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Dog Days of Summer {put to sleep?}

What happened to dog days of summer “heat waves?”

Now while weather “forecasters” (we put everything that is questionable or suspect in quotes) are always talking about the future events that may happen or not – most sensible people know that they can marginally predict the weather three days out.

Me miss dog days of summer in Hoboken NJ

Forecasts Schmorecasts

We have annual tropical storm “forecasts,” which akin to throwing darts at a dartboard blindfolded, can sometimes be right, over-estimated or under-estimated. I’d trust a dartboard more.

Heck, even the Farmer’s Almanac still publishes annual weather forecasts a year in advance! Sort of reminds me of an astrology book!

So despite any long-term forecast being as reliable as Jim Cramer on CNBC, what about Summer 2014 here in Hoboken?

dog days of summer not happening in Hoboken NJ

Best summer in recent memory in Hoboken!

Up until this point – it has been great. Almost 100% perfect. No massively hot, unbearable days. And most certainly no ultra-long extended “heat waves,” as I recall happening often in years past.

And looking at the extended “45 day forecast” online – they show only ONE day barely cracking 90 degrees now through September 17th! How the hell is that possible?

Now the “realist” in me says they don’t truly know anything, and our weather can turn at the drop of the dime. Atmospheric changes, a volcano in a distant hemisphere, all sorts of stuff can throw their “prediction” down the drain. So while this fruity “45 day forecast” may say one thing – we’re perfectly ready to accept deviations from their flawed science.

Additionally – every heat wave brings up all sorts of chatter about “global warming,” while anything that doesn’t support that ludicrous claim makes no mention to the contrary. Odd, no?

However, if the rest of the summer remains as moderately cool as it has already been – what does that tell you?

Hurricane Arthur

Do you think Hurricane Arthur will muck your July 4th plans?

Thanks to technology, we can all worry about (soon to be) Hurricane Arthur way before we’re certain something may (or may not) happen.

Forecasts are all over the map as to the exact “path,” but the Hoboken area is expected to see “enhanced” thunderstorm activity regardless of where it goes. And we have some friends traveling to the Outer Banks today, and I guess they’ll be in for a bit of an exciting vacation.

Do you think this will alter your holiday plans? Will you put them on hold until the coast is clear, or party-hard one way or another?

Hurricane Arthur 2014

And as you can see from this map – New Jersey is predicted at the moment to have a 20-30% chance of “tropical storm” force winds. Joy.

hurricane arthur wind possibility map

Hoboken Flooding – yeah, so?

Same old song and dance with Hoboken Flooding

Hoboken flooding is a GIVEN any time there’s an extended period of moderate rain. Even more so when it coincides with high tides, certain wind direction and so on. Pumps are useless, and are a blatant waste of property taxpayer funds (no matter where they were “re-directed” from).

The type of flooding we’re having tonight is of the “standard” type. Not storm surge related, but due to the antiquated infrastructure in town, coupled with the below sea-level aspect of certain areas of the city. We’ve talked about and “covered” this so many times – it should be burned into the brain of everyone. Doesn’t deserve the “coverage” that other people get hard-ons for. It’s a fact of life here in this dense, over-populated and over-developed city.

It should only become “news” when it is life-threatening. Like a tsunami. Or tidal wave. Or filled with sharks and stingrays. Or hot bikini-clad pro-surfing chicks from Hawaii.

Other than that – stay dry Hoboken!

Hoboken Flooding April 30 2014 same ole

Hoboken Flooding April 30 2014 what else is new

Blue snow in Hoboken

Why? Blue snow in Hoboken?

Been meaning to mention this… Did you notice that after one of our bigger storms this year – that we had a very unusual blue snow phenomenon?

Maybe I was the only one fascinated with nature (much less than social networking blabber), but it was definitely not a common occurrence. See below for an explanation!

