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Lost and Found Dogs!

Lost and Found dogs in Hoboken & Jersey City

Boy – a bunch of dogs getting displaced as of late. I wonder how this can happen?

Anyway – here’s the most urgent one, considering the size of the pooch:

Have you seen Tucker the Shih Tzu?

12/21/2014 Update: Tucker was found! “He was picked up by a woman who works in Hoboken and lives in Philadelphia, PA. She brought him home on Friday afternoon, took good care of him and tracked us down via his microchip this morning. We picked him up in PA today and are all home and so happy to be together! Many thanks to you for posting about him when he was lost!”

Tucker was lost TODAY near 12th & Garden Streets. Small pooch around 12 pounds. No collar.

The owners are desperate to find him, and have a big reward if found. Call (646)228-3469 if found!

Tucker Lost Shih Tzu Hoboken NJ

Where is Abby the Husky?

And Abby the Husky was lost in nearby Jersey City (in the Van Vorst Park area). Call Melissa at (917)882-5970 if you know about this pointy-eared pooch.

Abby lost husky jersey city NJ

Is this dog yours?

I received this email a couple days ago, unfortunately – they were about as descriptive as you’d expect in today’s “OMG SMS TXT GNR8SHN,” so I don’t have much for you other than these two photos I animated, and a phone number of “their mom” (201)589-3158.

If you know this dog, or their owner(s) give them a shout.

found dog Hoboken NJ

Found Husky

Did you lose a Husky in Hoboken?

Hoboken resident Mary found this cute Husky roaming around Washington and 7th Streets last week. The pooch is currently staying in a cage at Liberty Humane Center.

My guess is if whomever this dog belonged too hasn’t already found it – they don’t want him. So head down to the shelter and give him new home!

found husky hoboken nj

Lost Dog: Bunny

Have you seen Bunny?

A shy female Pit Bull mix named Bunny went missing last night from the area of 9th Street & Washington Street.

Apparently there were “sightings” of a similar dog near Ruth’s Chris Steak House over in Weehawken, New Jersey.

She’s a smaller size mix, and will likely run if someone abruptly approaches, but she is friendly (not the big, bad Pit Bull most people think of).

Call (973)219-9631 if you or someone you know has seen her. Thanks!

lost dog hoboken nj Bunny pit bull mix female

Found Chihuahua in Hoboken

Charlie the Chihuahua happy one year later in new Hoboken home

Back in August 2013, we posted this “found Chihuahua” article – and are now at the anniversary to share what has been a very happy year for Hoboken resident Stefanie.

“Samantha had found him on a Friday, and I met her on Sunday in the park – and after taking one look at him – I fell in love! That Monday she was vaccinated and micro-chipped, then fixed the week after.

At first I was so sad someone would leave him, then I realized he was the greatest gift ever. He was only eight months old at the time, and have kept in touch with Sam throughout the year, sending fun photos of Charlie in cute outfits, on vacation with us, etc.

Her kindness for rescuing the dog was the best thing that ever happened to us! Thanks again, Sam!”

Isn’t it great that dogs bring so much joy into our lives?

Click to see the original “found Chihuahua” post on 411 from a year ago…

Found Dog reunited with owner!

Update: Found Weimeraner reunited with owner in Hoboken

That was fast! The person who was missing their Weimeraner saw the post on Hoboken411 and was reunited with their dog today! Success!

Found Dog {Weimeraner} Please help locate owner(s)


Found Dog Hoboken NJVery strange “found dog” incident – a purebred too! You’d think there would be an “APB” out for a dog like this – but nothing as of yet!

A young Weimeraner was found on Washington around First Street in Hoboken on July 21st. No collar or microchip, and so far no leads on an owner.

But the dog looks very well cared for (just under a year old).

Contact Cornerstone Pets at 201-653-4644 or info@cornerstonepets.com if you have any information.

Found Tabby Cat

Found Tabby Cat in Hoboken, NJ

Did you or someone you know “lose” a cat today? Hoboken resident Liz had a new friend show up to her house this morning and wants to return this found tabby cat to it’s rightful owner.

“We had a cat show up at our back door on Park Avenue between 10th & 11th. She is an orange tabby short-hair with VERY fluffy tail and gold eyes (no white markings). She is de-clawed, friendly and seems well-cared for. She is clearly lost and was VERY hungry. She showed up at our house around 8:30am on Friday 5/2/14. We sincerely want to find her proper home.”

If this is yours – email Hoboken411@gmail.com and we’ll put you in touch.

Found Tabby Cat Hoboken NJ