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Found Dog – please help!

Found Dog {Weimeraner} Please help locate owner(s)

Found Dog Hoboken NJVery strange “found dog” incident – a purebred too! You’d think there would be an “APB” out for a dog like this – but nothing as of yet!

A young Weimeraner was found on Washington around First Street in Hoboken on July 21st. No collar or microchip, and so far no leads on an owner.

But the dog looks very well cared for (just under a year old).

Contact Cornerstone Pets at 201-653-4644 or info@cornerstonepets.com if you have any information.

Found Tabby Cat

Found Tabby Cat in Hoboken, NJ

Did you or someone you know “lose” a cat today? Hoboken resident Liz had a new friend show up to her house this morning and wants to return this found tabby cat to it’s rightful owner.

“We had a cat show up at our back door on Park Avenue between 10th & 11th. She is an orange tabby short-hair with VERY fluffy tail and gold eyes (no white markings). She is de-clawed, friendly and seems well-cared for. She is clearly lost and was VERY hungry. She showed up at our house around 8:30am on Friday 5/2/14. We sincerely want to find her proper home.”

If this is yours – email Hoboken411@gmail.com and we’ll put you in touch.

Found Tabby Cat Hoboken NJ

Men’s Wedding Band Found

Men’s Wedding Band found in Hoboken

One Hoboken411 reader found a men’s wedding band “one block from the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten” on New Year’s Day.

She’d like to help return it to the original owner.

If you believe it’s yours – send photo of it to Hoboken411@gmail.com and we’ll verify and return.

Found Wedding Band Hoboken NJ January 3 2014

Found Chihuahua in Hoboken

Lose a dog in Hoboken? Found Chihuahua at Church Square Park

Hoboken resident Samantha happened to find a nervous, yet otherwise good dog yesterday. Is this yours? Do you know who it might belong to?

Found Chihuahua Hoboken NJ

Chihuahua needs to go back home!

“I found a Chihuahua today at 3pm in the Church Square Dog Park. I was there with my dog and I waited over an hour, accosting passersby to find the dog’s person. No luck. So a nice woman, Julieta, and I took him to the Animal Infirmary where they told me that he’s an un-neutered 3-5 year old male. No microchip but he had a white flea collar on. They gave him some flea medicine but no shots yet so he can’t play with my dog (sad).

I reported everything to the Hoboken Police and to Animal Control. I’m looking for an owner or for someone to adopt him (preferably before next week when I go on vacation!) He seems nervous but is very sweet.”

Email Hoboken411 if this dog is yours or with information on how to get him back home to his rightful owner!

Lose a camera?

Camera found at Saints Peter & Paul church in Hoboken

Are you any of these people in the photograph below? Do you know any of them?

Well, the kind folks at Saints Peter & Paul Church found the camera after Hurricane Sandy a few days ago – and want to return it to the rightful owner. They created a montage of photos to help identify.

Please contact Lou Scarpa at the church (201)659-2276 or developmentspp@gmail.com

Parakeet found

Did you lose your yellow Parakeet in Hoboken, NJ?

Hoboken411 reader Wayne found this friendly Parakeet in downtown Hoboken near Observer and Jefferson Streets.

If you believe this is yours and want it back – please contact him at (201)360-2281. Some kind of proof that it belongs to you would be necessary (photos, receipts, etc.)

Good luck!