Blue snow in Hoboken NJ scientific explanation

Blue Snow not blue for reasons you think

The picture displayed here were hard to find because most snow mounds in Hoboken become quickly disturbed or dirtied by footsteps, road salt, dog poop or just plain garbage. You have to reach the outskirts of town to find a relatively clean pile of the white stuff.

Below is an explanation from seismologist Larry Gedney from the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks:

Blue Snow and Ice – WHY?

It is a common misconception that the blue color exhibited by glaciers, old sea ice, or even holes poked into a snow bank is due to the same phenomenon that makes the sky blue–light scattering. But nature has more than one recipe for producing the color blue. In frozen water and in the sky the processes are almost the reverse of each other.

A blue sky results when light bounces off molecules and small dust particles in the atmosphere. Because blue light scatters more than red does, the sky looks blue except in the direction of the sun (particularly when the sun is near the horizon and the blue light is scattered out of the sunlight, leaving the red color of sunrises and sunsets).

When light passes through ice, however, the red light is absorbed while the blue is transmitted. Were the operating process scattering as in the atmosphere, then the transmitted light would be red, not blue. However, because of the large size of snow grains and ice crystals, all wavelengths of visible light are scattered equally. Scattering therefore does not play an appreciable role in determining the color of the transmitted light.

Trippy blue snow as seen in Hoboken NJ

It takes an appreciable thickness of pure ice to absorb enough red light so that only the blue is transmitted. You can see the effect in snow at fairly shallow depths because the light is bounced around repeatedly between ice grains, losing a little red at each bounce. You can even see a gradation of color within a hole poked in clean, deep snow. Near the opening, the transmitted light will be yellowish. As the depth increases, the corer will pass through yellowish-green, greenish-blue and finally vivid blue. If the hole is deep enough, the color and light disappear completely when all the light is absorbed.

The color of ice can be used to estimate its strength and even how long it has been frozen. Arctic Ocean ice is white during its first year because it is full of bubbles. Light will travel only a short distance before it is scattered by the bubbles and reflected back out. As a result, little absorption occurs, and the light leaves with the same color it had when it went in.

During the summer, the ice surface melts and new overlying ice layers compress the remaining air bubbles. Now, any light that enters travels a longer distance within the ice before it emerges. This gives the red end of the spectrum space enough to be absorbed, and the light returned at the surface is blue.

Arctic explorers and mountain climbers know that old, blue ice with fewer bubbles is safer and stronger than white ice. An added bonus for explorers is knowing that floating camps built on blue ice will last longer.

Hoboken after the snow: Sloppy AND fun!

Hoboken after the snow – slushy for adults, fun for kids

Our (somewhat over-hyped) snow event yesterday may not have lived up to expectations, but it left us with the standard “mess” afterward. Since there is no “app” for physical labor, many areas in town were virtual rivers and ponds with the above-freezing temperatures.

River at Pier C Park in Hoboken NJ

5th Street Ice Pond in Hoboken NJ

Some Hoboken Cars BURIED

Did you know that some cars literally disappeared? Tell the owner of the VW Jetta under this pile near 4th & Adams NOT to call the police. Their car is safe!

VW Jetta buried under snow in Hoboken NJ

Urban snow playground in Hoboken

Forget Sochi! Hoboken has their OWN Olympics Luge run. Look at the fun these kids were having. While I could have probably sailed over this mound from a standing jump, it must have felt like a mile high for these two!

Future Olympian Luge winners in Hoboken NJ

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How to dig out a car in Hoboken

Setting a good example: How to dig out a car in Hoboken

Local resident Alex is one of the FEW people that know how to dig out a car in Hoboken after a snow storm.

Take a look at how enough space was left for future cars to be able to properly parallel park there. They didn’t just drive away leaving a mess behind.

Alex was observant too, and said “Lots of folks salivating for the spot!”

Maybe he can charge for it?

How to dig out a car in Hoboken snow storm before

How to dig out a car in Hoboken snow storm after

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