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Blue snow in Hoboken

Why? Blue snow in Hoboken?

Been meaning to mention this… Did you notice that after one of our bigger storms this year – that we had a very unusual blue snow phenomenon?

Maybe I was the only one fascinated with nature (much less than social networking blabber), but it was definitely not a common occurrence. See below for an explanation!

Blue snow in Hoboken NJ scientific explanation

Blue Snow not blue for reasons you think

The picture displayed here were hard to find because most snow mounds in Hoboken become quickly disturbed or dirtied by footsteps, road salt, dog poop or just plain garbage. You have to reach the outskirts of town to find a relatively clean pile of the white stuff.

Below is an explanation from seismologist Larry Gedney from the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks:

Blue Snow and Ice – WHY?

It is a common misconception that the blue color exhibited by glaciers, old sea ice, or even holes poked into a snow bank is due to the same phenomenon that makes the sky blue–light scattering. But nature has more than one recipe for producing the color blue. In frozen water and in the sky the processes are almost the reverse of each other.

A blue sky results when light bounces off molecules and small dust particles in the atmosphere. Because blue light scatters more than red does, the sky looks blue except in the direction of the sun (particularly when the sun is near the horizon and the blue light is scattered out of the sunlight, leaving the red color of sunrises and sunsets).

When light passes through ice, however, the red light is absorbed while the blue is transmitted. Were the operating process scattering as in the atmosphere, then the transmitted light would be red, not blue. However, because of the large size of snow grains and ice crystals, all wavelengths of visible light are scattered equally. Scattering therefore does not play an appreciable role in determining the color of the transmitted light.

Trippy blue snow as seen in Hoboken NJ

It takes an appreciable thickness of pure ice to absorb enough red light so that only the blue is transmitted. You can see the effect in snow at fairly shallow depths because the light is bounced around repeatedly between ice grains, losing a little red at each bounce. You can even see a gradation of color within a hole poked in clean, deep snow. Near the opening, the transmitted light will be yellowish. As the depth increases, the corer will pass through yellowish-green, greenish-blue and finally vivid blue. If the hole is deep enough, the color and light disappear completely when all the light is absorbed.

The color of ice can be used to estimate its strength and even how long it has been frozen. Arctic Ocean ice is white during its first year because it is full of bubbles. Light will travel only a short distance before it is scattered by the bubbles and reflected back out. As a result, little absorption occurs, and the light leaves with the same color it had when it went in.

During the summer, the ice surface melts and new overlying ice layers compress the remaining air bubbles. Now, any light that enters travels a longer distance within the ice before it emerges. This gives the red end of the spectrum space enough to be absorbed, and the light returned at the surface is blue.

Arctic explorers and mountain climbers know that old, blue ice with fewer bubbles is safer and stronger than white ice. An added bonus for explorers is knowing that floating camps built on blue ice will last longer.

Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken after the snow: Sloppy AND fun!

Hoboken after the snow – slushy for adults, fun for kids

Our (somewhat over-hyped) snow event yesterday may not have lived up to expectations, but it left us with the standard “mess” afterward. Since there is no “app” for physical labor, many areas in town were virtual rivers and ponds with the above-freezing temperatures.

River at Pier C Park in Hoboken NJ

5th Street Ice Pond in Hoboken NJ

Some Hoboken Cars BURIED

Did you know that some cars literally disappeared? Tell the owner of the VW Jetta under this pile near 4th & Adams NOT to call the police. Their car is safe!

VW Jetta buried under snow in Hoboken NJ

Urban snow playground in Hoboken

Forget Sochi! Hoboken has their OWN Olympics Luge run. Look at the fun these kids were having. While I could have probably sailed over this mound from a standing jump, it must have felt like a mile high for these two!

Future Olympian Luge winners in Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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How to dig out a car in Hoboken

Setting a good example: How to dig out a car in Hoboken

Local resident Alex is one of the FEW people that know how to dig out a car in Hoboken after a snow storm.

Take a look at how enough space was left for future cars to be able to properly parallel park there. They didn’t just drive away leaving a mess behind.

Alex was observant too, and said “Lots of folks salivating for the spot!”

Maybe he can charge for it?

How to dig out a car in Hoboken snow storm before

How to dig out a car in Hoboken snow storm after

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Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Snow Day Tidbits

Hoboken Snow Day Tidbits – February 13, 2014

Anyone who’s not passed out already knows we had a big “snow day” today in Hoboken – and the “2nd round” of snow is supposedly going to drop a few more inches of fluffy stuff on top of the already close to a foot of snow we’ve received already. Joy.

So, here are a few Hoboken Snow Day Tidbits to round out this (exhausting) day.

Zimmer knowingly destroying all vehicles traversing Hoboken

You read that right. Anyone who drives knows full well that the POTHOLES in town are at an ALL-TIME WORST. And guess what our lovely “administration” is doing about it? NOTHING. They apparently will not fix the roads until the spring, according to Dawn Zimmer. While that would be a fiscally sound decision if it were your own personal property, the city does have a responsibility to make the roads safe and avoid damage to the property taxpayers vehicles.

Not repairing the roads will will keep visitors out. And hurt local businesses, as well as the pocket books of those who’s cars get wrecked. Any enterprising lawyers out there? This sounds like “class action suit” based on “admitted negligence.”

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer refuses to repair deteriorating road conditions and potholes

Valentine’s Day RUINED!

Gotta love this headline from the Drudge Report. “Valentine’s Day Ruined!”

We don’t really care – as you already read – but I’m sure there are millions of let-down souls out there. Sorry!

Drudge Report Valentine's Day Ruined February 2014

It was bad before – imagine Hoboken tomorrow?

Hoboken was already in bad shape after a couple moderate storms.

Cars parked on ice-mountains:
SUV parks on snow ice mountain in Hoboken NJ

Bus lines were around the block:
NJ transit bus lines Hoboken NJ around the block

Can’t wait to see what it’s like tomorrow and this weekend!

Obligatory Hoboken Snow Storm Gallery

And here are some (original) photos taken around town earlier this afternoon. Hardly anyone was brave enough to go trekking in this. What a bunch of weenies everyone has become!

Enjoy the 2nd round of the storm!

Hoboken NJ

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No more snow please!

We’ve had enough in Hoboken – no more snow please!

We won’t know how much snow we’ll get until it’s all over – but there is “chatter” amongst meteorologists that there is potential for a whopper of a storm later this week along the east coast.

Who gets how much and when is way uncertain, but someone is gonna get hammered.

Just want it to miss us completely. That would be great. With that, watch us get 1-2 feet. Bleh.

At least next week it’s supposed to warm up into the 50′s!

Good luck everyone.

No more snow please for Hoboken NJ

Hoboken NJ

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Winter Storm – Hoboken power outages?

Will latest winter storm bring power outages to Hoboken?

I was thinking last night… with all the “heavy snow” hanging on the branches – and with more snow, ice and freezing rain expected tonight – will we have any power outages, downed lines & branches?

Here’s what it looked like around town after the snow stopped. Luckily the snow has already fallen off many branches, reducing the chance we’ll have some headaches to deal with. We already have enough of those down at city hall. Whew!

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Hoboken NJ

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