Hoboken!”
  • “Every day seems like election day!”

QotD: If you were put in charge of creating a new slogan for the city of Hoboken – what would it be?

Submit your own questions!

[If you have a question you'd like to get public opinion on - feel free to send an email to Hoboken411. Subject must start with QotD - and follow the same format: Opening statement - then Question.]

Hoboken NJ

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