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Winter Weather Prediction

Hoboken Winter Weather Prediction 2015 – 2016 Hello, readers! This is an anecdotal, observational and completely non-scientific weather story – but that doesn’t mean it’s without reality! It’s been more like the “longest spring...

Major East Coast Storm January 26 27 2015 Blizzard conditions Hoboken NJ 7

Major East Coast Storm

Blizzard Warning in effect for Hoboken NJ and Tri-State Area Well – here’s your “Historic East Coast Storm!” Blizzard Warning now in effect for the next 2 days or so. Looks like Hoboken is...

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Hoboken Flood Watch

Flood watch in effect for Hoboken NJ Weather nerds have been monitoring this “Nor’Easter” that’s expected to slowly hug the east coast this week. At this time, the Hoboken area is under a “flood...

Major Winter Storm Hype Hoboken NJ 0

“Major Winter Storm”

Major Winter Storm – or just stupid hype? Wow – is this “pre-season” weather event a major winter storm, or just a “minor event?” That’s what I want to know. Sure some areas way...

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Hurricane Arthur

Do you think Hurricane Arthur will muck your July 4th plans? Thanks to technology, we can all worry about (soon to be) Hurricane Arthur way before we’re certain something may (or may not) happen....

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Blue snow in Hoboken

Why? Blue snow in Hoboken? Been meaning to mention this… Did you notice that after one of our bigger storms this year – that we had a very unusual blue snow phenomenon? Maybe I...